RAGE thread

RAGE thread

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i hope that guy dies in a firey pit of niggers

R u fuckin shittinf me


whose reasoning was this?




Gas Sonic, racing war now!


btw this is a rage thread, not a ylyl


Fuck off cuck

The fact you put this in a rage thread made me rage.

Hope she gets aids

you must drive the mercedes

I don't believe this. It's not tru

>Didn't like fast people

>Implying there's anything wrong with a W123


FB is run by kikes, what did you expect, stupid goyim


Fuckin' kek, man. Nice dubs, by the way.

lurk more

at least i know which woman to rape next now

>Firey pit of niggers




>not like you can use "inspect element"

That's shopped nigger

untitled, lmao desu



LOL. ok bud.

gtfo with your windows paint shit


What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.


No fucking way

Holy shit. The game? Are you 12 or just severely retarded?


Thread died, thanks nigger

Holy shit 3rd was awesome.

That's retarded but I'd still fuck her

All of the MAGA girls are at least a 6-9 the lefties are like 3-7

Where did all these statistics come from? And why do they skip all the years that don't fit their data?

I know that chassis number
R230 fam.

Can i just say that i fucking hate stone as a weight measurement.

>uses a system that has stones as a unit of measurement


Checked, but what does the inspect element do?

Stay mad, its called GREAT Britain for a reason nerd.

Its not a literal rock you shitter.

One stone is 14 pounds, its just an absolutely retarded ratio which irritates me to this day.

in google chrome (and maybe also other browsers, I presume) you can highlight text and then either right click and choose "inspect element" or just use the shortcut shift ctrl I.
with inspect element you can change pretty much anything you want on a website, like text or images. no need for Ps anymore.

using pound

Zozzle lad

using kilos

>Making fun of someone using universally used systems.
wew lad


Are you sure you know how to do that?

itt: turbo autists criticise each other over units of measurement

I'm glad I'm not retarded. Glad to use a reasonable system of measure. Kill yourself and your imperial system.

FUCK YOU MAN. I am so fucking sick and goddamned tired of you fucking brits ruining fucking america with your fucking bulliths. it sufuckign pissing me off. imperial units are just fucking better bitch

You guys need to add a new unit to measure how triggered someone is.

It is called being American.

>Glad to use a reasonable system of measure

"I can bench 65.7709 kilos man!"

Fuck off with that shit, your units are always too bloody large or too fucking small.

Congratulation for the baby

Sorry, I meant to say reasonable for everything in terms of science and mathematics, in other words, everything that actually matters. Kill yourself. Even your military uses metric. All scientific institutions do. Get with the times, nigger.

Lost and 3 was the best.

Noone would bench 65,7 kilos are you seriously this retarded? You'd bench 68 or 67 cause we dont have fucking gram weights nigger. It's like me saying "oh hold on i just gotta lift this, all 24,8668473)(273)7 Ibs of it.

fukken britbongs

Also, use scientific notation, please.

>Using a currency type for your weight
Fuckin' Americunts.

Stop crying, nigger

it 19th, nineteenth, not ninetenst, jeebus.
also, 19th in what? worlds ugliest male?

You can bitch until you're blue but you won't change anything.

USA is the most admired superpower in the world.

>inb4 "bait" or every other jealous whiny reply


>American system

dat troll face
also, fish lip

Kek, I like how you completely ignored what I said and just continued living on in your own world of retardation. Every scientist in your country uses the metric system. That is the reason why American scientists are even conversed with. They've learned how to converse with the metric system. Get fucked.

ITT: b8 about measuring shit

For fucks sake stop this faggotry. Always fighting between USA and Europe.
Oh, hey, the thread finally made me rage...

ye 'rong, matey.
yuropoor here, hence metric master race.

You Brits can thank yourselves for the "Imperial" system, which you invented, limey faggots.

which book is that?


>implying Brit

I'll use a scientific notation on your bitch of a mother

Then you're just regular Eurotrash, which is worse.

Enjoy your shitty imperial system. There are only 3 countries left on earth that haven't officially adopted the metric system, and even then, they still use it in all scientific/mathematical pursuits. Enjoy masturbating to a dead unit system under the guise of patriotism or whatever the fuck.

