Can someone please give me the image, it's a comic of a guy running into a crowd of people...

Can someone please give me the image, it's a comic of a guy running into a crowd of people, and he trips up and mentions [X] (it's exploitable so you can edit it to say whatever] and then everyone starts fighting over it?

Wrong board for this.
Go to Reddit, then /r Tip Of My Tongue.

Someone will be able to help you, they found a comic I haven't seen in 6 years based on me describing it in just a few words.

What I posted before

What the fuck they changed me comment to

Originally I asked why Cred Forums changed my balls Pic to donkey kong and now they changed me comment completely wtf is happening

how about you kill yourself, newfag? I found it already, but anyone with this kind of sense of elitism is bout to be within his first few months. I'd recommend killing yourself, before you spread your cancer elsewhere.


Is anyone else experiencing this weird shit... I smell a conspiracy. I've had my comments and images changed right after I posted them in multiple different threads

Actually that wasn't OP. And that wasn't my original comment

Then bro, that kid was buttblasted.

It would seem he was. But let's move to the bigger picture... Something is rotten here

what the fuck is wrong with you retard

Honestly, I don't know because I haven't had any of that happening to me, and I've been on this site for 2 years.

"buh, muh boards.. muh boards!"

Yup, definitely a newfag. No doubt about it.

Same here this is the first time and it freaked me out. Someone posted a picture of some Dick rate thread and I was tired of seeing them so I posted the nasty balls. The. I looked and it was the Game over. I made this thread with that game over image with a comment asking if this had happened to anyone and it changed the text to what you see above... Fucking freaky. Like is a mod following me for some reason ?

>got here in 2014

You literally found this site through reddit, please kill yourself as a favor to everyone who has already, or will meet you in the future.


the kikes are changing our images


OP here. Knew about this place since 2006 via my friends older brother. Lurked pretty much up until two years ago. Still rarely post. First time this weird shit happened was tonight. Never heard anything else about it in all my years. Any similar experiences or ideas about what is going on?