Drawthread: Kodyboy555 edition!

Drawthread: Kodyboy555 edition!

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If you're taking requests:

Draw Yotsuba wearing an MF DOOM mask, if you haven't already done so before

Please and thank you. God bless




what the hell




i dont have the ref cuz im an idiot and the thread disappeared

Eat shit and die, Fiona

Thank you for yours again, but this is a collection I've had going on for a while now. I can't just stop all of a sudden like that

nvm thanks

I'd also appreciate any sort of help identifying these artists and matching them up with their respective doodles


no she's in college

she's 18-3


Right here, Azrealm. :)


oh ok. I almost deleted my box folder

thanks ^%^ and saved, im moving tomorrow but ill try to finish up the sketch and then thursday ill ink it. if you see me and its not in the thread just ask and ill toss the image at you

Just a reminder

Nim a short

Waddap milk, how it be?


All right. Hey, do you want my e-mail?

yea shes not that tall
taking a break, but heres something similar, unless you mean like WWE wrestler
maybe later

dont worry about it. im sure you will see me again :)

what is this feeling..

so sudden, and new?

This Pokemon masturbating smugly with cum on his face please.

Top kek, wtf.

that's not a feeling, that's kai

I felt the moment I laid eyes on you

what the fuck

>maybe later
I'll stay hopeful, but no biggie if you forget. Thanks nimskies

All right, I'll try to keep an eye out for you, or at least ask if you're around! If I may ask, would you be willing to draw an x-ray panel depicting the doggy cocks DPing Tearju?


He's got over 5700 pics mostly containing scuba gear

who's the drawfag that drew this?
also request more of it

im just gonna lurk, my brain is fried XD

Hello, Kai. How are you tonight?

this is especially funny to me

my pulse is rushing

Don't know if you saw this thread 404'd

My head is reeling


gimme requests or whatever

my face is flushing

okay we should stop

sure, and hey if you like the line work and want the images colored as well + the x-ray we can talk about tossing a few bucks my way?

(poor fag)...

xray I might still do for free * shrugs*


Why do you think I asked if you wanted my e-mail? Yes, I am willing to pay to have it upgraded!

I know, I was going to crop it for a /vp/ thread just to get them upset over new Pokemon getting porn so soon

Atomic robot reading pulp fiction

oh! cool cool! um do you have an FA?

How tall is Nim?

Show me some of that doggo booty. I'll pay for one butt, nigga. Out here we're thirsty just for ass

MF Yots hoverhanding your avatar; with your signature scribbled in a corner somewhere?

Fine fine. I'm definitely gonna listen to it 2-3 times in a row, though

>crop it
you could just ask for the face

Requesting rukia doing something cute with a Cacnea

Nope. I do not have a FA account. I'll just drop my e-mail here. It's [email protected] (there is no G in the address)

Not him but it's really nice when anons give.a few bucks, even five for a drawing you like makes us feel good..You're one of the good ones.user. I appreciate you.


ugh, now I feel gross knowing it was you


Rl Nim
5ft 6 Manlet size
Doggo version Nim
5ft 8 bigger than regular Nim

Nah, want to have an uncensored version cause I just want the request anyway.

I got half a foot on you, Nim. I am 6'2" I am even taller than Kai!


Why are you so anorexic, eat a fucking sandwhich

How's it going? Any requests?

When did Tera draw that? I miss her.


Sunday, August 10, 2014 4:55 AM

The progressive lack of effort is real

Draw Demon in this dress please. I mean your demon for clarification

i sure hope i dont forget as well :^)
i didnt know there were 2 versions of nim..
pretty tall user~
didnt see it, but, i dont know how to dance, 3000 years and never bothered to..

Well, shes taller than 22 kris' atleast

Requesting your best dance moves


Going to bed in 5 minutes, gotta wake up tommorrow.

Yeah, it's called the artist and cartoon version :^)

so its litterally .mail?

Thank you. Just don't tell the 'OMFG YOU TRACE!!!' user that. He might accuse you of being Fiona. :p

It's mail.com I use. [email protected]

kek, im actually the same height m8

Sorry, I didn't have much reference, I'm also sorry about the cup, I've seen people call you that, so I thought it would've been something good to put, maybe I don't know you well enough to do that, I'm sorry, I was shaking drawing this, this was a big request from an amazing artist, hope I didn't let you down, I don't usually draw people cause I don't want to insult them in some way, I'm sorry

How about we play some vidya what you like to play

Hey Stompy. I appreciate the WIPs you've been dropping (and triggering the salt mines in the process).


Don't be so hard on yourself.

Looks p gud. Tho the hand looks like it just kinda becomes the mug...

Thank you, I'll probably be finished tommorrow.



it be terrible

What's your draw name, though?

