Only 4 top flight fixtures today due to Yurop ruining everything.

>Hull City v Arsenal
>Leicester City v Burnley
>Manchester City v AFC Bournemouth
>West Bromwich Albion v West Ham United

EFL is also welcome.

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Best threads on Cred Forums now that /606/ is ded

Terrible matchday

Hull v Arsenal = Draw
Leicester v Burnley = Draw
City vs Bournemouth = Draw
West brom vs West ham = Draw


>John stones not starting


he will get subbed on with 10 to go

RIP Fantasy

Arsenal XI to face Hull: Cech, Bellerin, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Walcott, Ozil, Iwobi, Sanchez
Hull XI to face Arsenal: Jakupovic, Elmohamady, Livermore, Davies, Robertson, Meyler, Huddlestone, Clucas, Diomande, Hernandez, Snodgrass

Leicester XI to face Burnley: Zieler; Simpson, Huth, Morgan (c), Fuchs; Mahrez, Drinkwater, Amartey, Albrighton; Slimani, Vardy
Burnley XI to face Leicester: Heaton, Lowton, Ward, Mee, Keane, Hendrick, Marney, Defour, Boyd, Arfield, Gray

Man City XI to face Bournemouth: Bravo, Sagna, Otamendi, Kolarov, Clichy, Fernandinho, De Bruyne, Gundogan, Sterling, Nolito, Iheanacho
Bournemouth XI to face Man City: Boruc, A Smith, Francis, Cook, Daniels, Ibe, Arter, Surman, Wilshere, Stanislas, King

West Brom XI to face West Ham: Foster; Dawson, McAuley, Evans, Galloway; Phillips, Yacob, Fletcher, McClean; Chadli; Rondon
West Ham XI to face West Brom: Adrian, Nordtveit, Collins, Ogbonna, Masuaku, Kouyate, Antonio, Noble, Lanzini, Payet, Zaza

606 is dead because Cred Forums ran all the decent posters off this board

laughing at arselel will be something i guess

606 is shite now.

>dyche being somewhat adaptable

wew lad

it's the same it's always been. If anything it's better since that fat cunt Alan isn't on in Sunday's anymore.

>Leicester player gets injured
>Still somehow plays the next match

How do they do it

>hating on the best presenter

>this is a PL matchday squad
jesus christ it's fucking awful

who was supposed to be injured?

tbf they're going straight down without a fight

He unironically had interns feed him when busy with two hands. Fat cuunt.

I am moving to uni tomorrow and I am taking cat litter with me so I don't have to leave my room until late at night so I don't have to interact with everyone else.
How long should I wait before changing the cat litter?

just dropout now, your life won't head anywhere

>all these shit games for pl
>efl televised game is ipswich villa

just kill me now


Simpson I think?


Why is America allowed to watch more of our league than we are?

what you listening to boys?

Where are those chips from? Jelly as fuck.

>sour stripes
My nigga

The British are bros

Just sayin'


you're supposed to go to the match la

>A minute's silence will be held before Hull City's home game against Arsenal to pay tribute to ex-player Daniel Wilkinson.

>Wilkinson, 24, who was playing for non-league Shaw Lane, died in hospital on Monday after collapsing during a match.


Collapsing is fucking terrorfying if you stay conscious. I did so at work and shat myself, nothing is more surreal than being in fear while a fat looking woman drags you about half heartedly.

It got changed to a minute's applause at the request of the family

You mean l... leave the house?

>collapsing while conscious

what happened?


why did you collapse?

NBC Sports Live Extra acestream link boys?

Doctor said it was likely a seizure. All I could was look and loads of poo came out even though I didn't need the toilet before hand.



>I've been around girls for 20+ years
>never fucked any but hey consistency right
>every year I tell myself I just need a few adjustments and I'll be the sex king
>when on a date I refuse to spend any money, they should like me for who I am, not my wallet
>those other guys keep getting laid due to their spending on whores, I refuse to participate in that
>I'm not in great shape and a small fall can injure me
>I tend to disappear on big occasions
>I feel great around october-february but once the chads come out in spring I pull back
>my only joy in life is getting technically closer to girls than the retarded Jewish boy from the 3rd floor
>mfw I'm Arsenal football club

>tfw never had to illegally stream a game in the 10 years i've been watching the prem

I'm sorry man, I hope you didn't get any lasting problems from that.

