>Saturday 17 September
All Blacks 41-13 South Africa

18.05 (AWST) Australia v Argentina, Nib Stadium, Perth
ref: Wayne Barnes

Counties 29-30 Taranaki
Southland 29-43 Hawke’s Bay
Tasman 33-23 Northland,
Wellington 24-10 Bay of Plenty

>Sat 17 Sep
Otago 24-13 North Harbour
Manawatu 19-13 Canterbury
14:35 Auckland v Counties Man, Auckland
16:35 Waikato v Taranaki, Hamilton

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I'd cum in seconds with her ass bouncing on my penis Tbh.


>Argentina goes the dummies
Play to your strengths boys

Barnes has been shit tbqh


literally our year lad

Less tough than I thought

Are the Wallabies playing better than last week or are the Pumas playing worse off than last week?

Go Warriors 2bh

Is Tuculet a common Argie name?

It doesn't sound Spanish or Italian.


Dat refegg
Hooper's was never a penalty.

I like how the player who got carded came forward before Barnes called out a number. Knew he was going to be carded lel

More like Scott Peeo hahaahahahahaha

Fuckin dope

Anyone else excited to see LEEEEEEEEEEEEROYYYYYY HOUSTON back for Bath today?

good lad


French surnames (I'm guessing that's French) are not uncommon.

Probably french ancestry

Argentina had relevant british and french immigration in late XIXth and early XXth centuries. It explains how rugby raised big there.

if Australia win tonight, would this be the first home win in Perth for a rugby team in two years?

Can we end the Folau meme already? He's only good at taking high balls.

Is Haylett-Petty a confirmed Perth-babby


>western poorce

He ain't no Kearney

That's not true mate. ur mum took my high balls like a champ.

>how rugby raised big there

Just fuck off back to the favellas, don't you have a president to impeach?

>Quade and Michael Pooper
>David Poocock
>Will Penia
It writes itself.

Liam Williams is the best 15 in the NH under high balls tbqh

>Not Gaybitch Poocuck
Spotted the freshfaggot

Why do we put all that effort on defence to get the ball only to fucking kick it back

Fuck you, Mohammed.

Cheika decided to channel his inner Gatland.

>being controlled by tories

Argentina have reverted to being the Jags again :(

Argentina game turned off in disgust. How can they let this trash Wallabies team look good.

Don't you have some homosexuals to burn?


>24% possession
>15 points up

Southern Hemisphere is literally just memes

I was raised to believe any man should be free to eat da poo poo of another man.

>rock solid defence and converting opportunities in to points is "memes"

>All Blacks 41-13 South Africa
>tfw you lived long enough to witness the death of south african rugby
dont know how to cope with this feel lads

t. Hemisphere of memes

like icecream

Yeah all this "try-scoring" bullshit is pure memery.

Anyone else superstitious about jerseys? Why the fuck aren't they wearing their normal colours? Getting btfo is no coincidence.


Hit the turps then go shoot a kaffir m8.
You'll come right.



Love watching Cordero play.

Fantastic winger


ner am a little triggered by it though

comeback is literally on

Argie flanker ktfo

Untie that noose Pedro



>no sold out
Surely Glória de Perth fulls this stadium easier

Also stop getting injured faggots.

Creevy's off

Argie captain didn't get his pie at half time

>get the ball for the first time in 20 minutes
>kick it away in their 22
>Lose 50 metres


nope, they had a good season a few years ago and it turned out they were cheating, so they're not too good atm. perths all about gayfl anyway

>de wallakicks

What's this?

Cooper has been getting some atrocious fucking ball this game. Every time the ball comes to him everyone outside him is standing completely flat and the defensive line is 2m away.

Is 21 the most dangerous lead /rug/?


Moore always comes off 2nd half. What kind of Captain never plays 80?

>>that was only 9 minutes into the second half

Damn that felt much longer

Having a shower right now lads lol

Creevy. Strauss. Dane Coles for the Hurricanes.

Literally every front row captain.

You fucking casual.

Whenever i look at the score card and see N. Sanchez I get hungry for nachos lol


Did Sean McMahon just make Michael Hooper obsolete?

It's over.

perth glory, soccer team. play at the same stadium.

used to be the goat when a-league was nsl, but havent done shit since. had this gun player a few years ago but turned out they were paying him outside the salary cap.

nothing too flash like what the eels were getting up to (stuffing cash in suits or something) just paying for his apartment

what is the point of Argentina?

