/cfb/ - Chaos Denied Edition

>CU shits the bed after bad punting and dead qb, down 45-28
>tOSU-OU pushed back until 8pm CT
>Pitt 38 - OK State 38 in a thunderstorm delay, more memes to come
>Bama 34 - Ole Piss 30

Michigan State v Notre Dame on soon

Reminder that the TAMU-Auburn game has coach-firing implications

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Someone post the pizza guy copypasta

>Tfw weather delay
>Tfw old logo pepe

Why do people do this? EST is the appropriate way to post times, PST is also sometimes acceptable, but never central or mountain.

post your team and yfw how they did today

>least coast
also the game is at OU which is CT

1-11 confirmed.

This defense is fucking trash.

>f-f-fastest show on turf

No one cares where the game is, the people who are actually watching it don't live in meme timezones.

It's such a long wait to get to a 7:30 game.

They haven't played yet, but I'm getting the feeling it'll be something like this

tommy armstrong jr

who left oregon in charge of anything



Need HD TAMU-Auburn stream



I h8 early bye weeks

Who will choke harder? Oregon or Nebraska?



>first play of A&M - Auburn
>Miles Garrett tackle for loss
I could get used to this

After Minnesota gets kicked out of the B1G


Pepper future GOAT.

its his last season


Oregon is kill

Today, Colorado fans learned something that us Michigan fans learned during the Michigan State game last year: don't talk shit before the game's over.

especially when he suffers a neck injury in the 3rd qtr


>oregon fails four two point conversions
>would've won if they'd just kicked four extra points

Texas still waiting to booty blast some Golden Turds.

>Oregon cucks



always talk shit and then switch sides if you're team fucks it up

pls no. garrett is the only shining light for this season

is the 2 point attempt meme dead? shits only going to comeback and shit on your hopes and dreams


>Oregon losing because they always go for two.

Good to see that it bit them in the ass.

>Oregon in charge of football

Aaaaaaaaaaand that's game.

Does Oregon start kicking the PAT after today?

>You now remember when Michigan and Alabama were losing


>4pm was 60 years ago
feels bad mang

so....so was wisconsin

Dudes a beast. Reminds me of Von Miller.

What game do I watch tonight bros?

Incoming meme plays to help Ole Miss make the comeback

That would be hella beta tho

They have to stick to their plan or they look like pussies and you can't play good when you're worried about looking like pussies

>letting WMU rush 90 times more yards than you

this you either lose games or lose your pride

MSU @ Notre Dame since tOSU @ OU is delayed.

>storm is leaving
>hurr let's delay it by 2 hours
what the fuck

Damn Illinois was absolutely atrocious today

Only old people watch ND so the pregame is literally the Wheel of Fortune.

Colorado's qb should transfer. He was literally the only reason his team was in the game and his head coach rewarded him by trying to murder him. I'd be livid if I were him.

Feels bad man

who /ucf/?
fake punt memes happening

>LSU throwback unis

reporting in just got stream working

We're on our way to another fucking Alabama championship. I hate college football.


Meme game gauranteed.
Western Michigan is really fucking good.

post yfw your team goes undefeated

>mfw I realize Colorado's backup QB never completed a pass all game

Not if Texass and Houston have anything to say about it.

Sorry Satan

They said the QB insisted on going back in.

well a&m looks like a trainwreck again

it's not even october

Can we, I don't know, stop them? Fuck sake defense.

transfer as a senior? are you high?

Huskers winning makes me wonder.

If they both run the table, Texas vs Houston will be the real championship match.


>Go Nebraska
>I can taste those Hole tears now
>nom nom nom

>yfw that's the only reason you didn't lose to lolorado

Lovie still fucking up IL teams


Liufau came home on his shield. RIP in peace.

>Those LSU uniforms

>weather delay for an hour and a half
>sky is blue in the background

>Eastern Michigan

>the only reason you won is because your players played better than the other team's players

As a bama fan, this isn't necessarily true.

Lamar Jackson is exactly the type of QB we normally have problems with.

Then there's Clemson again.

And we're completely overlooking the Big Ten who always has a say in things.

Quit then, whatever. His coach already ruined his career.

NCAA rules state you cannot play until 30 minutes after the last lightning strike in the area. If even 1 bolt comes within range the clock restarts.

That part of the sky is far away you stupid fuck

who do we get after sumlin gets fired?

>onside works

Is meme magic incoming?

>"You didn't lose today because we are bad and have no depth"

What about leastern Michigan tho lol

meme magic just happened

Oh shit Ole Miss making this shit interesting


Brady Hoke.


If Watson doesn't pull the same type of performance he did in the natty, Alabama is the shoe in for the chip again.

Fuck. Bama



We don't talk about them.

Eh, they're 1-1.

Post yfw michistupid fans are proud of giving up 28 to colorado


Meme magic here lads


hugh can't believe what he's seeing



Getting ready to school Sparty

should of just pooched it desu

Sounds like you know exactly what it was.

It was a terrible first quarter and three good quarters. They needed a little adversity in the preseason or they'll get complacent since they no longer play ND.

