Main Card
FS1, 10 p.m. ET
Derek Brunson vs. Uriah Hall
Evan Dunham vs. Rick Glenn
Roan Carneiro vs. Kenny Robertson
Islam Makhachev vs. Chris Wade
Maximo Blanco vs. Chas Skelly

Preliminary Card
FS1, 8 p.m. ET
Gabriel Benitez vs. Sam Sicilia
Augusto Montano vs. Belal Muhammad
Antonio Carlos Junior vs. Leonardo Augusto Leleco
Joey Gomez vs. Jose Quinonez

Preliminary Card
UFC Fight Pass, 7 p.m. ET
Randy Brown vs. Erick Montano
Albert Morales vs. Alejandro Perez

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Schaub bless us every

>tfw no stoner fight fan gf


This triggers the white boi.

Do you remember his name
How do you feel about him

Hope all of you are attending.

Cant remember the last time heem had been so shook



Going to be glorious after he heems Wonderwoman.

Who is the worst crowd in MMA?

Is he the most unlikeable champ? I think it has to be a tie between him and Nunes


>wake up tyron.....

Does posting that make you feel better about yourself? You are just jealous of Schaub's success. He is a certified badass, a self amde multi millionaire, a t-shirt mogul and one half of one of the most popular podcasts in the world. You wouldn't know greatness if it slapped you in the face. Beat it you cheeto fingered nerd!

Nunes is the most "Who?" champ, but she's not unlikable is she? She seems nice enough.

What makes either of them unlikable?

Well put broheem

How is he unlikeable? Is it the fact that he is a successful black man? He is very hardworking and seems like a good guy.

You goof the only way you could know he says that is because you listen to every episode. Schaub bless you.

Cruz and DC are both way more unlikeable than Tyron.

>tfw live schaubcast with rogan and edgy brah today

We got white people all in this place brother. Look at Tyron and Amanda's skin color

Why don't more fighter DAB after they win?


Here is a useful tip for cards like this filled with literal who's.

Record the event and go enjoy your Saturday night.

Watch the event tomorrow at 1.5x or 2x speed and only stop if it looks like the fight is getting spicy.

I promise, you won't regret missing who winning a 29-28 clinch fest against who.


Cruz is quite literally the most inspiring champion.

>Record the event and go enjoy your Saturday night.

S-sure, I will go out and have fun with all my friends.

do you wanna fucking go, bro?

Based Schaub & Friends

Is there a single Norwegian in the entire country that could beat Schaub in a fight? The answer is no

He's a dork IRL and he fights like a bitch. He was the low point of 199.

if you dislike cruz then you dont belong here

where are our timezones?fuck that./heem/ """quality""" is its European fans

be careful next time OP

Let's go clubbing and rail some hot persians dude

HE is one of the smartest and most articulate fighters IRL and at 199 he put on a clinic, you have to be a just bleeder to think he was a low point.

These kind of cards have been some of the best this year you clueless casual

was talking about Bigfoot the Chinless Wonder, advocating for his own murder

>shit cards have been the best cards
Nice fedora

Yeah wtf. Nunes is likeable and had all de tools to beat Miesha.

Bigfoot deserves a chance to fight back too.

>someone called me out for being a retard, better cry like a baby!
Nice autism

Man speaking of 135, that division is a hot fucking mess right now

>Ronda is the shit, biggest draw by far in the division, doing movies and talk shows and being one of the biggest female athletes on the planet
>loses to Holly "Literal who" Holm who looked like dogshit in all her other fights
>Holly hailed as the new WBW GOAT who will be bigger than Ronda if she can only get past Miesha
>Loses, belt goes to Miesha "Perpetual second place" Tate who has already gone on the record as being pissed off with the UFC establishment and how it handles titles
>Tate gets quick turnaround and loses, embarrassingly, to Amanda "Literally Who v2" Nunes
>Meanwhile Holly gets exposed yet again, Ronda is suicidal and won't fight, and Nunes has all the charm and personality of a wet brick

JUST the division honestly, it's the worst one by far

no he doesn't

I like the guy as a person, lackluster fighter though.

UFC just corny white bois bruh

Why don't more fighters wear fedoras instead of caps? They are much more stylish and sophisticated instead of the bro-culture caps.

