/606/ Thread

Listen here: bbc.co.uk/radio/player/bbc_radio_five_live

Everton 1-1 Middlesbrough



Calm down faggot

Havent listened to 606 in a while

More like "West Scam United", amirite lad m8s?

haha banter


cant wait until pep exposes klopp again, media all on his dick now

Leicester fans are getting a bit big for their boots arent they?

Sick of 'em 2bh

what the fuck is this surrenderfrog talking about

Drop this bellend for fucks sake

Doesnt sound french to me

Maybe he's sweedish

100% french he said marseille in perfect french accent

and caen and paris saint germain also

Your team is making like a billion pounds in tv money

Shut the fuck up

stop moaning you miserable old fuck


>going to say liverpool are going to win the league
>going to say Arsenal are going to win the league

Its good for them to entertain these special needs kids but i'd prefer some logical conversation

Wow it's almost like i'm listening to Cred Forums on radio

>anybody finishing above city

All liverpool and Arsenal fans are delusional 2bh

He's right. City are walking away with the league

100% wouldn't swap de bruyne for messi

Cheers m8, it's been decades since I listened to this.
Good memories of driving back to Leicester from Peterborough having been hammered...

>West Ham


It was better with Danny Baker.

It was better before twitter banter replaced it.

The absolute state of the delusion from these City fans.