>mfw Tyler O'Connor throws 3 INT's

What exactly happened to the Colorado QB?
I didn't tune in until after the backup was in.

Surgically repaired foot was ripped apart by UM. Was amazing to see him kill his career by going back out there afterwards.


can we into relevance again?

sat on the ball and blew out his sphincter

Get in here

>missing a chunk of the recieving corps
>still manage to win by 20 against a non-potato team

>Marshall Defense

So did the degenerates at Pedo State cheer the statue to the guy who looked the other way while a pedo raped kids for decades?

He got his ankle snapped and rather than take him out the HC left him in the game where he promptly threw a dragon td and then collapsed after getting smoked by the pass rush. Then they put him out for one more series where it was clear he couldn't walk.

He went out on his shield.


no its comfy here

>Ole Piss.

>8. Washington

Upset alert tonight.

Where's that LA Tech faggot?

on sudoku watch?

newfriend, this thread will literally only be Ohio state and sec circle jerking soon

thanks, m8

The french are our greatest allies

who you callin newfriend, friend

Always been, always will be

So ole miss has now choked away 2 big leads against top ranked teams

Very sad for them

I won't talk shit today. >We got lucky as fuck that their QB went down. Our offensive line does not look promising and our defense was getting abused by their starter. Jabrill is the fucking man though and it was amazing to see him finally stick one in after he's been so good returning for 2 seasons.

Vols bro here too.
>A-at least we're still 3-0
Florida State shitting the bed gave me a boner though.


for what

1/2 of "Ohio" states' players are from texas anyways

>all these games on you want to watch at once
>only 8 eyes

fuck yes, based ttu

What game to watch now?

Michigan State-Notre Dame


The only one on


Was Oklahoma settled by literal retards?

Forget I asked.

Get your defense to be 100th ranked and you will win 10 games.

MSU-ND for not, then watch McCaffrey vs USC while periodically switching to MSU-ND for a drive or two

>emu blowing charlote out

Ohio State game is delayed till 9 ET due to lightning

You just switch between them as commercials appear

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills, how do people not know this?

Stick -ville or -burg on the end and they could be colonial Atlantic cities just as well tbqh

You should move down to DII and compete there. I bet you'd win there.

Can't wait to hear Gus Johnson.

there's no lightning. think they could figure that out in oklahoma of all places instead of wasting everyone's time on a pointless delay.


>tfw lost your job and live far away from friends and family
>tfw vicariously enjoying sports victories is one of your few joys right now
>tfw Ole Miss and TN Titans fan

>mfw Dibbleburg



I guess there was a strike within 10 miles of the stadium, that's the only reason they'd delay it.

Whatever the case may be, it's still not coming on till 9.

no thanks

Some of us have to hunt streams bro

i blame the fox jews

What about like 110 and they get the #1 offense?

y'all will beat NC State

Confirmed for nazi. I always knew something was up with you guys.

You'd win the natty.

I'm sorry Sweden bro, I need to check my murican privilege

so is this going to be another Alabama wins it all season?

If it is I might just start rooting for bama, I mean I'm shopping around for grad schools right now I might just attend bama just so I can cheer for a winning team....

How much Dr. Pepperâ„¢ you guys drink today?


Should win, but I dunno man. They lost to Toledo last year after all.


>Cheering for a team just because they win a lot

The DEFINITION of bandwagoner

>drinking industrial grade solvents
>not even getting drunk for your troubles

Four cans.

horrible tackling

>Ole Miss is the 1st Power 5 team to blow two 21-point leads in the same season in the last 10 seasons.

Go to a school that you can realistically get into and that has a good grad program for your major

>and we just getting started this season

>Ole Piss

Ole Piss will win 4 games this season.


Theres flooding in the stadium from raining, also thats only like 15 miles away

the rule is 30 minutes from the last lightning strike not 2 hours.

>Lousiville doesn't even enough fans to be bandwagon faggots on Cred Forums

might have to start pretending I'm a 'Ville fan for the lulz guys

Ruston Rustler is on suicide watch lol.

and moving away.



There has been one really obnoxious Louisville fan around here

Tortilla Tech marching its way to a bowl game.

I've only seen 2 Clempshit fans the past 2 years


"flooding in the stadium" was put first because its the most pertinent.



They'll play ASU and give up 2,567 yards

get a decent draining system you hicks.

it might be the new part of the stadium, idk

bet 200 on Michigan State and don't follow cfb

am I fucked?


>check scores on break at work
>1,2,4 all losing
>see final scores
>no upsets

>not an upset
what the fuck are you talking about?

>working at 8 PM
>working on a saturday

but user, fspoo lost

>on a saturday night


A&M can give them trouble but Bama will probably rush for a gorillion yards against the Aggies. LSU is dangerous if their new white QB can just be decent. Either Arkansas or Tennessee will play Bama really close with a chance to upset them (those are back to back road games for the Tide).

Tell me why Nebraska will not win 9 games this season.

Mike Riley

need help lads

It's not the 90s anymore grandpa

ok that one happened, but hardly an upset
its 5pm and I got called in to help, usually never work on weekends

Anyone watching this game? How did the safety happen?

