First time sex stories

Lincoln Wood
Lincoln Wood

First time sex stories.
be virgin

Parker Sanders
Parker Sanders

be me
be 16
6 inches deep in a 6/10 girl from school
cum in about 30 seconds
ridiculed at school and lose all freinds

The usual, not even worth green text.

Leo Jenkins
Leo Jenkins

be me
be 9
watch cinemax at night
bust all kinds of nuts to a porn called kinky kong

Lincoln Jones
Lincoln Jones

be me
be 18
meeting the best female friend of a good friend at a party and just casually talk to her
5/10 girl but had a nice ass
going to a room with her and start making out and fingering her
friend comes in and startes to gossip about some party guests and i still fingered her
had to stop then
met with her the next date fucked for nearly 90 minutes with foreplay
couldn't come because i did not find her attractive for at least 10 min
went home she blocked me everywhere

Oliver Powell
Oliver Powell

Carry on.

Jaxson Long
Jaxson Long

Snuck out when I was 16 and rode my bike 10 miles there and back at midnight with a flat tire to sneek into my girlfriends house.

Adrian Smith
Adrian Smith

lol why?

Jason Robinson
Jason Robinson

13- fucked a 11 yr old and if she knew I was a virgin she would have never fucked me

Ian Edwards
Ian Edwards

be 13 yr old me
playing tf2
degroot keep
10 year old cousin comes around and watches me play
I feel something weird with my sweatpants
her hand is in it slightly
contain myself and keep my mind on tf2
her hand is moving slowly further down my pants
about an inch per 5 minutes slow
I don't want to scare her, so I pretend to be fully engaged in my high skill, highly competitive fps
after 10 minutes she barely touches dick
inb4 I realize that my 10 year old cousin is lowkey molesting me
take the hint and we have tickle sessions every once in a while
it becomes the equivalent of dry humping
after an hour we're both sweaty and I need to change out of my stained underwear
Never did the real thing though.

Owen White
Owen White

Go on

Luis Carter
Luis Carter

do not even know thought it would be a good first time but it seems i blew it .

Maybe she was just ashamed

Jordan Perry
Jordan Perry

Carry on my wayward son
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more
Once I rose above the noise and confusion
Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion
I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high
Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man
Though my mind could think I still was a mad man
I hear the voices when I'm dreaming,
I can hear them say
Carry on my wayward son,
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more
Masquerading as a man with a reason
My charade is the event of the season
And if I claim to be a wise man,
Well, it surely means that I don't know
On a stormy sea of moving emotion
Tossed about, I'm like a ship on the ocean
I set a course for winds of fortune,
But I hear the voices say
Carry on my wayward son
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more no!
Carry on,
You will always remember
Carry on,
Nothing equals the splendor
Now your life's no longer empty
Surely heaven waits for you
Carry on my wayward son
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry,
Don't you cry no more,
No more!

Asher Baker
Asher Baker

Ok Cred Forums, I will happily share my story but I won't give it to you for free, so let's make a deal. You'll find me a good girlfriend, I'll lose my virginity and post results. Do we have a deal?

Gavin Collins
Gavin Collins

Go fuck your hand, loser.

Nicholas Hill
Nicholas Hill

I have the most vanilla virginity loss story of all time
Late bloomer, wasn't really noticed by girls until senior year
Finally get confidence to start getting girls
Ask sexy half Asian sophomore to prom, can't deny my new found good looks and charm
Good chemistry, date for a few months after prom, finally convince her to let my worm wiggle within her
Generic missionary position sex in guest room, cum in 3 minutes
The end

Adam Evans
Adam Evans

No need to be upset.

Justin Flores
Justin Flores

be me
about 16
chatting to girl from school
she's coming over later
sitting in my room, really awkward
start kissing, feeling each other
get on top, both naked, about to enter her
dad walks in, sees what's happening
dad pls no
belt unbuckled, pants down
picks me up, bends me over
pounds my tight, virgin butthole
girl is screaming, can't do anything but watch
dad continues
i pop a chub
finishes in me, i jizz a little
"th..thanks dad"
girl wants me to use my new skills on her
can't because i'm spent after the first session

mfw i finally lost it

Adrian Ward
Adrian Ward

yeah, shoulda fapped before doing it

Thomas Gomez
Thomas Gomez

So I'm 16at this time and I'm dating this guy that I met online but had never actually met. He lives 600miles away, so we are hopeless. Anyway, thinks worked out as to where I'd be in the same state as him, and he drove to meet me. It was actually great and we spent the whole day/night/next morning together. Anyway, sometimes around 3:00am we had sex, both of our first times. We didn't have anywhere to do it but A) in his car or B) in this little treehouse-fort. So we fucked in a treehouse. I rode him the whole time and after we had to go buy plan B. It was great.