Fucking hell how do you concede 4 tries with like 90% possession

Pretty much this. If you want a 80min captain, you want a lock

Actual commentary from the Channel 10 telecast:

>Will Genia woke up at 12 today and had his submarine
>What's a submarine Gordon?
>I don't know, I think I need a periscope!

Fucking state of this commentary.

come back is o̶n̶ off

Wood, Smit, Hartley, Bismark

Well you have to make fun of someone

Submarine as in hot milk + a bar of bitter chocolate?

>3 different kicks off the post
>SH posters are literally telling me this isn't a meme game

They're not South Africa


They pussy off EVERY FUCKING GAME do they?

No he was talking about Subway. But there was about 4 seconds of dead air after all three of those comments.

Yes, you fucking casual.

Kicks at posts show neat accuracy by kickers

You're full of shit.

Do you ever actually watch rugby?

This is a cool sport

>win tighthead scrum
>box kick 30m out

fucking hell the backs are going to get fucked raw in the showers after the game for that shit.

Açaí > Subway sandwiches

They all went off before 80 minutes agreed.
However they certainly didn't consistently go off at only 50 minutes like Moore does

Which was my point.

>letting Foley kick that


60th minute rule acting now

I'll kick your fucking teeth in cunt shut the fuck up. You're captains soft as fuck and so is your team.

whats that shit in the middle? looks like woodchips

Based fucking /nrl/ reporting in lads

What have I missed?

We need fucking id's or something eh. I'm a kiwi you retard


>Ell kuck ur ficking tith un u ficking kunt

Now imagine a hobbit saying that


We need you to pull your head in 2bh.

>>Australian scrums having the upperhand against the Pumas

Is this the real life?

I told you I hoped your dentist bills were reasonable lad.

Just got back from smashing in statcunts teeth lads, AMA.

You need to stop getting so upset when a forward isnt on for the full 80

Meme's try

Did he cry?

>party poopers for the poomas

Has Michael Hooper made Sean McMahon obsolete lads?

I guess it applies even if they've had 70% possession...

Thank god for bupa brah

Chromosomes everywhere.

>straight run for the line
Yeah what a legend.

>Hoopers face when

fuck I'm sick of the ball sacks

Kikereal Fagg would have been an elite pace bowler and Kieren Read would have been a top batsmen without this boring sport

Hooper looks like a random aussie surfer

But you'd still get rekt by pooinloos

Cooper is such a cunt.

>a yellow card for trying not to tackle someone without the ball


Yeah, quade got robbed

>Aussie commentators are literally saying Snachez dived

>actually defending that cheap shit

it´s getting harder to enjoy this shitty sport when it never gives me any happiness.
The worst is i can´t stop watching because i don't want to miss (if they ever get) a win.

When will our time come? Im kinda thinking they are actually going to win something someday just to find that there are no argie fans in the stadium and not reporter except foreign ones even approaches them.
That would be funny.

pumas won three weeks ago you sped

Why do you post this ugly girl all the time?

Being this bootyblasted he steamrolled your comp

Sanchez is a notorious diver

Wait for ARC to see Argentina XV chrush everybody

>that knock on
Why do they have to kill every single shred of hope?

maybe against australia at twickenham

>Hueland defending argentina
Not sure why I'm surprised

It's crazy how often you guys knock on when you have the lineout drive 5m out.
Rest of the time it's the best in the business.

Nige loves getting airtime.

Literal channel 10 commentary:

>"they're calling 'chicken footage' that's the terminology"

It was George Ayoub saying "checking footage", and bray thought he said "chicken footage".

Fucking state of it.

That'd be double movement in Connacht.

it´s not really the same br bro, Arg, Usa and Can send second teams, it´s closer to that weird Toulon promises tournament in footy.

fucking hell this, it just gets too hard,
why do they do that? what´s so wrong in their skills that they always do that?

Bray gone senile

I forgot Argentina drew against US of A and had a tough match against Uruguay in last ARC

That's pretty funny

Has Reece Hodge made Brendan Foley obsolete lads?

some faggot in the crowd is wearing rabbitohs gear

No the Wallabies will keep having Foley make the kicks despite having less accuracy and range

>tfw Boca Juniors and River Plave haven't rugby teams

Probably a robot or an alien that is trying desperately to fit in any knows enough about earth culture that they sort of get most things right but there are strange things that they just don't get that make it clear they're not from here.

