Challenge of the Gods

Do you wish you challenge an immortal God?

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i just played until i got to Owl, then quit. Fuck Owl.

why are you playing letterboxed?
open this badboy in a new window

you better have a nvidia titan for this shit motherfucker

OP here, I honestly didn't care to search for the chink version even though it's the GOAT version

>he didn't make it past Tigger

not this shit again
the ptsd is coming back

the Dark Lord has returned for his annual reaping

fuck its been years since this was part of my shitty life

>actually beating The Fallen Angel

Teach me your ways

Last time I tried this I Beat tigger.

Couldn't get even 20 off of Christopher Robin.

>tfw you go opposite field on piglet for 150m

feels good lads

First time I played this I had no idea you could upgrade shit.
Still couldn't scratch the unholy one

wait you can upgrade stuff?

Yes. Check the American version for which buttons to press for the jap version.

let us remember our brothers that did not survive CR

wow dude this changed my night/life

this fucking owl

Thanks for reminding me that I'm a worthless faggot who can't get past Owl

i never beat CR

to this day i have never beat CR


Motherfucking Christopher Robin. This game doesn't make any goddamn sense I swear.

Nope/ I'm not hopping on that wild wide again OP

Bad thread.

I once got close to it after literally spending 12 hours on this game of lucifer. Then I gave up. Still feel like a little cuck when I think about it.