I know peach. She goes to my school.

no idea who drew it brah sorry

oke bud

ehhh im going to respectfully pass on that one
mf yots has been done before sorry about that

ill eat an imaginary sandwich and get imaginary fat with you

:^) Boi Boi.

I don't mean to sound like a jerk but why is your entire text in comma's


I'm sure you won't forget. :3

Nope, kris is smol. He's about 3 inches tall when hes chilling around in thread

As neat as a gote can be i guess

Whats wrong friendo?

kk will send soon


I know, I know. But it's a little different than just a plain old MF Yots. It's cool, though


No, you don't

BBich btfo your not skinny doggo

are you 12 as well

Stop fucking posting this when you've done fucking nothing to it you absolute mongoloid

I never said I was a student ;)

So...you're still a Manlet then, right.

It looks fine besides a few minor issues, don't stress to much about it you'll make me sad.

good god man


Sure, Fiona. Keep telling yourself that.

sure mang, mgo aint that gr8 tho
surely sure
goats are fun, do you jump on top of stuff too?
i guess, although that pretty average height

Oh yeah what state does she live in?

>Fiona trying too hard to jump on the "everyone who defends Fiona is Fiona" bandwagon
Sure thing, Fiona


What games do you like

she's like 12 why the fuck

Besides mgs


Aww. My old contribution didn't make it in.

just some dumb shit honestly

i /r/ you with that new smug guy


repeat requesters are repeat requesters, no matter how polite they are
btw i really appreciate the fact that you dont spam thank you for being cool

the scary bear lady is gone do not worry anymore

Ding ding ding you win

>Fiona pretending to be a hater to avoid suspicion
Keep at it, Fiona

You mean below the average height, boi. 5'9 is average, you are a Manlet. I'm 5'9 and that one inch difference shouldmake you feel bad. All people below me should look up to me

Except I have to look down upon you, shortstack. :>

Yay doggo nips
Lemme feel em'

mostly open world exploration games now in days, battlefield 4 was pretty fun
still taking a break
oh geez one whole inch taller, well technically i would look up an inch more

Which one was your old contribution? This one's the Anonymous entries folder of mine. Either I never received it or I never got a draw name after receiving it
It might be in the basic folder with the artists' names saved under it. What's your draw name?

Ah, alright
No problem. Thank you right back for the doodles you did do for me

Yeh, sometimes. I jumped onto this beetle for a ride.

You alright or you wanna talk bout it off thread?

sent ^^

dON'T worry, Fay is here

What if I told You I was commissioned by him more than once and I currently owe him a picture?
It's the scuba gear he's into mainly the flippers.
He even dresses up stuffed animals in scuba gear.
He actually draws the picture then goes over it in MS paint.


6' is average, you manlet

can some one draw a hot bird bitch?

lick my balls sweety

you heard me

I know ehg. He goes to my welfare office.

You play gta?

will you do it later on tonight?

Turn around and spread your ass while standing

>oh geez one whole inch taller
This is enough to make me feel dominant, Nim. It's the whole reason why genetics are important . You were cursed with a disease that makes you have short limbs. We average height folks look in discomfort when a man let walks passed us.
Lanky bodies don't help user. They just give the illusion of built strength, you walking skeleton

taking requests

can you draw me a hot bird furry?

these things?

bunny boi talking to the hot bird furry telling her he takes it better than she does


>hot bird furry
give 'em spicy chicken wings!

im pretty hungry

like this right?


how long are you going to hold your breath like that?
it looks uncomfortable.

how do you owe him a picture? Or do you just mean it's another commission

you have such a gentle touch~

this is true people say i have muscle but its really just a lack of fat

Never heard of this cunt before today... Now I've seen him referenced like 3 times in the last few hours... Did he do something seriously noteworthy?

I love to do drarings!!

till I pass out in front of aaaaaall of this thread

i had it installed on the hdd that died, too lazy to redownload
perhaps, if nothing comes up irl
well at least you feel confident about yourself, i like that.


Dad a bad idea a lot of these people are creeps. And I don't trust nim

You have a steam?

Hello, Fay. Did you get that note I sent to you on DeviantArt? Also, I don't want free pics from you. I want to PAY you for quality lewds. :)

Sorry , doggo. That reply was for these giraffe

that's not me, silly

> request i did over on aco

you should he looks like a bitch

i will protect fay if she falls unconscious!

>Fiona pretending to be someone who hates Fiona to claim someone who hates Fiona is Fiona
Sure thing, Fiona

Very nicely done, Kai. :)


I do NOT

In real life my dog doesn't like me rubbing his stomach unless I get his nipples.
Pretty sure he has autism

No, Fiona's just being autistic

You tease

Yeah I offered Him a slot and he accepted but it's been about a year. So I owe him a picture.

sup mothbro

Believe me you I already know that, heh heh heh

I got a few notes, message me again and we'll talk about it

Aww that's very sweet!~ I appreciate that uwu

hi floofy what's your name? i'm smithy!

ht tp:/Cred Forums%% 30%30

Dammit Kai how do you not take commissions wtf

im p sure you dont wanna hear me bitch for an hour
thanks for the offer tho

You sleaze

/r/ naked hugs~

is that good or bad?
am i doing alright?

i forgive you
this time

some doggers just like some nipple-play every once and a while its okay
i didnt know dogs could have autism

anyways im outta here! see ya thread!