Will our overlords ever allow us to legally watch 3pm games on tv?

this is the worst attempt at being funny i've ever seen on Cred Forums

Clean sheet today pls blades

>stadiums are filled to 98% capacity by season ticket holders
>TV viewers still told to fuck off and go to the games

I don't get it

Would be amazing if Bournemouth could get something today, but I fancy them to be thrashed.

lower leagues


One time I got out of the shower and my legs just turned to jelly and everything was spinning, I think I must of had a low blood sugar level because after I dragged myself downstairs and stuffed my face with the first thing I could find I felt a lot better and could walk again. It's never happened again since

Quietly confident today.
I'ma go with a 1-0.


Add a couple of players and I think this team could have a good shot at the playoffs


>I wanted to watch West Ham but I can't so I'll guess drop by Brisbane Road for the Leyton Orient game
said no one ever

GSTQ, you filthy fucking animal

You would literally be surprised

Id be content with 0-0, just really think we need to go 90 without conceding

Definitely getting stronger with each game though

Cazorla is such an ugly manlet. Seeing him makes me want to punch something.


I go to Swindon games despite being primarily a Man City fan

My dad used to go to gas games just to watch football


>wet spam

webm of bbenulty bls

Should have been a picture of raven

>the absolute state of Wet Spam

>west sham

>wet spam
>muh new stadium

How is it possible to trail to a west brom side trying to lose?

Cant wait till the tinpot club that is west ham will have a half filled running track in the championship

>the west quarter of the city of ham


Stuff like this, and that ref's statements a few weeks back, really makes we wonder about spot fixing. I mean that's just blatant. I know football's a crazy game but come on, no premier league starter hand balls that there!?

which fight will happen first?

>Pulis v Bilic
>West Ham fans vs West Brom fans
>West Ham fans fighting each other

>West "Ham" United

your mum fighting gravity to stand up

I've heard it's much safer to fix things like number of corners, cards etc. than suspect things like penalties and goals

Come on Forest

West ham fans vs stadium

>Olympic stadium in championship

le epic joke

why does matt murray shake his head 'no no no' while he talks?


best I can do is 2/10

>Drawing with a team I didn't even know existed
>Carlo 'lost the league with fucking PSG' Ancelotti

>be west ham
>get new stadium
>get relegated


It should have been spurs

>City winning already


well the City game is over

Pep must be wondering what the fuck everyone is on about >"muh toughest league in the world"

>Wilshit OUT

anyone got sky sports news stream?

>the ginger messi

>eddie meme

what a great manager

Where's that Spanish guy that hates De Bruyne?

>lmao, I'll just tell everyone I'm here to prove a point, then drop 170m in the first transfer window as if the team isn't already stacked

>free kick going under the jumping wall
Based Kevin the Brown

Ancelotti can't manage in leagues


>De Bruyne FF captain

Sanchez now


As if Theo gets away with such an awful cross

Really pissing me off how everyone is copying the "OH WHEN THE ___ GO MARCHING IN" chant.
Stoke have started, Chelsea were doing it last night, now fucking City, CITY are doing it.

It should be reserved for Southampton and Spurs only

Fucking hell, most of the favourites are already 1-0 up. We're not getting any upsets today.

yeah because football games end after 30 minutes lol

all clubs copy each other. I've heard "we know who we are" from like 4 teams at least

City have always sung it you weirdo


Everyone sings the Payet song now

Dubs decide what match I watch

>mfw did the same

Aguero being banned has been profitable for me

What happened? Is he finished?

I believe that Hull will win.

>Wiltshere Farm Foods

Shocking how Arsenal stuck with him for so long

>hamilton academical

The WE'VE GOT ___ chants are worse

well at least >QPR are already losing

Gave away the ball and then did a very stupid foul trying to take it back. De Brown scores the goal from that FK

Immediately gives away the ball again in the next minute and Nolito almost scores the second

City are fucking terrifying

>City winning
>Arselel winning

Well today is a write off then. Hopefully Watford can bring the lels tomorrow.


who the fuck is going to stop them christ


lmfao the premier league is a piece of piss

>Hinatzo (Iheanacho)
>Anito (Nolito)

Merson on top form todaay

>the favourites are winning

this is what watching la liga is like, boring

tfw you're that guy in the group people "forget" to invite to things

Love how "the hardest league in the world" has been proven to be nothing than a rabble of shit flinging their arms about at each other

>Beating Mememouth at home

Shit, give Pep the trophy now and let's just play friendlies until next season!

