Wow ill bet Hillary came up with that meme herself her being such a tech savy woman and all.

Pathetic. The media is embarrassing and old fucks watch it and think this shit is serious and somehow trump is a Nazi.

lol the mainstream media is finished and they know it

Posting on Cred Forums should ban you from every other board desu.

Also reminder that the alt right are the right wing SJWs

memes have gone too far

>Posting on Cred Forums should ban you from every other board desu.
Hello r/eddit

>you're le reddit xDDdDD

>>you're le reddit xDDdDD
Hello r/bernie

Have we started the fire?

The "alt right" are actually the mainstream notmies trying to make sence of what's going on, on the right.

It's the media that crated it to try can gain some control and steer what our glorious shit posting has become,
Because they are terrified of what we do.

Hello r/catalunya r/judaism r/israel

hello r/blackpeopletwitter

it can't be real

>He knows this many sub reddits
You have to go back

meme frog bewildered at all the media attention on him

it's politics: people will take whatever they can get as ammo. Even if it's silly internet memes.

U mad because Hillary nailed you.

Besides, Cred Forums is that way ->

>I support Hillary CLinton
>She is so brave and down to earth!!


Amerca was a mistake, jesus christ

Real life doesnt feel like real life anymore

just when you thought this election couldn't get any weirder... trump using deplorables as endearing and hillary accusing memes of racism

sad frog is truly reddit tier

>tfw not white so can't post sad frog meme any more
feels bad man

t. Sulejman Muslimovici

You some kind of racist or sth?

Can gyppos even be racist?

But no, really, Slavs are a bunch of pasty mother fuckers.

Tbf serbia is the whitest country in the world because the modern world was invented by a serb

-t proud half serb

>inb4 some yellow skinned freak disagrees

kek go wank over your cheese slicer

>If you don't bite Hilary it means you are a sexiest, racist, homophobe

>muh raycism
>muh anti-kikism

Cum e sa ai un primar loco care cu capitala culturala o sa fie ales 20 de mandate de acu incolo?

u wot

>proud half serb

In afara de >timisoara nu mai exista orase cu sarbi in tara

Ba oamenii au masini in zilele astea

Am facut si eu o presupunere. Era cam 50/50 sa ghicesc.

The sexiest, raciest homophobe, tbqhwy senpai

huh, who knew Cred Forums is so Cred Forums friendly

Eu sincer nici nu stiam ca mai sunt sarbi in timisoara, ca nu prea ma omor dupa >muh heritage
people love off topic of any kind t b h


Reminder: Say no to racism.

Cred Forums is an alpha bro-culture board, ofc we aren't cucks.

Hai ba ca Srdjan e nume romanesc :))

poor frog

I puked in my brain.

Would you amerifats vote for her if she was a hot 10/10 slut IRL?

And no I don't believe anyone will vote for an old hag, if she wins that shit is rigged

> neo nazi frog

How does she reconcile the fact that Trump is married into the tribe?

women are like crabs they would never vote for a slut.

America was a mistake

Venezuela talking about rigged elections

the utter fucking state of american "news" television

The whole thing? It's your fault, Amerigo

Its obvious tho, she's old, she's a woman, she's sick, meanwhile trump is popular AF, if she wins ur shit is rigged

Trump's older and he looks like a member of another species. Something Star Trek related.

Its just the fake tan, dude was pretty handsome while young

Also he is the epitome of american so I fail to comprehend how he could ever lose

Cred Forums turned to Cred Forums 2.0

Serios coaie? Maimutoiul ala semianalfabet care se contrazice de 3 ori in 5 minute, injura, scuipa, face dume de cacat si a carui singura platforma e faceti zid, de parca aia ar ajuta? Esti din Romania in pula mea nu-ti dai seama ca e literalmente Becali cu 4 clase in plus si inca un 0 la cifra de afaceri?

I hope she finds a loophole to shut down this disgusting deplorable faggots website when shes in office.


Poi boss eu nu am zis ca sunt de acord cu el, una ca una ma cam doare in pula de politica lor mai corupta ca a noastra, dar idea e ca omul e probabil cel mai american om din tara, fiecare cuvant pe care il scoata din gura aia e facut sa atinga idiotul de rand la sufletel.

Si ca sa fiu sincer e mai mult un mix de becali + vadim (rip)