First manager to get sacked:

Go back to Italy you Italian prick simply cant handle the Premier League.

>4 games in a row

>Brings on the subs mostly in the last 10-15 mins

''We'' mostly faced meme teams apart from liverpool and we struggled on all of them.Klopp EXPOSED this cunt.

>meme teams apart from liverpool

is klopp acually doing good in the epl?
has he brought some consistency to liverpool or is he just getting through by being the angry/motivating coach?

he's managing a midtable club, give him time and money and he'll win the league at least once

>le angry tactics man

>has he brought some consistency to liverpool or is he just getting through by being the angry/motivating coach?
both actually

He's a good manager but he's not that good.

>has he brought some consistency to liverpool
Impossible lad.

But yeah, Liverpool look pretty legit.

Chelsea are just shit.

They beat or draw good teams, then lose to shit ones

he can't help it if he's gone from managing in Italy to a passionless megarich midtable club like Chelshit.

he expects a certain level of commitment from the fans, you can tell, but instead his team gets booed off at half time kek

>3 subs in the 82nd minute



Too early this season to tell if he fixed the consistency issue. Liverpool plays well against top clubs (and Chelsea), but then lost 0-2 to Burnley. Wouldn't be a shock if they lose to Hull next.

It's like since Hazard is the boy wonder who can't be subbed off, FUCK THAT. He was so terrible this game, no shots on goal, no creativity, NOTHING. You wanna talk about a fucking meme? Look no further than that Belgian block head.

This, Chelsea are just scum

Why does Premiershit always uses those autistic cameras where only 6-7 players can be seen in the frame? It's so claustrophobic.

pure kino 2bh, you're just a pleb

Not up to the standard of the Bosnian Premier League eh?

I don't think a Chelsea manager has ever made me as angry as Conte did in this game.

Quite possibly the worst in-game management I've ever seen. Waiting until the 83rd minute to make a substitution while your team has been losing for most of the match...

Just how the fuck did he think giving three subs 6-7 minutes to acclimatise to the game and affect the result is beyond me.


So thats the BPL that I kept hearing about for years.

Correct. You islanders are so alienlike and weird.

n e w


>playing always out of position man with cahill


He got exposed by fucking livepool lol

he is doing better than the spectral one

its games like these where he earns his bread but knowing Liverpool they'll lose their next game 2-0

>triple sub in the 82nd minute

What the fuck is this, football manager?

>he expects a certain level of commitment from the fans
Do you mean a half empty stadium every game because that's what you get in Serie A

What the fuck is that thing?

He's seriously getting on my nerves with this shit. Also how is Fabregas STILL benched for fucking Oscar? Done literally fuck all since game 1 this season.

>chelsea fans want conte out already
Why was I under the impression that you guys liked him and that he's doing well?

any half empty Serie A stadium makes a lot more of noise than Stamford Bridge and the Etihad and the Old Trafford combined

I think everyone likes him, no question about that. But he's had a very strange approach so far. Benching players thats been playing good, making subs way too fucking late.. It's the sort of shit you'd expect from someone like Mourinho or Van Gaal, not Conte.

Also >we just came form a shocker of a season, and really need to fix this shit NOW. Not in 10 years like right fucking now.

I have faith in Chelsea and Conte, we just need to get better at defending, and we need someone like Fabregas to make those deep field passes, Matic, Cahill are just not as great as they were before, shit at least David Luis didn't play as bad as I originally thought today.

And at the end Liverpool has just played amazing football this season, they're together with City the best teams in the premier league right know. Let's see how Chelsea plays against arsenal and Leicester, after those two games I think I will definitely have a very fair opinion about Chelsea's quality this season.

You better give up on Fabregas guys, he's not going to be a starter unless he massively changes how he plays.

Looks like a pokemon

lol ok

He's not wrong, English """""'atmosphere""""" is about as lame as the national team.

what's your favourite Chelsea chant m8? mine is

>CHELSEA *clap clap clap*
>CHELSEA *clap clap clap*
>CHELSEA *clap clap clap*


haha, jog on fatty

I might actually be offended by this if I were American. But probably not as it is being said by a brit

He deserves a lot of credit for pulling through the Arsenal and Chelsea games on the road and getting all 6 points. BR would have bottled both being up 2-0 and got only 1-2 points, if not none.

i like the one that goes like this:
for like 10 minutes

The fuck is this?

If him and le tinker man left I think I'd honestly cry.

If Mick Mccarthey gan get Ipswich up and someone can convince Ian Holloway to manage their club coupled with Sean Dyche it would usher in a new golden era of legendary bantz tßh.

>Mick McCarthy
You mean Merlin the Magician?

Do you remember when Wolves fans thought he was holding them back, he got fired and they immediately dropped two divisions? Ipswich fans are bitching now. They have the lowest net spend in the division and Mick had them pushing for promotion. Fire him and they'll end up in League 2. He's a fucking miracle worker.