Which alcohol belt is THE BEST?

Which alcohol belt is THE BEST?

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wine is for depressed housewifs and fags
vodka is for poor slavs
beer is only normal choice

south east poland here


We drink more beer than wine.

Vodka is convenient for starting a night before going to our over priced bars and clubs

Half a liter before going out can save you a hundred euros, I know you Jews can appreciate that


>drinking only to get drunk
slav tier

also Israel is not a wein country in any war, we are a Beer country 100%

TFW Munich isn't in pure beer country, tf.

>drinking wine

What are you? A girl?

I bet you post memes on Facebook about how much girls love wine too

Do you really expect finns to talk to each other or stay closer than three meters without being totally wasted?

>both vodka and beer

preddy good combo


I don't get this meme. I can drink four litters of beer with no problem but if I tried to drink five bottles of wine I would collapse.

That's called "Ubot" in Poland

Beer is way more popular in Russia than vodka.
Finland should be in vodka belt too.

Wine belt, but only if they produce it, if not they are just soccer moms

No, beer is for fags. Nowdays mainstream beer brands have all sweetened their product to make it more appeal to women.
Thank fuck there's still some actual beer out there.


It's wine in Sweden according to this

It's not a meme, girls are wine addicts. Like 100$ a week kinda deal.

ha, what a bunch of faggots

>drinking for other reasons than to get drunk

That's hipster-tier

r u ok finlan?

Fuck off

Well, not in Spain, and I meant the fact that wine has more alcohol than a lager so drinking it it's just for meals not for getting drunk. During the midday you can see old people drinking massive amounts of wine in our bars and I dare anyone saying wine is a girly drink to try to keep their rythm.

hurrr look i like other things than you XDDDDD

>Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are not in the beer belt

It's the hobos in your country that cause vodka to be most popular. Normal people don't primarily drink spirits.

Beer is for bottom of society subhumans or Germans
Vodka is for slavs and depressed Finns trying to keep the noose away
Wine is for the real ubermensch

Beer is for the LADSSS

Wahey proper nawty sesh on the go

The al-andalus is strong in us.

Tips fedora

yet again we are the best nordic

Lebanon Cyprus Kazakhstan and whatever those Caucasian countries are are all Muslim but are all labeled, but turkey is blank?! Turks drink a lotttt.

also LOL at the corns drinking wine

I'm partial to the beer belt myself.

>retarded ass prohibition
>still the most drunkard
>everyone supports that shit


You faggots will discus anything. I wonder how a discussion on Cred Forums looks like in real life. It would be hilarious.

I wonder is tequila really available in Europe or Asia? It's very easy to find in America but that's because Mexico is right there.

I've tried dozens of kinds of wine and I just do not like it

prohibition in Sverige...?

>the hobos
You're right about that, but
>that cause vodka to be most popular
Well, I have the actual statistics
>51% in Russia prefer beer
>31% vodka
>the rest is wine, brandy, etc
Have source on that data, but probably useless for you since it's in moonrunes

>I wonder how a discussion on Cred Forums looks like in real life
fat losers virgins having stale conversations or more likely just awkwardly glancing at each other saying nothing at all

Yes but vodka is the most consumed because it's mainly the addicts who drink it, and trust me they drink a lot.

Alcohol is a great topic for a discussion in good company.
>like in real life
Bunch of people sitting with their phones silently and discussing it on Cred Forums

he's probably referring to the alcohol monopoly but you got the same shit in finland too so that doesn't really explain it

Normal people do indeed drink spirits. My circles consists of university students mostly and most of them prefer spirits. If you think they're hobos, so be it.

Rum is for children, it is sweet and made for people without a mature palate who can't handle real alcohol.

Vodka is a drink for the poor, easy to make has no taste what so ever and is made to get someone very drunk very fast while being cheep, flavoured vodkas tend to be disgustingly sweet and made for children or people who want to fool themselves into thinking vodka is a good alcohol.

Brandy is for someone with a very mature palate but still lacks taste, tends to be too strong were it is only enjoyed by elderly people who have lost their palate and now can only enjoy bitter things.

Wine is for women any man who drinks wine is a woman or a gay.

Beer and cider are for children as well tasting like nothing but bubble bath in water in the case of cider it just tastes of apples but with so cool little bubbles!

