What do you think of Italy?

What do you think of Italy?

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shit country full of pseudo-slavs smoking cigarettes and talking about a spicey meatballs all day long

I went to Italy last year and decided to try some authentic Italian pizza and it was the most basic shit ive ever tasted. A fucking pizza from dominos or pizza hut would be way more preferable.
you Italians have no culture you faghetti spaghetti

I love spaghetti

This is new.

Southern Italians are the nicest people I've ever met.

Venedi = Venetians
Lach + V = Southern Lachs/Vlachs/Włosi = Italians


>Venedi = Venetians
Oh right, I forgot the Cred Forums meme about all IE tribes with names related to wen being the same.

b-but we are arab rape babies user!

Dunno, never been there, never met a full italian. Heard their food is somewhat nice.

leaning towers
valention rossi
rome and shit

GOAT history, arts, architecture, food, landscapes and people
Italy is GOAT

niggers of europe

They got great ruins but honestly they can't fucking drive.


The Americanized version of Italian food is GOAT, the Americanized version of Italian people is terrible. Italy itself I don't know anything about.

remember that time you were rekt by vietnamese wikipedia under the name of " Ý "


Im enamored with italy right now.

I picked up italian, but i let it go because I'm an engineer major so that takes up my time.

Really wanna go visit and maybe one day buy a house somewhere over there and fall asleep and never wake up.

Please visit the website but
please visit Italy. where the best country
in the world in terms of
culture, landscapes, arts, history, cities, villages
beautiful countryside, seaside, mountains
that is Italy you know perhaps
you'll dreaming about
but please visit our country
we will welcome you
wormly and with a better organization

Don't you mean the creators of Europe?

Vèneto is the most beautiful independent country in the world.

Veneto is mostly shit desu

we only have one leaning tower


>they can't fucking drive
this particular stereotype is the most accurate one in the world, it's no joke, don't drive if you value your life

it's weird how the worst country in asia (italy) is right next to the best country in asia (france)

Nah, veneti are the north's terroni

why are canadian posts so fucking terrible?

t. sardo

would i encounter recism in italy as a mexican?

ok mario

you'd pass as a local

Spot the jealous southerner.

eat the maggot faggot

does this mean I can get italian qt gf?


not even a local can get italian qt gf

Anch'io sono sardo.Dove di preciso?

how u get gf in italy then?

>t. romanian

Not him but you don't have to be a Southerner to be jealous, because it's the most beautiful region in the North

You wish

Honestly people from treviso and venice province can't behave like proper Human beings. Also gib back the Aquileia patriarcate.

is it Garda lake?

who knows

i'm a local

I love Italy because of my dual citizenship.

Going to venice next week-end. What do I do?

Please be nice

bring a gas mask

Try not to drown.

It's the most beautiful region in the WHOLE world.



L'italia è un grandissimo buco di culo.
Non venite a vivere qui.

Bring a gas mask
Do not buy anything near piazza san marco
Visit palazzo ducale

Absolutely terrone



don't go
go to Treviso, Verona, Asolo, Bassano


Why would he need a gas mask? Does the city reek of fish and bird shit? I imagine it does.


>faghetti spaghetti

that's pretty good

1. Architecture.
2. Arts, fashion, music.
3. Very tasty cusine. Vine is perfect.
4. Beautiful nature.
5. Happy and affable people.
6. Beautiful girls.
7. Mafia.
8. Corruption.
9. Lazy people.
10. Italian pizza was one of the greatests disappointments in my life.

he's a terrone, do not listen to him

Simply beautiful youtu.be/cFRT31cLoiM

Sono sardo,qua fa tutto schifo.
Sono stato anche in altre regioni(Firenze,Rimini,Roma).
Li si sta meglio che in sardegna.

it smells like piss


Is Abruzzo considered a shitty place? I lived in Chieti as a kid but don't remember that much except that the buildings were dirtier and the roads trashier than in Finland.


>Italian pizza
do you think there is ONE Italian pizza? there are millions of pizzerias, usually the ones with lot of tourists are the worst

It's part of Southern Italy but it's the best region economically

Thank you, what should I bring back as a souvenir? Anything else worth a visit?

It's a present from my parent. Can't really change now.


