RIP one leg man

Wtf Huezil
Iranian cyclist,Bahman Golbarnezhad, just died in paralympics
Use a safe road for crippled athletes you stupid monkeys

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How did he die, my Aryan friend?

broke hes neck

that's fucked up
did they use the same route as in the olympic roadrace? where the Dutch girl also has a nasty fall?


They didn't use that part of the course.


the jews poisoned his water bottle

How is she now?

still ugly

She was taking part today as well


Damn, that's horrible

cycling is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. cycling with one leg and a stick is likely even more dangerous. RIP.



>riding a bike is dangerous

Ok mom

Well a dude just died doing it, or did you miss the point of the thread?

A dude died playing cricket does that make it one of thr most dangerous sports in the world? Feel bad for the man and his family but cycling is just riding a bike in the end

No, cricket is perfectly safe, they just wear helmets for fun.


classic england kek

In further news

> Wiggins - "I don't use needles m8"
> what he meant was "I don't take intravenous injections but I've got no objections to inter-muscular injections
> sky "we have a zero tolerance approach to people who have been involved in doping (David Millar was instrumental in setting up team sky but they wouldn't let him ride for them)
> what they meant was "we might have "accidentally" employed a doctor heavily involved in doping in team rabobank"
> Wiggins - "I don't do drugs....just a bit of Charlie at the weekend cos I'm a geezer"
> what he meant was "actually I got a dubious tue for a drug renowned for allowing athletes to maintain low body fat whilst maintaining muscle quality.....did you see me at the tdf? I was like 3% body fat m8!"

Anyone ever notice the high proportion of team sky they get diagnosed with "asthma" altering them to use clenbuterol, albuterol, albuterol?

Broken neck followed by cardiac arrest

The road races weren't fully streamed, only highlights from the start/finish. It took the media hours to find out he had died.

The guy was injured literally on the last day of Iran-Iraq war, now this.
How unlucky can a poor man be?

On top of that he was born in Iran

RIP unlucky iranian man.

That is sad. Bless his family.

True, but still
His wife died a few years ago because of cancer, I just hope he doesn't have children

BR television said his wife is a paralympic basketballer who didn't travel to Rio because Iran didn't qualify to paralympic tournament

British cycling is as dirty as East Germany was.

I'm not sure if that's true, unless he remarried or sth
According to an interview he said his wife was diagnosed with cancer 2 months before London paralympics and died 2 years ago.


RIP :(

Dutch girl - Vista chinesa
Iranian guy : Grumari


Did he crash on the same descent the other Iranian rider died during the real not-broken-person Olympics?

People are going to laugh at him tomorrow morning on the Great Satan Sports Network (ESPN)

He probably shit himself in fear when he saw Jesus.

>having a pair of bib shorts full of yogurt and chickpea shits when you meet your maker

Could have been worse for the Iranian. At least he did not shit blood all over the streets during death march.

Speaking of which, when is the Paralympic death march?

Is there a death march for cripple?

O I am laffin

webm/video where?

Thats the shit why i quit this sport

wtf i love cycling now

>tfw this guy literally rode himself into madness on ultra endurance events
>killed by a car when out training
>nobody knows who he is, didn't even get rich from it


good bants

>2 very young dutch cyclists died THIS YEAR
>somehow I hadn't heard about this

>steep descent
>take absolutely shite line into corner
>grab front brake and attempt to enter low Earth orbit
>"boohoo course is so hard"

All these cyclists have shit actual cycling skill because they obsess over "muh wattage" and finding viens to dope.


>it's brazil's fault
Good riddance tbH

heart attacks by under 23 yr olds.

maybe try take less doping