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bitch almost got finished by a no notice anderson.

if he aint standing with anderson he will not stand with rumble gtfo with that shit nigga

Schaub bless

I wish overreem was champ :(


i'm just giving ppl a way to watch fights
n most cat watch the main card directly

y does this trigger you so much?

Is that how you talk irl

He had his chance.

Knuckle Up: youtube.com/watch?v=H6YD96sQZ00

If I Did It: youtube.com/watch?v=h7WEL7PrUE4

Care/Don't Care Preview: youtube.com/watch?v=4eAJbNq9VCg

MMA Vivisection: youtube.com/watch?v=uo6YyB1S7eI

Heavy Hands: youtube.com/watch?v=HD116OzVxT0

Diggin' Deep: youtube.com/watch?v=dTfKl3fMLmU


Is Bellator really the second best MMA league or is OneFC or something better?

>only 2 months since first UFC fight
>already calling the shots
based Conor

>multi combat sport promotion champion
i'd say that's worth more than any UFC belt

Overeem himself says otherwise edgelord

>you will never go from playing your favorite game to starring in it


what's your excuse /heem/?

OneFC might be bigger just because of how many asians there are
Their Asian Sage-Paige siblings were rumoured to be making good money iirc

I don't have as shit taste in games like Cod

what does "heem" stand for? plz no bully

Anybody else like "The Thai Killer" Manson "Master Blaster" Gibson?

>mickey mouse cardboard wrestling belts

I'd be embarrassed to bring them up desu

Maybe one day I can star in Final Fantasy

You weren't there man.

You DON'T understand.


he's a meme fighter favored by reddit

Justin Bucholz of TAM

>beat gokhan saki and badr hari in their own sport
heem yourself you cheeto fingered nerd

>>multi combat sport promotion champion
>i'd say that's worth more than any UFC belt

I say you're wrong.

am I wrong for thinking cyborg would be a massive draw? Give her a 140/145lb division, give her people to absolutely murder on live television. I 100% guarantee a ton of people watching UFC have never seen a woman fight like her. Plus, 135 girls would most likely move up to fight her if things aren't working at 135 (meisha, holly, cat, etc). People would tune in to see a woman beat the shit out of girls like a man.

Soothing heeminder I would literally kill ever here in a real street fight.

what other bum has been champ in kickboxing and MMA, UFC is a shit tier promotion compared to it's predecessors.

He also got completely starched by Badr Hari

One win in kickboxing means nothing, the best fighters lose like 50 times in their career

hari's a fucking scumbag and a closet cocoa shunter, probably pozzed up half the k1 roster ffs

Dan Hardy at 155 would be pretty based desu

Lol no its not you fucking fedora

Apparently One has strong links with the Evolve gym and their fighters take priority over others in getting fights etc. For example Christian Lee (their Sage as you said) fought like 5 times in 2016 but there are numerous fighters begging for fights/contract termination because they don't get booked.

He didn't get starched, he didn't even get knocked down and it was an early stoppage

Dana on his decision to make the Wonderboy–Woodley fight

Reem actually knocked out Hari. Hari beat Reem by the 3 knockdown rule.
Reem's win is better.

look at the heavyweight/light heavyweight division you fucking casual

What about Crocop?

Wasn't this bellatore shit supposed to start like 30 bings ago?

Shady stuff. Had forgotten their names, thanks.

He'll never be the champ unfortunately, I could probably take a punch better than he can at this point.

>Watching Lelator

where the fuck is prediction-cuck?

weigh ins are over is he fucking around again?

t. 189er retard who discovered pride on fight pass

>not watching kongo every chance you get


What the fuck?

Is Lellator on in 20 bings?

Chris is one of few fighters I know by name and I regularly watch One. More Cowboy than Sage.

>strikeforce and pride were worse than the UFC

Apparently the fights have started already, but my streams is still showing promo shit

>conor is a villain
>you might get to kill goober at the end

will polebowl be the most technical wmma fight to date?

