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/PLYMOUTH/ edition

This is a thread dedicated to the discussion of Brummie culture

korean pop

Mate scored some pretty good H. probably just going round his place to shoot up all day since im so bored anyway..

What time does the gay lord janny get on?

spell it ya cunt

which one should I go in?

>I have a few K Euros at the bank
alri bill gates

don't do H mate

he's not gunna be happy about this one lads
also /stone roses/



I'm part of that order, it's pretty good mate.


I guess having a few K in Algeria is like being Bill Gates.


Never been to Waitrose before lads, should I go in? Is the food really nicer? Are there anti-povvo gates to keep working class people like me out?

>knights of europa
>Cred Forums


R8 my fucking English m8s vocaroo.com/i/s0x8AVFfi9wl
Have an interview in English soon. How does it sound?


I'm going to have to ask you to remove this image mate.
Thanks in advance for your cooperation

just like last thread

nah the food is literally ASDA tier but marked up 200%

southerners will pay it too

tesco is the eternal GOAT

I think the guy actually lives in Europe but posts from a proxy. Remember seeing a picture of him in a city that looked like Clermont-Ferrand

meet you all outside cex and we can go around mugging the pokemon go stragglers

>tfw cum in 2 minutes when shagging a girl doggystyle


meet me outside capn jaspers in 15 minutes you little runts, I'll snap you in half

/torquay/ desu lads

the guy who did the shooting at pont-marly isn't muslim
bit weird that

Oh, it's the muslim guy who thinks he's at least an 8/10 or something.

havent had sex in 2 years. When i get laid i can tell im going to cum embarassingly fast


great tune lads

>there are more mulattoes in birmingham than irish


>tfw say "that's" like "tha's" and "have" like "haff"

/who else/

have a huge blood vessel in my eye that won't go away
how do I treat this

Eh I am richer than most /brit/ and /fr/ guys my age too. Source statistics and real life.
Most of them are still paying high rents with negative money in their bank account every month while I own my flat and have a few k lying around.

dont think i have ever listened to anything posted with the caption "choon"

hate life desu

wish it would end


Nobody because we had the good fortune of not being scottish

Loads more are part irish but would just tick white British
me for example

you're 30 lmao
start a family instead of boasting on Cred Forums

fastest I've ever cum was like 20 minutes

But I'm a Southerner


Business idea: a mobile McDonald's delivery service

70% white is probably more than most American cities lel

who else /dumnonii/

>just like last thread
Thanks m8. The guy said I looked mexican and stop replying. Hate this kind of backhanded compliments.

I wouldn't admit being part Irish either 2bqh

that was 20 years ago

was 57 in 2011

probably under 50% now

organising a holiday to Denmark
should be enjoyable

>masquerading as aquila on Cred Forums

peak autism lad

Lads I've been hanging about with pakis at work and they are actually alright.

They are funny too


>le drumpf is so stoopid lol

>been at least 2 steps ahead of the media for over an entire year
>been at least 2 steps of his opponents for over an entire year

Like him or not, he's a fucking genius

Got a new fiver lads. They're very small.

/brit/? completed it mate

in my city they deliver on weekends

just completed simcity lads

a girl will literally never look at any of us like this

fuck off paki

It's good but you have that araby accent that will take ages to get rid of.

He's an idiot that just happens to be winging it... barely

Still want him to win though

simcity? completed it mate


I would if I could pick both desu

this advertisement was paid for by the labour party

I think they feel funny too
like play money
will take some getting used to I'm afraid

who is this guy?

>drumpftards ACTUALLY believe this
Constantly lying about being wrong isn't "being two steps ahead of the media"

Lads what are some good comebacks?

Like if some runt calls you a "little runt tosspot"

dont know how to respond

They're shiny and feel weird

south east? me too mate

You sound VERY brown

>He's an idiot

Do NOT like them. What's the reasoning behind them anyway?

Deary me forgot to get the chicken out the freezer last night

How can I defrost it quick?