>"""""""""""""""""super"""""""""""""""""""""" saturday

Lester starting to shred Burnley 0-0 now

How good are Huddersfield / What position were they expected to finish?

You guys fault for bit watching LeiBur desu

Ian Nacho>>>>>>>>>>Memeford

Man Utd are the only test they have had.

West Ham, Sunderland, Bournemouth and Stoke are all struggling so far this season. This will be the easiest part of their season. They also won their first five games last year without conceding, still finished fourth

holy shit the keeper saved it and then it just lifted itself over the bar


>Moan that people forget to invite me to things
>When they do invite me I rarely ever go

My life at uni.

>tfw got de bruyne and iheanacho in my FF

Do you still wear the blue, lads?

no one gives a fuck about your fairy tale football

so this,,,is the power,,,,of the premier league

Everyone is struggling this season to be honest. The standard has been low as fuck so far.

They were expected to finish lower mid-table but they've looked very good so far. I'd expect them to be challenging for the play-offs at the end of the season

>Experience this so much
>Despite to be an authoritative social figure and make plans ahead of time
>When the day comes want to cancel and stay at home
>If I do cancel I spend each hour regretting everything


Wearing it right now

>Le tap in black man does it again!!!

>City and Liverpool title race again
These are always fun

Cred Forumstards have ruined this entire website

Nolito has looked like a good signing for 12m even if he is like 29. At least another 2 years out of him.

People will shit on it, but I think Arsenal are going to take it quite far this season too. I mean, they'll crumble at the end, but I think they will still be in it by March before they start to fuck up


/n/ is alright

Cred Forums is best board.


>Finished uni 3 years ago
>Some old mates are arranging a night out reunion
>Actually invited
>Don't want to go because i'm socially awkward and always find going out boring but don't want to not go because don't want to miss out

second this

Cred Forums is always right
Cred Forums is always wrong

Incredible. Every time.

Arsenal are always massively underrated (except their fans who overrate)

I honestly think Wenger's resting players will pay off in the winter

It's even worse than Cred Forums

if you're a manchild

Ruski Ace for Tractors vs Villa


Hello Rasheed


Mahrez is frying the Burnley 'defence' now


Cred Forums is for educated men of value. Cred Forums is a degenerate reddit colony.

We watching Hull vs Arsenal?

Cred Forums is for fedora lords

If you're a 15 year old cunt yes

Gonna do my blog here, hope that is ok.

Daddy payed for my uni, even got me in a dorm with to 8/10 polish girls. There is a chad as well.
How do I make them like me? Maybe I should put cameras in the bathroom? They might find that quite cute.

Ok, I got kicked out of uni, I am so annoyed.
This is clearly racism. I am back living with daddy and mummy now, I hate women, I might become one.

I hate being a beta, I only leave the house twice a day.

>fat Spanish waiter in charge of beating Italian fraudsters

>west ham

>Wet Spam


Cred Forums is full of sheltered 16 year old yanks and an embarrassing wealth of people trying to impress them


>East Beef


slav out



Where can I sub to this, it's so fast paced I love it!

I expected the sat afternoon thread to be more comfy than this, poley is annoying but so are the people replying to him.
Can't we all just lie in bed and shitpost about how cosy we are?

Mahrez pls
What the fucking fuck

The fall of West Ham genuinely makes up for the title race being over already

Remember when people thought West Ham were Champions League standard

>Cred Forums is for educated men of value

Leaving the house twice a day is a fair bit mate.

>the West Ham way

>tfw finally get a job
>so much happier on weekends
>finally make better use of my time rather than just wanking myself into a coma

love being a wagie lads, though I do miss being able to go to the gym for hours when I was a NEET

>Take Rondon out of my FPL
>He scores
Fuck it, I am just gonna end my FF season here

the BBC was sucking their dick all last year

Penalty and red card at hull lads

Ter Stegen (1) has more successful dribbles than Cristiano Ronaldo (0) in the 2016/17 Liga.




City and Arsenal games already over. Oh well.


Fucking lmao

How the fuck is that a red card

This sport is fucked

Sanchez misses a penalty!

this in all honesty (iah)

does bog sim still post here?

>arsecucks getting favourable refball again

Thanks for the (You)s, scrubs.

