Waifu claiming thread

Waifu claiming thread.

Previous:The rules are very simple:
>claim your 2D waifu
>post pics of your waifu
>keep ERP and RP to a minimum
>insult other waifus
>discuss stuff
>post fitting, not over-sexualised content
>most important: Have fun!

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>best fox claimu


no no, thank you. smug is good stuff.



see, THATS more like it

the classic template for these threads i know and love so much. kitty cream signing in

hotaru shidare claimed

If trips you all must post lewds.

don't run with those.

Claiming best girl




Never lucky.


Oh my! People filled my role quite quickly.
I had to stop claiming because of some serious family issues I was having.
Glad you're still here, at the very least.


If it's super tough, why isn't it good for weapon then? Lol

Alright alight lol, Toradora first

Smug is the best stuff!

I'm calling it a night now. Good night everybody. Hope you have sweet dreams of your waifu


Never ever.

I did get them once tho. And the whole thread slutted out. It was fun.


It means you're not looking hard enough!

Noticed some odd shading after looking at it hard enough. Was supposed to be a heart on the pillow I assume, but I'm not going back to edit it back in, so I took it out completely instead.
>My apologies.


>Do you?

>The Star Drifter
It's so fitting since I heard this song not long ago, and I love it!


goodnight you two.



Don't mention it, Drills.

Hmm, that was it.
He was pretty absent the last few months, barely showing up around here.

I'm good enough, just not very energetic tonight for whatever reason.

>What about you?


youre not old mami, old mami is a heretic and switched

I am pretty clumsy.

love me some smug

okay I won't then.

Nightly for quality bakes Kyoubot

Good night Smuggalicious!

Its not a bit bendy if not proportioned right, doesn't make good knives. Night Smugga ^^
Star Drifter! Drifting forever~

Kek, I never would've guessed that happened. Seems weird, but luckily now I can claim Ruby

Hah, I've been watching lots of skateboarding videos too lately for some reason. They're rather entertaining

Not even close bby

Ah, hope all is resolved by now.

Thanks, it's good to see you came around aswell.

Hey, sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.

I got dubs before when Ruri "challenged me" to a get contest for lewds.

2 times actually, if I remember correctly.



Oh, thank you again, much appreciated.

I'll keep both.

It's Syndra, not me, kek.

that's why you must be careful. it's okay to make two posts because of a mistake, but we don't want you to accidentally cut yourself in two. I would miss your cute pictures.

look at this great wall~

decision is made senpai. hotaru is mine. she honestly has been since i stopped liking blake. i chose maki to post in pic because she was the first i saw in my hentai drive

lmao, fair enough man. waifuism is objective

probably was just preparing to leave. he was active on telegram

ruby is very good. shes a cute one. i liked her a lot in season 3

Pretty sure I have a fever. Been physically exhausted all day and been sleeping most of the time. I can't eat, and my head hurts.

You better get them lewds ready and check these trips. You too Ruri.

They're awesome to watch. I skate whenever I can but I don't really have anywhere to do so anymore.

Tch, sometimes poplar, I guess.

This is how you do it.

I fucking love Ruby. That being said, I'm still mad she didn't get almost any attention until season 3.


I don't even skate. I just like them. I have no idea why though kek.

Gaaaah, you're REALLY making me want to back out and go practice! But I already put the club and car cover on, and its all wet and such now...

That's more like it.
>Enjoy your love cookies.

always popular with at least one person I know.


That was a fun thread.
Rolling for Kyouko AND Tomoko lewds, though.

Did you used to talk with him frequently, user?
I don't think I remember who you are, exactly.

Appreciated, Drills.

Fever, huh.
Sounds like you'll be heading off earlier than usual.
I can't eat either, but it's not like I was going to try anyways.

Yeah, you should stay in so you don't drive fast go crash.

>I'm rewatching Upotte and apparently I missed Episode 8.
>I appreciate the Japanese Teacher, he has such pure thoughts about these gun girls.

Yup, all of that stuff is finally behind me.
Quick question, do you know if Sanae is still active?

That still doesn't explain anything.