>thought i had lecture at 13:00
>its actually at 14:00

another half hour of /brit/ then

concur wholeheartedly with this statement

the establishment's biggest mistake was underestimating him

went there twice
quite cool

Counting all the arseholes in the thread. Well I'm definitely not alone.

just lick it like a cornetto


Yeah back then he was better but he's worse now

I wouldn't advise it unless you want food poisoning

>hours since a burgerland mass shooting: 0

just went to boojum lads but it was fucking rammed

gonna try again in 20 minutes

fucking students rrreeeeeeeee

This is among my favourite things ever. CNN get utterly humiliated by Trump, admitting they "got played" and got tricked into broadcasting a 30 minute Trump ad.

I've always defrosted it in the microwave on the defrost setting, comes out perfectly fine 2bh

is that bottom line edited

doesn't seem like a very bbc thing to say

this is edited
original article says lawyer
just fyi

>go to work
>turn mobile on
>get a text saying work starts at 10 today not 8:30
>tfw don't get any signal at home so didn't know

Went to costa coffee, had a coffee read the paper and did a poo in the disabled toilet.

>He thinks it's still 1973
Google the average savings of people aged 30, in France for instance.

put it in the sink with lukewarm water, unless its totally frozen then you're fucked

True, the BBC is more biased than Cred Forums

>The suspect was shot dead by police, who say they believe he may have been a lawyer.

good spot detective (shame he wasn't a paki though)

whats the point of a mobile if you cant use it at home?

Fuck your biased rating tbqh. An australian girl said once that I sound american.

How can your dad be shit at English when he's been here 20 years?

It's not factually wrong to say an unidentified person may be muslim.

this bolognese is rather good

yeah so is kim kardashian

because pakis don't want to integrate

Yeah well Australians are stupid criminals isn't it

meeting the lads at union rooms before a wreckage in pop world slaying 45 year old women lads

eating bolognese too tonight
with pasta and parmesan of course haha u know me

the so-called, potential gf isn't replying to my texts

>it's a "Amir murders his dad" episode

ah yes, the best way of ending the show I think

it's dog whistling 2bh

bet poleaboos father is a good lad honestly. sucks he had to have poleaboo as a kid

to use it when you're not at home

just died in minecraft

found some diamonds and went straight for them and then got blown up my a creeper

too lazy to bother with it now

>with pasta and parmesan of course haha u know me

madman haha (me too actually)

how do you not get signal at home? The UK is smaller than my province


5 eggs
Black pepper

Place cheese on omelette then fold over

Take out omelette and cover with jalapeño garlic aioli

guaranteed replies

If you kill him I may actually have respect for you

He's a complete monster

Didn't you read the bit about him being a rapist?

J Crew camel wool sports coat
Dior black wool turtleneck
Black Acne jeans
Black Common Projects Chelsea boots

Thoughts? For colder weather of course

agreed. its the ending that's expected, but the most logical.

wonder what the lad will do once he ends his poleaboo character. Will he create a new character?




in the same boat mate
got a night off this thursday so don't know if I should set up a date with someone else or what

Who /gsg/ here?

>Black Common Projects Chelsea boots

those boots are awful.

can't fucking stand Hillary but honestly when I hear Trump waffle on inanely whenever he's talking about anything I feel like I'm losing IQ points. he's the opposite of eloquent.

Not sure, my house is a bit of a deadspot, neighbours are the same.

Have a VHF/UHF radio too which also gets shit reception. We also have a booster on our TV aerial probably again due to shitty signal though I'm not sure how you can boost on receive, unless the booster is just a preamp, idk.

i remember the days when spending loads of money on clothes made me feel cool

oh to be 16 again

What colour is the coat?

Bloody arrogant students are everywhere


I cocked that up

Ignore this post

way ahead of you m8

Very comfortable, though. Wish I bought a leather pair instead tbqh.

don't need to be eloquent when you mastered the language of gestures. he understood that

not a huge fan of the rain desu
in fact, i HYATE it

>own CK2 but only a small amount of dlcs
>torrent the whole collection
>it's really good

Still not paying 100 quid for dlc though

Get pic related tbqh. I got myself one of these motherfuckers last week. Not unusual for random girls to compliment me on it on a night out.

wonder if the northerners have made it back from work yet


Here mate

Just got banned from reddit for 'hate speech'

Remember that time trump lied about seeing a video of the US transferring millions of dollars to Iran?

>not having plastic money
>literally the current year

Hillary's voice is unbearable desu


tell us what happened lad

biased media representation lad, (((they))) edited the video to make his mouth say those things then paid off the audience

on my way

That's not what I fucking asked, you cunt.


