Europeans are shaking in their boots

>Europeans are shaking in their boots

Deutscher Meister, DFB-Pokal and CL Champion incoming.

>le slightly above average american player get's overhyped because he is a slightly above average american player

So that's why is last name is Pulisic. And plays in Germany.

He's born in Pennsylvania and was raised there you stupid fuck

He wouldn't even be in Dortmund right now without his Croatian ID.

he was born and raised in hershey
you know, like the chocolate

>be americuck's best young prospect in their history
>plays for a european club


why do americans assume that we somehow don't want this kid to succeed because he's american?

I'm not a dortmund fan nor american, so I couldn't care less
but I also don't hate him and wouldn't have anything against seeing him do well in the future

>He's born in Pennsylvania

Why can't Americans speak English? Are you TyRone or Juan?

>a seventeen-year old can grow a better beard than me

I have a fresian last name and parents but was born in america if i claimed to be friasian/dutch euros on here would flip out about that too


How can you be this fucking stupid?

It's because he's literally the only player ever to have a true shot at being a decent class footballer and not a meme like Dempsey, Donavan or Bradley. Because of this they will instantly take their normal stance of "It's everyone against us! USA USA USA"

You missed the point of my shitpost. But okay.

And while Islam dominates the rest of the world, our gleaming hero upon the hill is Christian. Feels good man

I know that feel. I don't know what's worse. Neckbeard bumfluff or being limited to upper lip and chin.

fuck off nigger arab

Your point was that MLS is shit, but who cares. Ivory coast's league is even more shit than the MLS, but for a while they were becoming an actual threat. The domestic league doesn't have much to do with national team quality, the Premier league is the best league in the world yet England has won a world cup since the 60's, and Brazil's league doesn't compare to the top 5 European leagues yet they have won the most world cups.

Dempsey isnt a meme senpai. He was objectively top 5 in the Prem back in 2011/12 where he had a 20 goal season for a shit club like Fulham. Plus he helped take them to a Europa league final the season before.

>tfw good chin, cheeks and neck growth
>but Michael Cera tier upper lip
I look Amish whenever I try to grow a beard.

Upperlip and chin can be acceptable. Being a neckbeard fag is always frowned upon.

>score one goal in a 6 goal rout against a shit team

He's contracts "He was"

Assisted two others, and was involved in the most shots of all the players.

this desu

>B U I L D the W A L L

who is this little faggot? is he a ball boy?

>american english

Nobody uses "he's" for "he was"

That was mainly because of Gera Zoltán, he was a way better player than Dempsey

I do. It good when you know that someone will die soon so you don't have to change it.


>have you seen tom?
>he's at the shop
>alright i'll head there
>you just said tom was there
>no dude i said he was there bro he's (he is) not there now

this is how Americans speak english

americans don't even care about soccer and they have the best youngster to ever walk this planet

care to explain yuropoors?

ami go home


Pick one you faggot

Literally who


not enough slavs and finns so leider nein

Meanwhile Shitcharito can't even score a pen against a shit team


le definition of a mediocre domestic league man


Reminds me of how they think Mario Andretti is an """""""american""""""" F1 champion

I don't blame them. The u.s is about to take over their beloved sport

He's Romanian?

don't overhype him, the dissapointmen twill be even bigger

He might actually be part German as well if he's from Pennsylvania.

*double leg takedowns you and pins your arms down to stop your resistance* Shut the fuck up!

so was Stipe Miocic in Ohio

100% true

Stipe "nigger hunter" Miocic

Pulisic is a Croatian name

yes, but all we know is that grandfather is Croatian
he still has three other grandparents

we are not even aware who this guy is lad and we are your direct competitor

A rat born in a barn doesn't make it a horse.