>pay 60 bucks to get beat up by a model of Connor


Pride was fun like early UFCs. Plus the environment was neat. Strikeforce was poo.

KK is overrated imo
She's several years behind JJ's level

no because the make good fight on each other but I think joanna will make the punch for her face and be the winner by k & o

>UFC?? Gar-bage I say!!! Gar-bage!!! Real fight fans like me LOVE the don't give a crud style of Pride and Strikeforce!!!! Pride never dies!!!


ok but still, what fight was more technical?

Paddy, I'm not sure I follow...

>the ultimate manlet fighting championship

>he doesn't like soccer kicks and freak show fights


>the Rizin grand prix starts next weekend
>guaranteed circus fights

if only lmao

>Yankova will never stomp on your balls

The prince who was promised

Go watch WWE


both Gadelha fights, although not striking vs striking, but ok I get what you mean

on a related not, who do you think wins KK vs Calderwood? KK vs Letourneau?

my Nigel


who gets injured and nick steps in?

the pre usada fighter's credibility will always remain in question.

Nick's fighting GSP la
But I think GSP would step in if one of the two got injured
Or Conor, and he becomes 3 division champion in one night

the man has good taste in COD


>tfw both your boys are fighting at 205

could be a great night, an okay night or a suicide inducing night

It was the last ok one desu

After it went full trash

im in football manager 2012 so fuck you pal

>having 2 white boys

back to Cred Forums you fucking racist bigot

Gonna pull a Conor/Artem

It's going to be great

BO2 was fun as hell, but yeah, I didn't even bother with the other games after that

BO1 was fun too, shit was fucking broken though, I had a lot of fun in MW2 even though that was probably the most broken COD in existence

Why do people act like the only way to beat Conor is on the ground? Conor is a good striker, but his stand-up has some holes in it.

Conor has good head movement and quick reflexes while on the defensive, which makes him a good counter striker. However, while throwing strikes, punches specifically, he lowers his guard completely, and doesn't move his head mid strike. This is how nate was able to rock him; by timing a straight right as Conor was throwing an uppercut.

A competent striker such as Aldo could exploit this opening by hanging back, and forcing Conor to lead. Conor is fond of throwing counters as his opponent enters with a strike, so getting him to commit to throwing something will require feints. Quickly after that, Aldo would need to pivot to the left, past conors shoulder, and throw a left hook to the head or body. That, or throw a feint, and quickly hop back and to the left, and throw a lead roundhouse, which would help negate the reach disadvantage. Once Conor is hesitant to counter the feints, Aldo can replace them with actual strikes as Conor won't be expecting them. After a few rounds of this strategy, Conor will start to slow, removing the pop from his punches, at which point Aldo can commit to leading a bit more. Mix in some reactive takedowns, and you have a dominant Aldo decision. Not easy, but possible to accomplish. Be sure to repost this blog.

finally prelims starting

bellator stepped up their production tho

>not all three

MW2 is the GOAT no matter how fucked up it was.

Black Ops 1 is kino COD though probably the last game in the series where you needed to be good to do well, had a 5 KD on that shit.



>that PvZ snapchat video after she drinks coffee

Will definitely read this post

hard to argue that desu, I didn't enjoy COD4 as much as MW2 regardless of how shit it could be at times, too bad it basically became unplayable once people figured one One man army and grenade launchers

BO1 has a pretty nice pace that I really liked, the guns all felt like they had ridiculous recoil and you had to control it to learn them, I enjoy playing it from time to time still

KK would kill both those bitches, she's way more skilled.

>liking that snake ariel jewani

Glowacki-Usyk is the best fight on tomorrow for anybody thinking about watching Canelo-Smith.

I meant Conor la

It could have been significantly longer m8

no one in featherweight is capable of standing with McGregor, everyone he fights says he has insane power in his left hand and he disguises it so well. The Diaz bros are two of the best straight boxers in MMA and Conor made Nate look like an amateur.

