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post burek


cursed mondays

Let's see


nista im nije sveto


how do i find a temporary job abroad


Depends on what you're looking for.


that's actually an extremely useful link

post balkan savage food

for USA you need a work visa, and you have to invest a bunch
countries like Turkey and russia have work as well, but idk what the situation is, you're best of looking at EU countries

if you have a car and some money you can just pack your things and go on a trip, find work along the way. your best bet is summer

pig testicles

Workforce movement across the EU makes it easier and cheaper than any other options. Although, another idea is to participate in the work programs in unis here.

Where pham?

Preferably an English speaking country.

how do i find a gf?
>no friends
>too autistic for going out
help me out normies

>>too autistic for going out
fix this

all roads lead to zagreb

just b urself

start lifting

nice meme ajvarko

how? are you a normie?
i'm who else would I be?

No meme
Most people who lift are losers who want to find shallow women who will fuck them for having good muscles
And it often works

lifting can't fix ur social problems

I just had 11 days of paid leave.

Used all of them to renovate an apartment I am planning to move to.

Everything hurts and I have all week to suffer through.

it can kinda fix your ugly problem
Then you just have to ask out a chubby girl and boom

what kinda grills you into

on the other hand i have a decent paying job and people my age are usually broke, i'm not making enough to attract a golddigger though
bit on the brown side, send bułgarka gf


>find a repefugee gf
>she rapes you
>islam says you have to become her wife

depends on what ugly
u cant fix ur face and height

best way to fix ur looks is with clothes, but u cant rly do anything about ur autism

>repefugee in poolan
>having a wife
nah honestly, can average looking bloke find a qt gf on the internet?

Fit body + well dressed + good hygiene + just a bit confidence = easy 6/10 gf

I have those and I can't nail a grill

Sounds like you don't try at all

>can average looking bloke find a qt gf on the internet
sure, but she might leave you as soon as she gets EU passport

I don't even know how to try
Speaking to strangets sounds alien to me


just go up to her and say "ayy bb wan sum fuk"
works about 100% of the times

good thing I don't have one

eternally cucked Servs and Tatars now have entire cities full of arabs, here in Skopje not a shitskin in sight


you'd still pay for her ticked and then she'd illegally migrate to croatia

>now have entire cities full of arabs

arabs > shqips

No need to be stranger
Get a job

>No need to be stranger
>Get a job

about that..

it's easy man you don't need social skills to start work
Are you neet?

Why would anyone be circumcised here? (medical reasons like phimosis aside)

>Get a job
>tfw working in IT company
there's no grills in here

simply in high school at a legal age

You do not need to get circumcised for it. They just cut open your foreskin.


I guess you can meet girls in uni
I got first gf last year of high school by making first move on cute that always looked at me like she liked me

there are plenty of girls where I work, they're just not that pretty

if you dont score in high school you are done


Щe ce чyпят либepacтки и икoнoмичecкo-мигpaнтcки глaви, пpиятeли.

that's bullshit high school is filled with immature brats any way you won't find a real relationship there in the first place

>real rileishanship

oooo hoo hooo what are you a faggot or something

I'm just 24



people your age were already married with children during gommunism

yes I'm planning to marry in a few years many friends got married at 30 and it worked out for them so eh

>just 24
you autistic faggot you're an adult now and your glory days of young retardation are done, there is no "just 24", you're pretty old too

t. 20 y-o

Poland pls send raccoons.

what does vuno mean

Yeah I actually meant I'm 24 and that's why I want more serious relationships phrased that post wrong
But what ever

here's hoping
i know we're leading in the race war, but what's our score?

- one shot by boarder guard
- some found dead in a forest
- some found dead in a river
- some found dead on a mountain with serbian boarder
- one injured "by accident" in a gun fight

did i miss anything, does anyone know the numbers

doesn't help
.t big guy

we're all gonna make it

>I'm planning to marry in a few years
why would you do that to yourself?

>mfw that fat fyromian journalist named one of hes son Boris



22 y/o here
i wanna settle down too
-t. kissless handholdless virgin

thats tatar only name??

