Do you have School Uniforms in your country?

Do you have School Uniforms in your country?

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No, we can afford clothes for kids.


Are you more russian or asian?


only in fancy private schools, in the public sector you can go naked no one cares

Just for public schools until junior high
They are pretty awful

In some schools.



90% of junior high schools are sailor suits/gakuran.

harry potter fag

In pagnet and private schools

wtf I love japan now

obviously not

that's third worldish as hell

Mandatory for all primary schools (Kindergarten - Grade 6) and all secondary schools (7-10). In college it usually isn't required and obviously not for university. Australian schoolgirls are criminally hot desu, no wonder there are so many paedophiles


nobody needs anymore bullying because of poor clothes or something

Yes, and they're criminally expensive.

Yep. I think we only still have them for the sake of tradition.

Only in the big boy's school

damn that school has an ugly uniform

arguments against school uniforms lads

imo it levels the playing field and reminds people where they are

not implying correlation = causation but all the schools without uniforms are usually over-casual shitholes which barely get kids through their gcses

Not uniforms, only dress-code. Not in all school though, depends on region.

In Catholic and private schools, yes.

In public schools, no

When I was a preschooler I wore pic related. Now I think it got made mandatory for primary school too.