Lincoln Kelly
Lincoln Kelly

be 15
get gf from same class
we decide to try sexy time
she sneaks me into her room late one night
get naked
tell her to put the condom on my 4 inch pencil
she puts condom wrong way
just covers the tip
try to do it anyway
2 minutes in she starts crying cause it hurts
pull out, no condom on dick
she panics and starts crying even more
i bolt home and the next day we broke up

Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris

be a wee young lad
great aunt and uncle come to my parents house
playing with cars in my room like a boss, uncle comes and plays cars with me
skip ahead 18 years
uncle dies
about to go to funeral when my parents ask me if I remembered him
say don't really remember him at all
they tell me that the one time that they came to the house, he molested me, and that he had molested half the family in the past but it kept getting swept under the rug, but that's why I hadn't seen him since

Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans

how did you not remember he molested him if you remember playing with your toys? or did your parents tell you that when he came over you were playing with your cars and then he molested you?

Adam Williams
Adam Williams

fucking autism kicked in proper hard then. how old were you when he came over that one time? were you just too young to not know that he molested you?

Tyler Watson
Tyler Watson

Lmfao!! Love the plot twist user

Easton Taylor
Easton Taylor

be virgin
about to lose v card with gf of one year
emotions running through me at 100mph cause finally losing v card
overthinking and worrying about things
can't keep a boner
get hard enough to put condom on
condom just makes it worse
finally stay hard with condom on
dick won't go in
she's either too tight or I'm not hard enough or both
nerves and worrying take over again
lose boner
eventually give up
haven't tried since then since there just hasn't been a good time
still a virgin

Luke Bell
Luke Bell

be me 16
hanging with my gf
parents leave us alone
decide today is my chance
set the mood with a movie
hold her and power through movie
halfway through I start to caress her
she does nothing but moan a bit
nice this is it
going in for a kiss
start to make out
my hands are all over her now
let's go to your room user
we barge in throwing our clothes off
I'm diamonds when I see her perfect tits
she's amazed at my size and how hard I am
will this feel better user
sucks me off
I'm on cloud nine
she stops and begs for it
nervous as I am I throw her on my bed
she spreads and presents me her beautiful snatch
eat her out like a starving Ethiopian eats a bowl of rice
have her at the edge
oh God yes user fuck me
get on top and slide in
Holy shit it's warm and tight
start to fuck her
yes user oh God I love you
fucking her brains out
don't realize parents came back
about to cum in her pussy
dad walks in just as I'm on the edge
Holy shit balls
time to walk the dinosaur son

Wyatt King
Wyatt King

Take this as a sign you probably shouldn't breed

Liam James
Liam James

you still with that same gf??

David Torres
David Torres

he either didn't remember or blocked it out most likely

Sebastian Murphy
Sebastian Murphy

yeah that's what i was thinking. thanks for not thinking i sounded to autistic.