Gin is the only correct alcohol choice when it comes to europoor booze.

>the most consumed
It's 77 liters of beer and 14 liters of vodka per capita in Russia.

In rural wine-growing areas like here (30% of the whole are is covered in vines), it's the most common pub drink by far, mixed with sparkling water.
Almost everyone age 14-100 drinks it. A "Saure" (usually a mix of 0.25 white or rosé wine and 0.15l sparkling water) will cost you around €2-2.50 (and I'm from a rather rich village)
I sometimes get weird looks from my friends when I'd rather have a beer that day while all the rest of them order their "Saure", I just like to alternate it a little (tend to prefer beer in winter)

It must be measured by the amount of pure alcohol then.

Alcohol is haram

It's stereotypes thread again?

If you live in less than two belts then you're pretty much a waste of space

Beer and wine area masterrace reporting in

He was probably referring to alcohol-related deaths in Russia caused mostly by hobos drinking vodka outside during winter.
77L * 7% = 5,39L of pure alcohol.
14L * 40% = 5,6L
Alright, vodka is ahead a bit.

Oh fuck I didn't read it through

Beer is 7% on average in Russia? Most beers are like 4,5% here

~5% is our average normal beer (stuff >7% usually labelled "Starkbier" and having a very liquorice-like taste, not my thing)
Ithought North Europe only had like 0.9% """beers""" that can be freely sold outside speciality stores, then another threshold of 2.9% or after which insanely high taxes kick in

NI may be British but it's one of the most anti-Islam places in western Europe.

Wenn schon, denn schon

>alcohol belts in Europe
>in Europe
It's bad enough israel is on that map.

I've google it, it's about 5%. The most popular beer here is "Baltika №7", so I thought it has 7% of alcohol since they have the range from non-alcoholic "Baltika №0" to "Baltika №9" with more than 8% of alcohol. Eventually, №7 has 5,4%.

map sucks dick
no rakija(vodka) in balkans?
what the fuck

Whoever made this has no idea. Our drink is rakia.

Arab tier

>implying there's such a thing as "Europe" and not just regions of Afro-Eurasia
How reactionary can one be? Claudia does not approve of your bigotry

Didn't Russia until recently consider any drink with less than 5% as soda?

>implying they drink anything but donkey and goat cum (at least that's "halal")

>consider any drink with less than 5% as soda
Not exactly. You still have to be 18yo at least to buy a beer.
It was about taxes and licensing, with special licence to sell any spirits.

>he doesn't know that christian/alawites/special snowflakes get completetly smashed with arak all the time

Fuck off subhuman fuck

Tell me whats wrong with wine exactly?
Women drink cider or other sweet shit.
Red wine tastes better for every sip you drink. You're just an insecure uncultured faggot probably only drinking redbull vodka or some other shitty sugar drink.

beer > whiskey > gin = tequila > wine > rum > vodka

Assyrians and Christian Iraqis seem to be alright desu, know a few of both, they're at least still genetically ancient sandnigs, while their snackbarian compratiots have been heavily blacked.com and thus tend to chimp out much more


am i in the 800s again

>Red wine tastes better for every sip you drink
literally everything that contain alcohol does

t. nick avery, stevedore at the southampton docks

Wine is the kings drink
Beer is for plebs

I'm more of a beer lover, but it takes a lot of skill and hard work to make a good wine

>implying Serbs drink more beer/wine than rakija
>being this ignorant and still making a map

Not in the same way. Sure you can down shots or drink cheap beer more easily when you're drunk but wine has that rich taste that settles in your mouth.

>he doesn't drink every kind of alcohol there is
what a bunch of faggots you are

You know your argument is shit when you have to mention that the stuff you're drinking is shit.

>this post
>this flag

truly cuckland, get fug faggit


isn't alcohol carcinogenic?

Did you not experience teenage drinking and all its cheap labels?
However, I'm not wellversed strong alcohols because it fundametally is repulsing and i don't feel the need to learn drinking it.
Wine pretty much got me hooked the first time i tried a decent one. Beer is also fine, but more of a thirst quencher

oxygen is carcinogenic

I can't avoid oxygen

I can avoid alcohol however





>has no taste what so ever
Stopped reading right there, your palette is amazingly uncultured, you dirty fucking chav.
Gin is for the drunken, lifeless British peasant.
True, holy men consume nothing but the finest whiskey. It's the drink of the respectable man--the working man. Something a plebeian like you wouldn't be able to mentally grasp let alone perform.