>u-u-u mad?
Well played good sir ;^)

Unlike you low income nerds, I actually go to ufc events and buy ufc ppv's. So my opinion matters a lot more than yours.

Cruz is a bitch.

Wait for the generation of girls inspired by Ronda to come of age, and the division is gonna ROCK.

I like Nunes desu

White boi is TRIGGERED

hahahahahaha u actually got mad ahahahaha

When was your first genuine MMA upset? Mine was bisping vs mayhem.

Reebok don't produce fedoras, trilbies, sallets or armets. Really sucks for enlightened fighters, no good options.

GSP vs Hendricks

>he buys ppvs


You're very poor and unintelligent. You're a trustfund babby with not that big of a trustfund

Youve been to 2-3 events and ordered 5-6 ppvs

You're welcome. Go cry yourself to sleep again

Working late, thanks to @savageshawn great work #realpower

Cruz is a smug cunt but DC's life story makes him impossible to hate, he's been through too much and is too good of a guy

finna succ

All memes aside I love DC, he's a teddy bear

DC's negligence as a father let to the death of his daughter. Oh and he missed weight at the olympics cause he's a fatfuck with shit work ethic. So he's actually easy to hate.

Still can't believe her meme shit won her that fight and got her a 50k bonus.

I like how DC has the nerve to say Jones is holding up the division, when DC was the one who bitched out of their fight at 197.

Kill yourself

Must feel good to be a sociopath


It feels good not having a dead daughter.

Sure it'll feel even better when you finally kick the stool out from under you

You're gonna get heemed for shit like this bro

Dominick Cruz you've decionsed everything I've worked for motherfucker, I'm going to fight everyone but your fucking ass.

But you actually hate yourself

this guy was on steroids


Way back in the day benji Radach fought this Manlet named Danny lafever who had no mma experience because of some feud with his gf. And lafever fucked him up


Spot a flaw, protip you cant

Post links to the porn vids

Like everyone else

Damn, 71 replies and 13 of them are (You)s for me. DC/cruz fans are so touchy and sensitive.

Jones fans like me don't get triggered by internet comments.

Delete this

What will be the next Bellator big move?I am thinking of Diego Sanchez.His chin cannot handle UFC anymore and he's a big enough draw to make some impact

Not bad for a rookie

The face of 25k/25k


You must be gutted your guy had all the potential in the world and threw it all away like an insane person

But you will pull the trigger on your skull pretty soon

Everyone that has a six pack and looks vascular after a big work out is on roids, right?

>Jones fans like me don't get triggered by internet comments

He's just like me

sucks balls man...

Diego actually makes really fuckin good money.

How the fuck has he not gotten popped yet?

Id say Roy Nelson, i think he gets canned win or lose against Bigfoot

>he cant tell that he has gyno

because he's full natty brah

He did but he got out of it via memes

lmaoing @ dana's face


Could Joe Rogan heem CM Punk?


What's up with this pretending to be a nigger meme?

He did

"Tainted supplement"

He will answer to the Chris.

it's no meme. niggers and normies have infested Cred Forums for quite a bit now. I hate it


It would appear at least half your posts are about physiques, examples being "how do I achieve X mode", "he's not natty because X" and "why are non-Dutch people so short (with an image with flags composited in)". Would you agree with my assertion?

Hahaha i said nigger xD

Please love me dad ;P

best ankle pick in the world probably.

If you're calling him a worthless shitposter who doesnt ever actually talk about mma, youd be right

Thats the biggest bullshit excuse

80% of norwegians could heem schaub any day of the week

post KKs


>t. niggeranou and schaubfags
hypocrites tb h


strewth m8
Don't be so savage to the poor lad

while this might be true im talking about morons using it to "troll" people who talk shit about woodley

heem urself

>im a cuck who gets easily upset by fake black posting

I really am black, but imma turn it up a few notches just for you white boy

>It's a "the earth is flat and chemtrails are governments spreading shit" episode
Why do people still listen to this?


Shut up, faggot.

>Please look at me! I need a new father for my son!

>Contrarian dickriders and b8ers trying to make Tyrese likeable

He's a chump. Kill yourselves.

>Inb4 "WHITEBOI" b8
Heem yourself, faggot.

Who would win, the Alpha Cat or the Barncat?

