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Lifelong LawnBall Fan here.


I'm literally drinking red bull right now


Pls stop


I love how USA always makes quality threads when it comes to "soccer".

HSV is such a joke of a club lmao

No Brazilians allowed ITT, by the way.


i have been a lifelong fan of rb and there's nothing you can do about it

t. 0 (zero) world cups

>th-they will need at least a few years before they can aim for the CL spots

With the exception of >Schalke and Neverkusen, is there a more pathic club in Germany than HSV?

they cant, its too late

St. Pauli

Bremen is certainly a contender. Why is Northern Germany so shit at everything?

Yes. Bremen and Stuttgart are more pathetic

>Colon City


>pulisGOD had a goal today

What a time to be alive!



man what the hell happened to stuttgart


>the absolute state of Intestine Village
literally btfo by teenagers

Shit management
bremen will follow them soon

pic related

this . Robin Dutt absolutely kills football clubs. He could get Bayern relegated within two seasons.

looks Iranian


>HSV getting BTFO by Leipzig
Northern Germany is truly the worst footballing region of Germany



>you now realise someone watched El Plastico and missed 16 goals


He literally destroyed every single club he ever joined.

Franconia is worse

t. ashamed Clubberer

wtf I love monster now

Darmstadt is a likeable and small club, so I actually feel kinda sorry for them.

But HSV and Bayer should be fucking ashamed of themselves.

Mein Neger
Bamberg reporting in

I'm currently trying to get a job at a company there btw.

Hes a poo in loo

Still waiting for him to join HSV and finally end them for good

HSV would be stupid enough to sign him too.

Braunschweig got 15 points in 5 matches in 2. Bundesliga

So the North isn't too bad


Good times. Gladbach up next (sold out already), should be good.

I'm from Braunschweig and we aren't in the North desu



Isn't Braunschweig a hanseatic city?

>Hamburg 16th already



who / jägerschnitzel und nudeln mit tomatensoße + 6 beer while watching sportschau/ here?

The fuck does RasenBall mean

Waiting for RasenBall x Dynamo next 1.BL season

/grillen/ here




Rasen - Lawn (field)
Ball - Ball

Lawnfieldball Leipzig, idk why this doesn't make sense to people

Wasn't Cologne a hanseatic city?

would definitely bring the banter to another level

they already met in 3. Liga





Thank you, mods.

Can Hertha win tomorrow?


>kicking van der fart so hard in the balls that you break your leg
must feel satisfying as fuck

Aua aua!

I love how even with Darmstadt losing 6:0, Hamburg manage to embarrass themselves worse.

>Eating Hartz 4 food
>Not being a patrician and consuming Thüringer Bratwürste
Schalke fan detected

But only Thüringer Bratwürste from Thüringen are actually Thüringer Bratwürste and I can't drive to Thüringen once a week to buy 500 Thüringer Bratwürste.

Every time

You should just move there then. Jena and Weimar are actually quite comfy.

>mal so richtig gegrillt pfle- gegrillt- gepflegt grillen
no matter hoe many times I watch it, I laugh every time

Jena is a leftist hippie shithole.

Who /sportschau/ here?

Only if you live in the wrong areas. There is still plenty of deutsche Bürgerlichkeit left all over the city

>tol, ähh lol
Back when KC was still good and not full of cancer


no, they didnt


>the absolute state of Bremen

So them and Darmstadt are pretty much nailed on for relegation, unless they make a big change, right?

>the city of Hansestädte

so who's the king in the norf?


they'll face tough competition from Hamburg which want to go down at all costs

I have a question about Oliver Burke.

Is he really worth that money, why was Leipzig the only one to go so high and not one of the normal big clubs that buy up young talent.

Is Leipzig deluded or ahead of the curve?

Is Selke finished?

German states ranked by overall strength in football:


Rangnick is the most avant-garde man in German football

Why are there so many blowouts this weekend?

>Saarland not last

Bremen's downfall is so sad desu.

They went from top 6 club to plain shit club, they even skipped the mandatory 8 years of being a midtable club.

I actually have no idea how Saarland ended up there, that was a mistake.

>26 goals already and there are still 45min in this game and two more games tomorrow
only el plastico fucked up everything as usual.

Normally I’d say that the amount of money they paid for him was far too high. BUT with the current crazy transfer market and the generally inflated prices in England, the amount is put into perspective.