Nathan Cooper
Nathan Cooper

Be 17
Latina housemaid early 30s. 7/10, great boobs and ass but weird face. She used to come three times a week on the mornings
Summer, all day at home doing nothing but play videogames.
Start flirting with manuela out of boredom, but she was actually a fun milf. Some complicity starts growing. I notice she starts to dress up a little and wear make-up.
At some point conversations start to be more personal, she tells me about her kid and she has a man who comes and goes. Without me asking she states clearly she´s free at the moment, wink wink.
Hormones pumping. She asks indirectly if I´m virgin. I lie, I say no girlfriend, but I had had action.
Yeah, sure, whatever. She leaves and goes to the kitchen. I follow her and grab her from behind, softly but very clumsy. Horny teenager erection rubbing her ass. She don´t fight it, but I don´t know what to do next. After an awkward moment she gets off my weird hug and says something like hold your horses, young man, but you could tell she enjoyed it and wanted the cock.
FF Next day. Parents out for work at 8, Manuela arrives at 9. I´m still sleepy when she comes to work. She walks in my room and sits on my bed. I´m fully awaken now, my cock about to explode, but I lye there doing nothing, just staring at her. She makes me a sign to hush and puts her hand under the blankets, grabs my cock and gives me a slow, smooth handjob. I come buckets. She cleans me and leaves the room. The rest of the day I chase her and try to grope her but she won´t allow me to come close to her. I can´t tell if she feels ashamed of it.
Next morning she does it again. This becomes an everyday thing. Things scalate quickly and a week later I fuck her in my bed, legs up and knees by her ears. feelsgreatman.jpg.
This went on for the rest of the summer, six weeks or so, until I had to leave for college. She later on found a better job somewhere else, but we kept contact for some time and still had sex every now and then.

Aiden Nguyen
Aiden Nguyen

Graduate high school June 2005
Join military
First day of training is 18th b-day
Pass basic training
One week of leave before heading to my posting
Stay in a hotel
Get lonely drunk
Call escort service
25-ish year old
Get sucked off
Get the most intense ride of my life
Leaves her card
Call same girl every week for like a year

Nicholas Cox
Nicholas Cox

np user <3

Ian Young
Ian Young

28 yrs old

be virgin

Dylan Price
Dylan Price

be 18th birthday
met girl on aol two weeks ago
meet her for first time on birthday
fuck for two hours straight, without cumming
lost virginity, didn't cum
transcend into higher awareness, make money

Ethan Morgan
Ethan Morgan

Be 9
Hanging out with dad

Caleb Kelly
Caleb Kelly

How many chances did you pass up in your 28 years?

Liam Sullivan
Liam Sullivan

be me
not bad looking dude
hang out with a girl I kind of knew from freshman year of high school
people all around me tell me she's checking me out
I've never even fooled around with a girl before
hang out with her the next day
even I start noticing she's into me
texting later that night
she says "we should fuck haha"
my reply is "totally"
she's actually serious
take her to my dorm, roommate is at his friend's house
I last two fucking hours
she comes twice
can tell she wasnt faking by her muscle spasms and contractions
fucking fire alarm goes off in our dorm
3 in the morning sweaty as hell outside where all of my college friends are

pretty fucking good night. If you're in high school and you're worried you wont get laid, literally the problem is that you're worried you wont get laid. Wait till high school is over.

Mason Rodriguez
Mason Rodriguez

details please, don't leave anything out

Nathan Lopez
Nathan Lopez

Find him a good hand, and he'll post results.

Zachary Davis
Zachary Davis

Be me
be 18
virgin sex with virgin girlfriend (later wife)
Starts out finger banging
no idea if its working
goes down and almost gag as I swallow a hair
almost in the butthole, oops
she guides
in for the first time with no condom
in all the way
best feeling, indescribable
finishes in 5 minutes
girl says it hurt and never again
bang a few more times before she likes sex
married and happy with no kids

Did I fuck up by not fucking a bunch of other women? We were both each others first. Pic is her.

Juan Ward
Juan Ward

Thats my alarm every morning. My wife now hates that song.

Adam Scott
Adam Scott

Topkek. Someone screencap plox

Jacob Bailey
Jacob Bailey

prom night
sleep over at friends house after
random mattress in basement
me and her fuck on it
pass out
wake up covered in little red bumps
mattress is covered in flees from cats
didn't care had sex

Blake Diaz
Blake Diaz

can't green text because newfag. will kill self later.