I mean, you don't even have to skate in order to find them awesome to watch, though I think there's a greater appreciation if you do

this nickname is one I approve of very much.

One day I'll get trips again.

Yeh. I'm seriously considering going to sleep now. But I gotta get these trips first.

Almost feel like nodding off for a nap...

Also rolling for Ruby lewds

yeah shes great. second in terms of personality in rwby, blake still being first.

im hyped af for season 4

tryna loose weight tho. i already lost 80 pounds since last September. thanks for the luv tho

I don't even remember that trip, kek.

Well he makes threads aswell, mostly the ones without Kyouko in the OP, kek.

Funny that you ask this question, kek.

He might claim someone else now, someone blonde and magical.


Tch, I wonder who!

I'll get my trips.

oh, you weren't going to bed?

you should nap if you're tired.

have I mentioned how adorable I find your "tch" to be?

Then see you in Kyoubot one

Never lucky with these fucking numbers.

I don't think you did, but that's pretty nice to hear.

Goodbye mistery user.

Like I wasn't miserable enough

well I still didn't say it, so hmph~

what's wrong?

I have work

well that sucks. you have my sympathies.


Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and head out. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Have a good night, /waifu/
And check these trips.

Oh really?! I knew we shipped, but I didn't know he loved Mami THAT much, kek.

Well, I've got some stuff to get done before the day is through... I'm gonna try and post regularly again, I'll cya soon!

If I get a big enough urge to go out, I will. Otherwise, I'll stay in for tonight.
>If I do go out, I'll hook up my camera somehow.

I hate skipping episodes, especially if I didn't notice it and continued on.
>Had to skip the entirety of the 4th season of Malcom in the Middle and it still bugs me to this day

You must ask Vert as to the secrets of looking!

Wait, was it love cookies or love juice... regardless, lewd waifu is lewd.

why can't I live superior NEET life


Cya later FAKE MAMI

bye bye


Because you're cancer

Holy fucking shit that heist was exhilarating

Just did a Santa's Workshop on Death wish for a bit longer than an hour and a half

Got a fuckton of offshore money off of it and i wasted it on offshore betting

Me and my team are gonna try for it again on monday, but 200 bags this time instead of 100

>tfw wish my xbox would still let me stream

I'm mad that I missed this episode because of improper filenames!
The girls are doing a maid cafe and that's where I can get my best maid pics ^^

hotaru is extremely lewd. very crazy personality too, basically yandere which is good

felix best waifu/husbandu

Cancer's airborne now
Do you hear the sound?


I know I know, but still. It's weird I'm so attracted to those videos

or maybe not.

I like Blake but Ruby fits me a lot better


Best girl coming through

blake fitted me because back when i liked her a lot, i was an edgy emo faggot just like her. ruby cute but she 15 so i cant fuck, im over 18 lmao

nice feet

Why do you guys hate their waifu so much?

Because this faggot only posts the one furfag image and doesn't contribute to anything but the post limit.

Hello Kitten. Get the xbox problem sorted out?

Maid episode? Hmmm, trying to think. It's been a while since I watch Upotte, and I don't remember it.

I admit, that show has some good character designs. I really should watch it sometime.

I'm heading to bed. Good night /waifu/

They probably don't post or respond because of the random hate towards it.

Miia Claimed
Hellow everyone

That just sounds meguMEAN


As usual

thats the reason i started watching it in the first place. the character design is very unique and very attractive. all the character's eyes are super fucking sexy. show is only 11 episodes too, and has a decent dub and can all be watched free on the funimation website


best snek waifu

nice desu ne


Its a good one. Its a basic school fair episode.
>Thats a lie, its not basic.

Night Yuuki. ^^

Goodnight friend

Yeah, someone tried to sign into it from somewhere else, had to confirm it was me via phone number then changed the password

but where is the eyepatch

Are you not an edgy teen now?
Also, I'm 18 but there're no laws over fucking a teen... soooo~ Either way I wouldn't do that to Ruby.