>Why do people act like the only way to beat Conor is on the ground?
Only idiots think that.

Liam smith is gonna shock everybody bud

>Conor made Nate look like an amateur.
For 1.5 rounds on his second try agar investing hundreds of thousands on his training camp

Has the main card started? cheers

>>>Conor made Nate look like an amateur.
this is what irish fans knows about mma

Nobody has really forced conor to lead for long periods of time though, sooner or later they get sucked into leading. Conor is good at getting people to play ti his strengths but eventually somebody wont


Nate beat him standing in the first fight.

>panicked wrestler meme


I miss Dana doing post fight pressers

i will heem anyone that gets in my guard

conor would knock that smug backpack off his cholo body, ye

Best OP, I love you

There are people who hate this man.

while he was gassed to the gills

>Dude yelled "kiss her"

the absolute madman

I am one of those people. Fuck Dana.

>tfw dipping cheddar jalapeno poppers in ranch

Why don't you guys like boxing?

>tfw the boys are back on the same card again

the real fight fans here do

mccuck has a fite?

it's alright. boxers would get goofed on in a real fight though

the footwork in elite level boxing is truly amazing desu


not enough knockoutss

who /DIXIE/ here


>not having villante as a boy

I'm literally playing Black Ops 3 right now. All the Black Ops games are good. Advanced was ok. Ghosts was trash. MW2 is GOAT.

Is the UFC on tonight or what because i cant find a stream anywhere

post you're boy

is nobody watching bellator?

>fell asleep
>wake up feeling like my bed is moving
>no earthquake going on
>3rd time it happened to me this month

literally shook

Lellator is tonight UFC tomorrow

>watching lellator

>post ur bois


>mfw i thought this was saturday, i think im losing my mind. should maybe put the joint down.

if you aren't hearing voices yet, you need to keep going

heeem tappy

I watch it, I don't blame people for not bothering, right now its a matter of can duck who with the best excuses
>I'm a 154 pounder
>He was ducking me, I was ready to make the fight
>He outbidded himself
etc etc
I just wish the people who are taking the easier fights would get BTFO, like Golovkin and Canelo, but chances of that happening are low because upsets rarely happen anymore


>Edgy to the core

>based deaf guy




Thoughts on this fella?

why watch wwe when you can watch ufc

>Bisping is champ

what a time to be alive lads

where you at michael? where you at chael?

if I could pick one physique in the UFC to have myself it would def be eddie desu

The better joe rogan. always calls judges out on their shit.

poor man's Joe Blowgan

I like Smith. I loved that reality show he was on too.

Hendo will rekt him




haha you can't get me I'm behind a screen.

Hendo is going to get punched in the face 160 times and get TKO'd in the fourth round buddeh believe you me

if hendo beats bisping will he have the most decorated career?

dude Bisping hung with Anderson for five rounds

Hendo is getting lit up

Yankova could yank-me-offa if you catch my drift.


please be more specific

Which PDAs is Kongo on?
All of them?

>Bisping hung with Anderson for five rounds
he was KO'd, Bisping will owe Hendo another one

>implying bisbing could take the punishment that hector lombard took when hendo hellbowed him into another dimension

any elbow, right hand shot that mr hollywood lands on the man from bisbongistan will bring in a new champion

He's getting sent back to the shadowrealm courtesy of Hendo's elbow.

He beat Anderson Silva and Luke Rockhold


Derek Compost lel

Or Bisbong will stagger old man Hendo early


bearded luke return when?????

>beating Lombard immediately after his chin was deleted by 100 unanswered punches from Magny means something

Hendo gets picked apart all night boys. Not gonna be fun to watch but Bisping will be classy in the post fight interview and give Dan his props before he retires.

>he came out to bang

LOOK at the first fight with Rockhold, he got tool'd. Only reason he got the HEEM is because Rockhold underestimated him

His fight vs Jacare he will have a beard again.

Last fight, Hendo won't give a fuck and will be invincible on PCP.

who /cops followed by cops/ here?