Who /rum/ master race here?

>wine is girly

eastern Polak here

>Whisky belt is missing :O
My top 5:

5.Vodka is for getting drunk fast and cheap.

4. Wine is okay with some types of food, otherwise it's gay.

3 Brandy, cognac, rum etc.. Not bad to drink at all, a lot of flavor and diversity. A bit girly stuff though..

2. Beer for drinking with your mates, but goes along with food too. A good beverage that doesn't get you too drunk.

1. Whisky, the breakfast of the champions. Bourbons, JD etc. are good for getting really drunk but they taste good too.
Scotch single malts are nice to sip during those crisp autumn days when wandering out in the wild, especially Islay malts.

Wine is the only right answer, doesn't mean there's anything wrong with beer or hard liquor, the question is which is best.

came here to post this

First post best post

This, winefags are prissy little nu males

might as well drink energy drink then if ya don't wanna get drunk

>wine = gay
>cognac = girly
Are you repressed?

>wine is gay
Fuck off faggot.

Tincture of hawthorn is nectar of the gods.

They don't live in countries where friends in taverns drink litres of wine from copper tankards
They only know wine from their sitcoms and morning shows
So it's understandable

Are you retarded? You don't understand wine is stronger than beer or what?

You drink wine when you are nursing labia trauma, you drink delicious beer between shots of cheap liquor if you are a respectable man. The beer tastes good and helps maintain the drunk, apply cheap whiskey rum vodka etc to increase the drunk

> doesn't even mention whiskey
> acting like he knows shit about alcohol

>tfw you drink that many liters of whiskey in one month, usually alone, and obscene amounts of beer alongside it

Whiskey > beer >>> rum = vodka > brandy = wine > tekillya >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> gin

>Alcohol connoisseurs

Literally the dumbest people on earth. I could make some shitty alcohol in my toilet and as long as I tell you it's suppose to be expensive or famous and forign you'd pretend to like it.

Vodka belt
>wine belt
lmao faggots
>beer belt
goodjob falling for the alcoholic meme beverage, i bet you even unironically think bacon is the best thing ever too

10/10 post. Very good points. Very insightful.

For a Canadian

alcohol is bad. I will never drink it. I also believe it can ruin cultures.

>goodjob falling for the alcoholic meme beverage, i bet you even unironically think bacon is the best thing ever too
everything is better with bacon.

Ìs it true that you get a shot at your dick cutting day?

Vodka is the healthiest. Beer makes your guts rot, wine causes bone diseases due to acids in it. Also cheap and ideal base for any cocktail.
t. Picreleated is cool party we had last weekend with Nemiroff.

I don't know i was too young to remember desu
But bacon is definitely overrated it's meme food at best

Also it might be that bacon isn't used with the appropriate amount of love at your place.

How can you not know about if your new born relatives get shots when they get their dick cut?
(also you could have provided the name of this day)

Shut the fuck up, you seriously use the word meme as an adjective which makes you and your opinion inconsequential.

Bacon is good, overhyped but damn good.

Israel is a meme country chucklefuck

>Stop liking things that I dislike
>Stop disliking things that I like
>X is objectively the best and everyone who disagrees is a subhuman/poor/pleb etc.

Good thread.

>germanic countries
Since when

>Jews the authority on bacon

I thought you people couldn't eat it?

>Vodka is the healthiest. Beer makes your guts rot

How is that different than most threads on this site

Israel is a Russian island in the Arabian see that is the middle east.
Why should Russians stop enjoying bacon?

This is also true. Lately there have been more and more beer brands that taste like candy. Not a fan desu

>American education

How does wine/hard liqueur zone work?

So you prefer gruesome rough beers like Jever?
I prefer smooth dark wheat-beer.

Oh god unless it's a novelty I fucking hate sweet beer. None of the usual yard beer companies have changed their recipe here though.