I bet you think 9/11 was carried out by some guys living in a cave in Afghanistan.

>whiteboi is shook

*This post was marked as offensive from Tim Kennedy*

>It's a BJ Penn thinks the earth is flat episode
>It's a BJ Penn thinks GSP is ducking him episode
>It's a BJ Penn is a strange, bitter manlet with a ruined career episode
>It's a BJ Penn loses to Frankie yet again episode

OR I could turn on fight companion and be entertained the entire time.

Now that the dust has settled, was this card overrated?

nope was pretty good

no you weirdo

Nah. Every fight besides Hendo/Lombard could have been trash and it still would have been a top 3 ppv of the year.

Bisping vs Rockhold was incredible and unexpected.

It was announced like two weeks before the event

>tfw I was there
>tfw Hendo said he could feel the crowd's energy and it helped him win



Yeah, I do. But 9/11 is at least not a conspiracy as stupid as the ones I mentioned.

I will never forget this card cuz I had 8/8 until the main event and some of them were underdogs like Hendo and Porier

When tha main was about to start I kept saying to myself what an mma genius I am

And then boom fucking Bisping heems Rockhold and there go my perfect picks

OK but Eddie never said the earth is flat so I'm not sure what point you were trying to make.


Is he in fighting shape?


Dude, but you've got to admit it is A LITTLE BIT STRANGE that there are NO non composite pictures of epithet earth from space.


He could never hope to outcardiio Baba honestly
His only hope is a blacksplosive KO in the 1st

He did when he said that all the pictures of earth we have are CGI

I don't think you know what the word 'epithet' means.

I could mug every here

Do you have the cruz/faber finish?

... Oh right. That fight didnt end in a finish. It was a 5 round Dancing with the Stars audition.

thats propably true except me

Enlightened fight fans like myself enjoyed it

I could heem everyone here and twice on sunday

Chael vs Tito

Tito would have a big size advantage. Tito is underrated imo. He's only really ever gotten 'beat up' by top 10 guys.

Faber got dropped on his ass twice if I remember

Michael goat bisping made business of pretty boy..

and Faber very nearly landed a textbook upkick as Cruz was coming in

The last time anyone took a photograph from above low Earth orbit that showed an entire hemisphere (one side of a globe) was in 1972 during Apollo 17. Since then every image of Earth's hemisphere has been computer generated by NASA. NASA says this themselves.


CGI's of Earth doesn't mean the Earth is flat. I'm still holding onto the idea you're just baiting me into this reply and are not just a complete retard.

didnt hit with the heel


I can't even picture how the fight would play out. A wrestling duel with intermittent boxing exchanges?

Im not done talking. Little Boy. Or "young man" in rampageses words "young man" lol

So Jones Bones is a young man for sure, but DC Cormier is "grown" who is the more man? I cant ever say yea that guy ya know, ON TOP you got Rhonda, glad cupcake take got the belt,

"It aint about being a hero, its about saving the life no matter what"

Let that sink in...

I could see a shitty boxing match where Tito gasses towards the 3rd round and Chael takes him down and subs him.

I hope Wonderboy wins so we see a little bit less racebaiting in these threads


I will personally make 200 "Why are whites so great at karate" posts when Tyrons melon clatters off the canvas

better than the 201 "why are whites so bad at ufc?!?!" posts

>The last time anyone took a photograph from above low Earth orbit that showed an entire hemisphere (one side of a globe
That would then be a clear proof that the earth isn't flat.
>CGI's of Earth doesn't mean the Earth is flat
You're playing dumb here. You know very well when a guy who believes all pictures and data we have from mars are fake says that what he clearly implies. Why do you think he even brought that up?

Why does she do this to her hair?

I hope the polturds die outright instead.


Tito cardio now is shit, he is gonna last only 1 round, chael is gonna sub him in 2nd round

she has one of the ugliest p4p faces in women's mma so she tries to look kinda more """"feminine""""

Did it really? What's the story how his daughter died?

damn you owned DC, how brave of you.

now post it on twitter you absolute coward

What about this one?


Makes sense if you train regularly to just keep your hair done up like that full time I guess?

I only refuted your statement that EB believing images of Earth are CGI means that he believes the Earth is flat. I also refuted your implication that images of Earth are not CGI.