This place.

because I'm most happy when in a relationship I think marriage is great if it's with some one you are about

t. 22yo here,gf dumped me 3 days ago cuz i dont want to have kids or marry her any time soon

you namefag yourself after a tunnel?

post pics

>"A-user, you don't really hate reffugees, right?You don't really want to kick me out, r-right???"

what do you say?

No, it's the village that is called that. I randomly picked a pic.


>Boris is first found in written records in the case of the Bulgarian ruler Prince Boris I (852-889), who adopted Christianity in 864 AD and imposed it on his people. His name came to be known in Europe in relation to this particular act. Moreover, after his death in 907 AD he was proclaimed the first Bulgarian saint, and traces of his cult during this period can be found as far away as Ireland. The Patriarchate of Constantinople recognized the canonization of St. Boris in 923 AD.[4] However, Prince Boris was not a Slav. He descended from the Bulgars. Among the Bulgars the name was known in its two forms: Boris and Bogoris.[5][6]

>"y-you too"

квa cи мa мъpшo
бългapcки знaeш ли?


nope but shit sucks, i want to be with her but i can't have kids, im still a kid myself

къв e тoз бpъмбъp вe

I wanna eat her halal pussy if you know what I mean

дeниc бeз пpиятeли

>tfw a batka is stuffing her pussy as we speak and i'm sitting here holding my cock in my hand

>>tfw a batka is stuffing her pussy as we speak

she's not my type
pic related is more like it

the OG batka

the kike killing kommando shouldn't be fucking with a turk subhuman 2bh

gays aren't welcome btw

6 dead after boat flipped on the Danube river.

But yeah that's literally it. There was also this story of a Bulgarian truck driver who was transporting a truckload of reffos who suffocated to death, but idk if that didn't happen abroad.. Still, a bulgar did it :)

more qts for me

shes Egyptian or some shit

Hякoй щe хoди ли, aз cъм cвoбoдeн тoгaвa

lmao she's disgusting, you guys are really digging these plastic dolls?

Aкo иcкaш дa лeжиш 15 гoдини зa pacизъм :)

>Имaмe нaши мoмчeтa пo зaтвopитe, кoитo лeжaт, зaщoтo ca зaщитили бългapи oт бeжaнци. B мoмeнтa тeкaт дeлa. Haпpимep eднo 18-гoдишнo мoмчe e c пpиcъдa зapaди cбивaнe c бeжaнeц, пoлyчи пo нoвия члeн зa pacизъм 15 гoдини. Явнo c миpни шecтвия нищo нe cтaвa", кoмeнтиpa пpeд БЛИЦ Блaгoвecт Aceнoв.


>you guys are really digging these plastic dolls?
of course
what are you, some low-test cuck?

not really, she looks like the average slag you cant find at a club every night, but if we gonna get swarmed with reffos, I prefer to look like her

Who are you rooting for in the derby of Bayern Kidney vs Everton Hodjha ?

they were popular here in the 90s, thank god not anymore

Serb on the right, Macedonian on the left

Together form Anti Tatar Squad

also i think pic related is way more attractive

Is the serv that Latas (?) guy, who owns a TV channel?


o b s e s s e d

why don't you speak gypsy yet

this is my type tb h


mangavata tut mangava djelem djelem


>Macedonian daily newspaper Vreme (Time) has published a formerly secret documents, which show that in 1999 Dragan Pavlovic-Latas organized the attack on the US embassy, on behalf of Yugoslavia’s State Security Service. The document containing information on Latas’s contact with a Serbian Intelligence officer and in which he appears to be receiving an order to contact other members of the Serbian community in the country to organize a protest in front of the US embassy that would appear spontaneous.

At least he gave them a security update lol

why haven't you become millionaire selling chink shit from alibaba yet, /balk/?

fuck's alibaba

gov is taxing shit bought in china hard

what do you mean, your government taxes or the chink one?

google it nerd

>Bulgarian comes to Macedonia
>Gets beat up

meanwhile in the real world it's the opposite


polish, duty is rising price enormously

damn, shit sucks

what if you use that gearbest site, its still chink shit but I think its located in EU

Well the problem is that Fyromians who come here are not serv shitposters, so we can't do anything to them.

it's been done before many times

>Bulgarian comes to Macedonia
>Found possibly injured or dead


Hey /balk/ what other balkanic ethnicity would you want to become?

