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Well I certainly can't help with that.

English, Alex.


k back


Urusai na.


Welcome back, my love.

Do not use foul language in this thread, mister. This is a Christian thread.

Get off my back mom


You are grounded, young man. Go to your room and think about what you have done.




>grey, because it should blend in, not stand out.

Very well.

The background for the final collage will be something like this - Now let's go again: Grey or green user fur?


Gosh darn it, these kids nowadays and their language.

that drunk phantasy guy said he was from 2007, dang!
i go back to at least 2010
100m get was 2008, but even i dont remember it that well, prolly wasnt super furry yet back then. i wonder if he remembers skunkettes and dahl

Let that be a lesson to you.

Yeah, I hecking hate kids.

fight the power!

requesting great butts in clothes

Fighting is bad. That's double-time for you.

What the fuck is going on here, exactly? I don't know what y'all are on about most of the time, but still



Phuck Christianity.
I liked grey.

i dont even know, but i played along

Everyone seems to prefer the gray, but I like the user green. So I guess gray it is then.
And why is Adhesive even on there? I haven't seen him in ages.

Do not speak ill of the Lord for he shall punish heathens.

You shall be punished for you sins.
We'll see how you like chains, ropes, and whips.

Also Air and Protos



I've seen Air once or twice this year, and Protos is here quite often. I saw him last week, but he dropped the 's' and now it's just Proto.

Guess its just that I see him in irc a lot more than here.

Hold on a second.

Why isn't the Wikipedia page for 9/11 a battle-style page?

One that shows the date, belligerents, location, respective strength, losses and result?

>Crack teams of plane hijackers
>losses: 2 teams

>weak-ass civilians
>losses: 3000 civilians
>2+1 multi-million-dollar towers

>result: al-qaeda tactical victory

I have never even used the IRC stuff. I went there once in late '12 or early '13, but never since. Supposedly it's pretty cancerous now. Is that true?

Well, that's one more thing to add to the weird, unexplained shit I've seen in s/fur list, a list which is rapidly growing, mind you.


Please use Christian-friendly language in my thread.

Makes sense that the IRC goes to shit with the threads.

Grey def looks better.

Still grey


That was a good day.
I miss mootiekins.


Good golly, I do apologize.

i got mortal kombat x and i'm terrible at it



I had lunch with him a couple months ago.

sorry, wasnt referencing a maymay





Are you too new to remember that day?

Who's the artist?



Grey plox.

I was 13, so yes.

That is better, son of the Lord.

git gud

He shall be damned to Hell.


....hell's kitchen? hotel hell?


and gerald was 13 hundred



wow.. You're making me feel old...

It's a long shot, but has anyone in here used the program STATA before?

spotty the cheetah

I'll bet.

Compared to the rest of us, you are old. Which is cool.

And I raise by five.

Yes, I really did.
I have a standing invitation to meet up with any Cred Forums furries who pass through the area.


Fuckin' A. That's pretty cool.

Never mind, I found the issue: one fucking coma fucking up my whole fucking line of code. Fuck.

Yes I am.
I just sometimes don't realize just how much older then you kids.

As a wandering ethereal, I am estimated to be somewhere between a couple tens of thousands of years old, to several hundred million.

which area

It's kinda cool. You're only a few years younger than my dad, yet we talk to each other like it's nothing, and I guess it isn't. Personally, I've always preferred being around older people anyway, since I was young. I like talking to them, they always have much more interesting things to say than people my age.

well you have me beat then, I'm only around 950

Marry me, old man. Let's live for eternity together.

My area. the top left corner

Yes, and the number of women I've slept with has been estimated to be between 11 and Graham's number.

sounds really gay

Uuuugh my Steam logged me out randomly, and I haven`t had to log in manually in like, a year.
Time to try and remember what my password is.

So where do you live around Washington anyway?

most of it is spent traveling through space in a state of dormancy.

He doesn't like to reveal that.

That's a lot better than being put into slavery at 20.

Around there yes.

Mayonaka no tenshi.

Well if it's an open invitation then I'd like to know. I want to travel the continent when I get a bike suited for it.

Okay, thanks.


Then you'll need to find one that can climb steel walls and evade land mines.

I think they were discontinued as of 1980 for fear of Soviet spies using them to get in and out of the country.