Hendo on PCP is the true Natty GOAT

I hope so for memes sake.

stop posting dogs, it triggers me

>see Woodley vs Wonderboy announced
>think "oh wtf give Wonderboy his title shot already"
>remember that Woodley is the champion


>stop posting dog
I didn't post your mom

>you now remember Cockhold's extreme levels of butthurt at the postfight presser

have a cat


post walkouts


is his name roy

my doggo died 2 weeks ago its still hurting ok famalam? be careful.


>lellator is marketing kongo as "The Darkness"
top kuck

Upcoming events:

9/16: Bellator 161 - Kongo vs Johnson
9/17: UFC FN 94 - Poirier vs Johnson
9/23: Invicta FC 19 - Maia vs Modafferi
9/24: UFC FN 95 - Cyborg vs Lansberg
9/25: RIZIN 2 - Cro Cop vs Myung
10/1: UFC FN 96 - Lineker vs Dodson
10/8: UFC 204 - Bisping vs Henderson 2
10/15: UFC FN 97 - Lamas vs Penn
10/21: Bellator 162 - Shlemenko vs Grove
11/05: UFC FN 98 - Dos Anjos vs Ferguson
11/11: One FC: Defending Honor - Aoki vs Folayang
11/12: UFC 205 - TBA
11/19: Bellator 163 - Chandler vs Henderson
11/19: UFC FN 99 - Nelson vs Kim
11/19: UFC FN 100 - TBA
11/26: UFC FN 101 - Rockhold vs Souza 2
12/10: Glory: Collision - Verhoeven vs Hari







no idea, just googled fat cat
Actually Roy "Fat Cat" Nelson would be cooler than "Big Country"








oh shit didn't realize yankova was fighting



I walk out like a cool robot. Kinda like Sudo.



why are all the goats at lw all asian or part-asian

The sounds quality is SHIT

Need a bellator main card stream


haha time for ufc paid spam

>both a career beginning and ending mistake

that has to be a first

anyone wathced the weigh ins?than nigga Michael Johnson is getting punked again and my boy Poirier is close to a title shot

The fight's already won. Does Johnson even have kids to feed?

*dabbing intensifies*

Who's your favorite hispanic fighter?

Campos isn;t even good, Melvin jsut sucks balls. I don't know shit about the other dude but I'm picking him.

Hope he (Michael Johnson) gets heem'd brutally.

Tito Ortiz

Lol this dude actually has autism

>you'll never be a muay thai fighter training and competing in southeast asia

why live bros ;_;


I've been saying this since the Duffy fight. Poirier is the best at 155, including Goober

Hispanic isn't a race.

10-9 Chan

Conor will be LW champ by the time Dustin earns a title shot and he doesn't want none of that left hand

I thought I was hallucinating when they cited autism as a benefit to his training.


>did you hear Artem? He thinks he can take dat left hand shot

this thread is fucking pathetic. before generals existed the Bellator game thread would have like 150 posts by now instead of 225 posts of FEDOR VS GSP type sherdog garbage and random youtube videos of nothing.

I didn't hear them say it was an advantage just that he dealt with it by writing down everything he did in training

Delete the parenthesis. .

vipbox.nu /boxing/ 413178/1/bellator-161-:-k(ongo)-vs-(johnson)-live-stream-online.(html)

Don't be Zuffa shills. Watch Bellator and other MMA orgs like RFA,Legacy.

>Bellator game thread

you should go back to r/mma then

Zuffa doesn't even own UFC anymore you Memeator shill

Which one is autistic?

the newfagness is astounding.

Invicta 1 had 800 posts before you fucks even graduated grade school.

/heem/ is hardly worth using anymore these days desu
honestly considering deleting my folder

Just leave then faggot. We don't want you here.

please go.

what's surprising is he did this after 11 minutes

oh did someone interrupt your conor mcgregor circlejerk

Damn the shills are out in full force today.

anyone have a similar photo where conor and wonderboy are doing the same pose?