I often go here, Pieve D'Alpago

>Anything else worth a visit?
well, everything
except naples

>implying it's not Italy's best region

It's okay
In that part of Italy everything is ancient so it's okay to be "trash", as in trash you mean not modern or generally speaking with little maintenance
italian girls are famous to be hard to get, unless they're whores or you just have luck and find your soul mate. In another case they'll make you bleed to go out with them and you better impress them



>10. Italian pizza was one of the greatests disappointments in my life.

what was wrong with it?
(not food-nazi, only curious)


Go to Murano and Burano islands

Unless you're a "Bad Boy" or an "Asshole".
You're going to die virgin

Cakm down savorgnan, i'll probably live north of you
The whole city architecture is quite nice, souvenirs are overpriced and worthless

So it's like New Orleans


I know it. But I thought it wouldn't be a thiny-thiny blin with a little-little bit cheese, tomatos and some other ingridients.

And I like italian cusine. For example, I usually cook penne arrabbiata, spaghetti alla puttanesca etc. Though, we have some problems with parmigiano here.

maybe, i guess

You have to be lucky too as in all things in life. Of course the more people you meet the higher chance you have to be lucky


I didn't think it would be just a snack.

Bassano del Grappa


>just a snack

That's all I got.

I think they scammed you. It's more frequent than you think

Sicuro ha comprato una pizza surgelata con su scritto"MADE IN ITALY" e c'ha creduto.

Villa Emo, near Treviso

No, may be you don't understand me. In Russia is more popular american type of pizza - a real pie with cheese, tommato, meat etc. And in Italy it was a thiny blin.

Do you know Marostica?
There is a chess shaped piazza where they play chess with humans

the descendants of their diaspora make for some delicious poon desu

well, we have different tipe of what you may consider "pizza"; we also have something that is called "pizza al taglio" that are often sold in small shops on the street and they give you only a slice of pizza, and that is obv only a snack

it does not smell like piss, some times water weeds smell

...cazzo ora voglio un pezzo di pizza al taglio

ho appena mangiato una pizza con la parmigiana che non ti dico

Bastardi, non fatemi venire fame a mezzanotte e mezza

c'è nelle vostre città?

porca mignotta regà

I think he means that our pizza dough is too thin and the toppings too scarce.

Brothers from another mother

that's possible, yes

they gave me the best insight on woman.

"bitches are crazy, like the fucking wind, whisper and scream and change their minds"

it's not ours that is too thin, it's theirs that is too thick

are you half Finn half Italian?

Yep, you are right.

Yes, truly it is our's too thick, but still yours seemed too thin for me.

Coglione, quello c'è solo a padova

coglione, c'è tipo in venti città diverse, guarda il sito

pizza pasta ferrari and italian """"""""""""fashion""""""""""""

>Coglione, quello c'è solo a padova

One of the most likeable diaspora, even though they were hard to integrate.
They integrate so well you don't even notice them.

Letteralmente dementi
as in, the pizza of the bo
And where is the bo located?
... Fuck off stupid pieces of shit

>And where is the bo located?


Do you guys actually eat this shit?

>thread about Italy
>pizza is the only topic
you are pathetic

...did you even read it?

they call us pasta niggers for a reason
Italians on Cred Forums are a bunch of pathetic losers, specially those on that shitty autistic filo thread

you have to go back

I'm not romanian coglione
the only one posting nice images of our cities is a brazilian, you retard autistic deserve to became poor as fuck, BTFO of decent jobs by niggers and chinks, it's happening already

>niggers and chinks
>decent jobs


I prefer inculati

There is really no Italia. Different regions. I prefer the North. South is kind of like Africa.

Some parts of Helsinki looked like Russia to me. Well maybe the best part of Russia. I mean didn't look very polished.

Italy disgusting af

Are terronis really lazy mamas boys? Was the captain of Concordia a terrone or not?

why no naples? i wanna see maradona play for the local team.

Disgusting animals, from tip to toe.
There is a reson why you only need to add two (2) letters to change italy into SHITaly..

Hmm, I think it is becoming an international phenomena. Poor millennials, it is only going to get worse

hahahahaha. he must be chinese. or borat

No, Nice is in France