be 23
living with 3/10 roommate for over a year
then we fuck
for an hour

And everything after that was fine. no weird baggage or anything

Hudson Wood
Hudson Wood

just turned 18
been messing around with girl (17) for last year
she likes other guy in our group of friends, but uses me as the fall back guy
know she fucked him at least once, he always ignores her
mostly handjobs in my bed while i finger her
sometimes she begs me "please" but keep my head and say no
one day lose my head and I beg "please"
turn her over and try to enter her missonary
too tight to just go to town and I end up cumming before entering her all the way
kinda stop after that
a week later she starts hanging out with other "friends" in a town 15 minutes away
feel used like she didn't care for me at all

timeskip 12 years
in love with my current wife but every now and then I look her up on facebook and masterbate
wonder what could have been

god damnit, wish I could have kept her sometimes

pic related: what she looks like now

Carter Cooper
Carter Cooper

ah you're fine, you just miss the old days

Nicholas Rivera
Nicholas Rivera

not OP but that's sad LOL

Elijah Gutierrez
Elijah Gutierrez

be me, 15.
be at late night shopping with a few friends
only guy friend there is trying to hook up with a girl from another school
we will call her K
she is ignoring him and is far more interested in me
lol k.
all night she's hanging off me and laughing at my jokes, following me outside when i go smoke.
whatever, probably won't see her again after tonight
fast forward a week or two, she's enrolled at my school
run into her on the staircase,she hugs me.

Luke Anderson
Luke Anderson

The thumbnail made it look like a blowjob

Jayden Perry
Jayden Perry

Anybody that says they lasted hours is a lying fucktard.

Alexander Gomez
Alexander Gomez

Be 17 hanging out with cool 20yo down the street.
She is doing laundry and watching Jerry Springer
We start making out
Clothes come off
End up laying her down on unfolded clothes and sliding in.
Too nervous to cum
Finally came 3rd time we did it a week later

Nathaniel Edwards
Nathaniel Edwards

why the hell not?

Levi Sanchez
Levi Sanchez


Nicholas Morris
Nicholas Morris

First handjob
Pushing fridget Chinese girl into it. Her body is like a 12yo besides her awesome tits.
she makes me cum
shooting ropes everywhere
She suddenly lets go and is like what the fuck is this?
Realize just how little many Chinese girls know sex
Still with the same girl 3 years later and training her up

Ryan Barnes
Ryan Barnes

I do. It dosen't help that she looks way better than my wife. Is it bad that my fantacy is secretly fucking her behind my wife's back?

Jackson Reed
Jackson Reed

be me
be 17, going into senior year hs
meet girl over the summer who goes to school, never met before
start talking, flirting on text and stuff
meet up at orientation event, 6/10 would bang
keep flirting here and there
hang out at her house one night, first kiss/makeout
next week invite her to movie with family
finger her in theater as shitty romcom plays
family right next to me
sneak skill has increased to 69
drive her home later
she mentions a place by her house off the road that's pretty quiet
we go, makeout, get naked, finger/blowjob, etc.
can't quite position for sex in car so go to her hosue
like midnight now, sneak in
start up again on bed, actually have sex for like 20 min
go home after cumming in her mouth

We fucked pretty much every other day for like two months after that. I was a stupid teenager in what was like my third "relationship" so i thought it was a little more serious than it was. She ended it after two months or so.

Later I found out that my best friend had fucked her behind my back near the end of it and even though I realized later we were just fuckbuddies, i was still pissed at him since he knew I was into her at the time.

Kinda fucked me up for a while after that, hard to trust people since he was like my brother, but eventually got over it.

Gavin Wright
Gavin Wright

24 year old kissless virgin
hate all women
drunk one night
walking home in rain
see little old lady, at least 80
follow her down dark street
smash her in head
as she's lying down moaning, pull off her grannie panties
fuck her
Hey, 80 year old pussy is better than nothing
still hate women

Ryder Hall
Ryder Hall

time to walk the dinosaur son
kek, checc those satanic trips

Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore

Ok some info about K first. Average height, slightly chubby but not fat, reddish brown hair, cute face, accent from somewhere in the uk.
continue life as normal, not really interested in her
she settles in with a lot of the groups i chill with.
hugs me pretty much every day
stay home one day because i was a hardcore little rebel
get a text from K about lunchtime. "Where are you?"
the fuck how does she have my number?? "At home, cant be arsed today"
go back to making some ramen and shitposting
beep beep "can i come over?"
parents are out so fuck it, tell her my address and she ditches school to see me.
honestly the fact she seemed to move schools and only come to see me after one night of hanging out should have raised some red flags but i was you and dumb