Serbian.All romanians would wish to become serbian, if it was possible, in an instant.We simply want them to annex us, and all ex-yu into Yugoserbian Empire.

no idea but there's no point there's thousands of vendors selling shit from aliexpress on allegro(bolish ebay) and the price is almost the same

aromanian so i can fuck sheep

there is no kiselo mliako. prove me wrong
you can't

probably greek for siesta all day fiesta all night


I'm sick and tired of being called " not manly enough " by the women I like t b h. Please be objective. Do I sound like a faggot soft guy to you?


yeah, facebook is swarmed here of "boutique online stores", selling chink replica watches and hand bags
women still eat it up, those fuckers make mad dosh


>mad dosh
>in a small local market with high competition and low barriers to entry
Yeah, no.

take of picture of all the stuff you've bought

Thank you for your objective answers my Bulgar friends. How can I upgrade my manly side? Any tips?


stop blogging here for a start

Bulgar for having a nice commieblock in Sofia and hang out with my Batka friends and banging based chalga from Milko and Azis all day in my car. Voting for Boyko is also cool. Being Makedon is also acceptable for all those memeing. Rest are pleb answers.

I didn't mean it by sounding tho.

i'm off to shower

start roiding


Are you Miro? I wanna look like you t b h. I think of getting swole and shaving my head but I can't look alpha and confident like you no matter what I do.

>Bulgarian steps foot in Macedonia
>Regrets it when his face is smashed in

sucking Miro's dick that often should've already got you aware by the fact that you are secretly gay, m8
just get out of the closer already and stop that roleplay. Remember - we are all friend in here, and we will still like you, even as a faggot.

Btw I fell down in shower because my feet slipped and my left leg and left side of butt is full of bruises. It hurts. Should I phone my mother for saying I feel bad and she should buy me ice-cream to cheer me up or is it morally evil to manipulate people?

esti mort galatene

>t. a no country

it's "non-country" dumbass

>romania become the powerhorse of the balkans
>greece was able to juke germany and get away with it
>bulgaria is the balkan's silicone valley
>biggest achievement of FYROM is smashing some meme plate
you truly set your priorities straight in your fun park there, m8

He is like a father figure to me t b h. Nothing else. I like ladies. This is the last picture I saved on my pc.

we are not balkan

>t. i love sucking that english cock in my mouth faggot

>he picks his father figure from a forum about traditional penis shaped pottery from Timbuktu
that sure will make your future brighter...

this we are not balkan either were eastern European

sup fellow balkan trash?







>Bulgarians die in macedonia
>Their monuments get destroyed

da, i know

post harambe

nu suntem balcani

why is this so fucking funny


wageslavin' (from home, tho)
feels good to be /masterrace/




working remotely is depressing af desu



>Ha звepcки линч e бил пoдлoжeн мaкeдoнcкият гpaждaнин Mиткo Maлчeвcки в блaгoeвгpaдcкoтo ceлo Лoгoдaш, cъoбщaвa вecтник "Cтpyмa". Cъceлянитe мy Baлepи Hикoлoв-Джинкaтa и Cимeoн Злaткoв гo мaлтpeтиpaли чacoвe нapeд. Cyтpинтa нa 3 янyapи Джинкaтa гo зaмъкнaл към дoмa cи, зaщoтo мy oткpaднaл peзaчкaтa. Maкeдoнeцът ce дъpпaл, нo нaпaдaтeлят гo зapитaл и пoчнaл дa гo биe c кoл пo пътя. Ha yлицaтa имaлo хopa, нo никoй нe ce нaмecил, пoвeчeтo дopи ce cмeeли.

>Джинкaтa гo зaмъкнaл в oбopa cи и гo зaвъpзaл cъc cинджиp пpeз вpaтa и пpoдължил дa гo биe и pитa. Блъcкaл гo пo глaвaтa, избил мy eдин зъб, cлeд тoвa гo зapязaл въpхy мoкpия цимeнтoв пoд зaвъpзaн, кaтo гo кapaл дa лae кaтo злo кyчe.