>Hull are going to get relegated
Thank fuck. Hate that team and MauledByTheTigers

>be Hull
>park 10 men in the box against Man Utd
>let Arsenal have their way with them

>girl wanted to have sex with me
>autismo so thought she wanted to be friends and instead we talked a lot, including her telling me how-and-why she's always fucking guys [this is how i later worked out what was happening, as well as that she tried to hug/kiss a lot.]
>never wanted to speak to me or see me again after that though
>realize what happened: she wanted to fuck and then never see me again, not be friends.
now i'm fucking livid that nobody wants to be my friend instead of proud someone wanted my D or sad i missed an "opportunity" to lose my virginity.

It's become by far the most influential board that's for sure. I dream of future historians analyising the role of Cred Forums in the modern reactionary movement of counter-revolution against the establishment in the West.

Slav's a goner

Bilic is gone, RIP





>west sham


Post this on /r9k/ or something
It's not as interesting as you think it is

>Cred Forums is for educated men of value
Mate Cred Forums spends half it's time whining inaccurately about Universities

You won't be wasting a EL spot next year Spam




>Letting West Brom score once
>Letting West Brom score twice
>Letting West Brom score three times
>In the same half

>does bog sim still post here?

Epic trolling u r new king of spee

>Letting West Brom put 3 against you in the first fucking half
>Letting the dirty wee taig bastard McClean score


Is Slimani a flop already? Getting a lot of torres vibes from him

who's WH's next manager then?

Are West Ham riddled with injuries or something?

Damn, Iheanacho scored again? Better than Rashford?

> the city of you

I think that there is some neo-irony in this West Ham performance that I can't grasp.

He's played two games. I haven't watched him at all though. What's he doing wrong?


yes but still no excuse for the circus performance so far this season


He's played very well and just scored ya melon.

by a very wide margin

10/10 timing



make it stop

>Christian assist
>Islam goal

Ok lad


good fit for leicester's demographics

Definitely. Rashford is another pacey black kid. Ihenacho is a GOAT poacher desu. It's like Thomas and even Gerd Muller. He's always in the right place to score a cheeky 6 yard blooty screamer

I don't remember the last time West Brom score 3 goals



Lmao Cazorla should be off

How do we fix West Ham, lads?

Ask the poster above which part of Leicester he's from lads

Arsenal are going to draw against a 10 man Hull, I can feel it

hahaha hadn't heard that one 600 times already lad

Not heard that one before m8 gud joke lad

>Wet Sham

Just relegate us already. What a fucking shower.

we dont

What if you offer a jew a free pork sandwich? Would they take it or leave it? Would it create a paradox that would cause their heads to explode?

M8 that header was straight out of his highlight reel, he'll do that all fucking day.

>Doubting Islam

Will he score in this game?

I wish Vardy grew back his mullet

Was the Hull red card for stopping a goal scoring opportunity?

new 200k capacity free stadium

Milligan Road m8

fuck off lefties


I was fucking THIS close to putting Islam in my team

we get sargon, he fix good

>conceding three goals to a tony pulis team



Not by any means, its just hearing exactly the same bantz literally 10,000 times tends to sap it's hilarity

Pol been working on this new material? Gud joak original shit man.


Seriously, is there a bigger fraud in top flight management.

>Le defender who can't organise a defence man

Having supported them for 20 years... yes it is.


>massive long throws
>constant looped balls over the back four for Vardy
>constant crosses spammed into Slimani
>two mammoth CBs to come up for every corner
are Leicester the most direct team ever

Hey I thought of a funny banter joke with some good meme potential. Here goes:

>de gay

Some right mongs on this board that have no idea what they're talking about. First some pleb says "why is everyone copying the 'WHEN THE _____ GO MARHCING IN' chant?" asif that chant only came around this year and now this silly twat calling Slimani a flop without seeing him against Club Brugge with only 2 days training with the squad. This board is a meltdown.



Always bet on Allah


2 > 1 > 3

trump a faget



Christian just assisted Islam for that goal

>this captcha

why do footfags have to ruin everything?

Wasn't this supposed to be West Ham's year?

The power of meme

>muh possession


who's gonna replace Bilic

>pulisball in action.png

/r/ west brom v everton from last season

Pulis strikes again


You don't remember actual long ball football. Leicester just play fast transition and have insane pace.

More correctly known as "Pulis'd"

Knowing the porn barons it'll be Steve Bruce.

>the west ham way

what did they mean by this?

>Constant dribbling, stepovers, flip flaps and dummies from Mahrez and Gray.

