Have you finished college/university Cred Forums?

Have you finished college/university Cred Forums?

No, almost though.



Was enough to get 2 good job offers (plus a few more that I didnt even bother showing up).

Maybe will do a Master later.


What is going on in North West Czech?

Also yes. Still unemployed though kek

Hast du sowas wie Gendersudies studiert, oder einfach Pech?

Which field/degree?

>German education
Just fucking spam that shit
I'll probably pick up some German at some point and do my masters or Ph.D. or both there

Master in BWL, also Ersteres.


Computer Systems and Networks

Computer Science (M.Sc.) with specialisation in AI and Algorithm Optimisation

>Computer Systems
Why? Seems poverty tier, how is it in reality?

Italy is so low because lots of people with a degree emigrate since it's useless in Italy

No, still ongoing

Future unemployed psychologist master race

A lot of programming on c/c++/c#, microcontroller programing, basic electronics.


writing a thesis was fun

CS Bachelor (General, no real specialization)

Nice, I'm finishing my physio degree


I got a 3 years math degree, going for specialization now.


I thought half of Germans were engineers but apparently they are NEETs playing engineer simulators at home.

the UK triumphs once again


For real, though, is it true that Nordic countries' new generation is going for soft sciences/humanities in a big way?

I heard from a Danish friend that STEM (mostly engineering) courses are getting filled with foreigners from the south, and that there aren't as many local professionals working there. Is it true?

No I dropped it

Studying is shit


no, too intelligent to be a lawyer

Yes, masters in industrial automation engineering.

Already got a bachelor in this meme degree. Going for masters.

Can we all just stop and appreciate how educated Scots are?

No, one year to go.

No, the reason Italy is so low is that we only started acknowledging bachelor's degrees in the late 90s, so anyone older than 35 is either a high school graduate or a master's degree holder.

Not true for Finland at least. STEM is as popular or ever - perhaps more popular than it's ever been. At least this is true in the University of Helsinki where I study.

For Finnish students, or Europeans in general?

For Finnish students. I don't actually know many international students.

What for? So I can work at Burger King with an academic degree hanging on the wall?
Italian unis are a big joke.

Interesting. I was under the impression that Psychology and such were more competitive to enter, but that might have been a Danish or her specific University's thing.

Psychology is very competetive, and I'm not saying humanities aren't popular - they are. But STEM isn't showing any signs of dropping in popularity either. Obviously I think it depends on the field too, and I don't know about all of them - for example, I don't know how mathematics is doing. From personal experience I can only say that biosciences and chemistry are doing just fine, and I believe physics too. We have more engineers than we know what to do with.

If there is a problem in these fields it's due to recent government austerity measures and not lack of interest.

>Italian unis are a big joke.
They really aren't. The joke is our labour market.


Seems like Finland is the outlier though, so Norway and Denmark are at about our level, and we put a lot of them studying in France, Germany and Sweden for doctorates in particular.

Our biggest exports is Engineers and Nurses, kek.

>Finns and germans

every time


Sure thing. Top-10 Russian university cum laude.

i can think of 3 borderline retarded people that finished uni(including myself)


I'm curios about russian digits, want to compare

these digits?

>2 off


lol no

more like
>finns and russians

fucking autist

hmmm, looks good
And ofc I have finished my uni


There aren't even russian stats on that map, what are trying to imply?

>No, the reason Italy is so low is that we only started acknowledging bachelor's degrees in the late 90s
We did in the mid 2000's

Yes, MSc in materials science in TTY, polymer chemistry as a major (hi-temp epoxy compounds as a topic), applied math as minor.

A Total MSc engineer finnfag here.

Finland is a notorious nation not to keep up so called "safe vacancies" or "traditional posts". You really have to make yourself important.
>and that said, there are those certain politicians and bosses who have the talent for that.

We have no more an independent national research centre. It was forced to reinvent itself as a public commercial enterprise, find work, commitments and deals on it's own, for a reason. A point of national savings, and that's it,

We are not maintaining distributed federal offices to simply keep up jobs. Finland is really brutal on this.

You still have that social security and free education and low cost healthcare.

However the fact is though that every Finn is pushed more and more towards personal entrepreneurship, i.e. start your own company, work even harder you have ever worked and see how it goes.

finishing my second master

On it. On the last year of my bachelor and I need to make some final decisions about what to do next

I start next August, going for linguistics.

Doing my first semester of anthropology and linguistics.

Should be fun

And it shows in how you're trailing behind France, UK, the snowniggers, even Spain.
What's your point?

Forestry and natural resources engineering, 3 more years.

I'm pretty sure that map is bullshit, because pretty much everyone does a tertiary education.

Even dumb people usually follow up with a trade school.

So much for the 'north Italy is civilized' myth

Still applying for law school.
Failed the first attempt, better success the next time I hope.

I like you

Same here, I should be able to speak 4 languages in the near future though.


Germans went out.
Ukrainians, Vietnamese, Romanians and Gypsies, Magyars, Slovaks and other trash went in.
Basically all Sudetenland was resettled with people who were unwanted in other parts of Eastern Block.


No, we have that bullshit apprenticeship system here that stops poor kids from attending anything higher than middle school

BULL-fucking shit that's so low here in Sardinia

We're trailing behind because we have an alternative that most, especially Anglos, don't have.