Do you think im fat

Do you think im fat


No, your a respectable weight. In fact eat some more hun

You're clearly not fat.

That's not you.

those pantsu....

take a pic facing the other way

I need to check your tits before I can answer that.


Nice dubs.


i cant with that fucking awful piece of underwear on

real /thread
nobody takes a picture of themselves, and then renames the picture of themselves to a Cred Forums filename

Tits or gtfo.


You know the drill. Timestamp with tits



I don't know, I need tits and a timestamp to be sure


That was yesterday

timestamp with tits.


you ain't fat, but come cam
> icanhazchat. com/tog

You seem to be in the sweet spot.

what did you miss the deadline on that picture? youre fucking retarded

>all this cancer that don't know what a Cred Forums filename is

lurk moar

Are my tits too small?

Are you using a tracfone camera?

no, but we're already waiting. you look good, we want more
> icanhazchat. com/tog

if i can cup them no

uhotastne snthhds-snl-snetnomjsaucrl

nah, your neckbeard man tits are probably big enough
that girl you keep posting is not you, as demonstrated by the timestamp from yesterday and Cred Forums filenames

Fuck ya way 2 small. You look like a boy on hormones


Show me ur feet

>Are my tits too small?

If they're big enough for me to slap they're big enough for me to fap

No. You're just pale, which is hot, which means that you're probably low on Vitaman D and depressed, which is why you're so self-conscious. Get your ass down to your local Wal-Mart or supplements store and pick up a bottle and/or go outside more.

Like this?

Post feet with pussy


you have a hot bod. your feet are somewhat manly but you still have a brilliant bangable abdomen. I'd hit it with socks on


Anyone want to play with me





is this real?

spread that ass


how old are you hun?

typing this with my left hand


it's real, in that those are in fact pictures of a female human
it's not real, in that those are not pics of op


for the love of god, what is that stuffed animal's name. how deep can his arms go?

but the drawers and other stuff look the same

Is my ass ok

write /b somewhere on yourself so we know you're real.

get yourself on cam already. way better than pictures
> icanhazchat. com/tog

they're all pictures of the same girl, who is not op
the timestamp is from yesterday
all images are named as if they were saved off Cred Forums




Perfect actually
Can you post with holding a card saying "I love you Nods

Cred Forums girls are the best

I have no cards


if this is not OP then WHO WAS BUTTHOLE!?


normal paper?
and holy fuck your body is gorgeous, any pic of you sucking on your own fingers?

You want clothes on

>ud make me hard for hours

we want >

Put on some sexy underwear

more feet and butthole

If your Asian it's ok

Where do you want me to write at?

op where u from? if USA, which state?

eh, wherever.

Yes. Kik joshr2222

Upstate new york

OP here save my pics. It turns me on to see them on other b/ threads. Maybe ill do this again sometime soon

Nice do it again now

>It turns me on to pretend i'm someone else for fake attention

315 here.

What if this chick was 16 yo, how would u feel spanking it to a little girl

cam for attention

im 15 so... really good

How come your pics are such low res shit, but the file size is so large? Steganography?

Write it on your thigh, close to your pussy.

It would feel great

This is someones daughter, his little baby girl


here's an easy way to tell if your a fatty ladies... look at your fingers.. if they are slender and the knuckles are noticeably defined your skinny... if they look like mozzarella sticks or sausage fingers you're tubby

or if they look at their hands and they're holding sausages and mozzarella sticks they might be tubby

I was banging this one chic she's a skinny lil thing, but she came from fatness.. I saw pics of her "before" n didn't even recognize her.. but even now that she's skinny she still got short stubby fingers that look like fat girl hands.. she's still tubby at heart I guess. really one of the only reasons couldn't stomach dating her.

>pic related she sent it to me the other night


Means she'll be fat again

KEK my fucking sides

Stick your thumb in your pussy

Moar feet pls.

Gonna do it or what?

Do you have a kik?

yes put on some nice tight cotton panties and bend over

you are extremely hot! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise! This site is cruel and anonymous so if you were fat and ugly people would say it. And they aren't. Be thankful for being such a goddess.

OP has posted those same photos like a few days ago lol.