>buying ANYTHING off of paracucks
until they fix their DLC model they arent getting a single penny from me.
Victoria is genuinely good for British Empire feels.

What gaems?

think the proto gf may be sleeping around on me
should I drop her or proceed and cheat on her?

can you repost a non-cocked version? I thought that half dozen or so frames were awfully cosy

What's Nova Scotia like?

Northern Powerhouse

i like him

he's a retard just like me

hillary is an old bitch who treats everyone like a child

>no IMG_1142 sticking his head out the window

>go on twitter
>search 'english cunts'
>full of Scottish tweets

ahh yes, very obsessive

oh wow this is great

>can't lick drugs off em
>probably hep c resistant I dunno

Victoria 2 is definitely my favourite.

EU3 I barely played, EU4 was okay. HOI3 I couldn't get into.

CK2 and EU4, will probably get HOI4 eventually

cold out

Scots are incredibly racist toward the english for no particular reason

Ah, thought it might have been the name of the range or series. Sounds good lad, I wear something similar but cheaper because I am a poor student.

Pretty sure that was the reasoning desu

Doesn't that apply to the whole of Canada?

wasn't me, sure he's happy to hear it though

ahh yes, wheels

>no particular reason

>englishmen actually believe this


i guess an apt description of nova scotia is like the combination of trailer park boys and a bunch of uni towns

ironically this is now a tramline/tramstop

It's misguided "nationalism"
Wish they'd fuck off and make their own country

Someone posted a man who's voice is so deep it sounds like a didgeridoo and I called him a niggeridoo. Permanent ban.

What time is the Trump Clinton debate tonight you sluts?

Doing a laugh at the English who actually think abortion is a good thing.

fucking get over it jesus

>mfw Labour have gone full on socialist now with Poorbin
>mfw their economic policy is 'borrow loads of money and invest in useless things that are not profitable'

the word nigger is still pretty frowned upon outside this website lad

how's gf2016 going lads?

>criminal getting mad

2am lad

Name me a reason you Anglophobe

to be fair most abortions are done by young adults/teenagers who probably aren't fit to bring up those kids anyway

brilliantly tbqh

reminder if you hold conservative values you're a rasheed in disguise

hmm this dinner didn't fill me up

what to do


>not profitable
thats the fucking point of government investment you pleb, to provide public goods which are usually not profitable

gonna make a second run at boojum

hopefully all the students have fucked off and I'll get served quickly

>garlic aioli

ah yes

doing a think

>Stephen Hawking warned us about contacting aliens, but this astronomer says it's 'too late'

what does he mean by this? have we already contacted da aliumz? are they coming to destroy us?

>Kids should be murdered because their mothers are young
Interesting position lad.

reminder that poleaboo is a fictional character and that nothing shows up in any system about a man with his name committing a crime

Ah yes lets pump money into something until it's profitable.

why is wales better than england at football
how did this happen

governments/countries shouldn't make a profit, but at the same time they shouldn't be operated at a loss


You're insufferable and proud of it. Every englishman i come in contact with thinks they're better than everyone but they also hate themselves, you southern ponces need to learn to rationalise your beliefs.


We've sent a shitload of radio signals out into space.

Genuinely believe we'd BTFO any alien race anyway.

How is /GF2016/ coming along lads?

rice puddin

into the bin she goes

is earth the 6'4 brick shithouse of the galaxy?

Wew, shan't be watching a single minute of it then. FAR too late for me.

>Genuinely believe we'd BTFO any alien race anyway.

agree with this

He means we're sending fucking loads of radio signals out so aliens are probably aware of us.

That being said the galaxy is so big finding the signals is ridiculously difficult.

have a slice of cantal with some bread haha x

>lol get a load of this preening arsehole

I get that look all the time m8

Of the universe.

i'd easily heem any alien that came here


daily reminder that for the first ~24 weeks of pregnancy you can't detect actual brain wave patterns from the pregnancy, and thus they are not an actual human being yet, thus it is not murder

Delete this post you gimmick stealing pikey cunt
*bounces your head off the floor*

>what is investing

governments should make a profit desu
budget surplus is a good tool to plan for the future

Why is NEET life so fucking comy?

glad I'll never be a wageslave

Was about to enter the room for an evening class I wanted to go to. Got to the door, looked in and saw 20 odd people, some of whom turned to look at me. Autismed out of there as fast as I could.

