Joseph Kelly
Joseph Kelly

ITT: We share our first sexual experiences.
I'll go first.

It was prom night
We went to a party afterwards where she got horny looking at other couples
Came up to me. Asked if I wanted to fuck.
I asked her where
She didn’t want to fuck in a house full of people
We get into my CRV to drive to a good spot.
Her hand’s rubbing my dick through my pants the whole way.
Get to an abandoned baseball field.
I live in the middle of buttfucking nowhere Vermont.
Fold back seats down in the back for room.
She lifts up her panties.
I start rubbing her pussy
She gets wet
Take off her panties
Eat her out
She moans and I get an 11/10 boner
Can’t stand it anymore
Stick my dick in her cunt
Fuck her in the missionary position for a while.
Don’t have a condom and don’t want to risk it
She tells me to fuck her ass
Put her on her hands and knees
Ass tight enough to turn coal to diamonds
Fuck her like dog for 15 minutes.
She then gets on top of me
Rides like a cowgirl
She’s squealing like a jap girl at this point.
Cum in her ass. Gave her a great creampie.
I drive her home
I go to bed
We decided not to date because we are going to different colleges.

Julian Fisher
Julian Fisher

was 13
high school girlfriend was a right slut
proper no daddy issues
used to get hand jobs and finger her on a friday night in the park
she visited my house for dinner
in bedroom watching tv & making out
shes laying down on her back
i spontaneously pull her pants down
lick her cunt
instantly hard
stick it inside
push in about 2 times and then blow my load inside
get morning after pill
the end

Hudson Parker
Hudson Parker

I was in middle school
Neighbor girl just started high school
One day I hit a blowjob from her
Next day I fucked her
We were fuck buddies for a while

Adam Gray
Adam Gray

be 13, staying at friends house
friend just scored 7/10 decides to ride bikes over
we get there and all of us have fun all day
feelings mutual
couple of days look her up on MySpace
make agreement to hang out while friend takes family vacation
end up sexing her at her place
friend is beta so after a few days of bitching he stops
end up being with girl 7 years, we both cheated countless times

Lesson learned to never start a relationship with someone who cheated. Granted I had my fair share to.

Now she's married to a guy twice her age, has had 2 abortions, 3 different baby daddy, 1 of them being black.

tfw I got to smash that pussy at its prime time

Nathan Bennett
Nathan Bennett

Well OP. Of all the things that will be posted in this thread that never happened, this is one of the things that never happened the most.

cue claims that this really happened and that I'm a faggot/virgin/12/neckbeard (delete those that do not apply)

Grayson Kelly
Grayson Kelly

be 17 drunk with this other drunk girl
"I wanna fuck the shit out of you" "ok"
She gets naked, dick won't get hard.
Try again next day, feels good man.
Sad, I know.

John Walker
John Walker

be me
Freshman year
dates girl
we go to a park
she stares at me on the swing set
"user, i want to know what a penis feels like inside me"
"Yeah it sure is"
She comes by me
grabs cock
whispers "fuck me daddy"
She bends over
i pull down pants
take dick and rub her vagina and asshole
shes wet
accidentally stick it in her ass
"wrong hole user"
finally put in pussy
doesnt feel tight
asshole wasnt tight either
bust inside her
she looks at me and says "it was my first time"
4 months later
shes pregnant
she told me it was mine
get test
ends up not being mine
found out she cheated on me
explains looseness

Jackson Green
Jackson Green

Girl down the road has a crush on me
Asks her mom to ask my mom to send me to babysit even though she's a pre-teen and I'm barely a teen
Both our moms okay it
Go to her house
Swim in her pool with her
Enjoy what she looks like
She's super friendly
Asks me about other girls I know
Tell her about a few naively
"But I'm your favorite right?"
I literally just met her in person for the first time that day
Eventually end up alone in her room
Gets naked and lets me watch
We start rubbing against each other
Attempt sex
I don't know I'm supposed to guide it in
Wind up thrusting inaccurately for a while
Stop, she guides me in
For about five minutes it's heaven
Then I'm done
She wants to know that she pleased me

I was lucky that I was cute because I was dumb and socially awkward as fuck.

Lucas Rivera
Lucas Rivera

This absolutely positively didn't happen. You're gonna die a kissless virgin probably at your own hand.

Dylan Robinson
Dylan Robinson

you lucky fuck

Jonathan Price
Jonathan Price

you <strike>lucky</strike> lying fuck

Jonathan Gutierrez
Jonathan Gutierrez

Do you actually believe any of the things ITT? If you do, I have a bridge for sale that would be a good investment for a discerning gentleman like yourself

Camden Gutierrez
Camden Gutierrez

So you're 13 and your in higschool aren't you supppose to be in middle school

Ian Torres
Ian Torres

Not him, but only the awkward or embarrassing ones are ever true.

David Diaz
David Diaz

Ay another VT nigga

Josiah Parker
Josiah Parker

Even those are often posted by trolls who just want the thread to go full chimpout on how beta they are.

Troll then drinks refreshing tears of rage and invective

Nicholas Hill
Nicholas Hill

This is like one of those posts where you write it, read it, and think to yourself: "there's no way they'll buy it." so you delete it.

Except, unlike everyone else, you didn't delete it.

You posted it.

You flexed your autism like a fucking heavyweight

Camden Rodriguez
Camden Rodriguez

be 26
never had sex
never even kissed anyone
only touched booby over clothes but was too much of a pushy at the time to even squeeze.