>tfw midweek football too
It's going to be a good couple of weeks.

To be fair I sometimes forget Saarland even exists.

Wouldn't be surprised if Bremen conceded in double digits today

what the fuck happened to youtube, what is this cancer

Gladbach will probably lay off at some point, and play at 50%. Though I wouldn't be surprised if Bremen still managed to concede 6 more

Ahead of the curve.

Do you ever wonder about the disparity in football. Monchengladbach are making Werder Bremen look shit, Man City made Monchengladbach look like an amateur team and Barca would make Man City look shit

Wow, it's actually happening.


Bremen is truly shit though, they would probably be dominated by most 2. Bundesliga sides at the moment.

werder used poopy jellybody in more than a dozen league games last season and he didn't stand out as particularly bad relative to the rest of their team (from what I saw)
they're just shit


there are tons of examples in sports where those things become a circle and the most dominant team would look like shit

Bayern has the most league titles and most CL titles
why would it be 2nd?

Thats just sports in general desu

check it out, it's all fucked

I don't notice anything different.
What are you talking about?

Youtube ist so ein Judensohn, schlägt mir immer den letzten klick-köder-dreck vor.

it wasn't that retarded earlier today

das ist schon seit mindestens sechs Jahren so

what the fuck now it's back to normal

>he isn't signed up on youtube

lel, what a fedora wearing pleb

>he has a jewgle account

>heute show
>Jimmy Fallon
this fucking world

enjoy your stasi-like espionage

>he doesn't

holy shit, I can smell your fedora from here

having a yt account makes things way easier
you can for example always immediately watch the newest videos of this guy:

holy shit, I can smell your tinfoil hat from here

go shill somewhere else

The only "guy" I occasionally watch youtube videos from is Limmy.
Other than that it's documentaries.

I agree.

Nobody asked you, Denmark

It's sad to see Werder passing by this situation since last two seasons

4-1 now

Springtime for Hitler coming on the old telly now. Watched it once before. Was a bit too silly for me.

Well maybe someone can use my opinion.

Wait it's called 'The Producers'

Which version of The Producers?

>Trying to imitate Ultra culture while being fan of a club like LawnBall Leipzig

why don't the mods just ban denmark instead of constantly putting our threads on autosage because of him?

Speedway Euro championship series from Poland starting now.
That's what I will be watching (on Eurosport)

Former supporters of Lokomotive and Chemie


If you catch my drift

I'm going to guess the Wilder version, considering he died recently. Don't see why they'd show the version with John Barrowman.

>dat butthurt ref not handling the banter


They're showing it because this channel has something called "Temalordag" every Saturday and tonight the theme is revues

>tfw you realise that is scary spice because you recognise sporty's retarded waking style in the background

i thought it was a scene from josie and the pussycats originally

Both teams playing this evening should have sacked their coaches as soon as last season ended.

Are there any close-ups of the grid girls?

Right as I started typing this, yes

Didn't break his leg you newfag SHITLORD.

noice, I saw that as well

He was great against Dortmund already. Maybe too young to be worth the price tag, but promising nonetheless.

Speedway is such a comfy sport

>the city of Ostdeutschland that isn't Sachsen

make a speedway thread then, fucking useless hatboy

Looks like Pep is the real deal. Will Man City lose a game in the EPL?

>that Danish driver

Fugg, what a madman


I think they will get 100 points


>thinking of going to RBNYII game tn because first team game is away tomorrow

I like how he has almost managed to not look at the qt interviewer

Who are they playing


RBNYII are playing fc montreal, though >we already clinched the best regular season record and qualified for playoffs. no one goes to the second team games but they have like 19 wins on the season and are very good

RBNY plays toronto away, its a #2 vs #1 in the eastern conference game, tomorrow evening

Okay. I take a look at the USL standings from time to time to see how "Casino" Jimmy Nielsen is doing with Oklahoma City.

Love American commentators. That's just silly!
Jimmy is a bit of a knob to be honest, but good for him that he turned his life around in the US.

Iranian cyclist Bahman Golbarnezhad, 48, has died following a crash at the Paralympics

explain further pls

I told you M'gladbach would crush Bremen

well duh

it's bremen

yes, poor guy

You need something in the cell to the right of it maybe a blank space or blank character is it alt+255?

We know

Did it work?