Actually vodka is not a daily drink like beer. You may drink beer every supper but you wouldn't drink vodka. Vodka is a weekend thing, you gather you friends and you drink vodka together.

Maybe he talkin' 'bout beer belly chub chub.

it's called Brit milah
I eat bacon when i'm abroad like in europe, you can also get it from some places here that are non-kosher
>israel is a meme country
You assume everyone is religious here which is wrong, most people don't give a fuck about religion and are only jews culturally

You just don't drink those beers. The old good brews still exist.

Sweet, sugared, garbage whiskey-liqueurs like fireball or soco doesn't make me hate on whiskey or stop drinking bourbon and scotch

Actually Arabs prefer wine and it's widely drinked everywhere outside countries like Saudi Arabia with their religious rule (and Saudis go to Bahrain every weekend to get drunk).

>The top 10 percent of American drinkers - 24 million adults over age 18 - consume, on average, 74 alcoholic drinks per week. That works out to a little more than four-and-a-half 750 ml bottles of Jack Daniels, 18 bottles of wine, or three 24-can cases of beer. In one week.

This explains a few things

That map is bullshit, at least in our regard. We drink wine, beer and spirits/vodka equivalents in equal amounts all over the country.

Holy fucking shit. Even when you account for full-blown alcoholics that's still insane.

Yeah, I know, just pointing out that beer marketing has shifted towards women recently. Sadly there's little good mainstream lithuanian beer left after danes and swedes bought 3 of our largest breweries and turned their beer into generic pisswater. A lot of ints lithuanians won't be old enough to remember, but Lighthouse Red used to be GOAT beer.
I think my taste has shifted over the years as well since I tend to like more bitter, "hop-ey" beers better now, and anything sweet just tastes sickly to me.

Fuck how do alcoholics afford it?

Beer contains germs making it fermented. They would ferment your guts too. Vodka, meanwhile, is a pure alcohol destroying germs all the way it goes through your body.

Most beer is pasteurized, nerd.

>tfw you drink much more than that

I live in Milwaukee it isn't even that unusual here

I'd believe that logic if vodka didn't always make me want to kill myself the next morning. Unlike beer.

Booze is cheap.

I can get 1.75 liters of 80 proof vodka for 8 dollars. I usually spend a bit more and get whiskey, 13 for the same amount of some not awful bourbon

you're an alcoholic lad
get help


I can stop whenever I want

Shit man I'll have maybe 12 on a real crazy day and I'm often called an alcoholic. I am skinny as fuck though to be fair.


How? I'd be going to bed shitfaced each night if I were to drink half a bottle of whisky daily. That's about my limit where I'm not going to get hangover and can function, but working the next day would suck.

>i just don't want to haha
that's the point of alcoholism, you don't see anything wrong

It's opposite to me. Vodka goes nice, while next morning after beer I would spend in a toilet shitting myself out.

I'm pretty thin as well although pretty tall so not a tiny bodyweight. I drink something on average 5 days a week, I probably drink about 100 drinks a week on average with some weeks of bingebinging probably close to 200. An average hard night's drinking with friends is probably 25 drinks if it's a full 8pm to 3 am type of deal. Majority is typically shots, with beer to sip and enjoy and water for additional hydration


Whoever says otherwhise is an edgy 14-15 year old discovering le ebin vodka or gin for the first time and getting le drunk

It was a joke, I realize I'm an on and off functioning alcoholic.

Every few months or so I take a 7-10 day period where I drink nothing just to make sure I still can

I'm sure at one point that 7-10 day will turn into full on quitting or I'll just get to the point where I can't

I only work 3 days a week, 12 hour shifts.

My 4 days off I drink pretty hard almost every night. And I have 2-3 after work shifts if they were particularly rough.

>Westerners put their vodka into fancy charred oak barrels and call it 'Scotch', 'Cognac', 'Calvados' etc
>seal them into nice bottles so they wouldn't have to drink it
Why put so much obstacles between you and your vodka?

Wine because it is the best thing for food.

Damn just remembered steak and Guinness pies and beer battered fish. Why not both?

There's nothing wrong with wine desu



Videos related, mostly results of wine of domestic production.

