MLS celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

Every team in the MLS have designed a new alternate kit in order to honor the Hispanic Heritage of one of their players.
What does Cred Forums think about this?


No one, not even Hispanics, gives a shit. It's a step above Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, but that's it.

I think it's fine.






Fuck off
Hues aren't even hispanic



>Hispanic Heritage Month

No Pedro Menéndez de Avilés

It's a meme month. Why so angry Franz?

>Moose education
Scatalonia is part of Hispania and therefore Hispanic


Really makes you ponder

i acually like this one

They didn't feel like doing a second Honduras or a single El Salvador one I guess

fun kit




im not angry, i just think its pretty weird
do they they celebrate other ethnics aswell? like the white power month?

Only Black History month as far as I know


End this meme

Florida, nevada ,las vegas,california,San Francisco, montaña, las carolinas, Alabama nueva peleaba all found for spain.respecto.friend

kek keep dreaming Jordi, but as long as you shitlords aren't independent you will always be Spanish

MLS wants money, MLS fans have a substantial amount of white guilt shitlibs who wave rainbow flags at games, put two and two together and Hispanic Heritage Month = Jews Cash In month





>the el paso cab drivers

Not even a meme that's what they based it on.
>Argentine 'culture'

They wore prison jumpsuits as kits?


I kinda like them though



>they didn't even try

i bet that comes with a e-cigarette


Id buy one, Galaxy one lightweight dope

>Graffitti passes for culture in Argentina



>tfw Houston gets shitty ass shitduras while Chiraq and LA get Mexico


i really can't stand nycfc

fuck off chicano

you mexican is shit, ofc they didn't go with him, now that he also went back.

That's actually a really cool top tbqh



>says the chicano

Make me, faggot.

>Liking trashy "lets paste classical art on a t-shirt" shirts
Yuropoors ladies and gentlemen

Half of these will end up being a nauseating eyesore when moving at speed.

Has nobody in America heard of the bruised banana kit and learned its lessons?

El Mate es Uruguayo lad

kek who barfed all over the Sounder's kit

Your* obv.

I thought for sure they were going with past stars, and they are I guess, but they probably wanted all the countries represented in this shit.

Also, would have preferred Campos for LAG, he fits that colorful getup much more.


They are fan made not real jerseys

whitecaps, galaxy, toronto the best so far

wtf were montreal thinking? and columbus just seems a bit lazy


>ivy funds

Take off the Argentine flag stuff and this should be the Crew's new kit



>terremotos de Saint Joseph



this is snek

The what's the point?

terminus est

I was bored 2bh


The funny thing about the brazilian inspired ones is that they represent the memes of the country and literally nothing else.


white america on literal suicide watch

>Americans basing their kits in a Commie

Pottery tbqh

And what the fuck is that supposed to be? Leaves and shit?

Oh. Never mind.

RSL starting a cycling team with colombian riders


At least this one's not over-the-top weird, like NYCFC or Orlando City. It's not great, but it could be much worse

Dalí was catalan but he felt very spanish. He even supported Franco's dictatorship. Check my flag out. I know this shit.

his last words were god bless spain and god bless the king: you fucking retarded

If they don't pander to His Holiness David Villa, he'll rejoin Sporting

>shithead taxist represent us
that's really stupid considering those shirts are made by an argie blog
this is pretty good, old genovan/xeneizes gangs in la Boca are dead tho
it's not a graffiti, it's called fileteado porteño and is associated with Tango, i miss buses painted like that
Triggered, still pretty nice


The fact that the NEW YORK CITY Jersey is some Spanish bullshit instead of an homage to Pobre Rico triggers me more than anything

This one is actually pretty cool

That's just the tip of the iceberg, we have literally thousands of cities, towns, and counties with Spanish names. If you look at our 10 largest cities, 4 of them were founded by Spain.