What went right?

What went right?

Easy start to the season

So everton are going to be undefeated through september then?

Played lots of shit teams

Benching Ross Barkley

They haven't had a single difficult fixture


Koeman understands the PL

They faced one genuinely great team (Tottenham) and they drew

Everything la

Ronald Koeman
Look at Southampton for example
Prove me wrong
Protip: you can't

>Mouyes flops
>He gets kicked
>Koeman becomes the new manager of ManU
>They end up outside of the CL again
>Koeman gets fired
>ManU hires an old manager that hasn't coached in ages like Sacchi
>Fails to qualify to the EL
>ManU hires Simeone
>The cicle continues

>Mouyes 2.0 confirmed

If he goes to manu, he will be the only one that can get them to play CL. He isn't a meme coach like LvG or mourinho

>He isn't a meme coach like LvG or mourinho
No.He is not like LvG or Mou he is like Moyes.LvG and Mou have at least win lots of titles

>Beating Blunderland 3-0 is considered a statement of intent

Neverton pls


>played for Barca
>is now a manager
>confirmed great manager

"We" have had an easy start but it's literally just having a manager who knows how to defend

is that Matt Damon?

I do hope they get an EL spot this season.

Best manager in football

More like fat Damon

They're finishing top 4

Give him a bunch of diet pills and you could have this.

much better team than Man City, but haven't been able to prove it yet

nil satis nisi optimum lads


They got a cheap deal on some creosote over the summer.