the white Messi

Le good for 3 seasons man

He was awesome, but he's also the most overrated player I can remember.

There is nothing overrated about him.

Why don't you marry him

better than messi and cristiano ronaldo combined

He was a magician and a joy to watch in a way Messi and Ronaldo never were, or will be. Prime Dinho is GOAT.

He was basically a slightly more consistent pogba, give the French man a couple of months to settle back in and he will dominate just like this guy did.

This. Wasn't concerned with his corporate brand or stats but just putting on a show and enjoying the sport he loves

>Le get carried by Fatnaldo and Etoo man

well memed

He was the last real elite football player. The rest are just rich faggots who score a lot of goals.

what happened with the trick generation

is it the ball? Is it too heavy now? People just run and shoot now

>People just run and shoot now
Because it is the most effective thing.Tricks work once and just that

It's okay he nurtured and left us with Messi.

Watch Nerman, he does tricks but he's found that people are too professional now and don't fall for it so he's adapted.

ball is always regulation weight you stupid fuck.

Ugliest soccer player ever

A great kind of entertainment player of his generation. Garrincha's unofficial successor.

Efficiency came in the game.

If you do, imagine we...

Well, he is top 5 with Tévez, Ribéry, Amaral (pic related), Iain dowie

>Iain Dowie

Fuck that con man, he's nothing more than a thief.

>no dirk kuyt