>Chan blowing it

it's faggots like you that made /heem/'s original userbase leave in the first place
you aren't improving anything and you aren't funny spewing your garbage meemays
there would be a net gain for the world if you actually killed yourselves

I don't get the generals hate, I don't use any generals other than /heem/ because /heem/ is the best but I've noticed that sports without generals have next to no discussion on here. Look at /box/, unless there's an event on most boxing discussion ends up in /heem/ because individual topic threads move so fucking slow

Poirer is getting heemed

>/heem/ is the best
this general is awful
it used to be the best a year or so ago but it's complete shit now
literally /hoc/ tier

>you will never spread her asscheeks and finger-punch her butthole as she squeals

show ur slip, m8

>he says, posting unfunny garbage may may

>that feel when you are shook

My bookie is putting it through

I'm a wealthy man. I dont use your online sites

God this commentator is a fucking moron

I was here a year ago and it hasn't changed much lad, maybe you have.

Why the fuck didn't Chan go for the finish in the first?

Holy shit you are shook. Perhaps Reddit or Sherdog is more akin to your taste.

What would you prefer? Less memes and banter? More serious MMA discussion and analysis? For once I'm not joking when I say you would literally prefer Reddit, just go there

He did, morono, Campos covered up and survived

yeah sure

anyone watching on spike? who's the chick that has that annoying voice that sings the song in that commercial for that tv show? it pisses me off

>wasting your Nordic genes on an Indio mutt

Sorry you're too poor for the finer things in life, bum


>Chael's arriving


k, """rich""" goof, have a (You)

Who will Chael call out first?

Tito or Wanderlei?

it literally hasn't changed you sperg

Yeah, im one of those people you're too stupid to be.

Bellator isn't good enough to make me stay up late. I've adjusted to getting up at 5 every morning. They need to stop thinking they're prime time material.

what do you mean by that?

Uh oh dock-cuck is triggered again

I could be a dumb cuck if I tried real hard.

You are unable to hide wires.


it's 2:30am here, only watching because I was already awake, going to sleep after Yankova's fight

I wonder what a norwego-brazilian would look like though

it's like Elza from frozen meets Harambe.

>hasn't seen my TV

you are unable to pay bills or bet online, objective fact goof.

When will you stop nuthugging adan
You're only making people think you're pathetic by constantly parroting everything he says instead of coming up with your own material

Sonnen is such a faggot.



>Chael has nothing left to live for and will die in the Bellator cage

brb just gotta yank over Yankova

Tito would bully Chael in the cage.

Wanderlei would flatline him.

Chael should've stayed retired.

>tfw no smug russian mma gf

he is trying too hard

The individuals in this picture are all Norwego-Mexican.

Poirier hit Johnson with the fingerpoke of doom.

Anyone gonna watch legacy fc? My cousin is fighting so I'm planning to

did a yeti fuck a chupacabra?

anastasia is just the type of name where you know you'd fuck the chick before looking at her

>dustin thinks johnson is cute
>probably a heem cuckposter


>qt getting btfo by mini qt


oh fugg, SHUT IT DOWN


This was taken on a Tuesday, look at Schaub trying to hide his shit eater from the camera.

>getting rocked by a short fat mexican

did she slug some vodka before leaving the dressing room damn

And now the mexican gassed

every female prospect fight winds up being good, then the media overhypes whoever wins and the rest of their fights suck.

are you rare? i've never seen this flag in heem before

pls go to the ground in the 2nd

Jesus, sloppy even for a women's fight. Footwork non existent. Still pretty spicy tho, that girl has a chin.

does felder have the best chin in mma?

