Cred Forums turns 13 soon how should we celebrate Cred Forums??

Cred Forums turns 13 soon how should we celebrate Cred Forums??.

bring back snacks.

> 13
Still illegal

Shutting the site down permanently.

Fuck it

Summon moot

Ban Cred Forums. Fight to end hate.

Leaving, this is reddit: anonymous edition now.

With hats


Its time the newfags completely destroyed this place so its time.

Ban fight. End Cred Forums hate.

Bring him back.


moot is more fun then the faggot jap who owns us now.

I completely agree.

Oh shit, I completely forgot Cred Forums is owned by that dude. Fuck.

Bye bye to the nigger tits site

Both are weeaboos.
Both are shit.

And you are a faggot.

OMG was that here? in Colombia? I feel proud!!

Lowtax finally buys 4chins and makes Cred Forums passes mandatory.

mass suicide

With dubs

lol nice

member when Cred Forums was free to play and didn't have micro transactions?

Give everyone on the site moderator privileges somehow and let everyone go ban crazy and create a bazillion random boards and meltdown the site.

Pizza for everyone.

Restore Cred Forums to its old glory again.

First try to restoring your fucking foreskin, you fucking cutfag.

We need to restore Cred Forums's foreskin...?

>Trying this hard.

Oh you.

Nigga, just look all those fucking "rate my dick" threads: this fucking place seems more like Jewchan.

rid the place of newfaggotry and cancer


>Cred Forums is the new Cred Forums
hate has been 4chans defining trait since its inception



Fuck off weeaboo. Go back to Cred Forumsutism.

IPhone 7 is coming out soon, so we should probably think of a way to fuck with the new buyers again.


Wheel of time?

By fucking it right in the pussy

>>reuncircumsized the only solution

aren't we already?