TFW fatass

>TFW fatass

How are fats treated in your country? We get bullied and treated like shit here

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The ones that are not 50 years old don't get out of their basements luckily, I can just visit a zoo if I want to see a bear

Lose weight fatty, it's not that hard.

Also fat people here are treated like shit, and rightfully so.

Don't be a victim bby

Socially speaking you are permitted to be overweight if you're retired.

Fuck off normie

It's not that easy for some people, change is hard

eating less and going to the gym is hard?

Even a broke manlet like me can do it

It's difficult for some people you fucking normalfag

Quit drinking soda you little manchild

Eat shit normie

>Just stop using heroin!
>Just stop drinking so much!

Shut up normie

fat food isn't nearly as addictive as drugs, just consult a dietogist, and find a friend to go to the gym together wtf

I used to be 100 pounds overweight 2 years ago, and I lost all that excess in 5 months by going on a plant based diet and only eating about 800-1000 calories a day.

Quit complaining you little manchild



>muh addiction
>muh eating disorder
I used to make that lie all the time when I was fat

I would be very triggered right now if you were posting seriously

>finland in charge if not being retarded

if you're truly fat like me you'll realize it has been embedded in my genes. I literally cannot unfuck myself it's genetic.



Fetti, was geht?

Fatness is inherited, you can't lose it

Quit whining you little manchild

there is nothing worse than being skinnyfat

this guy gets it

good post

Kek. I have to admit, I wasn't OP, just pretending to be him around 4 posts ago

Can you explain how thousands of people, including me?

If you're skinnyfat, just start going to the gym.

not that bad actually? I mean, girls won't fuck you but nobody will bully because of this, maybe banter but nobody cares

Also, I agree, losing weight is pretty much impossible and people shouldn't be shunned because of this, I don't ask to fuck models or being treated as god, but nobody should be humiliated because of their fat, they're not doing harm to anyone, it's their choice, their lives, if they work, it's fine

Fat people are mildly made fun of, and there have been local bans on large soda drinks.

How were you able to bypass the duplicate file filter?

>losing weight is pretty much impossible
Do you actually believe this?

Have you considered being not fat?

These days i was on the bus and someone kicked me so hard while i was leaving the bus i fell on my face and the entire bus was laughing.

There are buses in Brazil? I thought you guys just used vines n shit


Lmfao. I was in costco eating thanks for taking my place over while I was gone


although I'm not faaat I'm like 5 kg overweight and losing it it's pretty hard, I went to a gym, tried to stop eating bad things but it doesn't work

all of the concepts in being /fit/ are so hard too, I mean wtf a carb? low carb? high carb? cardio? HIIT, keto, protein, and all of those weird ass terms


It's too fucking hard, I can't understan any of that fucking Fitness mumbo jumbo.

You sound like a normie though, onky 5kg overweight? Lol I'm at least 30 overweigh

Check your privilege

git gud fatty

kek I still have a belly and double chin, it's pretty disgusting when I slouch, although my arms and legs are skinny as fuck

I hate fat people.

I thought you were different

You're just as normie as the rest of them


I can't even be shirtless in front of people

We should offer that normie to God Pepe.

This is me

Yeah but I have C cup breasts visible in a shirt

Indifferent, the exact same way we treat everyone.

But desu those terms are easy, which one is confusing lol

uuh, i'm talking about the general /fit/ vocabulary, not about these specific words

Depends on where in the US you go. In the south it's normal to see landwhales as it is their natural habitat (especially Texas). Here in New England landwhales are usually only found in shitty neighborhoods so you can expect to be looked down upon and made fun of if you're a fatass.

Most of those things I learned in school, for example keto, is when you're body goes into ketosis mode and your brain starts using body fat as fuel instead of glucose, and glucose is mostly found in high carb foods. It's an evolutionary trait that most mammals have.

You could lose that weight easily in a 2 1/2 months if you'd go on a plant based diet and eat only 800-1000 calories a day. (No exercise)

If the easy and not at all confusing terminology confuses you, please learn just 1: carlorie.

Use an online calculator to determine your needed caloric intake.

Then, eat less than that intake. (Use an online calorie tracker like myfitnesspal and put in everything you eat in a typical day, and it will show you that you eat too much--keep using it to stay on track, or stop using it if you're too lazy, but use it one time at least to see what you are doing wrong)

You will lose weight.

Add exercise to this and you will speed up the process.

Eat healthy food while you do this or at the very leaststop drinking soda, and you will stop being smelly diabeetus magnets.

But if you simply just eat less calories than you have been eating, you will lose weight.