Rosario Central started out as a cricket club. Fun fact.

Barcelona started a pro rugby team, thinking of getting back into full shape and see if i land something there. Would be funny.

You should start one up. Club owners are rich no? That could be you. You could have any ladyboy in Sao Paulo with that sort of dosh.

Gimnasia La Plata too, but old argie rugby regulations forced rugby teams to separate from football teams when football started to be pro there in 1930's

Who /showeduptofightmeatHornbyMall/ here?

That's right, no one.

I'm not from São Paulo and I'm far to economic richness

poomas didn't do too bad 2bh

Killed by initial aussie blitzkrieg

Is this the WORST championship ever?

yes. ruined by kiwis

in his autistic meme spousting he believes that the fact of founding a club makes you automatically rich.
Such is the mind of a trip/name fag

If they lost a game that could have been won considering their capacities means they did bad, no other way to see it

Soon you will be after you start up your club.

It was mostly >our fault but yeah, those 3 tries killed us.

You could make a combined team from everyone else in the comp and still not beat them.

Great Britain does it every 12 years.

Wrong. NZ is the only team making it good. The rest are just terrible.

I guess you blame NZ for the 3-0 whitewash against England too?

BR commentors were complaining on Argentina sending your home match against Australia at Twickenham

Even with money, it's totally senseless

>he doesn't have the lions booked for a series win

My Great grandfather founded manchester united

>and we make fun of italy in the six nations

>BR commentors
didn´t even knew that existed, what do they say?
in argentina´s game how is their attitude towards >us

italy loses by those margins and more against teams that would have lost that game by 50+ points.

The speaker is main rugby speaker on channel and also some other sports like cycling and hockey.
The commentor was former brazilian national team player by 15 years and founder of Bandeirante-Sarracens (he's current club president now). He's pretty good commentor.

How´s the attitude in general inside your rugby community towards us? Considering the bordering in hatred that exists in footy im kinda curious even if i know such extremism doesn´t exist in rugby

yeah, Dylan Hartley is a Kiwi

Yeah, if it weren't for all you counts stealing our welfare, maybe we'd have some money to retain players

Lots of respect and also Argentina being saw as paradigm. On rugby community, forget the football rivalry bullshit.

A paradigm? How so? Because of the PLADAR system training promising kids?

You don't cry when you're passed the fuck out.

Paradigm meaning the goal for working for development and massification of rugby around the country. It must be considered Argentina is only country in South America who can be seen as paradigm on these terms.

Hope it works out for you and it grows, the whole continent is kinda boring when it comes to rugby,

Olympic cycle was useful for rugby in Brazil. Basicly rugby was the only olympic program sport to have a proper work for growning here.

what are the chances Brazil will get a Super team?

If attempt in next few years, it must be as auxiliary team for South America considering Argentina currently cannot afford a 2nd SR franchise. In other words, a team with argentinian majority.

Jesus christ we don't need more cannon fodder for the NZ Super teams to mow through

It's really not very surprising. Outside of micro nations, union is the number one spectator sport in NZ alone.

In Australia it isn't even in the top twenty sports by participation. Foxtel completely boned it with super rugby and everyone here only cares about the fucking NRL and cricket. That's not even getting into povertyball viewership competition in Europe/South America. Only people who care about unon in Africa are white saffers.

The future of the game is going downhill depressingly fast. They need some commercial interests because NZ and half a million Aussies, South Africans and Europeans isn't going to cut it.

rugby will never dominate in particpation. It's a complex, full contact sport with a relatively high injury risk, it's a terrible measure to us for it.

do those top twenty "sports" include shit like walking and swimming?

I'm not sure how nz is ruining it. Your motivation should be winning why does nz have to promote growth by intentionally losing?

Change running by racewalking and problem solved

I didn't say you were ruining it, that was some other guy. I said it wasn't surprising you had a whitewash against England as the game is the most popular one in your country and you don't have to beg talent to switch codes to put together a decent team. And even having invented the game England really fucking care about soccer.