Kinda, i've been lurking here for about a year

That spic midget and the way she come in reminds me of Diego Sanchez


>implying any flag is rare here


This fat mexican potato is gross, Invicta gets better looking cans

if artega had any power this fight would have ended in like 4 seconds

Well yankova was almost sheem'd by the midget can

the can is up 2 rounds

This spic is build like sponge bob

dude entirely this. she's just sheigo sanchez


bridge bod

i always love trained strikers being baffled by sheer aggression

The physique and footwork of a small refrigerator


Fucking worst kind of pussy. Runs from a fight then calls the other guy out again fuck him

>be promoted as a women's muay thai champ
>be expected to smash cans on the feet
>tiny mexican women puts you on rubber legs twice
>fight is mostly spastic double fisted barrages like it's Fist of the North Star

Oh yeah, I'm totally convinced Yankova wasn't hired just for her looks now.

I do, the fight politics judging and PPV fights for anything even consider a decent matchup ruined it

>it's a bellator prospect loses to a can episode

yankova a shit

heem, adancuck here, i was just at mcdonalds and the chick at the window asked if I was is single. I sperged and told her I wasn't even tho i'm a permavirgin at 25, she said too bad I was handsome and had pretty eyes, I said yeah too bad. what the fuck did I just do??

her muay thai record is something like 5-1, she probably won some low level tournament or a vacant belt and is now being called a "champ" lol

Yankova meme is over

10-9 Arteaga
10-9 Yankova
10-9 Yankova

29-28 Yankova

I can see the 2nd as a toss up though.

You avoided a situation with a filthy disgusting whore female.

Stay pure.

29-28 Yankova

I liked the war midget though

Do people actually still go to Dave and Busters?

You should've permaheemed her

yeah they go to hang out with the fight tips guy

who cares, you really think you can handle going on a date with a girl?

Where else am I gonna watch Belator?

probably not, no.

You avoided getting shanked and robbed probably

i've fucked 40 chicks and i still find dating awkward. the key is to not date them and just fuck them.

Daylight robbery


is that dave and busters guy the same guy that makes muay thai videos on youtube? i think his channel is called fight tips or something

which means he can never be a bellator fighter.



Yankova looks and sounds like she's gonna cry. My sides.

So as a female if I go into mma I'm pretty much garunteed a top spot right? Even if I start at 25?

Yankova is hot but would get her shit pushed in if she fought in the UFC

>now my head not work really good

Damn, the mexican got robbed, is it me or the judges are getting shittier

jimmy smith is literally the worst

>Bellator favourite wins the gifted decision.
Wew Lads


Bellator btfo

Did she just say she doesn't think she won and wants a rematch? That's nice, actually, props to her. She fought like total shit and the judges barely saved her meme but it's pretty big of her to admit she sucked.

felt bad for her when they booed ;_;

Only if you're semi-attractive, otherwise you'll have to learn some head and arm throws first.

this was really close and the mexican girl brawled stomrning in and absorbing a lot of shots

you cant really call it a robbery desu

As long as you can throw leather you'll be top 10.

>tfw some cuck is trying to tell me Ronda is the biggest UFC star




I'm a manwhore and never had a gf. Doesn't seem worth the effort.

I hope chael gets sent into oblivion


that was a good ass fight regardless of the judges. I had it 29-28 Yankova but the 2nd round is possibly the closest a round could get. A rematch makes sense.

Fuck this is exactly what I needed.

Chael Bless.

Maybe a couple years ago.


Shit. It's that easy? Mma gyms are expensive as fuck but if it'll be my ticket out of my mom's house its worth it lmao

Lellator judges are really shitty. It feels as though every other card we have a shifty decision, though the worst was Melvin Manhoef getting robbed. His opponent literally landed no strikes in the first round and the judges still gave it to him. Everyone was pissed.


Nobody deserved to win that fight

>who cares, you really think you can handle going on a date with a girl

what's to handle paying for everything? What the fuck is difficult about a date.

>not bolivian

do u even mma memes

so what do you do if a girl likes you?

That manhoef fight actually made me rage. I can't remember the last time I got that upset at shitty judging.

Absolutely gutted for melvin, he fought his black ass off and deserved that strap.

goddamn i love chael

Are these paid shills or what? The fuck's wrong with Bellator?