Dunno. Googled "why the metric system is better than imperial". I've seen it somewhere before on the same topic.

animals like this should be killed and eaten

it's stupidity, not patriotism

american engineering student here. Nigga, we use both measurement systems.


The only thing that makes me rage is that people find this to be more objectionable than clipping ears or tails on dogs, declawing cats, or even doing the same thing to babies.

Fuck off.

parents like this should be sterilized


What makes me angry is that she thought she could be sneaky jacking his dick

I never said they used metric exclusively. I go to university and we occasionally use pounds because America is fucking retarded.

>It's not stupidity, it's stupidity!
Yeah, that's what I just fucking said.

When is that ever useful though? You gonna bust out a mole of hydrogen to make sure your ruler is accurate? Just like having 21 different measurements of length. Wow, so useful to have 20 different prefixes to a meter when we only use 3 of them! Why, it's so easy to scale yottameters down to attometers I can do it in my head! And we've only had to revise the original prefixes 5 times since we introduced them! In fact, we haven't added any since 1991. So we're due to chuck a few more in there because that is what we do every 30 years or so for no reason! Even though the only useful prefixes were all present when it was originally proposed in 1795. That's right, the 5 times it has been added onto since have just been to add prefixes most people will never use. At least you don't have to deal with furlongs and chains and rod and such right? Even though, you know, they were useful for something once. Not like the fucking zeptometer. 'Cause Jesus Christ, I can't get through the fucking day unless I can measure something down to the sextillionth of a meter.

My biggest problem is the fat acceptance thing. The rest id whatever. Im not even skinny but like fuck.

By branding you fucking retard


How exactly do you brand something in scientific notation? I'm pretty dumb and I don't understand.


Any time during engineering.

danger, will robinson!
not one single rocket ever was destroyed because one uses newtons and the other a retarded pounds or feet unit.

I don't get it is it because more than half is the PlayStation logo?

You seem to be just mad that America is using an Imperial British system in our daily lives but metric in dealing with other countries. If it doesn't impede anything, then why get butthurt?

also dolan is rite!

I think you're trying me but whatever. It's numbers


That's right we did, but when the joke wore off about a 100 years ago and moved to metric, your backwards-ass, autistic nigger country were too simple to realise the whole thing was just an epic troll and have stuck with it ever since and become the laughing stock of the world!

she thought she could be sneaky jacking his dick


Imperial is useless. It does impede shit. People generally learn imperial as a child and throughout school, but rarely metric. This leads to quite a few people who can't even do basic complications in math, especially with dealing with metric units. You just have to teach everyone two different systems of measurements which is a giant waste of time in our already shitty education system. We only need metric.

They were not saying like a place in a compition they were using a unit of measure.

Yeah, I had no clue what you were talking about, mate.

>Using copyrighted images was against the rules; half the picture is the Playstation logo
>mods said people should come up with something "creative;" First place is a fucking selfie ranked above two actual creative pictures.

clearly did not see the sarcasm/joke
clearly took the bait
clearly a britbong using stone as an everyday measurement


...is exactly what you'd say if you were a faggot flipping burgers all day. Those who actually have their shit together, like scientists and engineers use the prefixes every. fucking. day! Fag

works in chrome, cant speak for other browsers.

>implying sony cares about usage of the playstation logo in a playstation advertising contest
someone just wanted to (or already did) fuck her.

>Believing that brits say nineteenst
>taking his bait
>me taking your bait
>someone taking my bait


Can we just say that Britain and America are shitty right now? Seriously, they're fucked in their own way.

>If I had a dollar for every time I wanted to die I could've bought a gun ages ago

i am totally confised right now.
who took whoms bait, who won?

I still don't understand how you could edit things.

But that's wrong. One millilitre of water occupies only a tenth of a cubic centimetre, and weighs only one milligram. And the calorie isn't even metric - the metric system uses the 'joule'.

No, metric is objectively better in terms of science and mathematics.

you're not wrong

I did. You did. We all did.
>Let's kill ourselves.
Sleep well, kind user.

>implying this is real and not some woman hating neckbeard

a liter (not litre) is a cubic decimeter (not metre).
so a milliliter is a thousandth liter, a cubic decimeter is thousand cubic centimeters, so a milliliter and a cubic centimeter is the same.
as for weight, it surely depends on the density of the material.
assuming a density of 1kg per liter (often assumed for water) you get a gram per milliliter.
the calorie is an old unit, replaced by joules for years now, yes.
but humans are retarded and still use calories, often mixing kilocalories and calories, especially in the food sector.