What happened to the lewd rolling you fucking normies

Fuck my crotch is wet

Top Snek Waifu and thanks is nice to people finaly knowledge the truth

Lewding is for faggots who only wanna fuck their waifu.


Sayas eyes always got to me. I don't know what it is about them, but i like them.

>Implying ANYTHING in that school is basic

Ah, make sure those passwords are nice and good. Might also wanna change the password for the email used, as well as other things connected to that email.

accidents happen. just change your pants and no one has to know.

she's amazing

There you go.

It's like you don't even love her.
Get terminal cancer.

im not edgy anymore, im just degenerate

>no laws against fucking a teen
yeah if youre black and live in sweden, in new york they dont like that shit. if it was chill here id fuck every single teen in my county


only character from that show id fuck

saya has very nice eyes, yes. i like hotarus more because of the pupil design but saya has very nice small pupils

Fuck it and love broh

She's ok

she's wonderful.

Rolling for everyone's waifu lewds, I guess

Pretty much. Kek. I'm gonna hit the hay, I'm pretty tired ^^
Night /waifu/

I think it's the fact they're small. I just don't ever see that anywhere.

Night Eru, sleep well!

Yeah and there are people wanting to fuck that blue gelly fucker suu
No need for that take this fee,got to spreed the snek love

Where's the drills?

She's magical

right here of course.

sleep tight

and cute as hell

the overall style of the show is very unique, everything is drawn very nice. they must have put a lot of work into the animation and design because of how short the actual show is. i could jerk off to the eyes alone tbh lmao

at least miia acts lewd. the other characters are either so far from human its basically weird, or are shit-tier


well she is.

Its been raining all day and I caught about 4 large puddles with my chest while riding. Fuck people who drive through the puddles.

Rory that's lewd

rain is fun. I don't get a lot of it where I am though.


Yeah I know, I have

I live in south america and it's the parent's responsibility to take care of that, as long as consent is given
But again, I wouldn't do Ruby unless she was 18 (which she probably will be in s4 anyways)

>south america
jesus, what is that like?
ive been to mexico before, tho that isnt considered south america


>Jerking it to the eyes alone
That's pretty lewd mang.

Jeez, is it raining everywhere today or what?
>This is one of the reasons I am glad I got a car now
>I do not miss riding in the rain what so ever

Good Kitten.

that darn staff.

Remember, a vote for Mavis, is a vote to make america great again.

I dont know either,lived on Brasil and Argentina and if it is under 18 is jail brah

lmao im autistically lewd. i run the /h/ hentai drive, and spend all my free time organizing my ever-growing hentai collection on google drive.

again, its basically autistic. and cringey. and degenerate

You're lewd for thinking thats lewd.
Rain isnt fun on a motorbike if its been on all day. Road is wet as fuck, puddles everywhere, other cars drive like morons.
I dont have a car at all. And you have no idea just how wet it is over here right now. Id take a pic if I wasnt in a hospital for a checkup

You're lewd for phrasing it that way

Fack forgot pic
Snek is best,snek is top snek vote 4 snek and fack stuupid vampire

It's fine. Obviously, it's expensive when it comes down to newer products, but it's nice to live her. No tornadoes, earthquakes, no anything. Really peaceful and relaxing.
>I live in uruguay, a small country between Argentina and Brasil

From what I know, it depends on the case. There've been some cases where a minor would get pregnant and the father would not be sent to jail. However, there have been cases proving the contrary.
I don't know how it works, I just know there have been cases of 18+ having sex with underaged girls and nothing happening

Further more; my opponent is a TOTAL faggot. do not vote for her

second tier loli shit


Not a bad thing, really. How much you got, if I may ask.

I know you don't. Neither did I, remember?
>I once went to the store and back
>3 minutes for the whole trip
>Had to change my clothes and put my jacket, gloves, and everything else i was wearing into the dryer right away

yeah but I bet you look super cool riding it.


I'm gonna go to bed. see ya /waifu/

>not being a vampire in current year

vote for mavis is a vote all waifu's everywhere!

