Secrets thread? Secrets thread!

Secrets thread? Secrets thread!
>No pretending to be celebrities edition

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I secretly believe anything posted in here is not that much of a secret

Here's something real. I'm gay and I haven't told my parents. I've been in college for about a month now and I already have had 3 sexual experience with 3 different dudes (all safe) and I'm looking for a boyfriend. As soon as I find him, if i find him, I'm going to come out to my parents.

what makes you think that you'll tell your parents when you have a boyfriend when you can't tell them now?

I used to post banana memes here.
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I don't know. I think it's probably my way of putting it off a little longer. I'm not feminine at all and I don't think they expect anything. I had a couple of girlfriends in high school. They were "meh."

male here, got raped by a dude from craigslist who came over to buy a bike I had listed. knocked me out. when I woke he was slamming away, hurt like unholy hell for 15 minutes. never told anyone but I moved out within a few months. motherfuckers cock was big as fuck and I have a new found sensitivity for women.

Just tell them, they probably know already anyway.

When I listen to music, I imagine my life In a video game or movie or something and if I'm alone I'll pace back and forth and pretend I'm fighting in it. I make up characters too and my own twists and endings.

This is actually true. I lie to everyone when I say I love/care about them. I honestly just don't care other people anymore.

I legit don't think they suspect a thing. I've never told anyone else either. No one has said anything that has even hinted they'd suspect.

My parents wonder why I haven't ever been in a relationship at 25. It's not that I am asexual it's that my body is disgusting. Pcos has left me hairier than a man everywhere neck chest pores are huge and dirty and I have a shit ton of abscess scars from being homeless. I am too embarrassed to tell them.

Do the same shit too

You should kill yourself. Also why were you homeless?


So you just let it happen? You didn't try to stop him? What happened even he finished?

Lost job lost place to live. Will to live has been a struggle since 19 when the pcos started to make me sprout hair and gain weight. By 24 I finally got over the wanting to die phase but I'm still in a position of I can't believe the rest of my life is going to be this way. Doesn't feel real sometimes

pretty rough fam
I've been with girls with pcos, and they tend to focus a bit on hair removal - laser hair removal, waxing, whatever. usually no way to tell unless they told you.

chest pores and abscess scars I have no clue about but I'm pretty sure there's some way to at least help.

Sounds like you have a couple of other things going on too. Is your long-term plan to wallow in self hatred or to try and improve things so you feel better about it?

I've come really far. Pushed hard and am now managing a business trying to fix my credit so I can afford things like laser or electrolysis. I don't hate myself like I used to either. It's more of a General this is me it is what it is sort of deal.

I'm shillary and I died 4 years ago

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sounds like you're doing ok user. dealing with it practically is about all there is to do.

pcos isn't a deal breaker. Good luck user

I'm 27 and feel the same way. I wish the best for you. Its the worst feeling.

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I want to give up.
I want something to turn off my will to live and will to give two fucks

Thanks, I appreciate your kindness.

you need a drug addiction

I'm fighting the urge to go into work tomorrow and bitch slap my supervisor and tell him to fucking choke on a strangers dick.

I had molested my niece a few times about two years back, and no matter what I do I can't wash this guilt away.