Not a lot. Just bein a fgt, you?

moth/mothbro how do you do

make her get fucked cowgirl style ?

Got a non dick edit?

don't think like this
if you need to vent, you should take his offer to talk outside thread

>is that good or bad?
>am i doing alright?
You're doing gr8
The hnng is pain that I can't have you

Draw yourself getting raped.

Roger that captain

Are you drawing on a whiteboard?

I've been drawing for a good five or so days, now. Thoughts on how I should improve?


Sorry i had to go last thread

but i can take requests again~

draw more


it's late at night and i don't feel like playing vidya, only thing to do is doodle!

mostly paper but now i draw on whiteboards too, more doodle-ey, i just can't make the transition to digital yet


draw a memelord

you don't need to vent? it'd probably help

Did you ever post that Fiona picture you never posted?

Yeh, beetles are fun

If ya need to bitch then i'll listen, its what friends are for.
Besides, im sure you'd do the same for me.

Ay its da moth, how you been?

Nice glasses, NERD!

The whiteboard thing is hella dope
It's really unique
Keep up the good shit ma dude

pretty ok. just dropping in to post that stupid pic i made. you?

other than my lines being off, where am I fucking up? usually eyes are my forte and I can't get it right. Maybe it's the lack of detail I have to work with in a voxel based program that's throwing me off... I keep adjusting where I put them and so far this is the best I've done. This is what I get for not going to art school and trying to figure shit out myself.

Here you go

taking requests

Requesting a hug.

>draw froggy pls

ya mang, rather not post it here tho
y u so smol tho?

Draw Julius Caesar

These 2 lolis having a lesbian but cute relationship.

you want more? i got a large selection

forgot the pic?

i just wanna cry honestly

its ok

If I give you mine can you add me?

carl sagan calling steven hawking a samefag

Thanks you.... whatever you are...

>i just wanna cry honestly
it's ok to cry fam, if you feel like crying there's no point holding it back

sankyu my dude, how are ya?

cuz i don't have paypal cri

nah sorry my dude

im gonna cry nd sleep then
take care

Can't you get one?

you too fam, have a good night


Requesting that but him enjoying a pizza from Little Caesar

I'll pay you in Amazon Gift Cards

I wanna eat your butt

I'm sorry I had to the face was perfect

Forgot the picture

taking requests

Is this the real nim?

I was putting together a image for me and the gang till my stylus freaked out and went kaput.
Gotta wait a few days for a new one.

Am smol gote demon, kris. You?

Well, if your absolutely sure, then alright.
If you do need to chat, hit me up on my tumblr or something fam.

I feed off of souls of living things, and the energy from souls let me keep my form. Like a battery.
But the problem is that it hurts alot to eat, so i stay smol to keep my form as energy-friendly as possible.

Look at this gros.

This face/style looks super familiar. Not to be a creep or anything but do you live near the Illinois Indiana border

Bawble using a hot dog to masturbate

Why hasnt anyone tied you up yet?
> pulls out the nylon rope


this is the second one i draw haha

yup~ beacuse it wasn't hardocre at all
i was exagerating

i'm drawing this cute frog

perfect! i gotta design a stand later.

dod, how have you been?

>tfw can't fall sleep without kai

Pretty good, Kai. I FINALLY have some credit available on my credit card once again. I've gotten very good as spotting your art, you couldn't fool me. :3

Also, just a suggestion, but you could accept Amazon gift cards, or something similar for commissions.

Nope, I'm just average looking

who says I haven't been tied up?

Wait, was this it? I kind of assumed this was just an edit by someone else.


Oh, shit. I'm so sorry about that. I didn't recognize the style right away

Thank you very much for having done it, nonetheless. I appreciate it a lot

i guess but i'm lazy, i won't get any commissions really so it's probably not worth it

hey don't you start mr

do it pussy bet you wont

lookit this homosexual

guess you can sleep now then, user?

i suppose i could but it didn't work out in the past ;;

grats on the credit my dude!

hello alicia

I meant today

ah, i see
wazzap homie, ive been ok, you?

Requesting this loli as futa, suffering a circumcision without anesthesia.

you should it would be hawt and witha newfag make it even better

How would you tie a Fay up?