>wtf is a calorie though

look on the packages of food, it should tell you the total calories per serving. On something like a banana, just google it for an estimate.

Has cucknada ever not been pathetic?

You might be slightly bullied while in school
But once you are out of school nobody cares

I'm loving this bait thread.

You're either a shredded manlet with 9% BF and a 3 lift total of 700kgs or an obese fitter that punches 2 packs of darts a day.

Both are equally accepted and attractive

>it's bait you guys, we're not actually retarded!

I don't think so, new worlders.

Unfortunately, they're treated like kings in burgerville.

Like, lose some fucking weight, tubby

I recommend doing drugs.
>tfw fugged a girl with hepatitis c but luckily didn't catch it

Maintain Weight: 2121
Lose Weight: 1697
Lose Weight Fast: 1273
wtf? how will i even eat 1200 calories? It's almost half of what i probably take, I will die of hunger

btw, excercise is another hard thing, I mean walking is excercise? A lot say it's useless, that it's a low intensity excercise or some bullshit that actually slows down your metabolism, others say it's valid

>plant based diet

Wont my testosterone be low as fuck? Seems unhealthy

Fuck you, you are fatso and that's it.

Check out your own fucking mind. Because that's where the problem is and that's what counts, fatso.

BMI 25.1
How fucked am I?

Depends on body composition

post body or determine your FFMI

I dunno
I never leave my house

>unironically being a fatass

Very. I've an 18, I need to eat more.

This, or over 45 in general. I don't think I've ever seen a middle age man not being overweight

>I mean walking is excercise? A lot say it's useless, that it's a low intensity excercise or some bullshit that actually slows down your metabolism, others say it's valid

user, if it gets you off your butt and out of the house, it's worth it.

Walking is a gateway to other exersise, and being in the sunshine will promote a feeling of happiness and well-being (as long as you don't go out when it's fuckhot, obviously, but when the weather is tolerable), and it will show you that exersice is not a lifestyle completely opposite to your way of life, but somethat you can do one day.

What's more useless, sitting on your ass wasting your life on Cred Forums and developing depression from a vitamin d deficiency and decreasing your testosterone fapping to anime, or developing a habit of going outside for at least 20 minutes every day, and going a few steps or minutes further every day than the previous day, basically learning to challenge yourself and try new things and go on small adventures? What really seems worse for your health?

No it won't, also what do you eat daily now?

Is this my future as an Italian American?

Pretty much this.

Well it's up to you really. We have good food so if you relax and try it all, being overwight is your destiny when you walk 8 hours a day behind a desk

kek and lel

how will it not?

How much protein and fat would a plant based diet give me per day?

So it's useless, I see

user, I'm very overweight. I started dieting: eating white meat (chicken) and vegetables with little condiment, day and night. During the day I walk one hour at fast paced walk (4,6 km total), and do 50 sit ups and 20 push ups (or other stuff if I have nothing to do). I am losing weight fast, if that can help

It is

Exercise is fucking useless. I'm going to keep drinking Diet® Coca Cola™ and browsing Cred Forums. I'm much happier this way.

I don't want to live to age 30 anyway, hopefully I die from obesity soon

woah woah come on, the discussion is about which walking is a valid excercise or a waste of time

I mean if you're like under 30 or 35, if you want to lose weight unless you have some serious medical condition, if you eat less, more healthy and move more you just can't be wrong

It's a waste of time

Obviously walking is useless for your heart and burning calories, /fit/ is retarded

Thsy want you to run 20km a day just to lose fat, lol ysah right.I'm just gonna get diabetes and show them

>tfw slowly went from nearly 100 to 85kg (at 1.90m) in 3 years (most of the drop in the first half year, like 10kg)
>tfw never exercised and still not doing so
>tfw still drinking a litre of coca-cola per day
You really need to put only minimal psychological effort into it
No need to even have to give up on most of your cravings, just learn to permanently reducing them just a little
No need to force yourself into uncomfortable daily sweatfests either (OK I do some minor gardening but it's mostly just for fun, only 1000 sqm to take care of most of which is lawn to mow and only a couple crops to harvest and trees to prune, but that minimal extra calorie combustion can be enough to make you lose some)

yeah just how much is less? what is more healthy and how much do you actually need to move? that's the thing here

Well the point of this diet wasn't to build muscle. But when I lost 45kg in 4 months doing this, I consumed about 75-50g of protein, and I ate about 30g of nuts a day, that's where I got my fat from.

dude don't listen to these normies

People like us were never meant to lose weight anyway

go to grill, fatso.

I mean, we are looking up to you guys.

Fuck off normalfag

>tfw 250lbs and 5'10"

thank god it all balanced out. one positive thing is my legs are strong as shit. if I worked out at all i could definitely achieve bear mode.

