Post maps pls

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I'm surprisingly okay with that map. Not only does Finland continue to exist, but Sweden has vanished.

Eesti bros can have our current clay if map happens. You're welcome.

>1,600 km long land border with Poland

Why hide text brah





>Bullshit: the map.
But anyway nice map kraut




Most popular beer from each state

>mfw the french had it perfect

>Oetinger most popular in Bavaria
What the fuck?! It tastes like piss and is cheap af.

>mfw our stupid king didn't listen to the Frogbros to make Greater Serbia and instead made Yugoslavia

Feels bad man.

Fucking DISGUSTING and ugly as sin

kill yourself cuck

>Sixth day
Baltics can't count.

in europe we count from monday.

Why the fuck do they use more than one alphabet for this

Australia, don't try so hard to be american.

?? for what?

Clémenceau wanted to completely destroy German identity by balkanizing the country but the Brits thought we were too harsh, you can only blame yourself for this.

Red countries = honourable christian countries
Blue countries = "mayonnaise is a gender" countries


i speak only for poland - this map is bullshit


how so?


but italy is the legs and sweden and finland are the cock. this is wrong

you don't believe me when i said that this country is a tourist whore. mostly in the east coast

A map showing from which country a country imports the most

in poland you need to cut off your peepee and make a fanny in order to change gender. what is more you need to go to court and sue your parents.

I believe you, hordes of lower-end Duychies visit you every year. But then again i'd expect piss(heineken) to be the most consumed

Nope. You guys might even be lucky enough to get a tranny president.

At least we're on there once :^)

good map

sorry, but no. the former parliament had enacted it but president vetoed it. its never started working. it is just as I wrote


One day he won't be president, and your tranny parliament will put things as they should be ;)

Jesus I thought you people were right wing.

there is absolutely no difference between 98, 99 or 103. real differences are worldwide

>tranny parliament
jesus, have you read what i had written. It was the former parliament. It was detroyed in October 2015 mainly thanks to refugees. The current is banning all abortions right now

is that map saying we import the most from France

the fuck

Racist scumbag tries to justify world poverty, conviniently leaving out that by current scale, average IQ in 1950 Belgium was 70.

>implying the error is within one IQ point

That's Italy you scumbag

>Racist scumbag tries to justify world poverty
if it was like that asians would be always rich which wasnt always like that. but yeah i am a racist like most of poles

Also, malnutrition causes mental retardation. And skull/brain size has nothing to do with intelligence, the Neanderthals had larger brains than us, were they more intelligent?

That. In the 1950s, most racists sought to justify Asian poverty by some ingrained inferiority. Colonial countries are a mess for many reasons, but the whole "they were better under colonialism" thing is bullshit. Being ruled by a rich country means nothing, look at India before 1947 and after 1947 for example.

why are you defending niggers, nigger?

the oldest map of america i could find



If you measured Chinese IQ in 1930 I guarantee it would be around 60.

The thing is, illiterate peasants do not exactly understand bullshit tests about undulating geometric shapes or numbers. People in a modern society who have the IQ of 60 need help of an adult in their daily lives. These people are most likely perfectly normal average people who just have different skills, I am quite sure some armchair racist scum would not be able to plow a field with oxen, raise 10 children to be labourers or craftsman or survive on bowl of rice a day.

Because they are people? Because you are considered niggers by westerners and always will be? Because if you said this to a black in person you would become an organ transplant donor?


Papua New Guinea

>Because they are people?
> Because you are considered niggers by westerners and always will be?
maybe, but iam still white
>Because if you said this to a black in person you would become an organ transplant donor?
rather not. not everyone on Cred Forums is a wimp.
>a black in person
id insist on nigger name

in my opinion this is the best spanish beer


>were they more intelligent?
we don't know

When the point is to show off the differences and similarities between the languages it should be done in a way that people actually can see it. You can write Russian and Georgian with latin letters, and that's what they should have done here. The map as it is is pretty useless for comparing languages, unless you know every writing system in Europe.

Thankfully they fixed this this year, only a few months ago. Now it's much easier to change legal gender, you only need to ask for it and I think they'll let anyone.

>When the point is to show off the differences and similarities between the languages it should be done in a way that people actually can see it.
it wont help you as you dont know other langs. It shows only families. I have no idea that it means in t*rkish but i see the family where it comes from.