Ahh, there was pressure going into it, and the fact that it was a great artist made me not want to mess up, but yeah, I rushed it and it came out bad

Yeah I messed it all up, I had something else happen, but I put priority on the drawing until they called me up

Text speech, people probably thought I was crazy

>~< I'm sorry you had to read all that

I'm sorry user! I was just freaking out, please don't be sad, that's not what I want to do, I want to make people happy

kai lul me to sleep pls

Do u love me even tho I am a big gay?

Hmm I would love to hogtie you so I could abuse that mouth of yours. You have the hair for it.

Aw bye

Here ya go


>10 minutes into tendies and chill and he give you this look

N-no you!

Yeh, such is the life for wrost gote.

Good fetsih

what's that on your head?

So you both snort cocaine?

I am bored tonight

anyone know emoji's tumblr?

Well, Kai, I've been wanting to commission you for quite some time. But your lack of Paypal is REALLY bothersome. I know about the whole comic incident that Snat had a while back, but I am trustworthy & I can have other drawfags vouch for me.

>Good fetsih
better than COCK VORE

Sorry I took so long!

Emojis don't work on Cred Forums


Don't do it kai.

I'll save it so when I see them again I can show them the wonderful request you did for them. :)

maybe ~

don't worry, guess my style it's really hard
to recognize sometimes

i had some technical problems last week, but everything's better, btw dat nim-morrigan you posted, amazing dood !




>I can have other drawfags vouch for me
"yes anonymous #704789227 is a good"

Oh hell yeah. You can use your hair to save rope and just tie the rope around your hair to make sure your head is looking forward. Good stuff because then you get the hair pulling sensation without having to use hands.

>maybe ~
So yes
Glad you posted it, it was really dumb of Fiona to tell you what you can and can't post

Oni here can vouch for me. I have commissioned him before. Provo can also vouch for me.

Rí muh snek

you have some kind of fetish user
youll be ok little guy
glad youre back online~ and thanks!

the artist you troglodyte


snek pussy/10

Anyone want a drawing of their choosing...drawn?

I wouldn't take his word on anything, but Oni's cool
What did you commission?

would impregnate/10


not if you're gonna be so hard on yourself after every image


you learn something new everyday

maybe but you should

do they snort sugar in thailand

sings your favorite dank jams

i love you even more so because you're a big gay

u r smelly gros

i'm sorry, i don't mean to be a bother to anyone, but i appreciate you wanting to comission me

A couple of Isabelle lewds (from Animal crossing)

I am a teacher at heart. Btw this is the user that you talked to on Tumblr yesterday

Thanks for the request on steam what games do you mostly play?

You're not a bother at all, Kai!

Hey faggots, how are we tonight.

draw some lewds

are we posting steams now?

FeelsGoodMa... ZzzZzzZzzZ


>Dunno if this counts, but here.
Hey look, another iguana.

Honestly? I don't know, it's kind of grown into a tank hat, so I'm going with that now

Thanks! I don't know if you should save the wall of text though ^~^"

I can't help it, I want to improve!

Pretty good, you? And I love your style!

if you want i guess

I talked to a couple of people on tumblr, but I think I know which one you are


but its getting late and i aint getting my energy back, so any requests I didnt do tonight remind me tomorrow

not much at the moment, waiting on 7days to die update

>i love you even more so because you're a big gay

>I can't help it, I want to improve!
then work on improving but stop being so hard on yourself if you're slow at improving or drawn a picture you don't think is good
guarantee that 99% of requesters will enjoy what you draw for them

Thank you, i drew that a years ago. Continuing on with the timber pronz, mateys.

>it's kind of grown into a tank hat, so I'm going with that now
Soo cute! :3

Refer to

The one that believes in less talk and more action. Speaking of which. I think I did say I was gonna hogtie you didn't I?

I like you, but please don't turn into another skittles.

Kisamas! are we stopping requests?

you and i in a tank?


Your favorite Pokémon getting it's ass kicked by a Togekiss?

Nicely memed


5/7, overall nice, but work on those wrist movements

>where fishu lives

Y-your ears are too long!

awh shucks

night night user

of course
i gotta sleep too, sleep well friends

> someone wanted kai in pjs a while back, figred i'd delivery before i left again

Hello, Oni. Remember when I commissioned you for those Isabelle lewds? :3

Shoot, see you around, Kai.

i gotta sleep ilu you big smelly gay shrimp eating faggot


am triggered

not hating, you need to study more about boobs and backs

i drew a doge

I'll smack the living fuck outta you, gote

thats gay

Yes that is a thing you said yes

If you ever wanna play some vidya you know where to find me

That's a pretty cringey thing to do, to be honest. Nim didn't want his steam out there, but now it's out there if we just go to your profile

You gotta think this shit out if you're gonna fall in love with girl avatars like you have


make new thred

> his


nim isnt a guy

is she?

They're almost all dudes

Hiya thread. Taking a non-lewd request.

Or maybe I can make my profile private?