Samuel Phillips
Samuel Phillips

Be 15
know slutty asain/Indian girl at party
she says she needs to go to bed
I say I do do to (coincidentally)
I'm supposed to be on couch
follow her to room instead
she's dtf
buddy and his girlfriend come in ten minutes after making out with this chick
the girls get naked together and makeout
they want to hold hands while they get fucked by me and my buddy
can't get it up for half an hour because it's fucking weird
finally get it up and put it in
so warm, Cum in like 15 seconds
keep going becuase I don't want to be that guy
go for a half an hour
both girls compliment me on my cock

Tfw I have so much stamina
Tfw I find out I actually have a decent sized cock

Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez

I wouldn't say it's bad that you're fantasizing, however would you actually do it? Maybe you're better off leaving her if you have plans on cheating, or at least talk to her about it, it doesn't sound fair.
& any pics of your wife?

Jackson Gutierrez
Jackson Gutierrez

I'd never cheat on her. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me.

Jason Price
Jason Price

15 years old
sex is on horizon
shave my pubes
jam a flashlight up my pussy with a condom to prepare myself for what's to come
holy shit this hurts ow wtf
fast forward 1 week
at boyfriend's house
making out, touching
take pants off, keep shirt on
he pulls his boxers down
im super wet, condom is lubricated
he slides in with ease, feels sharp like a knife
everything is pain
moaning makes it feel better
stare at the clock as he fucks me for another 45 minutes as i lose my virginity in agony
walks me to bus stop with wobbly legs

Brayden Sanders
Brayden Sanders

out late.
driving around wasting time
bored. park.
last guy friend hoofs it cause he's bored, lives close.
just me and somewhat ugly girl.
still bored. she asks to see it.
both sitting in back of decent sized car
reluctantly pull it out after being pestered.
stroke for a bit, lazily
she takes it in mouth. doesn't feel bad, but not real stimulating.
after a while she stops and slides off pants and starts rubbing herself a bit.
still not attracted but never seen those parts before so interested.
Things continue and we're touching each other.
both realize that we're not really getting the job done.
she slides over and climbs on, and i slide in since we're both pretty wet.
omg that feels amazing
i last like 30 seconds and she doesn't stop and cums a little bit after that.
feel awkward.
drive her home.
go home masturbate to cute girl at school pretending it was with her.
try to avoid being last in the car with girl again.

James Ortiz
James Ortiz

yeah, she's cute too, treat her well anonm8

Evan Smith
Evan Smith

First time i had sex i got herpes

Nathan Adams
Nathan Adams

i know what you mean but if I could have a one-off with an old crush I feel like I have to. no one really gets hurt and I have that memory to sate me forever.

Sebastian Wilson
Sebastian Wilson

go for it

Isaac Roberts
Isaac Roberts


most of my young encounters were under the influence of ecstasy and coke.

we fucked like it was going out of fashion.

Bentley Brooks
Bentley Brooks

Man...... a little drunk or after I have cum once.. I have fucked my ex for hours.

If you have a good cardio-respiratory endurance..... aka you run or bike miles a few times a week...... this is easy.

Wyatt Hughes
Wyatt Hughes

Young and dumb*
she arrives and i let her in
she's impressed by my house, don't know why it was pretty average
sitting on a lounge and talking when she takes my phone
hell naw my porn, end up wrestling for bit.
retrieve porn successfully. Both a tad flustered
head out to the front of the house. Poolside. Light up and continue chatting
she has been eyeing me since we wrestled. Tells me i should quit smoking
lol no
seems kinda hurt by my refusal
tell her i will consider it
she brightens back up and continues checking me out.
pretend not to notice, dont know why but i just wasn't interested despite being a horny virgin teenager that wanted to fuck everything with a hole and a pulse.
can see where we are headed and decide to change course, fake a call from a family member and tell her i have errands to see too.
We both leave, sitting in the car with my older brother when he asks if i was fucking her
tell him no but i could have
"then why aren't you"
honestly dont know. Check phone rather than answering the question
new text "dtf?".
here we go.

Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres

thank you

It makes me wish sex wasn't so taboo in modern society. If it would be acceptable to have sex with anyone willing, out of wedlock, without being looked down on, and without having to worry.