Okay then. For viewership here cricket > afl > league > soccer > union

Pro 12 and Super Rugby apparently in talks to link up for a competition to gain lucrative money deals

thuts ah butt ruch butch, oil hutt you un the lups.

yeah we can send the kings, force, sunwolves, and cheetahs over there and clean up.

glasgow guy on lucrative deal to off himself


Lyon 25 - 20 Toulouse


Brive - La Rochelle
Pau - Stade Français
Bayonne - Montpellier
Clermont - Bordeaux Bègles


Castres - Grenoble
Racing 92 - Toulon


sounds dumb as shit

Pro12 bosses are literally just saying anything that pops into their heads at this point

Connacht the "reigning champions" are getting beat by Zebre 3 tries to 1

It's funny

But also leaves the rest of the Pro12 asking how we got memed by them last season

You can't write this shit

Virtually everyone was missing huge chunks of their squads for the world cup & Six Nations, I think Connacht only lost Henshaw?
Now everyone is back and fit they're getting absolutely assfucked.

>hating Connacht

>liking Connacht
Brazil banished from /rug/ when?

its saying the zebre v connacht game has been abandoned? score was 22-10?

You either hate Cucknacht or you get the fuck out of my /rug/

The crying is free

>game called off due to bad weather conditions while connacht were behind
Really makes you think.

>Literally can't handle a bit of bad weather

you wouldn't be able to fabricate such a thing

>hating connards

sounds sensible

Agen back in T14 when?

Probably never, a city like Agen can't afford a 1st league team anymore. The needed budgets are too high nowadays. It will be more and more a "big" cities sports. It will be harder and harder for cities like Agen, Narbonne, Bayonne, Biarritz, Lourdes, Béziers, Bourgoin, Carcassone... to assemble teams that can aim for the top 14...
And they're lucky that the northern part of France is not really interested in rugby, because it would be even harder for them.

Marseille and Nice with teams in T14 when?

The orange Agen shirt a few years ago was swag as fuck. Caucau filled it well.

ohhhhhhhhhh i wanna touch that butt

Why did they call off the Connacht game the weather isn't even meant to be that bad

Marseille? Never. Marseille is an abnormality. It's a 100% through and through divegrass city, no other sport can survive here.

It's not even a joke, despite being the 3rd biggest urban area in France, they have nothing else than football, and never had. The only exception I can think of was a handball team like 25 years ago, and even that was a side-branch from OM, in association with another nearby city (Vitrolles), and existed only because their president was the brother of Bernard Tapie who was the president of the football club and was giving him pity money. As soon as Bernard Tapie fell for corruption, the handball club disappeared.

Some years ago they tried to create a significant rugby club (Stade Phocéen fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rugby_Club_Stade_phocéen ) and got Jonah fucking Lomu to play for them in 2010, but they never got better than the 3rd division.

It's quite strange, because it's a city that could easily afford more sports, and all the leagues (basketball, rugby, handball, volleyball...) are desperate to see a team from here being promoted in their top leagues for expand their market, but it just doesn't work. People are not interested if it's not football.

I think the only other sport that actually is in a top league is athletics/cross-country, and it's only because of the massive immigration in the city, and water-polo (this sport being extremely irrelevant in France, far away from the other team sports).


Lyon 25 - 20 Toulouse
3rd defeat of the season for Toulouse (in 5 games)

Brive 29 - 28 La Rochelle
1st defeat of the season for La Rochelle, Germain is a fucking machine

Pau 23 - 6 Stade Français
>la ville de Paris

Bayonne 9 - 21 Montpellier
perfect 3 times table game

Clermont - Bordeaux Bègles


>Castres - Grenoble
>Racing 92 - Toulon

Do you know if Samu Manoa and Dan Carter are playing tomorrow? if they both are it should be interesting to see how the teams fair.

>losing to Brive

what a time to be alive

Don't dismiss them, they're a team with a lot of history, former H-cup winner in 1997 and finalist in 1998


They have the smallest budget of the league, but they're also a greatly cohesive team, and are very hard to crack at home. They've punched above their weight for the last 4 years thanks to this. They're the perfect example of "a team with average players and great cohesion is better than an addition of individualities".
Plus most of their players have been playing together for 3 or 4 consecutive years, which give them a clear edge against teams that had a lot of players changes, especially at the beginning of the season when teams are still building their chemistry.
They're having a great start, but they'll probably fall into line as the season will go on, as they don't have a bench deep enough to fight against bigger teams on the long run.