I slaughtered my wife and children when I was 28 to gain my powers and become immortal. I've been a god ever since then and the most feared being on my planet.



Yeah, most of them were destroyed because it was Nazi tech. Finding one at all, let alone a working one, is nigh impossible, not to mention how expensive they would be.

I let people know when they will be near me.

did you at least fuck her body after?


A'ight. I know Sylas also lives in Washington.

I am curious of this as well.

The fuck


.... barking orders to his men, I bet there was a million.



I've been looking for this for years! Thank you!


>become immortal
more like tulpa fagget, but who cares.

You should really read about me.
It's a bit confusing at first. I'd recommend reading twice.

No problem.

It kills me to know that it's perfectly fucking legal to drive a car in the US with a huge ass side vinyl with the words "Fuck Obama".

It makes me tear up.

I'm not much of a reader, unless it's the occasional science-y thing on teh interwebs.

I remember when these threads only had porn in them. Oh the good old days...

wow hold on granpa you forgot to die when you reached 50 million years old


It's not as great as you think it is. Capitalism still has a stranglehold on everyone here.

Gordon's an improvement.

Shit, now I got that song stuck in my head. Based Ted Nugent.


Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four.

Being able to remain unscathed by the law for spreading truth. That is something I appreciate greatly.

Everything else is just side effects of the people having voted for that greedy cunt Reagan.

... and then snowden


It's not furry porn

Uh, no. That isn't remotely true. The difference is that these people are so filthy rich that they can make you disappear without a trace as if you never existed. Silencing the dissidents is nothing new here, but we do it very quietly.

Does it matter? Gordon's good in every situation. Besides, are you helping, mate?


But when word gets out, it doesn't get suppressed.

You don't see police knocking down doors for people shitposting about Bush on the internet.



Bullshit it doesn't. There's a reason Hillary has the moniker "Shillary".


A moniker that hasn't been suppressed.

Like hell it isn't. Hillary's minions herself try to silence that shit. Either way, you're missing the point. Censorship and propaganda is rampant here in the U.S..


I want to see this shit

Come to the U.S., friendo. You'll see.

I'm already at Upper Serangoon Avenue.



Night, y'all. Certainly been an interesting thread, as is usual.

Night, Gordon.


I'd rather have alton brown cook for me. He doesn't need everything to be drowned in salt.

Night, one of the only sane people here

yeah im going to sleep as well, night, 'morrow.


>implying you're sane if you come to a fur thread

Good night, bf

Night ghost person

It's a spectrum.






Where is html thing user?


How hard is it to get gum there?


So is Renard a rapist or nah?


No but he is a tranny or something.

I happen to live pretty near to Malaysia. I could go there for lunch or something and be back in like 2 hours, assuming there isn't a long-ass traffic jam at the border.

It's kinda like how Texans who live right next to Mexico can go cross the border for cheap tacquitos and gas whenever they like.

I could go up north to Malaysia, pump cheap gas and buy some gum at the gas station, then come back home. Getting through the border check is quite easy, just put the gum in some place they won't look like your pockets or some secret compartment in your car.

What HTML thing?

Oh but they are literally impossible to get at shops, of course.

At school if a friend happens to have some gum, you can usually bump one off them.

It's like how in America you can get your friend to give you gum in class, except gum is literally illegal so the demand is much higher.





right, I was mostly wondering how common it was.
Is that law really enforced?


Wait seriously? Is his music still good?

I've never seen it enforced - I only observe its effect. If you want to go see it be enforced I suppose you could just go to border security and shove a box of gum in the officers face

No. I stopped listening to his music in 2012. I do have him to thank for my being a furry however.

Are we talking about Kitsune^2/Lapfox here?


This guy?
If so, I'm that user.

Yee. I found him through some MLP vids on YT back in 2011, and decided to watch one because it followed me everywhere. Rainbow Dash Tylenol was the name. I eventually did some research after watching another vid, and found Mayhem. She turned me into a furry before I was really a furry.


Oh damn, that same thing happened to me. Only I was already a furry, I just hadn't heard of Renard because I didn't go online much.

No thanks. If one were to be fairly openly chewing gum while walking by a police officer they wouldn't do anything?

At border security you can pick what kind of security checks you want to undergo.