Blake Watson
Blake Watson

Mother fucking auto correct making me sound like a fucking 12 year old. Why is boob corrected to booby? I'm not talking about a fucking bird here.

Isaiah Martinez
Isaiah Martinez

"user, i want to know what a penis feels like inside me"
"Yeah it sure is"

Parker Ortiz
Parker Ortiz

Be me
be german
be 16yo
on vacation in Pullman City 2 / Hasselfelde
dad is a huge western nerd
runs around in original 18th century outfits, as do other people there
including me
spend days with sitting in the saloon / drinking, shooting and sightseeing Pullman City's attractions / stores

evening of the 2nd night
sitting in the Music Hall, enjoying one short after another, while watching a Line dance crew
spot midget milf among them
midget spots me
comes over to pull me on the dance floor
hesitate first, but comply eventually
others from the crew join my dad's table
eventually decide to leave the music hall and hit the saloon
more shots were downed
occasionally talk with the midget milf
eventually whispers to me I should take her to her bungalow
being the gentleman I am (and piss drunk) I take her by my side, bring her over
both drunk as fuck
tell her a stupid joke, can't remember
she laughs
I lean (deeply) in and kiss her for no damn reason.

Thomas Ortiz
Thomas Ortiz

cums inside pre-teen

Brody Brooks
Brody Brooks

like its true
first time
not insecure about spontaneous ask for fuck
fucks ass at his first time
fucks for like 30min at first time without cumming, even not with anal


Nathan Stewart
Nathan Stewart

Be 17 y.o. at Catholic high school
Lose weight, start to get attention
Emancipated 17 y.o. girl in neighborhood starts giving me the look
We make out at a party
She calls, invites me to her apartment
I live in the same room I've lived in since I was three, adjoining wall to parents' bedroom
"s-sure, I will come over"
go over, we start to make out
she takes off her clothes
she takes off mine
solid teenage boner between us
she pushes me down on bed, straddles me
I cum in like 3 seconds
"sorry, user, didn't know you were a virgin"
"ah hell no, girl, I ain't no virgin"
in retrospect, I should have accepted the excuse she offered me
we go to living room, she cooks me a steak
I go home
avoid her like plague ever after
She wasn't very pretty, maybe a 5, but I am still ashamed at how poorly I behaved. I didn't get laid again for 8 months.

Dominic Jones
Dominic Jones

be 13
still acceptable to be good friends with girls and not be interested in a relationship
she was a real tomboy so I could talk to her
we make a den in the back garden
like two sofas on their front together making a little shelter
we sit in it playing gameboy for a few hours
its getting dark as shit so we cant see the screens anymore
being friends we start to wrestle
I accidentally grab her pussy
she makes the most dick hardening sound known to man
I jump back to "my side" of the den
she looks me up and down and realises I had a boner
she crawls over looking at me as to say show me it
she was biting here lips as she crawled over
I reply with I will show you mine if you show me yours
she tells me to go first
does so happily
this fucker was diamonds
she gives me a quick flash of her pussy showing the first signs of pubes
this wasnt enough for me so I ask if she could let me touch it
she says no and lies down
I lie down next to her for a bit annoyed she didnt let me touch it
get some courage and deside to dry hump her missionairy style
she is relunctant at first but gets into it real fast
I stop and ask i she could show me her pussy again being all hot and bothered from me rubbing her up she does and leaves it down (forgot to say we where both wearing sports shorts)
she looks to me and says do the same
I pull it out and we both just stare at the situation for a few seconds
I hint to letting her stroke it
she looks for me to say go ahead
she nervously caresses the shaft
while shes doing this I move closer to try and grind her clit
shes loving it and holds my dick against her pussy and lets me go the grind
best 30 seconds of my life
Cum on her soccer shirt
were both exhausted from it
lie down with our shorts around our knees in our little den

Jaxon Lee
Jaxon Lee

she returns the kiss
eventually reach her bungalow
open the door
go on the floor
no. This is not b8
she invites me in
end up on her bed, kissing
lift her on my lap, unbutton her shirt
other hand goes under the skirt and searches for that sweet warmth
meanwhile she fiddles around on my belt
lift her up / throw her on her back
pull down her skirt and go down on that midget milf
shaved pussy / sweet scent.
she starts to moan, grabs my hair
eventually go on my knees / unbutton pants
receive the - so far - best blowjob of my life
bust a nut in her mouth
she swallows
eventually sit back down and lift her on my lap again
screw her like a cocksleeve
she loves it
her eyes go white and she starts to spasm eventually.
shortly after I cum inside her
eventually get up and dress again
wish her good night and head back to the saloon
still drunk af
world starts to spin
memories lost at that point
wake up, lying on a able outside of the saloon
make my way down to the music hall, order breakfast
dad walks in, laughs as soon as he sees me
he comes over, sits down and asks me if I remember last night.
he tells me I appearance walked into the saloon, yelled "I AM A MAN" and passed out on the doorstep

and that is how I lost my virginity to a 35 yo midget.
and my dignity along the way...

Matthew Gray
Matthew Gray

ITT: lie on an anonymous message board! how sad for you.

Easton Martin
Easton Martin

More birds please

Levi Turner
Levi Turner

he comes over, sits down and asks me if I remember last night.
The only true lines in the whole two posts

Tyler Taylor
Tyler Taylor

Fucking kek

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