Also, they have Gaëtan Germain, who is a fucking kicking machine. Best scorer of the league for the last 3 or 4 years. As long as he'll stay here, Brive will be safe.

both are playing

Le XV du Racing : Dulin ; Imhoff, Tuitavake, Laulala, Andreu ; (o) Carter, (m) Machenaud ; Nyanga, Masoe, Lauret ; Carizza, Le Roux ; Tameifuna, Szarzewski, Ben Arous.

Remplaçants : Chat, Vartanov, Van der Merwe, Claassen, Hart, Tales, Vulivuli, Sa.

Le XV de Toulon : Halfpenny ; Tuisova, Bastareraud, Nonu, Muller ; (o) Trinh-Duc, (m) Pélissié ; Lobbe, Ollivon, Davis ; Manoa, Gorgodze ; Chilachava, Guirado, Chiocci.

Remplaçants : Etrillard, Delboulbes, Taofifenua, Gill, Carraro, Belleau, Tillous-Borde, Van der Merwe.

Thats amazing though, to see them do well so far is really neat. Especially since they were on par with Agen in the table last season.

>that video

god damn that was an amazing read by Carrat.

this should be a good game to see, im excited!

It's actually looking like it's the Ospreys year lads.

treviso are a fucking embarrassment

>Sign Allen and Banks
>Kiwi coach
>Think they might finally not be a disgrace

thanks for nothing Shitaly, though at least you'll be good for a win in the 6N

>water polo
Is Marseille a city with many yugoslav immigrants?

Regardless of how shit you are, 60 point thrashings don't happen without the other team being good.

Not really, it mainly impacted Leinster and Glasgow outside of the added disruption of later preseasons for returning players and both comfortably made the playoffs.

>Especially since they were on par with Agen in the table last season.

You're thinking about the 2013-2014 and 2014-2016 season actually, when they saved themselves from relegation in the last 2 games of the season.
They were decent last season, only finishing 1 win away from a playoffs berth. They had a great start just but fell into line as the season was going on, they'll probably do the same this year.

>Is Marseille a city with many yugoslav immigrants?

They probably have a bit more than other cities, but not enough so that it'd make a real difference. It's just that for some reason their water-polo team has a long history. I don't really know why.

Clermont 40 - 16 Bordeaux

End of season prediction
1- Ulster
2- Ospreys
3- Glasgow
4- Leinster
5- Blues
6- Munster
7- Edinburgh
8- Scarlets
9- Connacht
10- Dragons
11- Treviso
12- Zebre

I think Ulster will win it as long as they don't have too many injures this season.

They'll want to send the old guard off with some silverware.

>underrating Connachtão da Massa

I'm going for Connacht to ironically finish in last place without a single win

>3 games this season
>2 of them at home
>pumped by 73 points
>0 (zebo) league points
>3rd game called off due to 'bad weather' despite them losing at halftime
They might even finish lower than 9th my huezillian bro

jour de rugby


Paddy Jackson MOTM on his first game back

He will enter GOATdom soon

Provisional circunstances. Season is long and still with november tests and 6N to interfere on Pro12.

He was pretty good, his tactical kicking will make schmidt hard as a rock.

damn, T14 is always a crazy thing to watch


nah, same shit, different season. Leinster and Glasgow top 2 4 sure

Ospreys and Ulster top 2 4 sure

Thanks for the pop-ups and attack sites faggot.

>meme wins against bottom of the table fodder
>Meaning anything

Glasgow and Leinster are LITERALLY the only teams with even a tiny chance

get an adblock



That would sure impress her

anyone else looking forward to this??
it was about time we had some rugby anime

Why is this allowed

How are the Chief's doing mate?

Good m8. The guy who touched the stripper was a bus driver and none of the players actually did anything wrong. Scarlette is getting btfo

Canes on dynasty watch 2bh



I tried reading the first chapter and I could not get through the first 10 pages. The mangaka's art is seriously terrible, and she is simply not good enough to portray action

>please disable adblock
Nevermind , French rugby isn't worth watching anyway.

this tbqh

>David Pocock broke his hand last night

Is David Pocock made of glass, or is he just targeted by other teams?

Targeted by other teams because he's fighting the patriarchy

2bh hes been very average this season.


is a bogan a chav?