Why I don't put women on any of my shit.
>You want a joint account? Fuck off.
>You want your name on the house and car? Fuck off

good fight, good night.

docking tails aint so bad

let's see how you would react when your "tail" is cut off.
oh, wait, i bet you're a murrijew with a mutilated dick?
butthurt much?

ya got me o no what am i going to do i have never been trolled this hard gonna an hero now europoor

Calories may not be standard SI units, but everything else you've said is wrong

top kek

it fucking is you fucker it ruins their balance and is fucking cruel as fuck you fucking sadist

Unless the names are unredacted, these posts are pointless.

The retardedness of this makes me rage. Cat, Schmat. I mean sucks for cat but, fuck, STUPID.


>Implying that there couldn't possibly be a legitimate, medical reason to amputate or dock a tail

>Implying that the animal is conscious when the procedure is done

>Impying the procedure must be cruel and unusual, and akin to Hostel levels of torture

you're getting butthurt about measurements, if that's a problem for you, you shouldn't concern yourself with much

thats a non-binary man baby


medical reasons are the only reasons to do such

conscious or not, dogs and cats need tails to communicate with each other

the amputation without med reasons is unneccesary and as such cruel and a torture



>implying people don't dock tails for pure aesthetic reasons
>Implying people actually give dogs more than some local anesthetic when they do it

gets me evrytime





>using "butthurt" because you have nothing of value to actually add
>ignoring the fact there's reasons like infection or tissue death to consider as valid reasons for this practice
>being this stupid

It's okay though because you're just PRETENDING to be retarded. It's okay man, we get it.

Aha ok, here


What do you mean, user, paint rules is titsawesomez!!



Calling us jews? Lol. No. You know the truth kiddo

really didn't need to see this :(

ha, and she thought she could be sneaky jacking his dick

When doing science. Even scientists in murica use the metric system


was "joetheawful" already taken?

Right? Weight should be measured in KEKs.

med reasons are ok.
but there are a lot of dogs with cut ears and/or tails, and i don't believe those animals all had a uncurable infection.
especially "fighter dogs" like pit bulls often have cut extremities, i don't think this has something to do with them avoiding being bitten in there while fighting?
no, absolutely not, those body parts froze off, totally...

who is the stupid one of us?
i, giving reasons why this is bad practice and and allowing where it is necessary, or you, just going to attack me while pretending to be on that animals side?

the unit is called KEKs

simply html bullshit? you only change them on your end, genius

how much stone are a kek?

st=stone, fagtron.



>We wuz kings
>We be smarter than tha white man

Fucking idiots. Feed your fucking people then

Go back to you fuckin pieces of niggershit

well....fuck me I guess

Literally about to have a seizure trying to hold this rage in. Sister would always click on ads and download random music programs. She would always delete all my shit "because I download viruses". So glad I'm done with that shit

>Tagging Mark

This is so fucking far from funny kid. Seriously never post anything again.


looks like my work here is done. there's my contribution to the topic, OP.

Depends on how many stones Moot weighs. Then you make a ratio (Moot weighs 10^3 Keks) and convert.

ha, and she thought she could be sneaky jacking his dick


I have no sympathy for the dude. He knew slapping her was litterally b8 and he did it anyways. Gets what he deserves.
>22nd century
>trusting females with anything important
Wew lad
Hillary cucks


>being younger than your sister
well there's your problem, nigger pussy

> caring this much about what anonymous people think about you when when you're anonymous
What the fuck are you doing nigger?

>Best b8 of the dec8


You are exactly as baited as you just now realized.

It's OBVIOUSLY satire you fucking retard.

then why are all these retards getting dick hurt abt it?

109kg at 7 years old!?!?

I'm not sure that's even possible...

This makes me want to scream.

>One millilitre of water occupies only a tenth of a cubic centimetre
LOL! No.

> And the calorie isn't even metric - the metric system uses the 'joule'
See above. The Calorie is metric, it's just been replaced by the joule for many uses in recent times. It's still part of the metric system despite the fact Joules are preferred..

Every point you tried to make was wrong. The shame of it.