Well, true, but Melvin did less nothing than the other guy. It really was baffling.

Conor McGregor fans take note.

This is how you drop a bantz ridden promo.

"What's up."
"Come over."

Three easy steps.

we are actually two norwegians I swear


>we so wwe/mma mix yeah boi

well I dont think there is a single person here thinking that Goober banter>Chael

1st step is asking her if shes really a girl

this may change from day to day, so make sure to ask often

tell her "I'm that gorilla dick nigga I make dyke pussy wet. And if you're not sucking my cock in 10 seconds I'm going to kill you"

It's not a fight and even beyond that, the action constantly pauses. The fighters grab each other? Stop the action. Someone get knocked down? Stop the action.
There's also the fact that any elite boxer would lose to a competent grappler almost all of the time.

im actually norwegian though

IKR chanel soland lmao xD


Good point. Just covering all the bases.

do u think boxing could be improved if they allowed foreplay between rounds? they already spend the hole time hugging lol!

hey you guys watching lellator right now? Joe Warren is going to fight next.

so is joe warren the urijah faber of bellator?

real fightfans watch Bellator

the same crippling social anxiety that made me a 25 year old perma-virgin bro

Man i can tell this fight its gonna suck

Soon enough, Urijah Faber will be the Urijah Faber of bellator.

its a Joe Warren fight

Did warren owe money to the referee? That was a very late stoppage

Chael's banter has always been overrated imo. Maybe because he can't back it up usually

does anyone else miss ben askren wrestlefucking everyone and people getting mad?

holy fuck is Warren gassed already?


Hope he can still muster up a scream when he gets caught in some sort of submission.


It was probably a trick anyways, she was just going to tell her friends about this fat loser who got all jittery when a girl smiled at him. She and her slut friends would just laugh about it before they fucked their chad boyfriends. you played it smart desu.


in a guillotine no one can hear you scream

I think I'd give the striking advantage to Chael over Tito.

but I'm not fat

>Spike TV no longer offered with my cable provider
>have to resort to stream
>stream sperging out like like a Tourettes autist

Needs more ufc merc like a doll display counter ala helwani.

Otherwise solid effort. 8/10

Great round

>Not having at least 3 different streams open so you can avoid crashes.
Not a real fight fan desu.

real fightfans watch their old Pride tapes tßh

>meet girl who identified as gender neutral
>play along with her stupid bullshit
>she is fellating me with her tits out and calling me daddy LITERALLY 10 minutes later

I normally hate Joe Warren but I'm loving how he's been fighting tonight.

where can I find these girls?

Newfag spotted

if you're not fat and actually have pretty eyes then you fucked up

why do people hate Joe?

poor kurdish refugee from sweden u guiz

>escape arm bar
>get a deeeeeep rear naked
>IT'S OVE---
>give up

The literal state of Joe Warren...WTF is this shit?

yeah I know


been watching all the Pride shows in order with a friend, we did Pride 30 today


Kek warren's face

>old ass joe warren fighting like a 24 year old meme striker


ITS ALL OVER. Wow Kakai is garbage, I thought he was a decent prospect.

are you the bearded user who posted his pic a forever ago?

top lad

Warren looked good tonight

Is it just me or does anybody else cry laughing every time they see Jacare and his team do that Alligator hand clap bhahahahha

no, but I am bearded.

I love Joe Warren

nah that's prob me

Bellator is notbad right about now

Will Cheick post here again after he fights?

I miss him

did chael come out yet

dude, if you know she works there, just go back in a few days and ask her out if shes there

of the closet? Nah

like 4 times

fuck, I guess I missed it oh well

I'll fuck it up. I already lied to her.

I fucking love War Machine. Christy Mack is a dirty cunt, she deserved it.

le chanel soland xDxDxD

Wait did he actually post here

are we watching lellator here?