I like all of them.

wise words

Beer tastes like piss.
>drinking piss not gay at all
Also wine is the only one that is actually good for your health

Dzien dobry, panowe,


drink some tea then


Doesn't wodka cost like 30€/l in Finland?
How expensive are your nightclubs?

Most people here drink wine mixed with water or juice, pure wine tastes awful

I don't know what I was expecting t b h

>not liking wine
Noah is ashamed of you, pleb

Wine by far.Beer is also estrogenic, same for vodka.

Beer for parties and football games
Wine for diner and more formal gatherings

a glass of red wine a day is good for you though, at least I've read it reduces the chances of cancer

wine for lunch
beer for fun
vodka / rakija for getting hammered



Beer is the typical beverage of low class people.

Red wine is bliss. Beer is fine. Vodka is ok if served very cold with ice, otherwise it justs tastes like what you poured into it plus a russian potato.

Wine is for classy people like myself

What good alcohol is if you're not getting drunk. I guess only untermensch juden don't understand alcohol culture, because they have so weak bodies

>Jew doesn't like the most financially viable form of alcohol (liquor)

> Including part of Switzerland in the beer belt
Fucking lol. Literally the worst beer in the world

Anything except vodka

Medical ethanol 95%. In different combinations with juices, fruits and some shit like that. But if you are ready, you can drink pure ethanol, you need only some juice or water for make fast sip after sip of ethanol. It is for badass guys only, it's great.

drink water then i guess? why waste alcohol if you dont even want to get drunk

Good wine is far better than good beer.
Get-drunk beer is far better than get-drunk wine.
Vodka's only good point is its alcohol-to-price ratio.

this tbqh
if you want to waste money try teaching a swede to ski

none, to be honest

>pure wine tastes awful
Only cheap wine


over here liqour is more expensive though.
i think some disgusting lemon tetra pak wine is the cheapest here

ITT: plebs who have never had American craft

Those kinds of wine don't have market here, because locally made Clintòn wine is just as cheap (bought unpackaged) yet 10 times better.





theres actually quite a few wines that i'd rate very acceptable as a get-drunk wine which are cheaper per unit alcohol than the cheapest lidl beer.

we have lemonades like that, too

caribbean rum masterrace

Vodka is for getting drunk quickly
Wine is for a couple events a year where it goes with a meal
Beer is the everyday social drink

beer for most occasions, whisky for relaxing


>Grüner Veltliner with apple juice and sparkling water

>the yuro is enraged and confused by this
You'll never one of the best brews in the world.





>not drinking bottles of cheap wine in the gutter


>Vodka's only good point is its alcohol-to-price ratio.

Beluga, grey goose. Say it again.

All of them are good, except gin and rum.

>the yuro continues to be enraged, confused, and irrelevant


Fermented cummies

God damned microbrewfags. Nothing worse than a beer snob I hope your step dad molested you when you were a kid.

Wine is for normal people.

Beer is for teenagers.

Spirits are for the subhuman alcoholics.

Flavored fortified wines lover ITT!

Are you autistic?
You want people who like a different type of beer than you to be molested. You are the fucking snob. If you're going to be a snob at least don't have shit taste, inbreed

Beer is for men

Wine is for women and effeminate European males who carry around purses

what if I had those 3 in that order? Am I a normal alcoholic teenager?

This is the only correct choice for those of us with a refined pallet. Only a working class plebe would pick some disgusting clear liquor or 'grape juice' over the subtle aromas and flavorful nuances of Four Loko. With hints of chocolate and honey it is clearly the obvious choice for anyone who knows anything about the culinary arts

>This is the only correct choice for those of us with a refined pallet. Only a working class plebe would pick some disgusting clear liquor or 'grape juice' over the subtle aromas and flavorful nuances of Four Loko. With hints of chocolate and honey it is clearly the obvious choice for anyone who knows anything about the culinary arts

god i love my country


poor europoors, they will never taste true patrician beverages

Say that to my face motherfucker

do you know what vodka is?

Yeah because alcohol just tastes sooooo nice
Do you do lines of ketamine because you like how it makes your nose feel?

