Which country is your country's best friend?

which country is your country's best friend?

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*smugly winks at belgium*

there is none

Norway, Finland and Denmark, best ally

Iceland, åland can come too.



Ireland :3
Portugal and the other Anglo cunts are bros too

>having friend countries
That's not how it works you little shit


Probably pacific aliance countries
But everyone treats us very tsundere

ours is probably Spain, but the UK is always a great friend too (and a much more stable friendship, they are less likely to invade and try to conquer Portugal)

sanks ditali


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where do you think you are?

Go back to Somalia.

we just have business partners

>this coming from a tripfag

Where the fuck did i roleplay you autistic fuck ?.

what about austria?
what about the netherlands?
what about us? :3




Uruguay and South Brazil

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Not everyone is a normie like you, Göran

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saudi arabia :D

USA is daddy

What is it with Cred Forums and tranny pornstars?

I don't think most Americans know your country exists.

azerbaycan ofc
tripfags should kill themselves
and somalians

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Usa, Mexico, Panama and Sben are good friends

What about us? What are we then, sempai?

what do you think about argentina and chile?

How about us, Toruko-san?

Georgians probably know there is a country named after their state Tbh

I would say México


el haitiaANO

no such thing as girls on the internet Tbh

You can be our side nigga

Forget it home fry. Friendship ended with Georgia, now Finland is my best friend

none I guess


Iraq and syria

Poland best ally


greatest ally

We have nothing to do with your creation ...

Friendly rival: IIHF


We haven't friends..

Probably the UK, although its a weird relationship.


Belarus and Serbia

What about Kazakhstan?


Pourquoi tu mens ?


Just a satellite


Relationship of younger and older brother, not the true friendship.


>spain sleeping
>swamp jew

Kek, pretty good

Je parle du Canada anglophone mon grand ... Le Québec oui, mais pas Toronto

More like a 2nd cousin that you only met relatively recently


>Russo–Serbia relations refer to bilateral foreign relations between Serbia and Russia. Serbia and Russia have maintained diplomatic relations since 1838

>Both countries establish relations roughly 1000 years after they're founded

B A L T + A U S N Z



finland too ofc

>la québec n'est pas en canada

>Le Québec n'est pas LE Canada

Je crois LA québec est féminin

Chile is in the same economic bloc, but they're not too fond of us. Argentina is quite far and we haven't formed a strong bond with them. I have a positive view on them though

It always sounded more like marriage to me.

We used to be friends before the monkey ((((

>not knowing linetrap

wew poto


Trips of truth

Sorry Vancouver

>The same country has tried invading portugal several times

Portuguese logic

We dont have friends but have much enemies.


That girl on the right looks like Savannah Brown


I hope you know most of us here hate you here my dear oldest ally.





We don't have friends.

>modern spain
>rival of portugal



Révise ton history, mon pote.

é nossa!

Denmark probably

is more family than friend
probably the right answer
Gott strafe es!

Nous n'avons aucune histoire avec le canada anglophone


None tbqh.

Just partners in business or sell stuff.








Precisely my point, Canada is Great Britain's doing.


éducation de france



Argentina obviously. hermanos para siempre.

>Russia is both natural enemy and friendly rival

How anime of you desu

>>UK, stole all portugal riches(that were from brazil in the first place (no worries, we forgive you)) with unfair commercial contracts.

Ireland, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay

... Ukraine ( ͡°ل͜ ͡°)

In the past austrians and catholic germans. But I don't think none remembers it at both sides.
Italy, we sees to be good friends

have some (You)'s lads

Memes aside Argentina and England.

We do need to get better friends.


Russia without any doubt

Last time I checked polling of americans showed that their most positive impressions put the Canada as our 'most liked' country, followed by Britain, France, Germany and then glorious Japan.

got ya senpai ;)

>TFW Recongise them immediatly
The sooner I quit the aul porn the better desu

Colombia and Brasil.

They're the ones sending us food right now


Bros 4 life even before the 80s desu


Denmark and Sweden
If Sweden gets blacked Finland can replace it

Brazil, Uruguay and Peru

I hope we can be bff's again soon


fucking this

finland greatest ally

>Little bros
Holland, Luxemburg, Austria, Liechtenstein
>Half brothers
Belgium, Switzerland
>Distant cousins
Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Faroes, Iceland
>Relationship status unclassified
>That old wife you can't break up with because you're too old yourself to do anything at almost 1200 years of age

Almost got me there, ludwig

Australia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia

honourable mentions to Finland and Sweden

China -Pakistan and vice versa

Aus, worst korea, Canada
can't really think of any other real friends we have

All in that order, a great bunch of lads.

I can understand the rest pretty well but I think these four are just your friends, not besties, to be honest



They sell us booze

They're on the same level as Saudi Arabia and Japan
The same level as them but for different reasons is France/UK/NZ
Below them is probably like Iceland, panama, phillipines, ireland, and Italy

Actually switch The Phillipines and K.S.A. and that's the closest we'll get to correct

So Scotland, Wales, Spain and France would be our Besties then, and the rest our lads?
Sounds about right.

Russia are a Bestie too, can't forget them.

What do you consider NI and the manx

First off, shouldn't exist, and the Manx are alright.

We give Canada tons of flowers every year for decades now so I suppose they are?
I personally like Denmark and Belgium.

