Why do so many white women prefer black men?

why do so many white women prefer black men?

Not even porn stars prefer black guys.

^lol They're too big

Skewed representation in media by Jewish race-mixing zionists.

A mixed race society is an easy to control society. You won't see Jew porn stars with niggers.

Are you dumb? The jew ones fuck the most niggers

don't know but i really loved how the only black guy i've been with treated me. just like a fucktoy and it was amazing. shockingly enough i'm a crossdresser and white

Not in popular media.

Please don't breed.

What the fuck are you talking about?

i will eventually

this is why we need baby licenses like China. Your mental illness will carry to the next gen.

i don't have any mental illnesses thank you very much. besides i'm not even a girl, i just enjoyed sex with the guy.
you really should go see a shrink to get your anger issues under control

>dad tell me about the time you used to dress i women's clothes and then get fucked off niggers
fucking hell

>Implying it's not bait

why in gods name would the son/daughter know about his/her dad dressing up and getting fucked?
don't know about your family but mine isn't that open, that's creepy as fuck

Mentally ill people often project their illness onto others.

If you are fucking crossdressing and taking black cock up the asshole, and then enjoying being treated like a fucktoy in your own words, you are mentally ill.

God this planet needs a fucking reset button.

Why do so many 14 year olds get a kick out of posting this shit meme?

Why do I has dubs?

that might be true but i still don't have a mental illness honey.
also never said i got fucked up my butt and in any case, expressing my sexuality doesn't make me mentally ill.
you sound like one of those ISIS dudes, that should be a clear sign, even to you, that you have issues. maybe you should think why my doings makes you so angry? how does it affect you?

nobody prefers black men for any purpose, except
nah fuck it

holy fuck stop responding you grotesque manlady retard

becuz dey luv ouh bigg phatt dik, das wy

They don't.

Try to honestly think of a woman you know that likes black guys. Compare that number to the ones who don't.
Then go on your local backpage and look for escorts. 99% say "sorry, no black men"

Prostitutes don't even fuck black guys. Get a grip, you cuck.

why would i stop responding?
i love how your arguments fail and you go into namecalling, it's cute

You really sound mentally ill. Seriously. Just like those SJW losers you IMMEDIATELY relate anyone who disagrees with you to terrorism.

You are a controlling, unintelligent, mentally ill shell of a person. I can tell that much about you just from these few posts you've made.


what a fucking cuckold little bitch

Young progressive women like niggers at first because they want to piss their dad off. They'll eventually go back after getting a red pilled dose of infidelity, domestic violence and STDs.

satans trips confirm

>Touts huge dick
>Only uses half of it
What's the point?
Also it's not how big it is, it's about shape, girth, angle, and technique

Your a sexual deviant, and that's a case of being fucked in the head emotionally and in terms of finding pleasure. You can only find pleasure sexually in the most perverted of ways due to it. Average people with stable minds don't think that they're the opposite sex and take multiple cocks while still retaining their fucking dignity and respect for themselves, only desensitized and lost degenerates do.

They don't prefer them. They prefer white men. They only want to fuck niggers because it's taboo. They want to be able to brag about it to their cunty little friends. But women, at the end of the day, want the financial stability and reliability of a white man.

thats because black men in porn need to have a giant cock, so obviously they would want to try to avoid them. also its popular niche so you obviously should get paid more

are you trying to be straight up wrong cause you're 10 for 10 on that front.
stay mad bro
my gf doesn't sleep around so no, not a cuck sorry. i might be a little bitch but that's a whole other thing

Not all sexually deviant people are like that. Some gay people are perfectly respectable, but that guy seems a little off. It gives a bad name to the few gays who actually aren't fucked in the head. Some people are normal except for wanting the same sex or whatever.

Perhaps you're speaking of the "yaw?"

>james deen
top kek, opinion discarded

well here we fucking go again, right on cue the SJW scum in charge of this shitshow of a website trying desperately to advocate their liberal views by ensuring no privilege goes unchecked. is this what it has come to? trying to force your agenda of racial appropriation by shitposting these threads? Literally kill yourselves you hair dying, middle class, fat lesbian parasite bitches. Just because no self respecting white 'cis' male gives you any attention you turn into walking cum dumpsters for big black bulls who pump and dump you. You are nothing but stretched out holes for men to unload into, scraping your way through your miserable lives by trying to drag and degrade those who are genetically superior to yourselves, desperate for any attention and nothing makes your vast cave between your legs more sloppy when you provoke a reaction and therefore serving your psychopathic, narcissistic attention seeking squirrel brains. i hate you all and i wish nothing more than reply to this comment or your mother will die tonight.

what the fuck am i reading

because she's getting PAID probably 3x as much as just doing a normal scene. Stop using porn as a hurrdurrr white womenz loving black dudez in majority.

actually that's incorrect, i can find sexual pleasure in a many ways, straight up missionary with the lights out, me penetrating my gf works just as well.
also i don't think i'm the opposite sex.
anyways i'm getting bored by this discussion since all you do is call me names.
ta ta and enjoy your hate

If that's what you want to call it.
All the women I've been with have came hard because they say I hit their g-spot hard with my cock since it stands straight up.

