Why is this board so homophobic?

Why is this board so homophobic?

Do you come from homophobic countries?

Why do you deny your attraction to other men?

I find myself being attracted to underage girls now...

Go back to your safe board, pedale

That's illegal

good b8, funland

If you haven't noticed yet, gay people are fucking crazy. Not a single engineer, physician or CEO was or is homosexual. Bright people like pussy.

Ceo of apple
Also that british homo
And me :D

>who is Turing

Please stop posting pictures of me

me on the left btw

I like being gay

Just visit the Swedish thread
Only faggots in there

t. Brasilien education


French ?

no CEOS are either not white or not jewish

Leonardo da vinci :^)

I'm homophobic since /lgbt/ards spam the board with gay and trap threads everytime they can
gays (and ebin trolls xddd) unironically made me homophobic

but also fun

I bet it's even funnier go to jail acussed of being a pedo

It'll be fun to have your ear chewed off in jail while being fucked in the ass at the same time

In us prison pedos don't even fare this well

Because gays are faggots

normies pls go
pedo hysteria is pure politics

>it's a russian flag again

best post itt

>tfw no Brazilian bf


gays =/= faggots 2bh

worst feel

I don't mind gay people per se. But I fucking despise the degenerate gay culture and AIDS spreading promiscuity.

AMD has had multiple nonwhite CEOs and pajeets


Mashallah brother.

Nokia ceo is Indian

I'm gay