If you're upset about that you should probably make less irrational statements.

she has the face of a chubby boy

Tito probably outwrestles him early, I think he has a big advantage on top

She got ran over by a truck


so did that retard jessica eye

she literally looks like a pitbull like her fucking nickname

stop, idiots

when is she going to lose to valentina again

She has a strong jaw and is a literal Chad factory like Zingano meant for breeding alphas.

ur weird

which bible passage is this from?

She never has that stuff in her gym photos though.

>y-you're not brave enough to p-post on twitter!

lol fuckin dork bitch.

I'm not gonna get goofed tonight, I can feel it!

Where is predictioncuck?

post it on twitter, coward

fuck off underage

WHO /woo hoo/ HERE ??


2000-2008 were so much different than 2008-2016 i can't wait

fuck off this is a sports board bro


>say it to him on twitter fucker not on Cred Forums and see what happens

>he thinks she has chad genetics and just isnt on steroids

yeah, I knew you were a bitch. slow your roll.

it was an accident

Are you this guy? You are huh? Take it easy, Carter.

Locked in my picks for tonight.

Are you this guy?

You actually are, huh?


I see you hate money

Chill, Carter. Maybe your israeli friend is on skype and can talk you down.

>weak misdirection
>getting BTFO this hard

are you getting triggered by being called a coward?

Wade has NEVER defeated a Dagestani

>stop talking about DC's kid

Today I'm glad I could teach you a lesson about respect, son.

I'm laughing at the idea that cowardice is based on whether or not someone posts something on twitter.

DC fans... shaking my head....

screenshot taken for future humiliation

Is the guy who calls DC a negligent father the same guy who calls Wonderboy a pedophile?


Conor McGregor V Eddie Alvarez, UFC 205

This fight will be announced later today.

Cap this.

post your walkout music


Are you the one who told me I was dumb for betting on Mike Perry? So many broke dorks try to nitpick my wagers it's hard to keep track.

What a fucking weird top-heavy body he has. He's like the michael phelps of UFC; his body is built for being elusive. He keeps the pivot point around belly button level and throws his upper body around like crazy for both offense and defense. You need good footwork to let the hips slide in whichever direction they need to go and his is alright. Better than most guys in the ufc.

just responding to your webm btw, he just seems so lulzy every time I see him move I can't contain commenting

Liar, I know it's you

>>Watching that piece of shit tv serie of Preacher on AMC.
You should just kys


If its accompanied by the 145 belt vacation I have literally no problem



You're paranoid

Just get a trip so I can laugh at you

I can't think of a single instance where someone posted "their walkout music" and I thought "yes, that would make a good walkout song."

No chance, from a purely marketing perspective, let Conor keep the belt, if he wins he is a two weight champion and his stock goes up even more.

Can I see your 6 fight parlay slip?

Tbh I try looking for a good song or thinking of one that motivates me but in the end I just post memes

But if Aldo gets that belt after being KOed in 13s it would become a plastic division.


I think this would get the crowd pumped if you know the message I'm trying to deliver :^)

I'm playing for goofs, lad

Money is for suckers

belt vacation for justice and Aldo-Holloway asap to make the fw division great again


Would love to see that fight happen, who do you have?

Holloway for me.

What TV shows do you watch?

Mickey Gall is so full of memes, he's my boy.

Yeap easily.Holloway is the future of the division

Best fight off the weekend, lads. Watch it for free on klowdtv.com/default.ktv

hope the card turns out well

and Smith can pull off the upset


you should go more gangsta bro like this


Pretty sure most 16 year olds have never seen an episode of seinfeld. That show is a timeless classic, you fucking pleb faggot.

The word you wanted to use is 'personified'.

catchy af lad

Is he /heem/ personified?

>Main interest are meme fights
>Meme entrance song
>Flawless hairline
>Could beat up anyone in this thread
>Over 6 ft
>Called out Sage on his dumb hair spikes
>Kicked out /asp/

who /can't stall the Gall/ here?

Will Sage vs. Mickey be the qtest fight ever?



He embodies the /heem/ spirit much more than Bisping.

I thought he was okay but the more he talks he comes off as unlikable. Still early though and he's pretty young. Curious to see him against some real competition

i love yolandi so much

Is it gay to wear hand wraps when you're out running?
Rocky does it so I kind of want to.

only if you don't soak them in piss overnight

Augusto MontaƱo

They won't fight you STUPID FUCKING BASTARD!!!