Yeah, black dudes sure know how to treat a lady...

Why do white women prefer beastiality?

I can vouch for this. When I started fucking dogs I was surprised at how much effort it took to rub my dick against their clit. And their clit is higher up than a human woman so it's different.


Stop worrying about what color she's fucking, cause she's not gonna fuck you either way,

they dont.

will there ever be a day when Cred Forums does the right thing and just ignore these threads till they 404?

Honestly, how many women do any of you know that ACTUALLY fucked a black guy. Let alone one that actually prefers them to white guys.

Truthfully, I only know 3 women who have had confirmed sex with a black guy. And I know not a single one that actually prefers them.

Where the fuck do you people live?

That'll only happen when you respond to this post or your mother dies in her sleep tonight.

the only person i know who had the black cock only policy is now a fat, single mother who has a kid to a 50 year old white dude

That 50 year old is probably some lameass cuck like this cocksucker







Indeed. "Faggot loved big nigger dick" is as "shocking" as it gets.

Nobody saw that coming homo.



that is just a fantasy of white men, while blacks rape their women, white men are masturbating watching interracial porn created by jewish


They don't. Just stop.






more insecure people thinking the minorities are stealing all the jobs/women/benefits. Stop scapegoating, girls don't like you cause you're a piece of shit, not cause the blacks are stealing them away from you.


>Not even porn stars prefer black guys.

You know what's stranger to me than white women liking black guys? White men acting like it's not a thing. Only a deep southerner might think this. Grow up on either coast and you know for a fact that white women like black men. I'm not saying they prefer black men, but they like them. Every white woman I know gawks at black men the way white men gawk at hot teenagers.

What's wrong with her arms


>every white woman I know

Look up "anecdotal evidence", might help you.


Not really. I've never personally met a white woman who was remotely into blacks, although I have met some black women who only wanted white guys.

I have, however, seen the extremely prevalent stereotype in TV and movies about it. It doesn't translate to reality, but it is quite clearly and prominently advertised in all kinds of shows and movies.

>Every white woman I know gawks at black men the way white men gawk at hot teenagers.

I've never seen that personally. Most women I know prefer tall rich guys regardless of any other factor.

Yeah, I wouldn't doubt this at all. It's amazing how much money is absolutely POURED into trying to get white women to have sex with black men.

Jew plan again? Maybe Cred Forums was right.

Everyone knows why. So the jews can control a mixed race worker slave subspecies of human while they breed their pureblooded Jewish ruling race. The human species will diverge into two distinct species. This is part of the new world order plan. It goes hand in hand with population control. A dumbed down human subspecies in smaller number than the modern day will be much easier to control.

Google Agenda 21 and the georgia guidestones.

It would make sense where lots of young girls go.
But Cred Forums?

Like clockwork

It is absolutely being spammed on this site as well as facebook, reddit, and many others with users in the 15-25 age grouping. Cred Forums is just one site.

This is a jew funded conditioning program.

Why do so many faggots endlessly repost this thread?


Just google the georgia guidestones. They want to kill off (or sterilize) enough people to bring down the population to 500 million or less.

They will create two separate species. Mixed race niglets and pureblooded jew masters.

Whites are undergoing genocide.

>implying girls like Cred Forums

Bullshit. Utter bullshit. I grew up in DC and have spent my entire life up and down the east cost. I can say with absolute certainty that this is entirely false.

There's a LOT of money behind this.


More like 9/5 times the fun, amirite

They don't. Stop looking at media 24/7


>White bois know who's doing it
>Still too scared to go out and stop it
>Would rather work 9-5 on an easy life and die alone while your one true love is probably getting anally pounded by blacks.

this is why your race is dying out.

See, but here is the problem with that stat. It is for response rates from dating sites. Why are women on dating sites, to find men to have long term relationships with, because that is how women are. What race of men are going to give you the best long-term relationships? White men. Those sites are not asking the question of, who would you rather have sex with. And if cuckolding being a thing is any indication, we already know the answer.




>white bois get shunned in high school and college
>simply not cool enough
>girls flock to the black guys instead
>black guys enjoy all the white women when they're young







How much are you being paid per hour to do this? Minimum wage? Why don't you get a real job?

Go join an apprenticeship for $20/hr instead of posting this trash for minimum wage.

Because no one wants a nigger woman


The white girls who date blacks are usually the ones no one wants to begin with so they end up dating solely black guys. They usually date the black guys who black girls don't care for too much either. Everyone says how this is white genocide but I find mixed girls tend to gravitate towards white. We' gonna fuck them naggers out existence.


