Any medifag here to tell me what is that?

Any medifag here to tell me what is that?

looks like a finger and a penis, maybe jeans too, idk im no expert

Definetely a penis.

warts. You're gonna die soon.

A mushroom

Malignant tumor

>looks at pic expecting something famine, and diseased
>sees normal dick with a red spot.
>conclusion: OP is a paranoid retard.

I'm a medifag btw, you're fine cunt.


dick nipple

yeah, no you're not


Who gives a shit about grammar on Cred Forums?

tuberculosis, you will die

Don't worry, it's just your dick rubbing up against your jeans and you were probably working hard or something in the heat.

fapping bruise

now stop or you'll go blind

It's probably an std but the picture is shitty so who knows.


Could be the very early stages of a chancre, yeah. If so, it'll swell up and then leave a disgusting crater -- you'll know.

Maybe he's not, but he's right, it's nothing really

I bet you got dry skin (maybe you tend to have neurodermitis). Just stop fapping and get him some fresh air from time to time. Looks like he was rubbing against the jeans or your hands to much.

Yep, i see that

Dick wart.
Stop fingering your dick hole and it should go away.

OP here im having sex with my gf very often

Give him a break and use skin-repair lotions and stuff. Will be gone in no time. Had the same thing once.

I'll try thanks

Could be a number of things, but it looks a bit like herpes.

Source: I've had it for 20 years, I know what it looks like.

Anyway, not as big a deal as what people make out. Go see a urologist, and if he confirms it then he'll give you your options then. There's pills and whatnot you can take to suppress breakouts. It never goes away though.

In America, about 1/4 of adults have it, but most either don't show symptoms or the symptoms are so mild they don't realize they have it.

It's polio.

You have ringworm on your dick

Looks like a fungal skin infection to me. Clove or Tea Tree oil will clear it up, but you gotta wash your junk more often to keep it from coming back. If you can't get one of those oils try rubbing garlic on it several times a day.