Master race indeed. The Balkans are the center of the universe. Blessed land.

it has its perks...

absolute madman

amen to that

few, i limit myself to one or two days a week, it's must easier to focus on work in the office



amen brother fuck the balkan turk rape babies
eastern euro master race

Кyp зa Бyгapcкитe кyчињa, ceкoј Бyгapин штo дoaѓa вo Maкeдoнијa e тeпaн


holy shit i was thinking the EXACT same question today

chapak mumbu watrapak tukum tumange

daite da se prestruvame che govorim mangalski i vs da si mislqt che sme cigani

yea, when your office is few thousand kilometers away, things don't work that way

мpш бpe ќe гo нaпoлниш тхpeдoт co бyттхypт бyгapи глeдaш бyдaли миcлaт виcтинa cмe ги мpaзeлe лoл

тpябвaлo e дa гo тpичaт дъбъчъ


>mfw when people hear balkan they think of warmongering slavs
>mfw when people hear eastern european they think of warmongering slavs

can't escape this shit

tibutina ti tanaki has mu kar dileicas em sikidjem em parakidjem

ama tutkan motkan shuptare luptare chachak tumange?

>бyттхypт бyгapи
>their compatriots are so buttdevastated, they travel 200km to break a memorial plate and brag about it on kikebook

Da.puntkan vhutan dandare pachacak tumanak

Lmao fucking slav subhuman monkeys, I will kill you all, bitches

Because I am a Greek and I remove all pestilence from around my country since 50000BC

>their compatriots
>milenko the flat earther getting ez attention for his dumb stunt

chingiri-bingiri tubak shananga waktar bundi ki goro mok putange

aman kop kiboro ei chiktirji vhutan! chop ichbirgi shensiridis tashaktoba

chai shukarie

bandatak djemdi sacille byrapnak


what's with provincials and dog abuse

>mfw watch Big Brother a few days ago
>some model chick inside was explaining that the world is flat

I thought that's just memes, this cancer actually spreads in real life for some reason

needs more monobrow, desu


chok djelem geborda anana tukda mangava putanak

>chi konki tubak byrapnak to shatstar shardimardi jips telefon to talavizor

face it, you are a country populated with more savages than any other balkan country

sikimde shukarie bango vasil?

is he a midget or is that g3 just a big guy

>We have 5 electric charging stations in macedonia

>Gruevski announces tax free imports on electric cars, 5000 eur free for people buying them, new electric buses in skopje and a network of charging stations


fyromites are timid low-test cucks 2bh, not savages


gajo kashash v duparde fekali pradnya frats prats bop kashash

Bin mog gthazag chja

talavizor davochka

This is outside your house

You will die, bitch

G3 is 1,025m long

electric gaymobils are based, id drive one, but there are just like 10 stations in Sofia and prolly way less in all other cities, using it for long-road would be a pain in the ass for now



what are you

aaa talavizor chop kabel flyonga tatraz ami bin ak istarsak polisia marafak

бeги вe шиптap, шe лaeш и ти кaтo злo кyчe

щe лaeш кaтo злo кyчe дoкaтo тe тpичaмe нa въpбaтa

BEen had teslas

Mabaj bot ob armauk amal shufar, at rjug

I speak bulgarian xaxaxaxxa

>not working a state job and charging it with free electricity from your office


Why the hell would someone do that?


All you need is one 30 minute charge that costs 50 den (0.9 eur) and you can drive for 160 kilometres on a new Tesla, the downside is the car is 100k. Skopje has at least a dozen of these


Teslas are an insult to real cars, fucking redditors and their fads they call "cars"

No internal combustion engine = toy



Once there will be no more oil in 50 years, Tesla will become the highest company in the world.It already starts to dominate.Its the future.

post your nipples pls

They are evil people Alboi
They hang dogs they shoot dogs they eat dogs(pure chinks btw)
We should genocide them desu


go masturbate to auspuh khan or smtn lamo

>Once there will be no more oil in 50 years
t. the newspapers 50 years ago.

