Anyone wanna volunteer as tribute?

Anyone wanna volunteer as tribute?
First 48!

Coach Mcguirk

Mr Poopy Butthole


Worried Monkey

hmm slow night. I'm gonna put in 2 more tributes


Space Ghost

David Bowie



Combat pubber


yukon cornelius

Mr. Meeseeks



. fucking ratones

fenced doge

Evil Mercy

Mahh Niiig

Lit dog

Bobby Hill


postaa be Bovie...though.

Big Tits Ann-Maree

ram powar!

IT Jesus

Jackie Chun Li

Sissy Rebecca

Saves the mutha fuckin' day YEAH!

he-man 4 prezdent

Duck Boy

Musi detection alert


Mac DeMarco




Goku Black


Honey Walnut Shrimp



Zac Dalpe


Gold Goku


The Optimist

I smell snipping tool in this but whatever



Papa Emeritus



Faust VIII

Grece and Rome

Heaven United

D'arby, the Gambler

Nonon Jakuzure

FINALLY now we wait for OP to start the game


Or god And Satan

Queen Nadine Jansen

This will be fun

let the games begin OP


Just looking at those numbers... Whew I got two in there

Sextuplets get


lmao i got like 7 or more

Check these

How do I get a logo url..

Awwww, you missed

Was about to say you're an ass, then I saw this cunt

Here we go
LMAO if mine kill yours though

Second place has to tongue her asshole


I'm gonna fuckin win and its cuz i was here when this thread started and no one was here

i wanted to keep the thread alive

just use some Url of the image you wanna use

With this trips get, IT Jesus insta wins

Copy address of any image and paste it next to where it says image logo

It won't let me start the game.. it says I forgot a player name

thas Will and Grace..nigger,,

cable , ever?

then enter the player name you forgot

make nick names the same as names


I have too many blank spaces I guess, I didn't forget a player

this op tho

OMG! Op! Just start the damn game!

I'm going to take a shit and if it is not started by the time I'm back your a faggot

i think OP never hosted a game

I'm starting to think, OP is spidey fucking around again.


nah spidey's too busy spamming the other thread

can someone just take over for OP if he cant get it working

Can you all chill? Op is genuinely having a problem

>Blank spaces
The nicknames, REALLY

>hello from the other side

i smell a 9

Good you just proved yourself.

compared to other hg threads with faggot op's this one is pretty chill

sad news user. vewy. sad..

more like, he didn't hosted one before, is fine but he tried with a 48 game having no idea of what he's doing

OP should have learned how to do this before posting a game on Cred Forums

Arab, Kebab, Trap detected...


Op, you're not up to hosting and having an issue, then I'll be happy to takeover


he's busy shitposting in the other thread

tfw I came to this thread for my first ever hunger games thing and have a good time but sort of getting sad now

just wait until the villains game finishes then we can combine threads

WELCOME TO Cred Forums

not new, just first hunger games

Come here and play the game's nearly finished and a new one will start soon

I'm not saying OP is Spiderfag, but I've never seen them in the same room at the same time...

well in that case


clearly a 9faG out of it's realm.


>but i've never been on 9gag

idk, the spamming is strong this night

yes please do!

>Is butthurt people don't like his thread
>Calls Jimbo a 9fag

Yeah it's this games OP

tits plz, k mthx...or just


Spiderman inst here... Why not we start the heroe HG?

bruh just host it if you wanna, OP isn't done shitposting in the other thread

Still wished we has /qst/

kewl stry Cred Forumsro!


Fuck it, let's just go

I miss /qst/ too. Unfortunately no other board will ever accept us.


My Two are there! Yes!


>translating to trap/Arab/Kebab spaek
Like,leave Cred Forums nao. k?

Let the games begin!

232 is prewf of ttrruutthh

Go Goldy!


>highest death rate
>no deaths


yeah . yay skippy friend! wheeeeee! hehe c:

>IT Jesus picks flowers
Of course he does.

>Zorak picks flowers

what the fuck is he planning

Gold Goku thinks of Chichi's pussy

haha this is funny/fun, thanks for fixing my first game

this is more like it!

Who did you put in?

whelp, now that the Villain thread's over, i can lurk this one


well I only have combat pubber alive now lol, had 2 others

And my Super Buu won!

Way to go Goku
Chichi brought him a packed lunch!

>inb4 Moonman kills Goku Black


Congrats Zoom

My two tributes pass out from exhaustion... KEK?