Yeah I think they probably are m8

>he takes Cred Forums seriously


West Ham is awesome when it comes to intercepting the ball, but nothing when it comes to offensve
Payet is literally the only one with creativity
Lanzini is massively overrated
The only players who can actually help Payet are Feghouli and Cresswell

Elite, ruthless and clinical Pulis



>Christian Fuchs Islam
wew lads

At least its not Celtic vs Barcelona tier.

DESPERATELY need more of this

>trying to gain something from a game against a Tony Pulis side being three goals down at HT
is this the final boss of football lads

Not shocking at all. They still have Walcott on the team

Post some football related pics


New joke lads.

West Ham should be called "The Nails" because they get hammered every week.

I resigned myself that I'll die a virgin.

Yes. It would be a far greater feat than Istanbul or Crystanbul.




whats her name?

>Jack Wilshere was bypassed completely on only his second Premier League start in 18 months. Wilshere has not been able to stem the flow of City attacks in a one-sided game and looks destined to finish on the losing side.



No matter what gender that is I dont care.


Strewth. What a disaster of a club.



sign professional players and not lazy bums

Is this legit? lmao

>not happy with a free stadium us tax payers gave them

how is that possible in your country?

ayy lmao

Same as in any other country.

but m8 did you know that jack played well against barca like a decade ago and also scored a few goals against macedonia and slovenia in world cup qualifying

thought not m8, now delete your anti jack post pls

>no seats in stadium
>still get ejected for not sitting down

to be fair that free stadium is fucking garbage

>that fucking filename

fucking lol


>Reading a trap doujin
>It's GOAT as fuck
>Turns out it's done by NemuNemu

This happens way too much. NemuNemu is GOAT.


>Ibe off at halftime
He's better than Sterling la


I'd tap without any kind of hesitation tbqh famalams

City, fucks sake

>KDB with his second pre-assist

Fucks sake I need FF points

Hope you like dick

I support Liverpool. NOT man u


only non homo trap doujin is succubus(male) 2bh





>non homo

>lrl finally admits he is gay

606 will be a peach today

De Bruyne's passes made both of the goals too

The assists were just passes across the box

It's p homo yeah but it's p good. 3D traps are shit though.

>he doesn't rate Islam


Back to Cred Forums please. There is literally nothing gay about traps

Discussion thread

Do you still have hopes of losing the V card and becoming a normie or have you accepted your lot as a wizard?
How close have you come to losing your virginity?
Lets discuss our sad lives.

Actual wizards win the thread.

Islam Converts Christian's Cross

>tfw the thread has successfully been derailed for trap posting


dont make me get the leek out bitch

Mahrez totally onfire today

>Islam scoring yet again for an English team
Regretting Brexit already lads?

I always said I am lesbian senpai.

true 2bh

>Lets discuss our sad lives.
Rather not mate, the thought of it just makes me miserable

Gugudan is city's worst player today, what a fucking luxury

>He thinks there's anything gay about a feminine penis

they never blocked muslim immigrants la

Fucks sake lads I actually make the effort to post high quality beautiful women and the thread gets derailed by some faggot posting traps and everyone talking about how "totally not gay" it is to like traps

I have hopes as I'm still 18
I'm a khhv

but he's in my fantasy team lad

thats what sky has made us resort to by splitting all the good games to friday sunday and monday

monica pls

25, I gave up a long time ago and accepted my path to wizardhood. I've never came close to losing my virginity because I've never tried but even if I did I highly doubt I would be successful.

Kiririn pls

lmao fuck off bitch

We all sticking around for Everton Boro?

>People unironically rate Rashford over Ian Nacho

that's why assists are a garbage stat

>There is literally nothing gay about looking and pictures of naked men and saying you want to have sex with them


>Do you still have hopes of losing the V card and becoming a normie or have you accepted your lot as a wizard?

i really hope i will lose it one day. im 27 so i only got 3 years to go...

>How close have you come to losing your virginity?

i knew a girl i could have had sex with when i was 15. but i didnt like her.

then there was another girl i could have had sex with when i was 20. but i didnt like her.

Been injured for a long time, can take some players a few games to get back up to speed

>converts christian

fuck these games are boring lets dab for dubs Cred Forums

Traps are actually gay though.

I do enjoy laughing at West Ham

He's from Algeria not yurop

I got my first kiss and had sex for the first time at 25... thanks to tinder. Compared to my friends who've used the app I just happened to have better luck in not meeting someone who only wanted to fuck, or who just didn't turn out to be a shitty person (so far). If it weren't for me taking a chance at meeting someone I'd still be a kissless virgin.