Gavin Jenkins
Gavin Jenkins

sadly i barely remember :( brain injury 3 years ago

drove a girl home from work
she tells me she will cook me dinner
tell her im going to take a nap wake me when dinner is ready
take a nap
feel my zipper and button getting off
pull my pants/ boxers down
feel her sucking my dick
wake up when i was about to cum
she puts a grip on it
tell her aaa i wanted to cum
she hops on me holding my arms
starts moving
she decides to whip out a strapon
puts on my ass gives me a reach around
came a lot
she starts sucking me
i don['t remember what she cooks but she didn;'t have hot sauce she had hot pepper flakes

Adam Gonzalez
Adam Gonzalez

I am not saying fucking for hours doesn't happen. I am saying fucking your first time for hours doesn't happen.

Anybody who says the first time they stuck their dick in a chick and then fucked for hours is lying their fucking ass off.

Daniel Howard
Daniel Howard

Me, 19
Met a girl on Myspace
We go out to dinner, go back to my mom's after
Start watching Simpsons
She starts blowing me
Tell her I've never had sex before
She tells me I should go raw to get the best experience
Pound that shit for about 5 minutes
Go deep, cum hard

A month later she tells me she has a boyfriend and I got her pregnant. He paid for the abortion.

Connor Jackson
Connor Jackson


Lincoln Fisher
Lincoln Fisher

last weekend
5/10 maybe 6/10 friend invites me over
drinking lightly all night
keep having to excuse myself for restroom because beer is giving me the shits. Drank a lot day before
6am, already tired and just wanna go home
start making out, asks if I'm down to do stuff and I somewhat reluctantly say yes
condom feels too tight, have to kind of strain to keep boner
she rides me for a couple minutes in a not so pleasurable grinding motion
in straining to keep boner i kinda force myself to half ass cum
feel kinda bummed that I didn't much enjoy it and came all fast
she falls asleep on my shoulder and I let myself out 30 minutes later
spend the next few days worrying that I may have got here pregnant even though condom didn't break
kinda hoping she doesn't hit me up for a while
oh and my leg is broken so I couldn't do much

Leo Carter
Leo Carter

Finest first time story ever written. You will laugh, You will cry. You may want to go fuck a trap after reading.

Jaxon Hill
Jaxon Hill

be 14
on bus when black girl says she wants to fuck me, she 6.5/10... nice body, face got hit by a brick.
finger her on bus a few times before and after school.
parents and sister away for a weekend, invite her over
she heads over, get underressed.
She sucks my dick for a few seconds and tells me to put it in her.
bust a nut 30 seconds later
she leaves i go another year and a half without having sex.

Jacob Watson
Jacob Watson

fast forward to a week or two later.
getting rekt on a friday night at a mates house, planning to crash there.
text from K "what are you up to?"
"drinking at a friends"
"can me and C come?"
mate is all for more chicks coming over.
they arrive with vodka, we all drink and smoke the night away
one of the chicks throws up and needs to be walked home
end up walking them home and get coerced into staying at C's house (never met C before that night. Kinda awkward but eh we were pretty wasted)
sitting on the couch and sobering up a little
C says "can you guys fuck already, i wanna watch"
all laugh but kinda look at each other for approval as well.
we all fall asleep on the couch and in the morning i have to play along with some bullshit story about being a distant relative of K's who's in town for a couple of days when i wake up to C's mom questioning me.

Noah Jackson
Noah Jackson

kek'd hard

Nolan Cook
Nolan Cook

From a previous Green text
Took screen shots cause lazy

Isaac King
Isaac King

Terror show
wasted off shitty vodka
having the time of my life chatting up scene whore between bands
get kicked out during Terror's set for getting in a fight during All For Revenge
throw up on the sidewalk and lay down in friend's car
same scene slut comes out and talks to me about everything
ends up pulling her tits out to ""make me feel better"" and then she sucked me off a bit
she begs me to fuck her but my friend's Outback back row of seats was too small
I pop the hatchback off and fuck her doggy style off the trunk of the car in the fucking parking lot
cum inside of her but she was on birth control I guess
get the spins hard and pass out in the back seat with my dick hanging out with her sitting next to me and my friends came and saw my pingaling

I left out some details but we dated for like two months after that and I ended up leaving her for being a psycho bitch