It says the rest of her weight in lbs though, instead of 17.00006 Stone or whatever. SO WHY NOT USE LBS FOR THE WHOLE DAMN THING?

Bitch would be out of GBPs for years.


> mfw I was there when this glorious meme arose
> mfw no reaction images
> mfw she thought she could be sneaky jacking his dick

Fuck off with your gay ass euro sport.

Wait, 109kg is like 250 pounds right? That's as much as me, and I am a fat full grown adult who lifts weights.

What the literal fuck?

I'd also be fine with kilos. But fuck your stone bullshit



clearly fake and gay

Anyone got the pic of some fat ass in a weight loss program being paid ( not by her ) and doctor says she cant have chips but she eats them anyways and cries saying they shouldnt have them

no shit you fucking autist, how fucking miserable and fat are you right now in your parents basement ?


I'm not younger than her she's just mentally challenged

You see a fat ass like this in around 1/100, good point.. In my area 1/1000

lawyerfag here:

Wouldn't happen. Not even close.

You'd have to do a lot more than slap a bitch to go to jail, and no lawyer in their right mind would tell her to clean out the joint account (even a fucking public defender would get damages galore from that).

What this parasitic, blood sucking, morally bankrupt nigger said.

Working dogs have had, and still have, their tails docked to prevent injuries working in heavy cover, barbed wire fences, etc. Sometimes vets have to amputate tails in adults because of the damage, which is much more serious than docking a puppy.

I do agree that docking of dogs for aesthetic reasons is unacceptable, as is act like trimming the ears of Doberman dogs to make them look more aggressive

Fucking love this one, Especially when euro fags call the US fat

Is it true that you guys can swim in shark-infested waters without fear of being bitten?

My dog gots a cut tail from a surgen, but she did come home one day missing flesh in all and only had the bone.

Actually we learn both. We learn imperial in elementary school because it's simplest (uses physical body parts as a base) then metric and SI standards in later elementary on. We were expected to use SI standards in science courses

She is too fat.

You're conflating two issues. The obesity of USA vs UK, which the USA leads but the UK isn't far behind, and abuse of your national health service by stupid people. Oh....wait

Exactly my point.

I don't get it

>22 century

I found this amusing.

At least we'll be able to use magnets to find all these people we need to euthanize.

>those crazy indoctrinated eyes

And where does the planck-length come in?

fat weight isn't the same as muscle weight.
you can be tall and weigh much or have a lot of muscles and weigh quite a lot.

take it easy, if you edit something you didnt want changed just change it back or press f6 and press enter.

im indian but these fuckers need to be lynched
fucking pussies for police in europe

Why are these people so fucking ugly?

hahaha science and methameictics is useless xDDDDD welcum tooo americunt!!!

to be fair
who the fuck brings a food trolley through a weight loss ward

looks like someones telling pork pies


What a time to be alive


>Fuck off with that shit, your units are always too bloody large or too fucking small.

thats why we have units that scale uniformly, you autistic retard


Pick one and only one.

too long winded, bad for the heart. especially when you considered the inferred meaning of the info and the fact that saying two hundred and fourteen pounds seems to in.dicate tghat the amount is beyond the ordinary. Say more with less. also it sounds fat just hearing it, cat is an unflattering color on the queen.

thanks culture. you pos.

This thread literally gave me cancer. Im starting with precautionary chemo right away.

fat* is an unflattering color on the queen

Someone surely thought

>Girls never win, lets give her a chance because she is quirky



Shut up Carlos you fucking beaner.

moved to metric, last time I checked I still saw miles everywhere.

Shit like this makes me consider getting SRS

That's a really nice car. Bitch is retarded.

Actually awesome

WHAT A FUCKING CUNT. I think she she should be stabed in her ears with wit rusty nails

Winner violates the rules and is completely unoriginal and utter shit, but she's a girl, so she wins.

Raging hard...

Not if you follow city


>implying identifying implications is inappropriate

>not knowing the difference between metric and SI

>the chinese take-out on top of the car
>my sides

took me 10 sec to understand what i was looking at...