>Have hot white girlfriend in high school
>She starts acting shady
>Walk in on Tyrone fucking her in the locker room
>say "Is cool," start jacking it
>He busts on her feet
>She forces me to eat it
>We marry now
>All kids are half-black

It's $15 for 1 hour for 5 days a week.
It's not a wage I live on, I have a real job too.
It's pretty much a free dinner every day as long as I post nigger porn.
Stay mad faggot.


You are delusional. Blacks have like 20x the kids whites do. They are being used to outbreed other races since they are the easiest to control.




Hispanics breed way quicker than blacks do


Well at least it's more than minimum wage. I couldn't do it honestly. Unless it was dog porn.





Lol no they don't trust me. Blacks have many, many more kids than hispanics. Hispanics just actually tend to STAY with their kids so their families just look bigger. But blacks have many more bastard kids.




>I've never personally met a white woman who was remotely into blacks
Thats it!!!!its obviously a ploy by da joo

Allot of this data comes from places like ok cupid and tinder. There are allot of desperate girls on there who are dtf and nothing else. Its not just relationships they are looking for.

more than anything, white people love being seen as PC and accepting and "forward thinking" and "pro-diversity."

nothing says "look how PC and diverse and NOT RACIST i am!" like stinky nigger dick in their ass.


All of Craig's List doesn't want to sell to black people, because let's be honest you'll be robbed and best-case-scenario just stiffed on your tip.


i dated a cute jew girl in high school. left me for a nigger, dumb bitch




i think its from the movie 'Link' from 1986

Why does the fat, low self esteem or messed up in the head white woman prefer black men.



You'd have to be pretty stupid to not see what's going on here. A lot of money is being paid to a lot of people to post this shit on a constant basis. More money than you will ever see in your lifetime. There's a reason.

It's also being sponsored by the billions in media, TV, cartoons, video games, you name it.


>be black
>8 inches (not monster but above average)
>short as fuck 5'9 ( cant even get the stereoypes)
>Country accent (fucking sad face0
>decent face if lenny kravtiz and childish gambino fused
>no hottie white gf
>tfw black and cant partake in priviledge
>tfw only fat white girls like me
>tfw black girls say i sound too educated (but my country accent? lol k)


This is a culmination of a bunch of different dating sites and apps. At least half (probably way more) of the people on these sites are just looking for sex.

Seriously, dude, when a chick's profile says "Not looking for sex" or "Looking for something real" or "Looking for the long-term", it's bullshit.

I've banged a few women on POF, Tinder and Bumble who wrote the same shit on the 1st-2nd date.


Apparently you don't know women very well.


why do you cucks keep asking this question?
stop being such a beta and you won't have to shift the blame onto niggers.

>be a filthy roodypoo
>turn down a couple of white girls in my early years because of degenerate guilt of browsing the chan

You're welcome phaggots, doing your job for you.



black man wearing all white. Someone wants to be a white man so badly.




This is a psychological conditioning technique designed to make you remember the thread by association, so you will subconsciously associate the images you see posted in this thread with reality.

It's honestly scary but also kind of depressing. White genocide is very real. I thought it was all bullshit, but it's completely true.




Sex may come out of it, but women are always looking for that long term man. If you give a woman a secure long-term relationship and then give her the option to have that AND have sex on the side, she will almost always go with black guys.



same guy here

but yeah what the fuck. why is it with all races, you have to be a down right fucking thug in order to be loved. I blame the fucking jews for perpetuating stereotypes in our media making it cool to be a thug/gangster. So tired of this shit. Fucking jews

So much cherry picking you could bake a pie.

"White genocide" Dude, it is just a race. So long as the human species continues, it doesn't matter.


protip: they don't.

That's why you almost always see black men with FAT white women, not attractive white women.

Why are there so many of these threads lately? Is it just one shitposter?

Post a timestamp of yourself with an attractive girl and I'll stop posting.



i think you mean an hour ago

They are shill threads, almost every repeating thread except rekt and ylyl seem to be engineered.

so your fine with us killing all blacks mexicans and asians








You have to be a troll. There's absolutely no way you're not.
That or you're the most far-gone cuck I've ever witnessed.

Same reason white men prefer asian women

Rofl, lost

sex workers don't want them too.

Why do you think literally EVERY CULTURE in the entire human species since 2000 years have tried to wipe out the Jews. You really think that shit started with Hitler? He was not the first by a long shot.

This planet needs a reset button.

Why do black men prefer white women?

If you can call that kind of slavery a "race", sure. Jewish ruler subspecies and mixed race working class subspecies.

why so many nigger hate threads on Cred Forums lately?

Why do white guys prefer white women?


I don't even care if this isn't your fault, you're a faggot.