>mwf gymcucks bitch about leg day

You're weak tho

Haha, fatso goes to the fitness gym, sits down there or stands around there, for about an hour he paid for, then leaves and never comes back.

Then why the fuck do I see whales

could still kick your faggot ass,

all you've done this whole thread is bitch like a woman and say losing weight is "too hard" even after someone tries to help you.

either stay a fat ass and accept it, or stop thinking like a bitch, drink more water, and go out for a simple walk for once in your fucking life.

>His body is over 30% fat
>Kicking anyones ass

lollll. The fuck are you talking about you're just as fat, even more so actually

>itt fatties complain why losing fat is "hard"

>muh genetics

so you're just going to avoid everything else in my post?


Dude you're fatter than I am

Wtf are u even talking about

Used to weigh almost 110 kgs, now I'm around 75. Still think I should lose a few, but I wouldn't say it's hard.

Start by scheduling your meals and replace one (for example lunch) with a salad. And don't put pasta or anything like that in it.

Then gradually make your meal sizes smaller.

After you've lost some weight, you'll gain confidence. The initial confidence boost will be a great time to start exercising to boost your weight loss a bit (note: diet is still more important) and gain even more confidence.

Exercise will also make you feel better because of your brain chemistry.

I hope this helps, fatleaf. Godspeed.

stop acting like a bitch and stop saying "it's too hard" to lose weight.

either stay fat or work out. you only have those 2 options.

Of all possible groups you can categories people in to, I think fat people are the only ones universally disliked in Norway.

I have never met someone who accepts fat people.

Just get MyFitnessPal and so some cardio, for god's sake.
Avoid running until you get to a decent weight unless you want to fuck up your knees and ankles, but everything else should be fine.

Last month I was 97kg standing at 5'11'' mostly because I went to the US for a month and ended up eating 3500 calories or more daily and literally never leaving the house playing vydia.

Started "dieting" on September 4th and as of now I've lost 6kg by going on a 1600 calorie deficit. Eating anywhere between 800-1100 calories a day depending on how much I walked that day.

It's super easy, I just really wanted to enjoy American food when I was over there

Why don't you take your own advice?

i used to weight more, i'm actually losing weight unlike your faggot ass


haha cucked by Yanks yet again Europe

Lol you got a long way to go retard

Enjoy your loose skin faggot

>bullying fat people
norway was supposed to be civilized

and what's your excuse for not being able to lose shit?

It is civilized.
That's why they're bullying them,

>bullying people over appearance
>bullying people that aren't doing no harm to anybody

Not bullying, but people don't like to associate with fat people.

In China they bully fat people, but it actually has a positive impact on health. So it's civilized bullying I supposed.

I was joking you dumb faggot

I'm not actually fat this thread was b8 to see how many faggots here admit to being fat. LOL

Enjoy your loose skin dumbass hahahahahaha

Fat acceptance is bullshit. It's not a question of appearance, it's a matter of health.

>I was pretending to be fat guys! 11

fucking Canadians. then you fucks wonder why nobody likes you.

whatever makes you feeling better about hurting innocent people's feelings

How much less subtle do I have to make it

I even used "it's too hard to eat less" and compared food to hard drugs

Enjoy literally dying prematurely

Sure, it's better to let them die at 30 feeling good about their bodies.
Except that they won't feel good about themselves either way, cause nobody likes being fat.

yeah yeah, because the only way to deal with this is totally excluding and bullying people! it's for their own good! kek

evil shit who wants to be edgy on Cred Forums

go back to /leddit/

reddit would be the ones to support you tho

Why those lards don't get it?

Being a fat blob kills more people prematurely than guns and cars combined.

Why don't they get it?

and what about if I want to be like that anyway? just leave me alone lol don't harass me

it's like harassing people for having tattoos

Tattoos aren't physically repulsive or cost money to society in health care costs though

In the US obesity costs more than smoking does, since 2012

Dude, not trying to be edgy, I legit used to be a fat shit, and I would have never lost weight if people told me that it was okay/actively encouraged me to be a sack of lard. Sometimes the hard truth is the best motivator. It sure was for me.
But whatever, feel free to eat your way into premature death.

>Tattoos aren't physically repulsive
actually they are to a lot of people kek, to the point of losing their jobs
>In the US obesity costs more than smoking does, since 2012
>implying it makes a difference in the billions of dollars stolen by politicians every year
who the fuck is saying something about encouraging it? i'm talking about not harassing people or destroying them mentally because of this lol

like I said, you all just want excuses to be mean and edgy

>being fat