The fkn suspension in that vehicle...

why the fuck does everyone spell "oops" like "ups" now? seriously. it's oops and not united parcel service. >:c


>had a vasectomy at age 25
>sad that any children I shot inside the cups would not have any of my new experience
>tell nobody except boss at the time
>as time passes I forget about it because I can still cum
>10 years later some chick I've been dating walks up to me and shows me she tested positive on the pregnancy stick
>knows I make tons of money and thinks she has me by the balls so she starts behaving like a spoiled bitch
>kick her out that week telling her that is definitely not my child when I remember that I am no longer fertile but fail to tell her
To be continued...


This story is getting good!

sounds like a previous story posted here a few years ago, but please continue

If I were this dude I'd kidnap this bitch violently rape her, rip off her hair, teeth and nails, skin her alive, then put her in a tub of salt and lemon. I'd then cover up my crimes and move out of the united states with no regrets.



what show is this ?


As a Dane I have to kek
Our neighbor country is a fucking cuck

I remember in primary school many fucking years ago, we had a stand-in teacher who came from Sweden.

She was 100% Swedish, blue eyes, milky skin etc.

Except she had converted to a fucking muslim wearing a burka, everyone in class INCLUDING THE FUCKING SANDNIGGERS where baffled by it, and couldnt stop asking "Why tho?"

Funny thing is she couldn't answer, she just tucked her shoulders lol

Sweden is fucking cancer, Merkel-tier.

Anyone have the post similar to this one?


Should happen in every thread.

no. repeat after me "oops".

One pint of water weighs one pound and requires one BTU to raise it 1 degree Fahrenheit

I weigh ~17 stones 1lb. ~239 lbs
but I don't get the point of using stone. it's such a weird number to multiply/divide by

>Amerifat here

i spilled my soup oups

It was a problem he had. He really, really wanted to be bisexual but was ultimately straight

>Be me
>be peasant
>living in Europe
>lord tells me i can fight for my god and country
>sell everything and leave my family behind to surly die in a country far away
>stop the spread of sand niggers for a millennia
>tfw descendants bend over and let those muslem dogs them walk all over them

Who gives a shit about babies

there's no hope for you.

That was another user I can do it


>seven months later hear a knock at the door
>nobody knows where I live except mailman
>assume I accidentally gave out my address and expecting to greet some random person
>it's ex with a big round belly and is begging me to take her back while trying to guilt me by insisting the child is mine at the same time
>she starts hitting herself in the stomach and I immediately call the cops
>after they get our info and each side of what happened they call an ambulance to take her to the hospital
>the very next week I get visited by an investigator who wanted my side of the story because the doctors discovered bruises on her belly and it was blamed on me
>got shown pictures and the investigator immediately told me my fist were too big to have done that so asked me what I used to hit her with
>spent a few hours covering my version and re-enacting exactly what happened
>sure enough it was all taken to court
>she said that when we lived together the dna test proved positive
>went on to tell more lies
>during recess her lawyer was confused because she never brought any of that extra stuff to the table
>back in session the judge asked her to bring all documents of the test in the next court date
>she showed up empty handed and her lawyer said they are working on getting those documents in order or something
>my lawyer walked up to the judge and handed him my vasectomy documents that were signed by the doctor that did the procedure telling the juries that it was impossible for me to inseminate her, specially after years have passed since the vasectomy had been done
>as a free man I boozed it up the following weekend

I hate that smile on her face. She's acting like she's done something adorable a quirky. This isn't some "oops silly me, teehee" kind of situation. It's not funny that that you made your dog obese.

Cont plss

Thats a nice car. Love the W123's

I've bean called that many times

no hope

user believe in me, I can do it!


THAT image makes me rage.
By default, she is a shit human being, and it is morally ok to fuck her shit up (the car)
As such, I would very much consider it if there was no chance of getting caught.

Pic related


you keep disappointing me.

>If it doesn't impede anything
How about losing a $650 million Mars probe because retarded americans used the imperial system?


wtf is that?

love it.

any idea what happened to her afterwards?


What would Sagan do? He would probably work out, smoke weed, and transfer all that energy from stupid feminism into astrophysics to help advance the human race. Not dumb it down or make it unhealthy. Dumbass fat bitch.


Paris fucks you


My ancestors who fought this fucking war are rolling in their graves


totally real

i feel bad for the cat

Labrador retrievers have a gene mutation that makes them 1/3 more likely to overeat compared to other dogs. Guess she fooled him

that's opossum tho