>rating either


He has 100% pass accuracy lol, he's their worst because he got tackled once

any streams of this newcastle game?

Have Leicester perfected Counter Attacking football.
>Win ball back from big fuckers at the back
>Either hoof it or give it to drinky aka the best precision hoofer
>A Pace demon latches onto it
>If the pace is kept on the counter attack Vardy will probably score
>If the counter slows down jsut whip in a cross to a GOAT header of the ball.

Big man, small man still works

There's a bunch of them waiting at the other end of the channel. Think about this lads, more Islam = more goals

Scar queen > the void alone

19 years old
been kissed by 3 girls while drunk but virgin and never had a gf
have been pretty close, could have had sex in first year if i wasn't a complete autist
going into second year a bit more normie so fairly confident i'll lose it this year

Allowing Chadli to score on you twice


Important poll

Pls continue posting I was enjoying it user even if these faggots weren't

Not watching the game just saying to the guy that he has been injured for a long time so its harsh to critic a player who had no pre season and not much in the way of training.


Seriously what the fuck

>West Ham

I said Bilic is an absolute chancer who lucked out last season. Gone by Christmas.


His weight of passing is getting really good now

I'm happy for you user.

>Wet Spam





well at least the hull meme can die now

Dear god lads. If Pulis actually played with a decent attacking lineup each match, instead of isolating Rondon and playing full Defensive midfielders, >we'd actually stop flirting with relegation

>Wet Shit

My sides can't take much more lads

4 (FOUR) - 0 (nil)

West Ham fans leaving in the 56th minute hahahahahahaha

Lads I think we can all agree

Souvlaki = Just for a day > Pygmalion >>>>>>>>Loveless

is feo elite

Thanks monkey.

>Wets pam

Chaldi now has 2 goals and 2 assists against Wet Spam
Kek, if only I had him in my fantasy team

>Slaven Bilic

you're still a pathetic person who needed to use tinder in order to get laid tho
it's as lame as finding your gf on meetic

Is this the day when West Ham died?


fucking lel, WBA using west ham to fix their goal difference

there is no better joy in football than seeing an arrogant possession team get their shit pushed in by hoofball

What's his endgame?

webm of slimani's second goal?


mmmmmm, I love those vids

This is what Payet gets for staying, the fucking retard

No city have

>he doesn't have Walcott in his fantasy team

>conceding 8 goals in 2 matches
Top kek

He already has the JUST hair

pipe down abdul

incredibly delayed revenge on Payet and the French for that WC 1998 semifinal

Villa score when?

11 goals in 3 if you count the City game.

West Brom?


>newcastle with 70% percentage
>down 1-0


Antonio is like West Hams only good goalscorer atm.

Mou's Madrid




imagine being payet, tearing up the league last year, being one of the standout players at the euros, at your absolute peak, the world is your oyster. you turn down the big money move to a top club, show some loyalty, then lose 4-0 to WBA. he must want to kill himself tbqh

i was gonna write a long autistic post but the point is get in shape. if you get fit some bitch will want to fuck you.

i've been laid, i've been in one long term relationship and one "friends with benefits" situation, but i'm 27 years old and this is far below the norm, its been at least five years since i have touched a woman. i was banging the cutest girl in my town in high school though and its because mommy and daddy made me do really hard sports, i did military style workouts all through my youth. i wasnt chad, i had the personality of an autistic sensitive faggot and conversational depth of a puddle, but i looked good naked.

finally don't fall for the girlfriend meme. ultimately you are just using each other for masturbation, and its a really hollow dance and you come away from it with regret. women are for getting pregnant and raising your kids, they aren't a fucking lark or a toy, despite what the television tells you.

I miss rondon in zenit lads
now we have some bosnian or slovenian noname instead of him

Sometimes they just pass it around for fun, they are doing that now.

Souvlaki is the goat m7

Is 4-0 the most dangerous lead?

Kek, memories, that's an epic revenge plot

Please stop polluting our league with your retarded players, cheers.

