Lets all laugh at Hamburg sub edition

Köln 3 : 0 Freiburg
FC Bayern 3 : 1 Ingolstadt
Dortmund 6 : 0 Darmstadt
Hamburg 0 : 4 Leipzig
Hoffenheim 0 : 0 Wolfsburg
Frankfurt 2 : 1 Leverkusen
Gladbach 4 : 1 Bremen
Augsburg - : - Mainz
Hertha - : - Schalke

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That's like laughing at the retarded kid in the school playground. Just not satisfying.

>Lets all laugh at Hamburg

Let's not.

Seriously, what happened? I was at work during the match.

They lost 4-0 at home to RB "American money" Leipzig.

Yeah I allready know that, but did you watched the game? Was Hamburg really that bad or was it somekind of "freak accident match"?

Darmstadt losing to Dortmund was bad, but they had to go 35 minutes with a man down
Bremen losing to Gladbach could be expected because >Bremen
Hamburg was just shit. Zero redeeming qualities. They weren't hugely outclassed individually, but they just collapsed so pathetically in the second half.

Also, mad janitor has put the thread on autosage again. lel

>Also, mad janitor has put the thread on autosage again. lel

What is that faggots problem?

I did not, sums it up nicely.

Dunno, apparently he doesn't like /bundes/. I probably judged the situation too early, thread isn't on autosage yet, but you never really know that stuff on 4chins.

Too much offtopic posting. Even Hiro pointed that out.

Shitterkusen deserved to lose. This is exactly what happens when you leave DANGER on the bench.

Yeah, it's not on autosage yet.

Hiro talked about bundesu specifically, or just shitposting in general!


Anyone find all these 3+ goal difference victories incredibly boring?


I don't

They did well until the penalty, should've scored first actually, but then just rolled over and died.

HIV doesn't have a bad team 2bh. Labadia is a shit coach. He's also already in pre-emptive damage control mode to save his job.

It's pretty interesting to see the Dortmund players trying to score as many backheel goals as possible against 10 man intestine-town.

But apart from that all blowouts were the clear result of tactical and mental deficiencies. If you're too stupid to coach your players correctly, you deserve to get blown out.

It depends. If I were a bayern fan for example, I'm almost certain that I would become bored by it quickly because it becomes predictable at some point. As a cologne fan I'm more than thrilled that >we shot 3 goals and kept a clean sheet.

>If you're too stupid to coach your players correctly, you deserve to get blown out.

Yeah I get that, but it makes for a really boring game to watch. Was never a fan of one sided games. That's just me though.

>Labadia is a shit coach
It's even worse than that. If you look at his past jobs, you get the impression that he's a somewhat decent coach but a total failure when it comes to leading a team on a personal level. He kinda reminds me of Zorniger at Stuttgart.

Damn, I didn't realize that

>Implying generals like /hoc/ and /cric/ are alway on topic

/bundes/ on autosage became somewhat of a meme tßh.

autobundes, shitposters in disguise

They aren't but he posted in /bundes/ before that and got to know a few of the spergs firsthand.

"shitposter" is a pejorative. >my people prefer the term "funposter".

No generals are, that's why it's sad to see the Janny be this autistic.

We /bundessage/ now?

Yeah, it's autosage shit now.

Someone should just write him on twitter and ask him to lift the autosage "ban".

we've been on autosage for about 9 months by now.

This entire autosaging bullshit just makes the janitor look petty and butthurt desu

I would actually be ok if every single general were to be put on autosage, but as long as it's just /bundes/, the entire thing is just some stupid personal vendetta. Cred Forums in general has mods that can do whatever they want, without documentation and without accountability. Apparently this shit is even worse on some other boards.

It's not funposting when it's depressive :c

Ironicly you sound butthurt yourself atm t bh, I mean I agree it's bullshit but let's not take it too seriously and just have fun either way

why don't you use my transparent version

Do you think the janitor is just some /bundes/ bully victim who is on a power trip?

>It's not funposting when it's depressive :c
When did it get depressive?

Because I forgot to save it.


okay. be sure to save it

I'm just memeing mate.

looking forward to schalke tomorrow

pls gib 3 points