Do people in France really eat frog legs and snails?

Do people in France really eat frog legs and snails?

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Maybe we do eat a lot of it, maybe we just memed tourist into eating frog legs and snails

It exist yes, but it's really not a common meal and you will struggle most of times to find some, except maybe for snails in some traditional villages celebrations like the grape harvesting time celebrations in some regions.

I never tasted frog legs, it seems quite disgusting but i've heard it just taste like chicken. I've tasted snails tho, it doesn't really taste anything and it's the season that matters. With the right seasoning (parsley butter, shallots, garlic, a bit of white wine and some grey salt) it's really delicious desu, especially served in tiny tomatoes like pic related. But like i've said, it's really not a common meals.

We eat snails here too. They're pretty good, from what I hear.

We must not have as many frogs for them to enter the diet, though.

That's not something you eat everyday.

I'm actually considering the adoption of this look, and then publish pictures every day to become a Cred Forums meme.

do that user

but leave moustaches and al : this is more stereotypically italian

Frog legs, sauce b├ęchamel, french fries + good white wine = paradise

speaking of frog legs
do you even tried to make them move using a simple salt?

Frog is delicious and escargot just tastes like chewy garlic butter


Maybe some hillbillies in Burgundy.

impressive how amerifats fatstfood eaters have enough palate to appreciate such delicatessen of the great france.


>frog legs

(you should try)

No it's shit.
I don't mean it's disgusting but it has literally no taste.

They are extremely fat foods

But we eat small snails. In France they eat those really big fat snails.