>villa have still only won one game in the championship


>Man City fans

didn't read a word of this

i know that feel

Twice as dangerous as 2-0

That's what you get for hiring a shit manager, fucking awful decision

tbf some lad did post it in the match thread

>4 passes
>Counter attack

Pick one amigo

Check em

you didn't miss much, it's a post written by a /fit/ faggot in order to make him feel better

finally don't fall for the girlfriend meme. ultimately you are just using each other for masturbation, and its a really hollow dance and you come away from it with regret. women are for getting pregnant and raising your kids, they aren't a fucking lark or a toy, despite what the television tells you.
Amen m8

Bog Sim on suicide watch

Antonio is the premiership highest scorer

lol shut the fuck up you sour dork

That makes sense then, but still, they're only good becuase they're rich la


>EPL Defending.

comeback on

How did you chat her up? How long did it take?

6 Goals already in the West derby

According to who

Baggie here

If we blow this lead I'm offing myself

>this commentator creaming over an off target free kick

Mahrez' first touch and ability to take the ball on whilst running is gorgeous

Anyone see that run from Sterling?

Hit the post

You now remember West Ham nearly reach top 4

It's about to be! C'MON 4-5 FINAL SCORE!


>This match
Are we going to get another 4-4 draw?

De Bruyne is a literal genius

How the fuck are we losing 2-0 to wolves

Don't Hull and Leicester know they have
>the most dangerous lead


Wilshire's having a mare, all he's done is foul and lose the ball

He can't play in a team without possession

Oh and a 4th, fucking hell
>Antonio is the premiership highest scorer
That's peter crouch

If WBA blow this lead I'm gonna lose it lads

He's the only good goalscorer because Fletcher isn't playing
I don't even know if we can call him good
He's only there for easy headers
He does nothing on the wing, he's slow and has a hard time beating a single opponent, I can't tell you how many crosses he failed to make
He's lucky that Feghouli was injured

>Payet almost scored the free kick of the year, he got an assist and he won a penalty for his team
>all in the span of 5 mins
World class player, as usual

Absolute fucking demolition from City

comeback literally on

Jump off the M5 junction m8

The fact he has scored 5 goals this season

Same senpai

>West Brom
Pls don't choke

muh hardest league in the world anyone can beat anyone

>This banter packed final score.
Comfy af

Wilshite off ayy

>with 70+% possession


And then you get Clem.

Balloon door to Tintin right?

Because your manager has no Championship experience?


Best in the league at that. Takes anything instantly.

>1-0 down to Cambridge
>Go for a shit
>Miss two goals

For fuck sake but at least this is better than losing 7-0 to them like last season.

Who's getting relegated lads? My vote goes to

City's hilarious, they pass it short and then Kolarov suddenly just twats a ball to the opposite wing

west ham

please god

West Ham

>Drone stops play

>drone stopped play

Kek, welcome to the epl.

At least Sunderland and Swansea

>City have fuck all difficult fixtures until December (apart from Spurs away in October)

They might genuinely be 10 points ahead by December.



bradford branch of isis testing their new bombs

happened in Liverpool v Huddersfield pre season

They've got >moyes m8, they were circling the drain with big sam but he knows how to grind out what they need

what game?

>Ihenacho wasn't gave the no.9
>Nolito was

Gay as fuck

that's what'll make the christmas collapse even better user

Gud lads

fuck off

Yeah bar fucking Barcelona who they'll have to rotate for

>betting on newcastle
Deserve it tbqhwyf

you swan cunts dont need this guy anymore right?

Man Utd

just how shit are QPR? Do they still have the [token black guy] as their manager?

Don't reply to the fat sweaty tripfag

ur ugly senpai

Bartley is a brilliant championship player, absolute shit tier PL player.

I'm not Huw Jenkins so you'll have to wait and see, but he's visibly not happy with the current CBs right now

>when you get a (you)

>but it's from the sweaty why are you walking towards the camera man

What makes you think they'll collapse? I'm not baiting, I just they look pretty solid, especially with Guardiola at the helm, and they look like they'll win the title

Which fucking sucks

Huddersfield are actually going to win the league

Burnley getting schooled, how the fuck is this still two nil.

I don't, I'm just memeing, they'll walk the league with no competition and its a little depressing esp. with it being fucking pep's first season

didn't expect pep to adapt this well desu, pretty depressing

West Ham

Horrible feel^tfw

he's making a bit of a joke with the EPL rn.

Looking forward to being raped?

Mahrez forces own goal


Guess who's back


Arsenal collapse imminent

you now remember when hull was top of the league


southampton are just a shadow of their former self.

