Is he the biggest industry plant of all time?

Is he the biggest industry plant of all time?

He's literally only famous because he's being mega shilled by a German multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports shoes, clothing and accessories

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I don't know who this guy is.

Shut up

No, he's good.

>Is he the biggest industry plant of all time?

Rapper who's extremely famous in the UK and is shilled by Adidas. Literally is only allowed to wear Adidas in public.

A few weeks ago, Manchester United (who are sponsored by Adidas) signed Paul Pogba for a historic world record fee. Stormzy, of all people, was the man chosen to break the news.

is rp boo an industry plant?

Who is he, this Max Resdefault?

The concept of the industry planned has been here since the dawn of the modern music industry. If anthing there are probably even less industry plants active today than there were in the early 60's, right before the british invasion.

I have never heard of this chap, and I'm in the UK. Ergo, you're a lying caaaaahnt.

I think there's a difference between a manufactured act and one that exists mainly to shill non-musical products, which seems to be what OP is suggesting about Mr. Resdefault. (YES! COME ON! IT WILL BE A FUCKING MEME)

Who cares, the song was catchy.

An industry can shill all it wants, it can't make people genuinely like something.

Whether he got where he was via a legitimate viral popularity or through industry shilling the truth remains that people fucking love Stormzy and the music he makes. In the end it's irrelevant.

boring meme

>i haven't heard of him therefore no one has

Literally go to any club in the country tonight and his music will play several times.


Any club? ANY club?

There's a really nice place about a 40 minute walk away from where I live called Club Lemmy. I swear if they don't play any of his bangers when I'm there tonight you owe me 100 eurobucks.

Stormzy innit

90% of the top 40 at any given time is full of industry plants, so no probably not

idk white ppl are obsessed with shut up tho

shut up


Why Stormzy when Skepta exists? If you want bate grime

Did anyone see Kanos dissapointed face at the Mercury Awards :(

>keeping up with koon toons

I like classic hip hop but this pussified techno shit going on today has to stop

lmao shut in detected

Ok fine, they wont play it at your Magic: the gathering "club".

dude adidas lmao

Are you 60 years old?


Then you aren't from the UK you lying cunt.

This tune is overrated shit. Sounds like he's got a brain problem and can't say words in time. Even his crew in the background can't get that into it.

they chose him to present pogba because they're equally overrated

quick post your favourite grime track

Yeah unfortunatley he focuses more on sucking corporate dick now than making more than one good song

Nah, that's not me
Act like a wasteman? That's not me
Sex any girl? Nah that's not me
Lips any girl? Nah that's not me
Yeah, I used to wear Gucci
Put it all in the bin cause that's not me
True, I used to look like you
But dressing like a mess? Nah, that's not me



>Sounds like he's got a brain problem and can't say words in time
It's like listening to Madvillainy but without any of the charm or lyricism desu

post genuine risky roadz aesthetics right now

Spotted the back up dancer

Brian Wilson lives



>overrated shit
fuck off 2bh

what do u cunts even kno about grime

Grime is for chavs


Is that one of the Goldie Lookin Chain lads?

Why are they dancing like americans?

that's discarda
legendary MC back in the day, he just shouted over beats like an angry drunk

only ever heard discarda from that future short and some younger wolfpack song myself

he did have the best bars in that song to be fair but in the future short he made me giggle he did

Pogba's French but he's known for dabbing and shit.

>can't say words in time

You can say a lot of shit about Stormzy but he's definitely completely on beat on this track.

what we doin today

He can't say bars that are actually a bar long, so he's off time constantly.

listen to titch on the same beat:
Pay attention to the "if you're really gangsters why do you live with your aunts" bar in particular.

He's literally just shouting. There is no flow here.

Yes, he's shouting, but he's exactly in time for the entire tune.
This is why I asked you to pay attention to that bar. He hits the timing perfectly in a beatless segment. This is a cut from some set, so it's not rehearsed either.

Titch is brilliant, here's a tune he actually recorded for release:

skepta is a billion times better

maybe 10 years ago but the african nazi was p shit back then too

he literally sounds exactly the same as now

only difference is he got better at song crafting

that's why I said he was shit back then too.
he should just stick to making tunes, his productions aren't half bad.

but what you sent me was p good

konnichiwa is still rap aoty


it's no bidc is it

The fuck are you on about? He's not in time at all except briefly near the end, which also is when the people behind him actually get into it as well.
Also that Crazy Tich video on the beat is also fucking atrocious. Doesn't help that the beat is ass as well. I seriously have no idea how this song became popular and his other big hit "shut up" is also terrible.


That's pretty nice. Chill even.

>his other big hit "shut up"
You clearly don't know anything, why is your opinion worth anything?

It isn't. Neither is yours faggot.

fucking jme's meme album with ksi was better than konnichiwa

I thought they only did a song.

jesus SHUT THE FUCK UP you faggot u dont understand it, you dont belong to it, so let the guy profit you faggot

i swear to god these UK posters are WOAT

Grime Til' Death.

Who's the best UK rapper atm and why is it Akala or Wretch 32?

sellout != industry plant