Hunter Perry
Hunter Perry

be me 12
in 7th grade
date white natural platinum blonde
Great ass
she played volley ball
date for two years
always do foreplay stuff
rub her clit,finger her, eat her out, she blows me, etc.
one day want to do something else
near her home a bunch of houses are being built new neighborhood
went into newly built house
construction man told us we couldn't
big ass stacks of hay
ye boi.jpg
climb on top of big hay stacks on the thin rope holding it together
both get to top
make out
fingering her while she jerks me
start eating her out
she gets on top after
here we go
hard to get 5 inch in she's too tight
get it in ( had condom btw)
5 inches deep in that gud pussy
so tight it hurts
rides me
after awhile I finish
she gets off both really happy
make out and then climb down and go home
I swear on my life that her pussy was so tight that it hurt. Next time I jerked I tried squeezing but I couldn't squeeze hard enough to even compare to how tight she was. Shit was cash

Xavier Davis
Xavier Davis

I think I know you

Asher Garcia
Asher Garcia

make it out alive
go home and sleep off my hangover.
end up hanging with K again after my nap
it gets late and we are on a side of the town i dont know
end up walking to C's while no one is home (K knows this, i do not)
K uses a spare key to get us in and we chill for a while on the lounge
she plays with my waistband and suggests we move to a bed
ask her why shes flicking me with my waistband
she retorts with "what if i did this" and grabs my cock.
"what now" she asks
"blowjob time?" I ask
blows me for a couple of minutes then leaves and returns with a rubber
put it on and ease in
fuck her until we are both tired and then just stopped.
didnt cum, was still pretty good though.
fell asleep after fucking on C's bed after breaking in.
dated K for a few years after and fucked almost everywhere

Tyler Cruz
Tyler Cruz

If she's way hotter, then your wife is a fucking dog.

Logan Bell
Logan Bell

I'll nominate my hand. She's my left hand so extremely low mileage when it comes to jerking dicks off.

Joseph Myers
Joseph Myers

Senior in high school, dating smoking hot 16 yr old

Go to park of evening, she says it's time for me to lose virginity

Diamonds, fuck raw dog for 1 min, cum.. fucking amazing feeling

Get hard again and bang for 5 mins and nut again

Ask her if it was good, stupidly ask if I was better than her ex

Replies with he was pretty big so it hurt most of the time

Never recovered from insecurities

Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright

here you go b
10th grade
move to new school
hate it
stoner girl in drama class
get her to sneak out her window
steal parents mini van
buy condoms
take her to the high school
drive over curb to get around fence
do donuts in the courtyard
football field
tie net of soccor goal to bike rack
she is sucking me off now
hit it in the backseat like a champ
cum buckets
tie used condom to front door of building
next day parents confused about 3 inches of mud coating the bottom of van.
blame on older brother
never got caught
i am a god

Isaiah Roberts
Isaiah Roberts

You might, Mr. Bond

Asher Cruz
Asher Cruz

You came too fast, and you wonder why she ditched you? She begged for it and you gave her the same trash you probably give your wife.

Thomas Carter
Thomas Carter

is that a picture of her?

Zachary Ortiz
Zachary Ortiz

Any one follow all that?

Brody Ward
Brody Ward

sounds like fun.

Jackson Adams
Jackson Adams

Deez damn witebois

Noah Wright
Noah Wright

be me freshman in college
lurk on craigslist for landwhales
find one
She's 29
Professor at my uni
4/10 landwhale
doesn't matter, still gotta nut
get rode by this gigantic half russian half jew
finally get my nut

James Cook
James Cook

I got it Cred Forumsro

Ryder Harris
Ryder Harris

She is overweight about 30 - 40 pounds. Starting to look bad body wise.

Fuck off man, I personaly think it was because I gave into having sex with her that made her leave.

Yes it is.

