inb4 two threads are made. Didn't see a thread.

Top of the second, tied at zero.

Sale vs Kennedy.

White Sox desu

>bases loaded, 0 outs
>1 run
Well, better than 0

>this is considered improvement
Burn everything.

It's amazing how in the second half of the season the sox offense seems to stop caring whenever sale pitches

They realized they've bullied Q enough

Not sure why it's Sales turn.

Maybe they really liked those throwbacks

>great scoring opp again
>1 run

Honestly, '83 or bust. Those throwbacks aren't really that good.

>kluber btfo
kind of

good, good

now we just need britton to blow a save and porcello to get btfo

100% agreed

You're forgetting we also need Sale to not fuck up this game either

Or the next three of his starts.

Looking good so far. Knock on wood.

>implying he won't finish the season with 4 straight perfect games and striking out 21 twinks in the last game of the season becoming the greatest pitcher of all time in the span of a couple weeks


that was right at the shortstop

>stone keeps mentioning the 4 perfect innings
>13 straight batters retired graphic
>perfect game immediately ends
stahp this


>muh magic words

fug, so close to a dinger and blown save for britton

And sale's bid for perfection ended

nice dubs cuthbert

>actually believing in jinxes

Jesus Christ

>before it was brought up this inning
>no hits
>after it was brought up
>tie game
what are you trying to prove here m80

>run scored
>its not even Sale's fault

>they're going to call it a base hit
fuck that shit

I don't have to prove anything
you're proving that you're retarded all by yourself

"earned runs"

>resorting to namecalling when proven wrong
come on son

god fucking damn it, tying run thrown out at home preserving britton's save

wasn't even fucking close either


Britton's not going to win the cy young so it doesn't matter



I don't understand how at least the second run wasn't earned. Is the scorer seriously thinking that two runs score on a "single" to shortstop?

What anime? Also are da bears worth watching this year?

And nevermind, I guess it's just ESPN being wrong. The broadcast just said it was only one earned right after I posted that.

whitley whitting

Hometown scorers are known to favor there guys. I hate that shit. Sale could appeal it but he doesn't seem like that kinda guy

More of a game than anything. Kantai Collection. The anime is more bipolar than the White Sox offense.

As for the Bears, probably not. There has been only one game played so far, so it's too early to tell.

Well, stick a fork in him.

>KC suddenly hitting

when it drips, it drips

RIP whatever hopes and dreams there were left.

>leave for 10 minutes
>come back
>dream is dead


not as bummed as about Q because Sale is a faggot so it's ok

And the cy young dream is over.

I'll check it out. And yeah I know it's early but I kinda stopped following NFL for a couple years. I miss favre

>Sale is a faggot so it's ok
Did you meet him in person, or is this still about Mr. Scissors.

this is from various incidents over the years that made me think he was psychotic culminating in the laroche shit. scissors was next level but we already knew he was crazy

Welp so much for that

He's a good lad

Funny I'm actually not as sad as years past when sales cy young dreams.exe has crashed

Most likely because I already let most of my emotions out after Q lost his...

>tfw he didn't get hit

We need a 5 run home run imo, steve



well shit



Dayum Son.

does Sale throw at someone y/n?

I say yes, definitely

No. I'm just thinking wishfully. The offense got plenty of revenge.

Taking a break from WoW, back to shitposting on /mlb/ for a bit.

Two teams going no where !

in other news, i changed up the grips on my 1911 and got some wilson combat 8 capactity mags +1 in the chamber to help me get to more sox games next year.

I say let him have a shot at the CG. He's been going to 120 pitches every game anyways.

looks like he'll probably be back for the 9th if recent pitch counts are any indication

>nurse getting loose
no no no no no no no


Why is he nurse?

Robin sure picks weird times to pull out/leave in Sale

Nevermind, I thought I saw the bullpen open at the end of the last half inning.

David Robertson = DR = Doctor
kept that nickname for a few weeks since he started off the season well last year, but then he went to shit and has been nurse ever since

great catch leury

eaton or shuck probably wouldn't have had that

uh oh

That reminds me. If he only blew 3 saves and didn't have his meltdowns in most non-save situations were probably in second place

Well, CGs are always nice. He's at least guaranteed that he's the biggest work horse in the race.


neat, in the end didn't hurt his cy chances, helped if anything, especially with subpar kluber today

If fleurs was around instead of dioshit >we'd probably be in 2nd place

>we all miss flowers that bad
We just don't know what we have until it's gone.

Definitely helped. ERA stays the same, FIP and xFIP go down, plus a CG which pushes him to the top of the IP list (despite having 1-2 less starts than the pitchers near him).

>good string of catchers


holy sale and offense

Had to step out, missed it all

Should step out more often