>Most americans in this thread are not 21 yet and need to ask an adult to buy their alcohol for them

wine has the best taste to alcohol content ratio

I go all or nothing
I daydrink £3 bottles of wine, then before I go out I neck pints of vodka and lime by myself till I'm ruined, then I go nurse a pint for 4 hours down the pub while trying to understand what people are saying to me, trying to not be sick every time I go outside for a cigarette and fighting the urge to buy drugs
I bet that's lightweight compared to you some of the Slavs here

plz no

ya at least we have jobs lol

Idort master race
1 spirit, 1 wine and a 12 pack every week


W. podkarpackie and w. lwowskie know the drill.

>Vodka is the healthiest

>40% aqueous ethanol
>healthy in any way

obviously High-fermentation Belgian style beers, preferably unfiltered, is the only choice

homosexual detected

Unless it's a studentparty:

>Entrance anywhere between 5-20€ (Places in Helsinki are much more expensive than places in other cities)

>Cloakroom service usually around 3-5€

>Beer 5-10€ / 0,5l

So lets think of a regular night out:

>you pay 10€ to get in
>cloakroom is 4€
>you drink 8 beers 7€/each
>hey shots now! 2 for 6€ each

= 82€ / night

it's not as strong as wine. beer is for softies

For me it's about purpose. Beer with friends, wine when lunching, vodka when thinking about life and/or trying to get drunk.

Actually both wine and beer can be good for your health in moderation... and vodka to your mental sanity sometimes.

lmao Canadian dropping wisdom
Have you been drinking or what?

>Implying you don't need germs in yer guts

Honestly I just drink whatever suits the situation.

Though I tend to get into situations where either beer or vodka is the optimal choice.

how does anyone not like red wine?
good whiskey is great, rum is good especially in coke, vodka is good especially in energy drinks and a cold beer is always decent but nothing compares to a glass of red wine to unwind and take it easy

Meh, from time to time, but I don't really like that astringent effect

Oh plus the fact it somehow "has to" be drunk at 20°C, eww, fuck that snobbish etiquette

So what are the other colors supposed to be?


Beer is for jews

>I don't smoke weed. I only drink ethanol poison because I like headaches and puking while making my beer belly grow.

Wine in Winter
White wine with fish
Beer in summer/with pizza/fried food

Vodka is for gypies

Wine is the best for getting drunk. Not pisswater like beer but not harsh on the stomach like spirits either.

>True, holy men consume nothing but the finest whiskey

Which the UK produces the best of. Shove your bourbon up your arse m8.

>People ITT reaching Nirvana without the taste of good sake reaching their lips.


wine in dinners
beer with friends (or not) in a bar or watching football

vodka is for gypsies

No they don't. Maybe you do cause you're 12.

Cider or Perry is the underestimate alcoholic beverage - a good 5%+ one at least.

scotch > bourbon > irish
this is fact

I don't drink but Whiskey sounds like the coolest of them all

>I don't drink
you have to be 18 to be on this website

I'm 20 :)

then why don't you drink

Don't you kikes just drink Maneschevitz ?

americans have to be 21 to buy alcohol

This also I have a few times. I'm kind of a lightweight desu

I like most alcoholic drinks, but I probably drink beer the most

Tennants lager mostly, sometimes others if there is a deal on. Can get 12 cans or 15 bottles of Tennants for around £10 most places here. My favourites got to be Heineken or Amstel, especially the non-export stuff you get in the Netherlands. I've tried some craft brews, especially brew dog. Nice, but a little pricey

Would like to extend a firm handshake to all Americans for the gift of MD 20/20. Orange jubilee is the best.

Anyone here tried Buckfast Tonic Wine?

>beer can be good for your health in moderation
[Citation heavily needed]

>vodka to your mental sanity sometimes
[Citation heavily needed]

I've put myself off cider. I took 6 litres with me one time I went camping, must've been about 16 at the most. Ended up walking around the campsite at like 4 am with my shirt off just puking and I remember jumping into a field full of cows to clap them

When I was really skint a few months ago I started drinking that HCC and K shit or Frosty Jacks on occasion. Nasty shit, but it did the job

First one: organicfacts.net/health-benefits/beverage/health-benefits-of-beer.html
Second one: I was semi-joking on how people drink to forget their problems.

Scotch > Irish > Bourbon

Fucking hate bourbon man

Well how about that. It's good to know.

Yup. And I found interesting that wine and beer have different benefits, hinting that some booze variety might be even better than drinking only wine or only beer.

