Le forgotten in 10 years man

le forgotten in 10 years man

>american football opinions

Won the first trophy for his country.

Meanwhile Messi has to fake retire so people forget about him choking all the time,

I was terrified of him in the finals but now I'm just laughing at this "wunderkind". He's got nothing on Maradonna.

He's the one that will be forgotten soon. No records last forever, trophies do.

the greatest contribution to portuguese sports


Le obese qatarlona spicco bandwagoner

That goes for pretty much every footballer. Messi, Pele and Maradona are the only ones that will be remembered for a long time

>implying anyone remembers schevchenko, sanchez, van nistlerooy, etc..

cristiano is just another one of a long line of goalscorers that no one thinks about after they're gone unless they're spotted watching a match

He is literally the 2nd most famous player ever after Beckham

You're just some buttsore messhit aspie mad at life

he would be, but after he won the Euro and CL trophies for two clubs, well, he won't. Manure fans dickride him to this very day and they'll likely keep doing so for another 40 years, they'll tell their grandsons about how he cucked messi

>people unironically suck Ronaldinho's dick for 3 (three) good seasons

Now that's someone who will be ignored

lel he will be playing in 10 years

>only bedding one woman your whole life
topkek messhits. based ronaldo punted his supermodel gf out the door because she didn't go to a birthday party. alpha as fuck. trust me once messi retires their marriage won't last 2 years. His rampant autism is only bearable because he is away so often playing football. Once antonella has to endure him constantly forward rolling about the house, filling the fridge with sprite and hiding various objects in secret locations because maintaining possession is 'la masia' way she will leave him.

Ronaldinho won everything, m8

Messi is unforgettable for anyone who see him play in his prime

SCREENCAPPED. You can't be this retarded can you?

What did Ronaldinho do in the 2002 WC outside of the England game and the first half of the Germany Finals?

>ronaldo won the first trophy for his country

sorry i thought that was eder who won the trophy not the cheerleader on the sideline

>not rating Ronaldinho
fuck off


how does it feel living in a western africa shithole

Post it. It's been deleted.

Show up at all unlike Missi

Yup. He'll be (already is) on the Maradona, Pelé, Di Stefano tier.
CR will be on the Batistuta, Van Basten, Muller, Henry tier, which is not bad at all.


Every German NT Starting 11.


Germans are too robotic and boring to leave themselves a proper legacy or be remembered. Successful yeah, but they're also autistic


>Di Stefano

kek literally who

he'll be playing somewhere third world to stat pad his way to more goals than pele.

C.ronaldo is the second best player of all time- messi is the best