>Cheick post here again
he used to post here?

great times were had


post it

I'm not sure if I hate how Raymond Daniels is wasting his time on Lellator Kickboxing crushing cans for a quick buck or if I love how it'll just provide a huge string of memekick knockouts.

Think of it this way: you lied to yourself when you told yourself you wouldn't stick it in her disgusting formerly shit filled asshole 10 minutes ago and tomorrow you're going to push your ugly cock into her average rectum and you're going to think about /heem/.

what's the worst that can happen? If she says no, you'll be in the same spot as if you didn't ask



wow bellator fucking sucks

this seems like just yesterday

loooooooooooooooooooooolbro is that you?
What the hell's an adancuck?

Not really.


>end of round

Classic boxing is amazing. Current boxing (outside of GGG) is fucking HORRIBLE.

>i was just at mcdonalds and the chick at the window asked if I was is single

T-that doesn't actually happen does it?

7-1 lel

I eat adan's shit for breakfast. We sleep together.

Also, yeah I told her I wasn't single. She is expecting someone experienced, I'm not that.

>getting beat up by a ballet dancer

If he were green, he would be Shrek Kongo

doubt it, never heard anyone randomly talking in macdonalds.

>he didn't see Porter vs Thurman

>fast food girls that hit on people

you're not missing anything there lad

alright who's ready for some dick shots?

true enough m8

How has Cheick Kongo fooled people into thinking he's an exciting striker for so long?

I forgot completely about the Cup Check Kongo fight.

anyone have the gif of the chick punching a dude in the balls a lot?

if you're on a motorcycle maybe

If he was a sub-Saharan African living in Prague, he'd be Czech Congo

>Hasn't seen based Lomachenko combo niggas up

I remember posting "cheick kongo's main strategy is bad ground and pound" like 7 years ago but people still say that.

thanks heem

I will forever be a Cheick Kongo supporter simply because he completely fucked Pat Barry out of a win


Kek Kongo

Great now I have to fap

Ew cuck

based mirgliotta

Is Rogan doing a Fight Companion just for this fight?

>the darkness is coming

>the darkness is coming

I really haven't. I just lost interest in boxing over the years. Used to love Tyson, Hagler, Hearns, De La Hoya, etc...

Just seems to get really boring after that.


Who you got?

whats the source of this fine film? is it mostly blacks getting btfo?

Tony "Bitch Titties" Johnson

some the Punisher spin-off IIRC, check Arlovski's imdb


>Arlovski breaks into Gus' house.webm

third time it's happened to me, too bad I'm a socially inept loser that freezes up when I'm around other people in public

Does the native extension not have hoverable titles?
>Universal Soldier Day of Reckoning (2012) 720p BluRay x264[Dual-Audio][Eng+Hindi] - Mafiaking

>yfw learning Kongo isn't his real last name

>""""""real""""""" fight

Nice tapout shirt

it's from the newest Universal Soldier movie.

>he thought someone would actually have Kongo as a last name

thank you my friends

If it was 1972 he'd be Cheick Zaire

I just feel uncomfortable when women give me flirty vibes or "fuck me" eyes because I still feel like a little boy.

Kek Bongo

My girlfriend specifically changed the channel to Bellator to watch this fight. She said she's really interested in these two fighters

What does it mean?

yep, I have old woman grabbing at me constantly.

My wife's son's surname is Kongo.



Kek kongo started with his best move nutshot

johnson is like a black pat barry



Seeing niggers do MMA is so funny.

It's like two retarded chimps wildly swinging at each other with zero technique whatsoever

kongo is awful when he cant wall someone down

and there he goes

Pat Berry is black, though.

yeah, and I'm native american

Johnson wrestled at Iowa dumbass. He's got more technique than your McDojo ass

alright I don't care about the whole paid shill accusations but how do you manage to make a thread without mentioning the event that everyone in the previous thread is talking about?
what is your actual salary?

i make goofy shirt shill muneyz friendo


>that look of complete bewilderment after kicking him in the face

>What must I do