Come on Zangetsu!

awe combat pubber :((( I'm rooting for Yukon now

i actually thought he was Kazu's tribute until you mentioned that it was yours. i was worried that Kazu's poor heart would give out if he won twice in one night.

RIP Bobby Hill, begged for death and died from dysentery. what a disgrace.

and what sick fucking world do you live in that any upstanding citizen wouldn't do just this? smmfhtifo

Fuck you temmie
I see you again your dead

Damn. Imagine that. Two victories in a row

That babe never lasts


i almost had two in a row tonight, but there was a game or two in-between

OH SHIT! Gold Goku and Goku Black Teaming up.... /game

Kazu said he was more into Tekken than DBZ, I think. I'm a huge sucker for DBZ though.

Lived it last night

You want to say something you knife fighter?


Damn. Sorry to hear that

I love both actually. DBZ is actually my second favorite anime while Tekken is my favorite fighting game series

Fuck, gotta sleep. Tell me if Zangetsu wins or Gold Goku.
I'll be on tomorrow night Hosting

how many characters do you main in Tekken, Kaz?

why are there 2 moonmen?

only a moron from the fucking 90s would type some stupid fucking shit as this... GOKU...or fam...or even then witless florm...ffs huuurrr fucking durr wanna trade POGS, white ranger dragin ballz boi tarp?



(god i feel like /trash/ now)

don't feel sorry for me at all. two victories in one night is very good for me, especially with having only one prior.

the real question is,
>why not?

I'd love to play Tekken but I never got the chance to. I was always more into Street Fighter, however since motherfucking Akuma is coming to Tekken 7 I might as well get that.
I tried playing Skullgirls too but I broke my fingers trying to learn how to make combos.

Real Americans play CS, trap,,,,

i miss Gen in SFV

Sorry, "Connection Error" keeps popping up, despite my internet being flawless
Quite a bit. Specifically I like Kazuya, Lars, and Feng
Good point
I highly recommend playing Tekken when you get the chance. I admire it for being a more realistic fighting game while having very interesting characters

fuck, the pic

stop calling people traps wth. It's clearly some sort of defense mechanism you have

>Inb4 shut up trap

It took 5 to kill her?

i main Yoshi, Lei, Bryan and Dragunov.
I hope Miguel is in TK7 cos i like him as a pocket character. - Frog

The sissy had to be stopped

Americano o caralho.

I miss Rolento, he was tons of fun to play and I believe we'll never get the chance to see him again.

Nice! Bryan and Dragunov are fun to play with. Remember when I would go against my dad and how he would main Bryan. He should be in 7 since he's still a fresh character

Fuck this connection error!

IT Jesus is the nicest fucking guy. He hasn't hurt anyone and has spent the whole time telling ghost stories and helping people and shit.

>when the rest of the hgang is stuck in a shit thread

God fucking dammit Heaven United you rancid cunt. All IT Jesus did was help.


>Goku dies because of the heart virus
Your son forgot to give him the cure, Kaz.

Go Yukon!

more like everybody hit the bed cos the spidey fag killed the mood.


Or because it's also really late.

Spidy and the rest of the tribute are there:

Motherfucker i'm doomed i will never win with Waluigi
No wonder i switched to Whyyyy






fuck off NO




Yukon dead. GO MOLTAR






Good luck trying to raid two threads at the same time Spidey.


We have a winner btw. no times for jinxes

I decided to root for moltar after yukon died too



Nvm it was Spidey on that thread again.



awe /:



well the other thread is gone and spidey is here, i guess i'm really gonna hit the bed and something else early this night.
Peace everyone



Oh wow, the thread was deleted before it's time. Mods are watching then.


And we're done! Beat ya again, Spider Cunt

Naw, op deleted the thread





Oh well I can sleep tight today knowing that Spidey was too late to be able to fuck anything at all. Good night guys.


Do one more?

Well is time to rest... Good bye everybody and fuck you spidy loser :)




Sorry friendo. These connection errors would make it too long. Plus Spiderfag would just drag it down

I'm going to bed



>inb4 lol no more geams I won!




neat first games, didn't win but it was fun, thanx guys, I will definitely be back. Maybe Combat Pubber will win next time. peace, goin to bed



Good night guys.





Hopefully Kotoura won't miss another fucking reaping tomorrow night.

Here's hoping the same. Now have a good night