>Posts on MY /heem/ WITHOUT knowing the latest news

Go fuck yourself, get out, you're a no talent clown.

Currently taking an epson salt bath, trying to cut weight for tonight. (same day weigh ins per state amateur rules)

His dad knows he'll get BTFO

There's really no reason to respond like that, amigo. There's plenty of chance they fight at some point.


You have to have sex with a real girl and not masturbate into your grandfathers favourite sock in order for that to happen though buddeh

who wants to bet that poirier is going to wrestlefuck johnson

>Ronda "I heem myself when I lose" Rousey is the UFC's biggest star

I know, Sage's dad protects him more than Dana protected that one guy from Middleweight his entire career.

I'm sorry, I just lost my temper. I dislike it when people aren't up to date, it just gets to me.



johnson hasn't been taken down in two years

one of ur little piggys at the market?

Pizarro chill out, we al knows sage dad is scary of Gall and coul end the meme of supersage

>is going to
I meant attempt to, dont see him wanting to strike with johnson

It's all bueno. I'm partially to blame for not including the latest news when I made the OP.

how much are you cutting?

I walk around at 152, 153, and I'm cutting to 145. I woke up a little heavier than I thought I would so I'll need to sweat a bit more hence the bath.

That's not even the correct expression you retarded monkey, it's "every day of the week and twice on sunday", yours makes no sense to anyone with an actual brain. Just kill yourself already, bro.

good luck m8

Look who decided to show up.

That's part of why I found it so weird people were calling TJ "Like a Cruz 2.0" back in the days just after TJ-Barao 1. Nothing on this Earth moves quite like Cruz. Nothing should.

miss u bro

Well, he is an improved Cruz in the sense that his style does damage as opposed to letting him scrape by on points. Cruz sacrifices any chance of that for an ultra low risk game.

Hopefully he fucking head kicks Schaub, and we actually get some decent chat for a change.


im from reddit too

>uk shoving ireland's face


what time it start?

>JRE listener
It checks out


Where I grew up, "from" means you claim that set. Like I'm "from crenshaw mafie, motherfucker, where you from?". So you're from reddit? Cause I'm from, ese. Get those fists up, puto, we got a green light on your bitchass.

>schaubfags getting bootblasted

it's a beast. what else ya got ev?

Wow, u hard bruv.

We did it /heem/

Why the hell did I pick Dustin? Am I bloody stupid?

lmao schaubfags btfo

Some Instagram Comments on Guess Who's latest picture
>There is a another side 2 u, WoW u R truly stunning absolutely beautiful.
>You are the real lioness !!!! OMG you are HERMOSA
>If I came home to that I would start making dinner immediately
>tough and beautiful. You are my kind of woman.
>if you ever fancy a wrestle (just saying as well that clothes are optional, I'm easy going) please do message me
>8th wonder of the world. And my future wife, of course.
>I would take a punch for you! Or from you! Beautiful!
>Can we train 1 round-- preferably wrestling or Jiujitsu? But u won't even get me down, my takedown defense is too on point
>This is what Wonder Woman's body should look like, not that skin and bones Jewish actress hired by Hollywood
>Ur bio says u punch faces for a living...more like u get punched for a living
>Words literally can't describe how beautiful you are. Pure perfection to 100000 %
>Hello! how are you? I Chechnya I support you. I write some text through a translator strange perhaps, but I really like you .0
>Oh my beautiful babe...beat me up when ever you fell like it...
>all that matters to me is #khabibtime #khabibtitleshot
>Have mercy,she is a gorgeous,sensuous woman.If someone didn't know about her that wouldn't believe she fights in a ring.


I've never rated Michael Johnson honestly. All pressure no thresher. I picture Poirier getting the better of the boxing-type exchanges. Stay safe, heard things are dangerous in the UK on weekends.

Albert Morales vs Alejandro Perez who wins I need to know now?