Angel Kelly
Angel Kelly

drink like a motherfucker at age 15-16 probably
all friends go home to sleep
continue drinking on my own
text thius grill who's been into me for a while
pretty cute actually but kind of a slut, been with a binch of shady guys
while drunk idgaf
text her 'Can i sleep at your place tonight'
get reply "sure where u at"
meet up with her
walk with her, to her place for like 45min-1 h
ultra awkward small talk, i may be drunk but im still an awkward Cred Forumstard
get to her place, go to the bed
almost pass out instantly
she rubs my cock
i start to figure out what i've gotten myself into
become solid
i say to her ' fuck me'
lay on her bed halv unconcious while diamonds in my pants
she gets off pretty quickly, while my drunkass takes forever
she starts blowing me and i am half passed out
i tell her to jerk me off instead
she goes on for like 10 min
then it comes instantly, i tell her' im cuming NOW'
i fucking squirt myself in the eye almost lmao.
could not be arsed to go clean up my dick
woke up the next morning in her bed, at her parents house, got the fuck outof there
walked for like 3-4 hours to my place

got checked up by an std clinic the week after
got chlamydia
worth it 8/10 would reccomend

Eli Parker
Eli Parker

15, 16 year old gf
at her house
together for 3 months
'we can't have sex til you're 16'
get her horny and she wants to have sex so go for it
condom makes me floppy
stick it in eventually, she starts bleeding
pull out and clean up the blood

Ethan Thompson
Ethan Thompson

no offense user, girl 1 is average at best, but she is a good 10 to 15x better than wife. I'm sorry man....

Juan Price
Juan Price

me 14
asking/telling people i want to watch the new Harry Potter movie (deathly hallows part 2)
no one wants to take and pay for me, parents were/are cheap
older brother's friend (he was 20 at the time) offers to take me, just asks that I keep it kinda secret from my brother/parents
it was a good movie
he takes me to get ice cream and we go to the park
this is the first time we've really talked
14 year old self falls instantly in love with older boy who shows attention to me
when he gets home he says i should make sure my parents are asleep and he'll come in and spend some more time with me. my parents are usually asleep by 9 and its pretty late now.
comes to my room and we are talking, he tells me that he has always had a crush on me and i tell him how much i like him
he starts saying how he is older and that he should probably find a girl his age
it makes me insecure so i instantly chime in "i can do anything they could do"
he asks if I trust him, "yes"
he starts to kiss me and lay me down on my bed
he starts to squeeze my 14 year old, A-cups and feeling me up
i wasn't sure how to feel at this point, but i didn't tell him no or to stop or anything
kissing my neck
after i'm undressed he asks if i'm ok "yes" and then he asks if he can take my virginity
i'm not ready but I say yes
he is on top of me and he starts to push himself in
it's really uncomfortable for me.
he is able to push himself all the way in, it hurts a little bit but its not unbearable
after a few minutes of just laying there he pulls out and cums on my stomach

After this i'm just laying there on my bed and he gets dressed and leaves without really saying anything. He wouldn't text me back or anything and when i finally saw him again, he acted like nothing happened. It really messed me up for a while...but I understand what happened now, I just didn't back then. I thought for the longest time that I didn't feel good or he thought I was being annoying and various other reasons.

Aiden Edwards
Aiden Edwards

Did he accidentally touch your penis?

David Gomez
David Gomez

19 at a party
flirting with girl, she seems dtf
go to a room
kissing/playing around with girl
finger her a bit etc.
she takes off my pants
laugh at my dick
i lose my boner get sweaty and uncomfortable
she laughs and leaves
still a virgin

Lincoln Edwards
Lincoln Edwards

be 17 (junior in hs)
have 16yo gf (sophomore in hs)
gf is super horny all the time
dating for a month or two
says the only sex she's ever had was "rape"
She said she didn't want to only after she had sex with ex bf
invited her over to "chill"
diamonds the second she walks in the door
head upstairs into my room
she sits on my bed while I put a disc in to the dvd player
put on random horror movie
start making out during the previews
hit play once the menu pops up
instantly put my hand down her pants (we had already done a lot of foreplay before)
find clit instantly
she starts moaning
I cover her mouth since my whole family's downstairs
undo her bra with free hand
shirt and bra off
she takes my shirt off before I pull off her yoga pants
my dick is begging to be free at this point
I take my pants off and go back to playing with her clit while she slides her hand under my boxers and starts to jack me off
pull boxers down and moves away from the kiss to blow me
she's not good at it and I seriously just want to fuck at this point, but I restrain myself
pull her up gently by her hair and lay her back on my bed and have her lay down

Wyatt Hall
Wyatt Hall


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