Fuck I hate bogans
Almost as much as I hate clubbies

You're mum loves chubbies

Glasgow just got /EXPOSED/ by Cardiff, they're finished.


Waikato vs Wellington NPC - skysport1

U19 Auckland vs U19 Wellington - skysport2

The argues were targeting Folau, Cooper and Pocock

V8 supercars sky sport pop up

>getting bantered by a senile old man

Chiekuck is always in damage control mode

Bad post. You're better than this, bro.

Newtown Jets are on btw

Several GOATchurch boys in the team.

GOATabrians get in the NRL general to show your support.

Fuck off.

Why is this girl's head so big? It's hilarious.

is nz just really good or does everyone just suck really bad

Woke up again today lads...

Existing is pain

Bit of both.
Aus & SA are the worst they've been for years.

I'm interested in who the fuck is going to play 10 for Ospreys if Biggar and Davies both get called up to the Wales squad. Bit of a plothole to our season right there.

Money, money, money.

It's really more of a reflection on Super Rugby. The wobbs losing players like Beale to a euro club. Genia only managed to come back recently. Man of the match last night. Giteau came back from toulon despite taking a massive pay cut for it.

For the past decade saffers have been losing their best players to euro and japanese clubs.


How many will you win/lose in the Autumn?



Lyon 25 - 20 Toulouse
Brive 29 - 28 La Rochelle
Pau 23 - 6 Stade Français
Bayonne 9 - 21 Montpellier
Clermont - Bordeaux Bègles
Castres 40 - 16 Grenoble

Racing 92 20 - 16 Toulon
2nd half
Carizza dead

>Toulon defending


Nonu dead
Bastagros dead


When are Racing getting a new stadium?

I'd shag her by-hind

they're working on it

way to big for their needs, actually

>Toulon defending
>Toulon being BTFO


Toulon's centers dropping like flies


>la rade de Toulon

Is Luis Suarez the Ashton of football?

lel when I read he bit someone I thought it was exaggerated but that looks pretty solid


>being bitten by English teeth

poor guy will probably get tetanus and gangrene and stuff

Always makes me laugh when players bite other players while wearing a gumshield

Racing 41 - 30 Toulon

8 minutes to go

>Leicester 14
Newcastle 13

>Wasps 70
>Bristol 22

Great post.

Awful post.

If you had to sign a fullback for your club who would you sign out of these? Be aware, your neck is on the line if it turns out to be a disaster.

Leigh Halfpenny
+Huge name
+Defensively solid
-Shit attacker
-Expensive to sign

James Hook
+No Wales commitments
-Not a proper fullback
-Clumsy as fuck

Hallam Amos
+Cheap to sign
-Not very experienced

Liam Williams
+Great attacker
+Solid defender
-Injury prone
-Poor discipline at times

Who do you all play for?

Amos, young but promising.

>Amos gets called up for Wales duty, he ruptures knee ligaments in training and is out for the remainder of the season. Many blame Gatland's influence for 'bulking him up too quickly at that age'

Well you blew it.


I can't see us winning any of those, especially since its an outgoing tour

your cute hoorism is off the charts


If I had to, I guess Amos. 1/2p and Williams will barely play with injuries and internationals and Hook's past it

I would still pick Amos, then .5penny.

There is not really a point to pick the other two



very bad post

Get the fuck out of my face Jose.

absolute waste of dubs tbf


don't know what this is iicbh.

Ate a lot of spinach today lads

Got to get them forearm gains popeye style



Just reserved my lions tickets lads

Very good post

Nice, wish I could be there.

I feel as if spinach is one of the least appreciated foods thats out there.

and the gimmick is officially dead.

would you like to me resort to bumping the thread when its on page 9 with webms or gifs again?

so is that basically a bowl full of chocolate pudding?

bump it with pics of your mum, faggot

youre not missing anything my dude

>The travelling squad for Arg/SA

Hookers: Dane Coles, Liam Coltman and Codie Taylor.

Props: Wyatt Crockett, Charlie Faumuina, Owen Franks, Joe Moody and Ofa Tu'ungafasi.

Locks: Brodie Retallick, Luke Romano, Patrick Tuipulotu and Sam Whitelock.

Loose forwards: Elliot Dixon, Jerome Kaino (South Africa only), Kieran Read, Ardie Savea, Liam Squire and Matt Todd.