Schilling is cool, he's the whitest thai


>a month later, bulgaria still BTFO

>yfw its aldo vs conair 2

>you now remember Reyes vs Kim

>implying I ever forgot

I remember this fight being insane, is that correct

This is my face

I want Conor to demolish the Huezilian runt again

why tho we know he would just heem him again

or worst case scenario aldo just hugs him till conair gasses and wins a DEC but dont see that happening


Wouldnt be the best source desu though they are ok

yeap it was a war

I want the people who are convinced Aldo can win a rematch to eat their shitty words


It was the best, craziest, swangingest Ethnic vs Korean fight since The Original Ethnic vs Korean fight, Garcia vs Jung

it would be super sad for the sport if he gets Alvarez without defending or vacating the belt

basically it creates a predescent for the future cokehead with prewritten banter and clowny attitude to do whatever the fuck he wants relegating the sport to WWE


>Upsets on like half of the main events this year
>One of the best fighters on the planet can't win a fight
Conor fans are so delusional.

take care of your underwears, I'm gonna fuck you man

Conor runs the show, if somebody else can get to his heights they deserve it. Don't see anyone doing it in the near future though.

Reminder that you aren't a real champion until you defend your belt. Anybody disagree?

Cody was on shook. Sandnigger just silenced americana.

dont think aldo can upset a conair who lost recently, maybe pre nate but def not anymore

connor at it again

no chill

literally fucking speechless kek

david is white

Yeah, scraping by a journeyman on his second try really elevated him to new heights.

you cant reallyconsider him a journeyman because nobody fought him at his strength, he either got wrestlefucked or legkicked to a DEC


I'm gonna disagree when Hendo heems Bisping and retires immediately.

why is he the greatest boxer ever?

Edmond was ready to stand and bang with Werdum. He has some big ass balls. He can box also so he could heem almost every hater from here.

Was he really a world champion boxer?

Why is Uriah Hall +180?

Seems too high based on the amount of people picking him in our prediction pool.

He opened +125

because hes inconsistent and brunson is p good

Don't understand why people insist on being rude


Just a friendly reminder that happy trashtalking full of confidence Conor died in March 6 after he got Diazed the first time

His smile and optimism are gone and we have this new hybrid,the serious motivated Conor.

His bantz will never be tha same cuz this time the opponent will just reply that he got submitted and slapped by fucking Nate and the blueprint is there.He's aura on invincibility is no more

>greatest boxer ever
>not Ronda

pick one

he can fuck up a memekick and fuck up the whole fight, when he's on he's on, and when he isn't doing too great it shows I guess

Lel, no. He held a WBC may Thai title. Closest he came to being relevant to boxing is helping train a couple of Armenians like Vic Darchinyan before Donaire whooped his ass. By help, for all I know he could have just let them use his gym.


3 bongs 28 bings


Wish TUF wasn't happening, TJ/Mighty Mouse sounds like a damn fun fight

Some one heem this faggot right now.

thanko, can't believe I'm staying up for dustin pooirier

It'll be great. Poirier is a bang or be banged kind of fighter

M..maybe the gamethreads will be fun


If it makes you feel better I'm staying up "late" to fix my sleeping schedule.


I don't want that fight, but it's what it should be, so I'd be okay with it.


Im lucky to be able to watch this stuff at decent times, you guys are real fight fans

and all those that bash Conor. Dude has a sharp brain for the fight game. he sees a lot of things that even those in the sport longer than him doesn't see. he's damn near a genious

de don tink like I tink

Well I outright refuse to pay for PPVs so I'm not really I guess.

I have been thinking of getting fightpass just to watch glory though

good post

who watching college handegg here?

Why are Schaub h8rs all obese virgins?

boggles the mind my man

They're almost always from Reddit too I've noticed.

I think the dedication makes the fight fan more than paying for the PPV's and stuff, that's what makes a fight fan for Dana lol

Fight pass is an alright deal for all the stuff I guess

Tfw my english is shit but i still posting on heem,

Me when it's on and there's a good game. I like the pac 12 teams but directv doesnt have pac12 network.

Good luck tonight, bro.

Welcome to hydraulic press channel

Is Hitchiker's Guide appropriate for a young child to read? Say age 8-10.

Brazilian ju jitsu is useless in street fights. You're going to triangle choke somebody on the road or in a bar. Same for Taekwondo, you're not going to round house kick somebody in the back of the head in a club toilet. Same shit with any form of wrestling.

