How did (we) do today?

>how did (we) do today?

Nice boobs.

You lost lmao have fun being a fucking loser Florida SHIT

haha BTFO

haha BTFO

Brett Farve sent us dick pics again today..

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"Maymay arrow """""we"""""", you stupid plastic cunt!

They're Florida State not Florida you idiot

t. Not an eff ess you fan

Ultimate female privilege. She got famous and made money for having great implants

pls have sex

Sorry, I'm straight

I think it's more pathetic that you virgins let your urges allow that than her expressing her free will

thats just smart investing desu

>pay $10k for new tits
>get 30k in tips

w8 who is this?

>30k in tips
Tipping got out of hands.

Yep. If I am ever unfortunate to have a daughter, and if she is unfortunate to be flat chested, I will consider buying her implants because lets be honest: its the key to female success in finding a high value man with a good job.

Fuck buying her college. Buy her tits.

That's a pity she'll be obese as you are. And you are probably not having kids because you are a permavirgin.