Halfbacks: Tawera Kerr-Barlow, TJ Perenara and Aaron Smith.

First five-eighths: Beauden Barrett, Damian McKenzie and Lima Sopoaga.

Midfielders: Ryan Crotty, Malakai Fekitoa, Anton Lienert-Brown and George Moala.

Outside backs: Israel Dagg, Waisake Naholo, Julian Savea and Ben Smith.

>Hookers: Dane Coles, Liam Coltman, Codie Taylor and Devvo Cunt's mum.

I got my nails done and grabbed a bottle of this

Why is it news that some year 11 are retarded and failed a math test?
May as well drop out and start a trade if you failed NCEA level 1 math tbhfamalam

Seems to be girls complaining
They will just do what shitspouter does then. Gender studies or w/e

No one knows what you're fucking talking about.

NZ current events lad

I have no idea what you're fucking talking about.

Nut up or shut up about the maths test lads


Let's see how you all go, and remember to show your working.

>he calls a mouthguard a gum shield

pooseph parker is on story tonight lads

OI M88



G'DAY m8



ohah*toss boomerang*







>Be australian
>get heat stroke in santa suit




i'd have to fish my graphing calculator out to do half this shit lad

Finished it lad

How long did they have to do it? Did they have a calculator? Did they have any other papers at the same time?

hahaha what the fuck

Brits don't have teeth, so...

I'm glad we can call on Liam Gill to replace Pocock. Oh wait....

We now only have 3 meme 7s who can't make a turnover.

We're in /hayne/ lads.

Be sure to post your /rug/ friends there

This is autism.

Drumpf BTFO


What happened

They made jokes bout him at the emmys

Air New Zealand dividends just got paid out lads

We don't have teeth worth protecting so gum protection is the top priority.

>*neck brace pops open*

uninteresting post

This isn't the tourettes guy thread, how embarrassing

i used to play gookclick

his name is 1a2a3afou or terrorfou. Look him up on youtube for more hysterics. That's just a daily occurence for him, happens almost every time he streamed.

More entertaining, so he got more viewers which meant he got paid more. So, he deliberately amped it up.

why is he so perfect?

considering that Ulster will likely lose their entire backline I don't think you have too much to wory about



plus Pienaar and Ludik.

Ulster literally have no excuses for when they fail to top the table, which they will



>yfw the Ulstermen get sat down by Glasgow on Friday


>glasgow guy hasn't offed himself
literally unbelievable

>yfw Glasgow have already been sat down by Cardiff


Not already having one

tell me your secrets

Could someone explain this sport to an amerilad? I want to get into Rugby. but I feel so lost.

Can't win em all lad, just most of them

low-tier reaction image. At least post a memed up version of it for the sake of /rug.

We both play at the local club.

We met at the club house in 2011 during the World Cup it was just me and her and some of the old guard watching the Canada v Japan game.

I had Canada in the sweepstakes and she had Japan

Just so you know she cheats on you when shes on tour

That's just your missus mate sorry

they're the same person

literally be more specific


please lurk more

Just remember lolnzwins and you'll be fine.

>Gashton cited for two cases of biting
>Will literally have his ban reduced for 'no previous incidents'

>I'll bite u with me gumshield m8 i swear on me mum


I miss how comfy /rug/ threads used to be lads, what's happened to us?


/nrl/ and /cric/ shitposting famalam

Happy anniversary famalamadingdong





>la ville de Vannes

Bourgoin has some voodoo magic causing their opponents to spill their spaghettis


>that fat cunt is Rupeni Caucau

Holy fuck I thought it was bastareaud.

Homeboy really let himself go when he went to europe.

He was still acceptable when he was in Agen.


During his first years, at least. By the end of his contract, everything went to the shitter. He tried some comebacks, but it never really successed. He retired 3 or 4 years ago or something like that.

The guy was wrecking shit in super whatever-the-number-it-was-back-then and in top 14 despite having the worst life hygiena and behaviour a professionnal sport player could have. He could have been the best rugby player ever if he had a Wilkinson-tier behaviour.

Also, even Caucau at his worst was still not as thick as Bastagros.

Bastagros is basically a prop nowadays.



Good post.

how have you been my dude?

Ok. Lining up a new job.

>4 days
>400 posts

Panko crumbed eggplant for dinner


You left out

>page 1

inferior sport generals wish they had /rug/'s heart.