Stop fucking posting that map,the biggest immigration group in portugal is brazil.Fucking jakubmarian motherfucking muslim

wew Portugal, are you even Europeans?



nice map

So your defense is these "people" will savagely beat you if you say it to their face?

Look there's a reason niggers make up the lower class and commit more crime in every country they're in and it's not because the whole world was just evil and racist for no reason. You're just that commie faggot who believes in your fairytale world of equality.

jesus, i must agree with a jew. the end of world is imminent.

>is cheap af
I'd guess that's why. People use that beer for binge-drinking which is why it has good sales.

Estrella Levante rules!

The United Kingdom is shorthand, its "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland" also known as Great Britain or GB for short

But this is wrong, sex change operation does not require sterilization here

Racist poles are endlessly entertaining. Like an orang-utan that looks down on the chimpanzee

>hispanic isnt a race you piece of shit.

Rightful Dutch clay

Heel Nederland when?

>pls save me from frogs


who said its a race, you noble gentleman?


> Also, malnutrition causes mental retardation.
Then they should learn to farm and herd animals, it worked in Europe too. :^)

>Hungarians in charge of not being assimilated into Slavia

do you really find it accurate?
there are white hispanics, black hispanics and american indigeno hispanics.
who did this map needs to go back to school.

its not so bad here, bro


>greece literally a toomah
10/10 accurate

those are groups, not races. thats basic division in usa. also partly in europe - north vs south.
>there are white hispanics, black hispanics and american indigeno hispanics.
we are talking about natives , not mixed ppl. niggers are also in germany.


There's one for Australia as well. This one only shows the rivers, creeks etc. that are active all year round.

>ass twat

> tanrı

chinese dont like to live next to foreigners

Bad or not bad, it's too late to struggle against it. We belong to the slavshit horde.


Week starts on monday, you dip. Literally "first day".

in which group goes south europe, maestro?


Our word for king is re
Ironically you can use REEEEEEEEEEEEEE when reffering to a king.

you always did desu.

are you chink diaspora in france or are you retarded? china is a multicultural shithole


i just had a look at the map lad. they clearly dont like to live next to their neighbours



dunno, iam in northern white part.

>i just had a look at the map lad. they clearly dont like to live next to their neighbours
it's more like sk or japan china is more multicultural society than you think



yet another reason why anglos should be nuked


do you realize that europe is full of polish people and they are like gipsies for us?

Polish girls in spain are known for coming here to marry ugly spanish men for money and before it joined the EU looking for legal status in the EU? Also to work as prostitutes.

>His country has only one time zone

> bulls

The fuck is this wonderful piece of art?

One day your country will see the light and call it soccer as well

maybe. do you know we are closing to your gdp with much lower unemployment rate. we already reached portugese gdp level. nothing lasts forever Jose.


yeah its funny. with some fuzzy logic you can fall under anglos. but tell what are israellis doing here.

wtf i hate poland now!

>his country is a deathly wasteland

>Dravidians built the one of the first advanced civilizations
>Abos are subhuman animals, who torched the continent and then forgot how to light a fire

>Anglos conquered the world and made English the lingua franca for all humanity
>Australians are bogan trash and resented shitposters, who have to import chinks to run their country

The continent is cursed land that robs people of their intelligence, sanity and soul.

Has to do with where it's broadcast or something like that. Israel taking part is the only reason those muslim countries haven't entered lel

sorry, but its true. romanians are great ppl, but cigany are making very bad press for you.

>Israel taking part is the only reason those muslim countries haven't entered lel
yet another reason to keep them in

It's a game to let people guess what the map is about.


>different races
Bit racist, might have to alert the EU


Wow rude
I liked Hungary too, it was on one of my to-visit list :'\

Population density map I was too lazy to finish

>Bulgaria gets land

Por que?

>39 million population vs 10 million population




per capita bro

it's alright, we've been cursed by an Átok as well

besides we're dumb desert cryptoslavs, so a bogan hick would fit in quite well

Couldn't find all the info I needed for that one


Glasgow>>>>>>>>>>>everyone else


Good job wotjak no try to be a first worlds country and we'll take you seriously.

>Scandinavia is Jews
Amazing map.