I bet, most of our people doesnt know, where ireland is on that globe.
But drunk irish beer, ofc.



a secret friendship

China soon ^w^

Israel, if you go by the gubmint
Canada if you go by the people


we have many good friends
Netherlands and Austria are our closest friends, but France is our best friend at the same power level


I don't think the US has any real friends

Wew it's the English crusader state

Uhhhhh.... That's Sue Lightning thank you very much

I like the chevrons on the helmet

We don't have any.

luv u too bby

Uruguay and Brazil

Seriously, when are we gonna make it official with Canada and just become "United North America?"

We came on a little strong during that disastrous first date, but I think we all agree that mistakes were made on both sides.

Flanders nice booty

UK stuck with us through some seriously bad moments.

argentina contemporary bros

Belarus and Ukraine ofc. Politicians gtfo, we have similar culture, similar lifestyle, similar language... and similar problems

Israel is just "that" friend. The junky who's always asking to borrow money he never gives back, usually to just spend it on drugs (which he'll deny), but everyone thinks you're close because he sticks around you so much.

Nazis occupied russian village. SS oficer ordered to locals (russians and jews) to dig a pit). When it was ready, he commands: "Jude, jump in! Rus, bury them!" Russians stood still. Then he comanded: "Jude, get out, rus - jump in. Burry them!" Jews started digging. When the work was almost finished, the officer stepped closer to Russians and said: "Well, did you realize who is Jude?"

but they are better than arabs anyway.

Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. can't choose only one. actually we love everyone. except Portugal. hard feelings, you know

c'mon, boludo, only the South? that makes me sad

we're not germans, for fuck's sake

we have Hungary and Belarus

that's your problem... you're too arrogant to have any friends.

Sorry mate, I'd rather not be a part of God-Emperor Trump's plans for world domination.


Ukraine is prohibited.

Too many cultural differences for that IMO. If the US made a concentrated effort to make Canadians forget their cultural identity that would likely succeed and then maybe.

heh, dont surrender Canada, Trump can do nothing against Terrance and Phillip. kappa)

The netherlands.

Abkhazia, Transnistria, South Ossetia, Donetsk People's Republic, Luhansk People's Republic and other imaginary friends.

true desu

Romanian and Greece desu. Armenia is like that friend you almost never talk to, you know the one.

Mexico, other anglos treat us like garbage.

Oh, and France is like the friend that betrayed you.

who is israels best friend?

Oh I forgot the Netherlands, they are bro

No friends but that's ok because we wuz kangz

Indonesia and Monaco


most country's are like the students.
some are teachers.
USA and Russia are the two vice principals fighting for power.

we are the principal.

Sweden and Estonia.

I like americachan because he's so big and strong


You need to have a friend country in order to have a best friend country.

Iceland is our only true friend


No, we're your best friend, faggot.

The question was best friend not worst enemy silly.



Russia is it not our enemy N.a.t.o boy

you hurt me. Remember who served with you in nam. Those were your real friends.

Canadians are NOT our friends

You're full of shit

You can come to Bariloche whenever you want João

idk we hate everybody and everybody hate us

Canajews are leeches that benefit from the relative security of being in close proximity to while offering nothing in return

>"Canada is a French colony"
>"no, fuck off, we've nothing to do with you, we buttfucked your ancestors in 17XX"

>"Canada has nothing to do with France"

Scotland without a doubt. Love those cunts 2bh

This tbqh
The only French in Canada are Quebecois and Canada treats them like dirt.
They're all descended from betas that swore fealty to the brits anyway

i think it's enough

When they secede you guys should form some kind of union

Would be hilarious bants

Let me simplify it.
France initially settled much of what is now modern Canada, their influence continues to play a role in mostly Québec and New Brunswick, with other allowances made across the nation for francophones who identify more with their French ancestry and latent culture.

My town was first settled in 1604 by Pierre Dugua le Sieur de Mons and Samuel de Champlain. Later it was filled with British loyalists. It has historic ties to both France and the UK. So if I were making a flag family, I would include both under the patents section.

>American education

why no south korea or japan on the map? we also are one of the closest trading partners for america

i never knew friends invade their friends
funland should invade sweden right now to show how good friends we are

It says export. You sell us a lot of crap.

Definitely, but not on our level.
More trade goes across the ambassador bridge in a day than all exports to Korea in a year, and 200 million people cross the border every year to spend money. We are also America's largest energy provider

>fucking leaf
>cultural differences
french niggers from quebecistan doesn't count as culture.

There's always the Maritimes


you only love us because you suck our cocks for protection from the chinks above you

Colombian diaspora, specially the teens are pretty terrible, the Gang shit is out of control in the mulitculti barrios. Heck, I think yesterday a gang fight between 20 Nyetas and 20 latin kings ended with one death, and another one in represalies. For the rest you guys are know for Coke/Burundanga and beatiful females, and Shakira.

Fucking anglos always jewing us out of our colonies. Fuck them, i hope the muslims plant the ISIS flag on the big ben

Best Korea and Zimbabwe

Im pretty sure no one sees us a a rival though...

At least 2 (two) people of foreign ethnicity consider us "best friends".


We're in an abusive relationship with France.

We have no friends. But I can name the countries that can tolerate us and visa versa. France, Denmark, Switzerland, Italy.

they all respect you for money. Same with the USA

ukraine's still your friend
I still like/tolerate you guys because russian history's interesting, regardless of you being commies, and your culture is cool as fuck