The most important skill is striking. Muay Thai is all you need. Boxing will do but if someone gets you in a lock you're dead.

But first of all you should learn verbal judo and learn how to de-escalate a situation.


I can tell you that Jiu Jitsu is NOT the best martial art for a street fight. As effective as the submission and grappling arts may be, they are imperfect when facing multiple opponents, which is a common and necessary consideration for street fights. I love jiu-jitsu, but unless it is the rare occasion in which the fight is one on one, I doubt that I would even consider trying to "arm bar" or "rear naked choke" my opponent. It is simply to risky to tie my hands and arms up with the submission attempt, when my opponents friends might be trying to stomp, kick, or punch me in the head and face.

>clinch work isnt important
most people try to grab m8

Do finns really keep their coffee in the fridge?


Just got this heem on the UFC game

because they can't get his t-shrits in sizes that fit them

Grabbing someone by the neck to knee them in the face = good

Shit like leglock submissions = retarded

anybody got the one with robbie vs Conor, the physics on that shit was crazy

yeah I agree who would want to break someones leg in a street fight right

are you like going to leg lock the guy and then going to make him say sorry or some shit lmao dude

No way. Wrestling. Most effective by far. I worked as a bouncer for 10 years and I've never seen a wrestler lose. Taking your opponent to the ground and controlling from the top ends 90% of all "fights." I've boxed for over 10 ten years, sparring with highly-ranked amateurs and some pros. It's a great art and one of the best for fitness, reflexes, and mental toughness. It's always my first love, but I've seen a pro boxer get destroyed by a mediocre wrestler in a "street fight." Seen innumerable guys try to punch, get taken down, and then dominated. Plus, if you're a good boxer, the chances of breaking your hand while punching someone's head/face without protection is super-high. Done that myself and it sucks.

Wait for him to tap. Then say "promise you won't hurt me if I let go?" If he tries any shit then put him in a leg lock again.

>Wait for him to tap. Then say "promise you won't hurt me if I let go?"

>promise you won't hurt me if I let go?
lol no, breakin that leg boi

>Then say "promise you won't hurt me if I let go?"

put me in the screencap

>not striking the pressure points to make him crap himself while on the ground

>ye blud I promise

The problem with picking a single martial art is that you'll have an achilles heel and you might get unlucky in a fight.

Let's say you're a wrestler, a top wrestler in the country, you get in a fight and somebody throws a punch to your chin. You're out cold. All that shit you knew meant nothing.

Likewise you could be the best kickboxer, then one day you meet a judoka who sweeps you off your feet. Striking didn't help at all.

The whole point of MMA is being well rounded so you can fight any opponent. Now I know it's impractical, you don't have the time nor money for different disciplines, but if you're serious at least mix clinching with striking, e.g.:

Kickboxing + judo or muay thai + wrestling or karate + BJJ

why did I open that I knew it would make me upset


Where you at kid? I haven't heard anyone say that outside of SW England

basic muay thai would already learn you how to clinch so that leaves out only freestyle wrestling, which you could counter by training sprawls

kek @ """interim champion"""

Because there are black people in the thumbnail.

Im an american living in hampshire

a pipe bomb allows me to fight any number of opponents

serious? have you been anywhere else in the UK yet?

The solution is to not fucking have children. Everybody. Guys, girls. Stop having accidental children. It's not hard.

I went to london to do normie tourist stuff
Other than that no, Ive just been working

ah, I went to Manchester and it sucked. Smelled like cigarette smoke literally everywhere

How long till the prelims start?

Are you an american or a paddy

00:00 for us

I'm trying to have a nap because I know I'll be shattered come the main card otherwise but I'm just no tired enough for it. What do man


I'm American too

UFC 33

Glowacki-Usyk is coming on lads. Better than Canelo crushing cans or UFC d leagues.


Whats ireland like faM
Im from charleston sc and like literally nobody in this country has met anyone with my accent.


The solution is for blacks and hispanics to stop having accidental children. White birthrates are below replacement levels and they consume welfare and commit crimes at significantly lower rates.

Whites need to have more children.

Is this rumour from a respectable media source?

It's great. People here are very kind.

>it's a polturd spergs out episode

Post your walk out song


>Same shit with any form of wrestling.


