I just found out that this dude doesn't realize that he's black. He legit thinks he's Italian or some shit...

I just found out that this dude doesn't realize that he's black. He legit thinks he's Italian or some shit. His "father" who left is Italian. Doesn't realize his mom cucked the shit out of that dude

How can someone just go through life with that kind of delusion staring them in the face?

I'm sorry, are you complaining that he doesn't cry WE WAZ KINGZ every broadcast? That's what a person should be, a unique individual who happens to be of a particular race.

I'm Hispanic. Are you mad that I went to college, speaker proper English, pay taxes, never committed a felony, and help my elderly neighbors?

What part of Hispania are you from m8?

Who cares? He wants to be Italian, let him. He's not hurting you.

I wasn't complaining at all
I was marveling at the delusions people can cling to

If he wanted to be Italian, that's fine. Balotelli is Italian.

Even if he wanted to say, "I'm black but I feel Italian" like trans people do, that's fine. He just doesn't realize that he's genetically black, which is just sad and delusional

Your not making sense. The fuck do you want him to do, open every broadcast with "Sup Dawg, mike tirico hurr" .

I don't want him to do anything except accept reality, because watching someone delude themselves like this is embarrassing and uncomfortable.

>Despite his dark skin and ethnic features, Tirico has publicly stated that he is not Black nor African American. He reiterated that he’s seen pictures of his father and his immediate family, all of whom are White. “The only contact I had growing up was with my mom’s side of the family. And they are all as white as the refrigerator I’m standing in front of right now.” Regarding his true father, Tirico has stated, "Yeah. I’d like to find out the truth at some point, so I can answer questions for my kids" regarding his heritage and biological parents
wow i thought you were kidding. what an idiot


he should go to italy and tell them he's not black but italian, might clear things up

I don't understand how you can go through life like this

dude my mum is really really black
my dad is completely white
i'm about as black as him if i'm in the sun frequently
people also don't believe my dad is white sometimes
my brother looks closer to being half-white than I do in skin tone but i have an anglo-saxon nose but my brother has a west-african nose but really light skin

depending on how dark his mother is it's a really good chance he's completely telling the truth

>I don't understand

Then you should stop right there friend

There is literally zero chance that he isn't black

unless his mother is white too then that's just weird

oh i thought he was claiming he was like half-white or something and not zero black

His mom is italian. His dad is clearly a black guy with whom his mom cucked his "father," who subsequently left.

I know more about Mike Tirico's life than he does

I have to say if the man doesn't want to consider himself black or african american, let him be. It's not a big deal unless he's planning on joining the kkk

Gruden was wrong?

>doesn't want to be a nigger

Can you blame the guy? Tirico is a high tier mulatto

What's wrong with that? The KKK could benefit from some diversity.

dont be racist tirico is a good man

wtf are you niggers on about?
I don't care if he doesn't want to consider himself black. Consider yourself whatever you want. I'm just disturbed by the fact that he is unable to accept the fact that he is genetically black. It's super weird to witness someone delude themselves, especially when literally everyone else knows it's not true.

Just be a man, accept your negroness, and then reject it after that if you want

Man, the most retarded thing in this whole history is the "one drop rule" americans believe in.

No wonder why America has so many problems with racial relations, they're so obsessed with it.

You've got 1/32nd Irish cunts in New York dressing up in green and drinking at Irish pubs for "Saint Paddy's day", 5th generation "Italian-Americans" making spaghetti and saying "LOL IT'S A FAMILY TRADITION" and guys with a Mexican grandmother calling people putos and ese.

A quarter of all Australians are non-Anglo and we don't give a fuck because at the end of the day we're all Australian, whether our roots are from England, Germany, Norway, Croatia, Greece, Japan, China, Brazil, Kenya, Lebanon or fucking Portugal. Stop defining yourselves by the ethnic origin of your great-great-great grandparents Jesus Christ.

We hate it as well

See: Shaun King

Everyone dresses in green and gets drunk on st paddy's day in America. Same with Cinco de Mayo

Pretty much this. Australia certainly isn't perfect in race relations, but it's a hell of a lot better than the USA at the moment.

>Genetically Black
Why do people even care about this? The genetic difference between whites and blacks is less than one one thousandth. That is like a major league hitter not getting a hit over the course of the entire season while starting every single game.

massive truthbomb

If your country had millions of angry and violent black males running around shooting everyone, you'd certainly have a different take on things.

Australia has like 4 black people.

Your founded by convicts


Not even once.

>Yeah. I’d like to find out the truth at some point, so I can answer questions for my kids
Sounds like he himself is skeptical. What's he gonna do though? Call his still living mom a liar?

Yeah a little