Post TRC highlights

Trying musclefood.com lads, got a shitload of meat coming monday.

ur mum got a shitload of my meat coming

Are you a butcher?

A great day for /rug/ and therefore the rest of the world


Ahh good, we love our meat.

got a sausage in my mouth right fucking now m8

I hope it was in a rugby/cricket thread. BTFO by an American on his own patch. He'll never live it down.

M8s I get quints in my sleep. It'll take at least septs to keep the great man GOATtistic Elitespouter down.

What thread was that? I butt befuddle amerifats on a daily basis so I lose track. Nice to see somebody been archiving my posts.

Why don't you support your local butcher? You should really inspect goods before buying. Im vego 90% of the time these days tho

lol quit being such an insufferable cunt

Ad hominem

fat homo name

Your teeth are yellow and jacked up

your life is empty and meaningless


GlasGOAT desu lads

Don't engage with that autist

>beaten by cardiff poos
>still thinks it's his year
'spreys year Tbh

/cric/ raids

>Hump some shitty Italians at home like every year
>Thinking this means shit

Literally who?

>maximum points from 3 games
>another 5 points this weekend
>glasgow think they can keep up with this scorching pace

Leinster are unironically going to win comfortably

Your Gf is our GF on tour

/rug/'s world cup and super rugby superbru winner here.

I don't watch rugby but my elite intuition tells me that this is indeed the 'spreys year.

you just KNOW she exclusively fucks polynesians

Nothing of value was lost. She looks like she is below 5' and half of that would be her head anyway.



why are argentina playing in twickers again lads?


Argentines love invading British islands

Serious Question.
This thread has been alive for 3 days and counting.
Is it all because of this girls ass?

nah pure heart lad

good post

/rug/ is literally the greatest poomunity on this site


well then, here's to you

/rug/s heart beats strong

Reminder every time Glasgow guy posts, he practically clogs up /rug/'s heart with a deep fat fried mars bar.

Gilroy and Marshall ruled out of the Glasgow game due to injury

Lyttle likely starting

Prepare yourself Glasgow guy

/rug/ would persist with a square of light purple in the OP, m8.
It's called HEART.

Poor Lyttle Ulster boy

Reminder that it's Glasgow's year.
pic unrelated.

Fuck why did we get the man-face one?

we didn't even get one smdh

good post

They didn't have one hairy enough, lad.

>dat Bex tho

Because she's a blonde white American girl

She enjoys all blacks

you tried

im australian






Has Sean McMahon made Michael Hooper obsolete?

>carter's farter

Mustn't be getting many underwear modelling gigs these days with that gooch caterpillar.


>have photoshoot for the world cup
>the countries represented are england, japan, ireland, new zealand and the US

Pure memes.


everything checks out

All memes except for the back-to-back world champions I think you meant to say.

>dat Selleck-esque bum chin

Lads, what's her name? Ummm It's for a science project.

Edwina Bogatski

Ivana Saric

>all these disgusting slavic surnames

New Zealand's downfall was swift.

Pretty sure she was at the Remuera New World this evening lads.

>inb4 were you pushing the trolleys hur dur

Are you allowed to check out customers?

/cric/ are making fun of us again lads

Southland v BOP cripple fight at 7.35 lads.

>still in the same thread

great poomunity lads

Who you talking to fucknuts?

Thanks man that means a lot to me.

kek, I've shaken you to your core haven't I

/cric/ here ama

How difficult was it telling your parents you are gay?

What drives you to beg for the attention of big strong /rug/ posters?

ama anything but that

Do you feel that you were given enough attention as a child?

What's it like being a virgin in his 30s?

haha yeah

When you moving out, sport?
You promised your mum last year.

How many hours per day do you spend on Cred Forums?

haha oof! got me there lads!

Is this the first time you've been btfo today?

yikes you boys are vicious today! ahaha

I was lead to believe that /cric/ shitposters were quite entertaining.
What happened?

>you boys
All me 2bh.

Let's get this bad boy to 500


Anyopne else watching Australia's national sport (field hockey)


500 for /nrl/

we fucking did it bros

500 for handsome and diligent /cric/

>Thanks be to Daniel

new thread

literally no one likes the All Blacks

>Sandra Elfast
Thanks for nothing kangaroo fuckers, your mothers aint shit.