You can choose a quick security check, it will take only a minute and they'll only glance at your trunk and occasionally your glove box, but if you get caught with illegal things, you get v&.
You can also choose a thorough security check, and if you get caught with any illegal stuff, they will simply confiscate it and let you go scot-free.

no, HTML collage guy.

I first saw a Kitsune2 thing in about 2011/12 also - It was that song Rainbow Tylenol - Because I saw Rainbow Trololo. It wasn't until late 2013 that I realised what the furry fandom was and that Kitsune2 was a furry thing.

That fucker made some good music back in the day. I don't even like electronic music, but he was good. He started going downhill in 2011, and the last thing of his I listen to was .WAV SLAVE. Good DNB album, but everything after it was shit.

Sounds like we walked a similar path to furriness.
Fuckin' Renard. That guy turned so many people into furfags with his music.

Eggs was the first I heard of his, and is still my favorite.

have you listened recently? I really dig the fuckdest jams set. Give it a listen if you haven't checked his stuff out in awhile


That was a decent one. He Pukes Based Shark is still my favorite Mayhem album. Trauma was god-tier as well.

Most cops happen to be conscripts - As far as they care, they are civilians and can relate with the pleasures of chewing gum - So they just pretend like nothing suspicious is happening.

Just don't do it blatently - They will be forced to arrest you to save face.

In America they have TMZ. In Singapore we have Stomp - There are anonymous civilians who take pictures of people doing socially-unacceptable things like not giving up seats on the train to pregnant women, and post them online to ridicule.

There is a brony song called Avast Fluttershy's ass. It is based on Renard's song Avast Your Ass.

Huh, that's about when I stopped listening too. I really liked the Quick Brown Fox album and his Mayhem stuff and a few other things. The Queenstons label was consistently good. I think he did some collabs with Futret that I enjoyed too.

Sad to hear he went downhill after that. My ex got me a framed picture with Renard's signatures of every group he had as of 2012 or so, and I remember I hadn't heard of a lot of them. Never actually went and looked them up though, so I guess I'm glad I didn't waste my time.

huh...that's an interesting way of doing it, but dont they just assume anyone choosing the slow one is hiding something?
Is it like a game then?
If you dont get in trouble for it if you choose slow it sounds like it could be a fun game.

Nah. I haven't listened to anything after 2012. That was when I started getting way into metal, and pretty much dropped everything else I listened to.

Trust me, I know all about that one. And now that you mentioned it, I still remember that fucking tune by heart. I liked TheLivingTombstone's music as well.


Eggs is still one of my favorites as well. I'd call it a classic.

Choosing the slow one, sir?

That guy made some funny shit. Queer Deer World Takeover, fucking hilarious album.

Always nice to see a fellow Singaporean here

Gay Deer World Takeover, my bad. I do remember hearing the line queer deer though. I've got to listen to that album again now.

Now go suck each others dicks.

Oh, right.

No, the purpose of the slow one is so that people unfamiliar with the local law can have the cops check absolutely everything on their car, then just confiscate whatever is illegal.

Say you're a foreigner who's never heard of the chewing-gum law. If you choose the slow one and then the cops find the gum on you, they will tell you the gum is illegal and take it from you, and you learn never to bring gum into here ever again.

in 2 weeks i want to kill myself before they ship me to tekong

Truly. There's one song, I think it's called Stag Night, that's just the goofiest thing to listen to with this gay-deer-accent-thing going on, but it's fun to listen to at the same time.

I can see I'm in the minority here but I really think lapfox has not "gone to shit". His sound certainly has changed but it's still lapfox. Here is his most recently posted song on youtube, it's 2 weeks old.


Homosexuality is illegal as it should be

(More Than) Deer to Me. Listening to it right now. His gay accent is just hilarious. Stag Night was great too.

God, I hope you're serious.

If you can read this, you are a furry

You and me both brother


I'm about as serious as when I say that raping your wife is legal, but permanent ownership of motor vehicles isn't.

rly har?

I still like him.

Squaredance, brah. Decent album.
Now try reading some black metal band names.

That just further confuses me.

Ahh, ok.


Rly lor

Can't wait to completely waste 2 years of my life

Aw shit, you're right. Stag Night was the "Gay Bar" remix. I always forget the song names because my song downloads always come out fucked up.
Good tracks though

.I cannot read that.


Cool man! and it's totally cool if one doesn't like lapfox. I just consider lapfox one of my favorite bands idk