>Genuinely believe we'd BTFO any alien race anyway.

Nah mate we have no idea how advanced aliens could be.

>alien cunts send a scout to check us out
>we BTFO it the fuck out
>aliens don't realize for a couple lightyears

think you'll find this is my gimmick

>governments should make a profit desu
>budget surplus is a good tool to plan for the future

semantics. I figure that any profit that the government makes should be reinvested into things or used for future plans and stuff

Genuinely believe there is life within the reach of our universal bounds

Also genuinely believe those life forms are less developed than us and we are the aliens that will arrive on their planet


>you southern ponces need to learn to rationalise your beliefs.
says the country that claims to want "independence" and then want to join the EU

Bit racist of that lad to generalise

It's only comfy when my parents are at work.

I should've "inb4 CLUSTER OF CELLS" because holy shit that "argument" is embarrassing every single time I read it.

>genuinely believe we'd BTFO any alien race
would absolutely heem those extraterrestrial runts

>what is a waste of money

Let companies shoulder that burden, why should taxpayer money be used to gamble with things that are not profitable.

good idea x

can you bring it over

quite pissed off with the wage slave life atm

everyone I work with is fucking lazy or retarded

Redpill me on Princess Diana's death lads

Doesn't matter how advanced they were. We'd win. Guaranteed.

>By the time they find out and return to us we've used their technology to become even more powerful

any aliens itt?
found a good spot for your head

>not being student master race

>Genuinely believe there is life within the reach of our universal bounds
It would be fucking absurd for there not to be
>Also genuinely believe those life forms are less developed than us and we are the aliens that will arrive on their planet
We're not from this planet, we came here from maybe a comet, maybe something else. What's to say that hasn't happened loads of times in other planets, causing new civilisations, some or many could be far more advanced than us.

I reckon that aliens would be bipedal humanoids that resemble us with only a few minor differences

or maybe they'll be smart birds or dolphins or octopuses or some shit
I don't know

>born way too early to witness colonization 2.0 as we colonize the stars
imagine Cred Forums but instead of flags it was planets

>a country is a person


Found a camwhore that looks exactly like my oneitis - the resemblance is uncanny. This is pretty good desu.

she fucked a sandnigger so the royal family killed her

student life is much better than NEET life desu. get to live away from your parents and only have to put in a bit of effort in your school work

>We're not from this planet, we came here from maybe a comet, maybe something else. What's to say that hasn't happened loads of times in other planets, causing new civilisations, some or many could be far more advanced than us.

MI5 bumped her off because she was shagging a Muslim

t.dad filmed a documentary that came to that conclusion

every person that has claimed to see a ufo says they're well above our technology, there's also been sightings of ufos up to a mile long in length

looking forward to racemixing with hot aliens

they would probably something completely beyond our comprehension. we'd gaze upon them and our brains would implode

>that boot
found the tryhard lads

Wish I was very super intelligent enough to develop shit that could allow us to colonise the stars. Feel it would really bring the world together. Think we'd become a united Earth.

this isn't a good route to go down lad

You literally tarred all the english with the same brush so I'd say you're as bad as each other

How is that a fedora thing to say?

my favourite race is called the corinians

when they say hello and goodbye, they say salame

and i just made up a song about it

doing a download of some animes

Remember those shit home made videos you used to have to watch in drama

didn't mean to post this frog

So? What's that got to do with us absolutely HEEMing the cunts? We're more powerful than fucking nature itself.

Not sure if I had gender dysphoria anymore or that I want to transition but it’s a bit late now, I seem to be chemically castrated, tried to stop taking my anti-androgens for a while, but still I had no desire to masturbate and when I did I still couldn’t produce any sperm. The testicles do start destroying themselves after a point, I don’t know if that damage can be reversed or if I want to, I was feeling pretty great for the first two months but then I had some doubt sewn into my mind, though it’s more of a physical uneasiness that I’m feeling rather than psychological.