She isn't a loli though

i always made fun of that name because it sounds like "ur a gay" by the way a lot of us amerifats pronounce it. glad to hear its peaceful. america is fucking crazy as usual

im OP in that thread. the old inventory is listed in the post. its grown a little bit since then

Sleep well, please.

alright well it didnt work

try this:

Goodnight, Drills.
Soto is a fucking faggot.

fair enough

sorry, but it is election year and i have to be tough. nothing personal :(



This Jinx cosplay specifically.

its 3d I know

real girls are scary.

Its shit

Hmm yeah really dont know
Also nice to there be calm here in Buenos Aires is pretty messy
3D is generaly shit,this wasnt the case,Snek aproved

I'm a real girl.



Even we here make fun of it, don't worry, I'm used to it kek
Well, I mean, it's peaceful because nothing really happens here, but it's still pretty lively (in the good and bad way).
>america is fucking crazy
No shit. How are the feminazis doing?

I'm gonna go back to watchimg The Walking Dead for now

Probably gonna pass out somewhere in the middle of it though because I'm tired as fuck



well good to hear its nice down there

i swear if trump loses im unironically moving to japan. at least theyre uncucked and for the most part, SJWs and shit dont exist there. those people are fucking cancer and we NEED a new crusade

That's some top lewd right there m8.


Weeb thinks he knows shit...

>cringe.exe initialized.


ye. its pretty comfy in the thread. my contact info is in there too, feel free to hmu for talkies

deus vult my friend. race war when?

So what does a Snek vagina feel like?

Its like something from a scary movie.

You native from Argentina or just moved there for some reason?

I still don't know much about the Trump / Hillary thing. Aren't both supposed to be "bad" in some aspects? I might be touching a delicate topic, but I genuinely want to know if any of the 2 may be good, or if it just comes down to who's not as bad.

Too spooky

That was basically me today. My rain gear is starting to stop being rainproof though. Need to change that.
I was simply stating a fact. You took it as lewd. So you're the lewd one.
Not in the rain.

Well, back into the rain I go. Heading home from hospital. No cancer anywhere on the MRI.

honestly, if you know that little about whats going on here, make sure it stays that way. too much drama. dont worry yourself over how tense it is in a country from a different hemisphere

Fuck, you're right

>At least it isn't oh wait...

Cold and tight at the beguining and them it gets warmer also the contriction of the tail feels good man
Native but lived my childhood then a cuple of years on brasil then come back.,also here I'm called brazuka ;-;



So does she slip the tip of her tail up your butt when you have sex?

Mmm, perhaps if we find a common topic to talk about that's not lewd.

>Rain gear
What the fuck is that?

yeah but I'm interested in it anyways. For some reason I like the drama, so I watched some videos on the topic but I couldn't understand much

Kek, yeah I know, I guess we all here call brazilians brazukas. Guess it's just a custom right now
>you waiting for the monmusume new manga chapter?

Just the tip
I only read the manga,forced myself to see tha anime but didnt like it,manga is best
>Yes those Criminal Monster grills will be gud

Neither is really that bad. It's just shit flinging from the opposite side.

Hillary is a career politician who, in her old age isn't doing well. She's been described as "Machiavellian" and in all probability is in the back pocket of more than a few corporations.
Most the people voting for her aren't that happy with her, and those that are generally are only that way for trivial reasons, like she's a woman. Her more "real" supporters want to vote for her as a safer pick compared to the opposition.

Trump is viewed as a overly glib idiot who frequently proposes things that aren't possible, or at least wildly impractical. He's under attack from the left here under charges of agitating the usual laundry list they throw at anyone who opposes them:
"Racist, sexist, xenophobic, islamophobic" so on. His tendency to throw those accusations back in the more authoritarian left is winning him favor.

Moral of the story, both sides suck. Really the US is just picking their poison at this point.


sure thing. its there for whenever you want

i would give you a biased response since i am obviously picking sides. trump is the good guy, though still not perfect. hillary is the bad one, farthest from perfect. shes literally the establishment and will provide nothing positive for us. at least trump has economic ideas since hes a business man.

im voting trump of course, but he wasnt my first choice

Funny that, I'm voting Trump for the exact same reasons.