I sneezed

Brandon Vera pre UFC?

amaziiiiiiiiiiiiing reach




Man i remember when Vera heem'd Murr and was talking about being a two weight champ

What a shit career he had after that

That was before black guys entered the LHW division.

>He's not watching Polish boxing qts

imagine if he had actually done it
brandon vera, one of the goats

Is heemstream going to be up tonight?


fresh sage

>strikes to back of head

hope that was a DQ

No, that's illegal.

He just ran into some tough fights, he fought Silvia and Werdum back to back

Then when he went ot LHW he got thrown to the wolves


I believe, that is illegal my man

they talk and talk and talk but guess what?

Yoooo, nigga hit him with the rock bottom

That boy ain't right

imagine if he shaved his head

Weidman's super power is that he can beat every middle aged minority.

And got a swastika on his pec

you're under arrest
for possession
of heem streams
with intent
to distribute

that boy should fight someone

202 >199

I forgot how amazing the entire 199 card was.

This line was comedy gold in of itself but the utterly confused 'wut...' that followed it was comedy platinum.

>202 >199

not on my watch

202 had a ton of comedy and memes

199 had epicness and feels

also there was this amazing fn which was full of heems

GOAT card, it had spicy bangers, heems, memes and feel good moments.

Any clips of Bisbong heeming cockhold?


all of that was hilarious but to me the best part about it is the fact that Cody looked so fucking shook after he said that, like he feared for his life kek


Social media was a mistake

He was asking me, the guy who was there, not you, spergy.

Negative. I was too caught up in the madness of the moment.

postheem celebration

Random DC

Anyone remember that Robin Black guy?

Found this on youtube, orientation is fucked but it captures the whole fight and the crowd afterwards


Is he the guy who ate poutine with Chuck Liddell and Rory?

bisping deserve the title, that was a good night


I have a bold prediction.

Tyron Woodley will be champion for at least 2 years.

who is that indian dude in the black suit that joins the group hug?

must be weird to have your friend and co-worker KO your friend and training partner for the belt

>That subtle DC respect

He's not even gonna defend it successfully once.

Glowacki-Lopes up now, lads

hes bispings agent, hes also conors agent

yeah, but then went back into the wormhole to 1985

>women fights


What an absolute mismatch that fight was.

looks like daenerys

shut it nerd

That's the WBC Welterweight Champion, lel. WMMA has eclipsed boxing twice over.

>someone made some money!
kek good find


*unsheaths katana*

leave the lady be. she's mine.

and his son looks like the former Alliance player, Akke

So you want to be an mma fighter

>that takedown attempt

So you're a wrestler now

So many nerds on /Heem/ lately.

What gives?


>how do I possibly stop this same punch from hitting me over and over
Thought it was Holm-Shevchenko

this card was waaay better than 200. 200 mostly featured former champions and names that people know. This was an extremely relevant exiting card just like 189


some people have interests besides MMA and sometimes incorporate them into the discussion here


gonna bash some nerds bro

Point out the nerd posts.

No nerds allowed

What a dumb argument. 200 is the most stacked card ever made. No UFC booking has ever surpassed it. Just because it underperformed doesn't change that. Obviously there have been better cards, but let's not pretend it's because they were "more relevant".

I'll rope some new sons on her synthetic tits.


>people watch this and don't feel the urge to dominate her in return

That's a high-grade niggering.

Best post

nunes is cool, she seems like she'd drink beer and check out hot chicks asses at the bar while watching fights, definetely a bro

>Nunes is the most "Who?" champ

Yeah to a filthy casual 194er like you

It'd be such a shame if you don't get paid for this.


I like this Morales guy. Calling out the manlet for being a manlet.

>his wife looks young enough to be his daughter



One day someone is going to beat the fuck out you. You won't know why. Your family won't know why. But everyone who read this comment will know you're a cunt and we'll know that you deserved it.
Fucking cunt.

Im 20, 6' 3", 380lbs. Do u think i could make it to UFC by the time im 25 if i start training now



>Bisping beating mayhem

I thin you are remembering that wrong. Bisping was a massive favorite.

Memes are real. Just look at the Pepe shit if you don't believe

I laughed

Paul Heyman VS Bruce Buffer in the cage. Who would win?

it took me a few seconds to realise this wasnt a video game
holy fuck

Why this is looks like a game?