>Literally not a single upset this week
It seems there's an upset most weeks these days. Certainly didn't used to be this way.

reminder well twat city on new years

Can't believe that fat cunt Rooney starts ahead of Drinkwater for England


Weren't they only top in the time between their game and city's game

arselel are about to draw against 10 man hull

It isn't now
What a raping, slimani is killing them.

leicester used up all the meme magic I'm afraid. enjoy big money teams winning leagues by 10 points for another 10 years

Last season the big teams were shite, and now they've stepped up.

Give Hull your energy Cred Forums

Boro to beat Everton. Things are going to well for >us right now.

>Fergusons last game with United was a 5-5 draw with West Brom

Man, how did I forget this.

Fucking hate football sometimes

Play different positions lad

Liverpool winning @ Chelsea is a mild upset

\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

let's hope so

For the good of the league I hope Utd win tomorrow. Can't have City being 5 points ahead already.

Not when it happens all the time lad

does wet spam count?

Good times, lad
\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

I'm a villa fan.

I hate football all the time

I'm really glad he's gone. It was incredibly boring seeing teams come to Old Trafford already 1-0 down in their minds and almost happy to lose by just one goal

leicester are literally back

they don't need kante now they have slimani

drinky is playing in the kante role in the last few games not bombing forward as much and he looks comfortable

Yeah, the league is better off without him for sure. Crazy legacy though

>leicester are literally back
Beating the team that's gonna finish 20th is not impressive

Hull pls

1 win in 8 championship games


fuck you hull


Against Brugge and Burnley sure

Let's not get carried away, I will be a lot happier when Mendy is back in Amarteys place

Once they get mendy back they'll be complete. Ranieri's last piece of the puzzle to win the CL.

wow fuck off hull you're getting relegated

>nolito red
the fuck happened


he single handily made the most marketable team ever.

the league is far better because of his existance.


That' was never a straight red wtf.

Le humourous Italian man is integrating the new boys, this is going to be good.

Smith started shoving him and Nolito did the headbutt motion

His head actually moved away but it's a red

With Hull getting a red card today can they even field 11 players next week?!

webm of lolinito red

Does money rule the leagues now? Is it even worth it to cheer for a team with no riches?

No but it could be five nil in second gear.

Was that under Steve Clarke?

I remember them being moderately exciting that season

Sweet Charlton are losing now. I hate that fucking club because of some twat I used to know. Love that they are shit.

Get fucked Charlton, Football Manager FC is running this shit


>team with no riches
start from League 2 and go down to find one

Holy shit that was never a red lol.

It'll be appealed for sure.

Leicester won the PL m8

lel the bournmeme player nolito just headbutted punched sterling in the face and the ref ignored it

It is an absolute romp.

Who is playing better than De Bruyne right now? Bale, Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez?

De Bruyne has got to be right up there?


for a JF no


Thanks BBC.

Thats straight from the BBC live text stream


charlton are fully shite on the pitch, they have massive management problems, nobody's turning up to games anymore

he's probably fucking miserable right now lol

Fuck sake, it's not even christmas yet and the choke has already begun

>Who is playing better than De Bruyne right now

right now he is sitting on the bench, so literally anyone who is even playing football right now]

Yeah, it was. Lukaku got a hat trick

Not been a bad afternoon for Premier League debutants. Man City's Ilkay Gundogan has been excellent, as has two-goal Leicester striker Islam Slimani.

Clearly they've both heard about the prestige of being named in Garth Crooks' team of the week.

But Slimani's Leicester aren't done against Burnley yet, Marc Albrighton firing wide with the help of a deflection.

tbf doing nothing makes you a better player than most of west ham's starting 11

>+8 (eight) stoppage time


>he's probably fucking miserable right now lol

Charlton was pretty much all he talked about and was interested in, so he probably genuinely is miserable




>angry Burnley man makes a dangerous tackle on Albrighton out of frustration
>2 mins later chatshitgetbanged runs the width of the pitch to just go straight through him

This team unity mang

kys hull


That is the point.

>Inb4 Dyche mentions money in his post match interview

Why did Man City get the easiest ever start to a season, disgusting how they plan this shit out for the narrative

>not putting your mortgage on arsenal winning the league

The refs have backed them, just like Leicester last season

Wenger told them he was leaving and the FA want to give home a send off while btfoing all the jf managers who arrived this year


18 goals in 4 games

not bad today lads

Man U have had a easy start to the season as well.
Does it matter? The harder your start the less hectic your schedule is around christmas usually


All the top teams had an easy start

Liverpool didn't

>71% possession
>wet spam

the power of pulisball


I miss Slimani