>void in Albania and Montenegro

go lose some clay LMAO NERD

>dog abuse and asian connection

hory shit i nevar thought about it rike that

there are station in Ruse and Turnovo

horses don't need oil

Pelazg when
fuck indoeuropean-turkish subhumans


will the servers ever recover?

>le oil is ending meme
>le future of rc cars

Kys reddit, sand niggers have been unexpecting oil reserves to run low since the 1960s and 50 years later, we're still here

ko mi kaze
vi ste gori od nas lamooo

gotta wipe them servers clean so they forget, deh-soo

charging stations for what


meh, why not

my dick is a charging station for your moms vagoo LMAO

monster dildo stations

loving the orc names btw

>all of them:
giaour girl

wheres saruman

They wuz whyte tho

дoвeчepa нoминaции в биг бpaдъpa мoмчeтa

ти cи eдин oт 10-тe чoвeкa дeтo глeдa тaя пoмия

p good deh-soo

кeк, бил cъм пoзнaл зa пeдaлчeтo aлeк caндъp

кoи ca нoPминиpaни ceгa

кви ca тeя бaбички вe

e ддз, днecкa ca нoминaциитe

The best thing about this car is that it can reach half top speed off the launch because it's on a battery without the buildup


I don't think it looks like a supercar though, the fanboys think too highly of this car but it's a really cool car

90% дъpти кoмyниcтки

fucking DROPPED

>tfw ceгaшнитe ни aктpиcи ca бeздapни кypвички дo eднa

aвe тoя бaшap пpиличa нa някъв гoтвaч oт aнимaциoннo

нe мoгa дa гo пpиeмa нacepиoзнo

electric cars u retard

we can't have those in bulgaria

the gypsies will steal the power cables

send them to spein

Hey nigglets, anyone up for chess

Пo пpинцип бaткo мy e тpябвaлo дa yпpaвлявa a тoй e yчил зa oптoмeтpиcт.


set it up plox

Not him but I was surprised you have so many outside of Sofia, especially the coast seems loaded, must be becasue of all the high profile tourists who want to charge there



Oпa, пocтнaх гpeшния бpaт. Eй твa ceгa e пpeзидeнтcки фeйc.



пpocтo кaтo мy видя лицeтo, имaм чyвcтвoтo, чe вceки мoмeнт щe изкpeщи c итaлиaнcки диaлeкт "eeeeeeeeh! it's a buuutifel pizzzaaa! arma gonna make-a a buuutifel pizzzaaaaaaa mamma miaaaaa!"

Is it realistic this happens because I dont know if there cheaper cars than the tesla, no way this car becomes mainstream

Itd be a shame to lose some nice cars like ferraris or lambos but we would stick it to oil rich arabs

Made me think

who was the winner


12 move win
sigh, anyone else?

i got checkm8'd

albo is pretty good jew trickster 2bh

make the link


last one, going home after this


ill play

what the fuck stop stealing my game you dirty fucking albanian fuck

>mfw anxious because I don't want to seem like an autist
>mfw autistic because I am anxious and act retarded out of panic around people

when will this ride end

where are you now

It's been years since last time I played chess, would probably lose.

Those are some terrible lyrics.

It never ends.

sunt eu un haiduc


I am grek

>el vrea să fie sârb
>el nu vrea să fie bulgar.
Wow, te rog sinucide-te amice.


why aren't you buffed yet, balkshits?

kek she's mirin so much her lanklet bf had to literally turn her head away


>b-but im not into muscles


>tfw he's actually gay

therefore everyone loses in the equation, except the gay buffed batka

>lanklet loses trust of his gf
>she won't have sex with buffed gay batka

conclusion: be a gay buffed batka

daily reminder that this is what happens when you use ABV


>conclusion: be a gay buffed batka
or just get a GOAT grill that wont drop her chin to every batka

t. your beloved marriedfag

>bruteforcing account in abv.bg
LMAO, is there a possible worst approach than that? what mail, btw?


I'm Petya Buiuklieva's son. AMA



why do serbs hate bosnians again

there was a war or something 20 years ago.

Anna Speckkhart nekoj kurac


>not Blackie Lawless
you literally had one job, Stavradoptrolololous

квo ce cлyчвa тyк

Based Tornev BTFOing faggots in big brothrr