This map is retarded. No Zaganu, Ciuc, Kicisor, Stejaru, Ciucaj, Timisoreana...WTF

Hai sa o ardem ca la disco hai gagico misco misco hai gagico misco misco

Beer if it doesn't cater to hipster numales like our microbreweries do

Wine if you're a basic bitch

yeah, beer is for bros, wine is for pussies and cucks

My dad loves wine and has a large wine fridge that holds over 200 bottles. I've just never been a big wine guy, unless it's Mad Dog 20/20

I've been buying bottles of this at Costco lately and I love it. Do yuros rate it?


We only get Orange, Blue and Red someties Green here in Scotland

Orange da best

>i don't like vodka, i prefer whiskey
>oh by the way, i always drink whiskey with cola and ice, it's tastes the best that way

you're not a man until you have drank some carrascão

We have that many muslims already?

It's good

>dumb opinion

The best vodka - it's handmade vodka (russians names this "samogon"), because in Russia is very more pirat alchogol. If you drink samogon, you don't have hang over, you don't make danger crate yourself blind, and you don't dead. But, never, never buy samogon from babuskas, because they make it from technical ethanol and water, and russians bydlo like this

Maybe I've only drunk shitty wine, but it's just too sour for my taste. What is good wine even supopsed to taste like? I'd rather drink some beer for the taste or get shitfaced on some cheap spirits.

that's haram infidel
no wine for you

It's okay so long as you say "no haram" after every sip.

turks are some of the most alcoholic people i have met.

IPA tastes both crazy bitter and sweet to me at least btw.

Shit you probably liked it when he snuck in and diddled you ya fucking faggot

enjoy burning in hell

Wine isn't supposed to taste too sweet or sour, just the "right mix". But if you aren't used to the stuff, it'll end tasting too harsh for you.

Try Moscatel or Pinot Gris, both are usually sweeter. A demisec Merlot too.

I guess it's acquired taste. But opposite for me, I prefer dry (i.e. low sugar higher acid) wine over sweet ones, probably because that's what they mostly are grown in our rather cool area

>you don't make danger crate yourself blind
As long as you discard the first distillation drops (methanol), you're safe.

i'll drink anything that gets me fucked up

Even if you don't do that and even if it's something methanol heavy as red wine, the EtOH/MeOH ratio is still good enough you likely won't encounter problems (I do discard the first millilitres though when moonshining, mostly to get rid of the ethyl acetate which gives the typical wine headache)

wine tastes best, can get you drunk pretty easily but not unable to walk drunk
it's also the patrician choice, beer is for normie plebs and vodka is for alcoholics

wine is best

>South Wales
>wine belt
ahahaha nigga what everyone here drinks beer

As someone with lots of experience I can definitely say Vodka is the best thing out there.

>only drink good Vodka
>drink a glass of water between every now and then
>be nicely drunk
>wake up
>no hangover, even if you drank much

Doesn't work with Wine or Beer.

For wine, this isn't a big deal... but the distillation process concentrates the methanol as well, if you don't discard the distillation head. The amount of methanol might not be enough to give you problems on the first drink, but it might be cumulative.

But when you distil (and don't discard the first drops), the MeOH/EtOH ratio will still be pretty much the same as in the starting product, only very insignificantly higher (because you don't get over all of the ethanol, but >90% of it, while you do get over >95% of the methanol). Sure if you distil without any refraction only say 20mal out of litre, THEN you have a problem, but it would be stupid and a waste to do so because at this point the vast chunk of the ethanol that you want isn't over yet

Fair point about the ratio being the same... I stand corrected.

Not far from my door is a place that stocks 1800 different beers, only 2 brands being foreign (French and Dutch), the rest are Belgian beers.

Just to give you an idea of the vast amounts of local breweries we have here (and no new hipster shit either, mainly abbeys and breweries with a long history).

>My favourites got to be Heineken

As long as your ratio of ethanol to methanol is high enough. Ethanol is the only antidote for methanol poisoning, although the half-life of methanol in the body is much greater than that of ethanol.

wine gives me headache, beer tastes like shit... spirits are ok

Depends on whether you mean one glass of wine or an entire bottle of wine.