Obviouslly fake



We will do our best


this make me emotinal

france is a bro

nice satantrips

it's funny when you think about how north korea was the more developed area both during the jap industrialization and then the early soc era, but then they had less babbies

now they are trash, but they are the only east chinks above replacement level

this just shows that you should never get too comfy

sleep tight and you'll have a nice sleep, sleep too tight and you won't want to get up next day, you'll become a neet and your future will be ruined






then you're still double less?

top kek Sweden does it again




We with a higher unemployment due to the financial crisis(wont last forever wotjek we are also getting better) have better life quailty and public servers. In other words, even when spain is facing its worst financial crisis ever is way better than your country.








This. We have islands all over the world so I wouldn't be surprised if we were the country with the most timezones.

Reading isn't that important

>that image


Some Risk map I'm working on


>that 1500-1600 american genocide



>muh England is a proud 100% Germanic country


>wont last forever wotjek we are also getting better
it lasts for 8 years and will last for another decade at least
>way better than your country.
can I disagree?

great combo leaf. here something for europe

A decade is not forever. I did not lie.

Sure I like how you defend your country. It's what you gotta do.

By the way Im enjoying your maps. Keep'em coming!

>Large red circle: 10k+ Habitants (Nuuk)
>Medium circles: 1k-10k
>Small circles: 200-1k
>Small stars: 100-200
>Tiny squares: >100



really made me think



>bath day

>Sure I like how you defend your country
Jose, we are so called developing country. You are developed. We got much more potential that Spain. You already reached your max level. You can only slowly go on. For us anything below 3% of gdp growth is a crisis. Sooner or later we will overtake you and not because of a crisis.I hold nothing against you so calm your tits.





very interesting map pole



Look wotjek Im glad you are proud of your country and I can understand that it's a new feeling for you to see your country going well but nobody cares about Poland and if it wasnt for Hitler nobody'd know its capital. Now keep posting word's maps, those are my favs.

i was looking for that map for months


enjoy then senpai.

i'm gonna get some sleep









They are trolls you uncultured fuck

Christian countries like Turkey?

Really makes me think

why is latin america so violent

>the Neanderthals had larger brains than us, were they more intelligent?

They had some sense of aesthetics, while other humans didnt had at time

>That drowning in Mali
They drowned in sand?

"Malico" in portuguese? I'm not sure...

i just love how in these map the Latvian part of Latgale is marked as the Russian majority one even though the real russian majority one is a lot smaller and more southern

much charlemagne

Except it's not.

>even england had one

poland also didnt have one

Didn't you send them some volunteers though?

This map is bullshit, we don't import shit from Russia. Mostly Italy and Germany. They're our biggest trade partners.

Ateists In Russland

hello yes 2 Latvian SS divisions reporting

also howcome there is an emblem on Lithuania if they didnt have an SS unit

Brenin :DDD





Jesus Christ, Belgium, what the fuck


Probably drowned by a nigger.

Old stats


You are allowed in the /nederdraad/

no idea. got it in my folder

We had some sort of defensive division near the end of the war,that was supposed to only fight on Lithuanian land. After a while the Lithuanian leadership basically told the Germans "fuck you" and most of the soldiers either deserted or joined the anti-soviet partisans.

>meme map again

>but yeah i am a racist like most of poles
based poles

It was edited


What are you mumbling there, monkey?


We have to upgrade those territories if we want to take it back. Duinkerke should become an important port and Calais should be cleaned.

Vast majority of people here never heard about such degeneracy like trannies



>if it wasnt for Hitler nobody'd know its capital
So it'd be like Spain is now?

Countries were Islam is Everyone gets cool armor.
>Romania gets the Vlad Tepes outfit
>We get a knife
Shit,man. We were one of the main kebab removers back in the time and were the last south-eastern state to fall to the Ottomans. At least Stephen The Great's crown would've been enough.



i wonder what kind of retards make those maps

This mämmi mies is out of control


hairy jew

wtf ich hasse Bremen nach wie vor

Little Montenegro who couldn't.



>Be Chink living on the border with turkmenistan
>Sun sets at 2am

Malta ultimate kebab removal tool

What's up with South Slavs?

Cred Forumsfags BTFO

>john bauer
>scandi folklore

min neger

Uh, you don't get to bring Kölsch