Cont JJ bread

cont JJ bread

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Maybe post when you make a new thread.




I love jordyn jones. She is my ideal girl. I would literally do anything just to meet her.



dont hate mang i am just a casual Cred Forums nigger hater posting for my friends in the previous bread



>Jordyn Jones

>Not Lexee Smith


This is now a Jordyn Jones / Lexee Smith / affiliates thread.


Obviously two different people.

Oh god she needs to get her asshole rimmed!

don't matter those are glorious nipples

i love her

Glorious ass.

The mere idea that anyone can prefer JJ to LS is baffling to me.

I mean, what sort of brain damage are you people smoking.



that's pathetic as fuck dude.




its not




Fucking disgusting pedos how can u even fap to this shit?

why do people hate on jordyn?

How are we pedos? She's legal almost everywhere in the world. You're delusional if you say you wouldn't fuck her given the chance.


With ease bro... with ease


Fucking disgusting people

this is why Cred Forums is considered to be a terrible disgusting website in the eyesof MANY people mostly Cred Forums i regret even coming here

you people seriously deserve the death penalty or castration



Lewd tongue.

i hope you get reported then castrated scumbags

But user, there's nothing wrong with these pictures.


yes there CLEARLY is

She is an underage female that all of you are masturbating too which is wrong on so many levels fucking pedophile, anyone attracted to that needs to be put away and or slain

She's legal in most states of America and the majority of the world. There aren't any nude pictures so that doesn't make this child porn. I don't see the problem here.

"I can't believe my parents let me invite an older boy back to the hotel room... so, what should we do now?"


anyone who is sexually attracted to that you should kill yourself or be imprisoned

isn't this sea pea?

yet here you are, in a JJ thread

Your argument is invalid, come back when you have a legitimate case.

dont cha know he's here to save the world from the pedophiles brr brr HERO!

how is a 16 yo illegal in any fucking way? are you muricans retarded?

FIRST OF ALL i am in this so called "JJ" thread because i wnated to go on Cred Forums for hunger games the oNLY GOOD THING on this disgusting board. secondly i do have a good point and i am NOT American you fucking cunt

trying too hard, brub

godamnit now i want a smoothie

no. it's not porn.

dont call me brub pedo go killyouself seriously, anyone who condones this is a scumbag

k, brub

then dont say this is illegal. you fucking moralfag

Not sure if you mean the drink or a shaved pussy.

Do you even know where you are?


you people are the ones who give men a bad rep just die

You don't have a good point, the only point you have is she's under 18 and which may be true but she's 16 which is the LEGAL age of consent in most places of the world. We're not spreading CP here. Step off your moral high horse.

AND WHERE THE FUCK are the mods on here???? wtf

i see what you did there-- post something intentionally to 404, touche

where exactly is anything that is against any of the rules?

if you do not think that it is morally wrong to masturbate and have intercourse with a 16 year old (i doubt she is really 16 more like 12) then you be imprisoned to be honest

definition of retard

It's a boy. No reason that this should 404 the thread.

>(i doubt she is really 16 more like 12)

OK, so this guy is trolling and we've been eating up his b8. Well done. You got us.


its not bait when it is fuckin disgustingalso im notretarded

mods for what? I see nothing seem to be projecting your hidden feelings and imply everyone else is thinking dark thoughts like you :)

MORE Proof

i have no dark thoughts you fiend, stop masturbating to this trash because we all know you are doing it peod

She was born March 13, 2000. She's 16. Yet again, your argument is invalid.

You first, pussy.

obviously not a real man if u masrubate to this

Can someone tell me what's wrong with being attracted to a teenager?

I really don't understand

I think it's just an arbitrary point of view adopted by parents who want to deny reality

proof of what?

18 is pushing it, inmy opinion i think you should onky be able to have sexual intercourse at AT LEAST 20 anything below 18 is fucked up and WRONGG


Oh reeeeeli?!?

What a bad landing, who is this hideous talentless ogre?

proof that he's either a butthurt muslim that thinks we shouldn't see more of a woman than her eyes. or he's a fatass tumlrina who is butthurt that we aren't fapping to landwhales like her.

Do you happen to let niggers fuck your girlfriend before you do? Or are you just underage?

Jordyn Jones.

>18 is pushing it
yeah, it might be weird if you're like 40, gramps

well actually those fanatic muslims over there sell 12 year old as sex slaves so really JJ has it good over here

im a 27 year old canadian male FUCK OFF with racist shirt

But where did she come from


Yeah i happen to be muslim so what?

Probably her mothers vagina.

just kill yourself, im a muslim and that is lies please stop

And I'm a 19 year old Canadian male. Your point?

>Your point?

There's too many goddamned syrup drinkers around here!

im a muslim from canada, and what you said and did in this thread is terrible and you should hoenstly pay for what you did, how could anyone do this?

I wanna spread her ass cheeks apart and tongue her sweaty asshole after a workout


Have some lewd tongue.

That's just your opinion tho. It doesn't follow any logic or reason

I'd refer to biology.
I actually don't think there should be strict laws around sex.
Rape should be illegal point blank.
I do believe in an age of consent but I think it should be 15 or 16.
About the age people start getting active.

I bet she'd lick her boyfriends ass. She just looks like she'd be kinky


Actually if one exclusively desires 16 year old girls then they are ephebophiles. Get your alarmist labels correct please while you are busy harrying the 95% of straight human males who would find this Goddess enchanting. You must be a dried up old cunt to be so jealous of her

sharia law wouldnt go with any of this, 20 would be the age of sex

Fucking sick pedophile, kill yourself


tthe fact you have more than one picture of her in a seuxal position is disgustin and you should be castrated. am reporting to mods

Mmm get it in there deep baby

Kill yourself PEDO