>they would probably something completely beyond our comprehension. we'd gaze upon them and our brains would implode

me too

fuck everyone in this thread

>tfw last hours when getting a blowjob
>cum within 2 minutes when fucking

Can't wait to fuck an alien to be honest

ashley was the best waifu 2bh

>poweful countries choose a planet each
>australia gets a Kyper Belt low albedo object
>still takes 4 hours to post and then reload the page

>How is that a fedora thing to say

klopp on mnf lads

will take a bit of time lad don't go to sleep early

scientific theory: the vast majority of guys with gender dysphoria have gone without sex with a woman for too long, thus their brains are a little confused

Literally end yourself

they could probably teleport behind you and slice you in half with their space katana

imagine a being made entirely of gravity that could disembowel anyone simply by flexing their muscles while being completely invisible and undetectable

Gone without sex for so long I think I'm a woman lads


smoking a FAT backwood too turnt

any genuine opinion is a fedora thing to say

I'd just shoot them.

venturing out into the rain aahaaaaaa



imagine a being made entirely of gravy

Shame. She was so pretty. A little stupid to kill her with her lover too. I would have never heard who she was shagging it weren't for that accident. I hope once her son will avenge his mother when he becomes king of England.

Yeah too bad she looked like a tranny in ME3.

Also, Tali is best girl.


the dogger

what does Time smell like?

yeah you're right

borrowing costs can change though, good to have a backup

dont really know where you're coming from desu

the government puts in place the infrastructure required to have a succesful market economy and uses tax revenue to do that, and mainly in areas which are unlikely to be provided sufficiently by the private market

>any genuine opinion is a fedora thing to say

Went to Cred Forums and triggered an entire thread of Englishmen into screaming and screeching about the Irish. Raked in hundreds of (You)s. What's the exchange rate on Cred Forumsirgin (You)s?

more a social theory but it has legs. Perhaps propose a Business Idea: to raise funds.

>have hour long wanking session
>it's disappointing
>realise you've wasted your time

it was a hologram

football is an essential part of british culture lad

Salty milk

How does one make friends

not a single soul in England gives two shakes of a willy about Ireland

Getting a bit fat lads

>and mainly in areas which are unlikely to be provided sufficiently by the private market

Labour are talking about steel, railways etc things that can be sufficiently provided by the private market.

Obviously if they're a vital service and they fuck up the government needs to support them until they get themselves sorted out but not completely take them over.

I regularly eat sushi from Boots

>Darling, please
Tfw there's no chance she will ever say that to you

do you think aliens have their own version of Pacers?

some alien somewhere pissed off that the alien overlords won't invest in his region

*shag an alien*

getting a bit too thin


184cm 82kg

Feel better about myself because I used to be a skelly, but I'd still like to be less fat.

I need to go to the gym but
-sprained wrist still hasn't healed

Space is raspberry flavour when you taste it, time would probably be complementary in smell and taste. Dark chocolate maybe?

i was really young when Diana died but i remember it being a big deal



Eat it from a plate you mong

Why not?

another rooty tooty point and shooty rampage in yankland, well i never

I'm 189cm, 97kg. I don't consider myself fat

Sounds like you're making excuses, fat boy.

Tell that to my 165 (You)s.

Bit obscure lad, but i would expect them to have some form of classic mint chew.


rate me

an't believe people unironically get involved with things and try to express themselves authentically. what a bunch of complete and utter runts

where at now? i can't keep up with all of it



princess diana died in paris

lad just cut her off and abandon anything that reminds you of her


would aliens have mouths? with bad breath to treat?

>Only shot 9 people
This is barely news anymore

Don't Starve/10

fuck arabs
fuck you

thoughts on hs2 danelad?

steel is a meme, think they've admitted that
the railways is about natural monopolies (danelad will NOT like this) where it's difficult/expensive/inefficient for even 2 companies to provide the same service, and at the moment the "govt pays for tracks and stations (expensive bit) and private operators run the trains (profitable bit)" is a shit system

looks like one of my frogfus

delete this



i think all races galactically would enjoy a mint chew in some form or another whilst travelling, makes it a bit comfier on the long journeys.

bit of a misleading heading no?

>flargon 7 """powerhouse"""

whats it like to be attractive with a great body?


i like trains but i think you might get a bigger return on investment if you spent the money on improving/upgrading the current network

i'm not really an expert on that though

but the intercity (longer distance) trains in the UK aren't really that bad