Not a valid answer. He's better than Bo in every way.

Pelini's gone.

9 wins including a bowl game isn't the same as winning 11 or 12 and a natty.

He's worse than bo at winning 9

What was the line?

Good chance that ND meme dies tonight

You should be fine

> Colorado

Who /undefeated/ here?

>How did the safety happen

they tackled the ball carrier in his end zone

Pelini sucks and will never win. Mike Riley will win 8 games this season and take us to a bowl win.

That bet is a crapshoot. Michigan State has only played one game before tonight and it was against a really bad team so we don't know much about them.

What's Bo doing now?


>McCaffrey and Adoree hanging out in the tunnel


Reply to this post if your team is still in the playoff hunt

Not so fast Ole Piss

pelini wont at least 9 games every year.

coaching youngstown state

Youngstown St.

Woah look what i found

With Pelini, you at least got guaranteed winning seasons. A lot of P5 teams would kill for that kind of consistency

Probably throwing TVs out of windows each time Nebraska allows a TD.

the only teams to worry about are tOSU, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. So I see 9 wins this year

9 wins aren't good enough. That's why I'm asking for 8.

Is pizza and beer the GOAT CFB viewing food?

why hasn't David Shaw made the NFL jump yet?

I'm sure there's plenty of interest

>beating WKU
what the fuck

makes sense

wow fuck you okay, he never said that


I'd rather have consistency in being inconsistent than getting 9 wins and a bowl game loss. I want to lose as much as I win.

Who else Aztec here?

Damn, it's been nearly a year since we won.

Wasn't he inconsistent in bowl games too? Didn't he BTFO and get BTFO by Georgia in the same bowl game back to back years?

Best of both worlds.

>not crossing out 2016 already

Thanks for Mike Riley. We natty now.

>We found in PA that voters who like Paterno still are Trump 48-34, those who don't are Clinton 50-33

Cred Forums absolutely BTFO

What does Mike Riley have at Nebraska that he didn't have at ORST?

A better than average team

for some reason i find notre dame games inherently boring no matter who they're playing.

I want to lose so the bandwagoners leave and all remnants of success are gone. I want to become the next Kansas.

A win over Oregon?

corn-fed hoes

husky bros, get in here

Other /VOLS/ Bro, can we please beat Florida this year, please?

no instate competition from nike u for one

>team is currently better than the one that USF upset
>FSU currently worse than FSU team that was upset
>USF is essentially babby louisville
>able to come back from 17-0 deficit into a 45-20 victory
lads im actually looking forward to this game. we may actually stand a fighting chance

Pississippi State will win 3 games this season. RIP in pupperoni.

Good point.
Good luck, uncle Mike was the man, but he needed to get out of Corvallis.
Talent? Money? Blue blood? All those

Shit, dude.


pizza, wings and homemade mac and cheese



>a gamethread for that shit game


I did the same. I think it is.


>tfw I can't even watch any other games on any channel tonight because my team will make national news for all the wrong reasons


That is mean looking doggo

kek, i saw that too

Is Stanford getting exposed tonight?

What does anyone think of my theory?

So, the Nebraska punter died in a car crash and the kicker got hurt in the same car.

Does Helfrich actually feel sad about this? What if he challenged his team to win without PATs or Field Goals? It sounds crazy but there must be something to it.

Four 2pt conversions is just too insane to be random imho.

I'm a wings man myself.

When I lived in Cbus/Pitt, Wings Over was GOAT. Since then, I've had to find other ways to shovel garlic parm wings into my gob.

who /comfy/ here?

Who here /nervousbreakdown/ every drive?

I'm sorry, but that would be the stupidest fucking thing ever. I would fire him on the spot

Sneak you're honestly the only Florida fan I can tolerate. So congrats I guess.

seems like it's a tradeoff with our qbs. either they're fucking brilliant but eternal memers or they're average but fairly reliable

That was me on Thursday. Thank goodness that shit ended positively

t. coogbro

Simpler solution: Chip Kelly's crazy leaked into the water supply

>going to FSU
You deserve nothing better

Matt Leinart is fucking drunk on the pregame

Right here.



Pretty gay m80

Ready to die against Texass boy?

I know our players are better than I think.

I KNOW Barrett is better than I think.

But I only ever have flashbacks to the VT pick 6 that almost ended our season and think "holy shit, he just threw another one".

Maybe once this new crop gets some more games under its belt.

"We" are already dead there's no need to kick "us" more

Who actually believes Washington will finish ranked this season? Why is Washington ranked?

I only own like, 3 pairs of jorts. I can't be that bad.

i like how lovie opened 1-0 and every rag in illinois was ready to suck his dick

Why does everyone think I go to FSU, at least they lost to a legitimately good/great team. No shame in that, I don't even care that they got BTFO. Losing to an FCS meme team is infinitely worse, especially when you're ranked #13. I want to die.

I already graduated btw, 25-year-old virgin here

Rule #9 of the AP Preseason Rankings handbook: Find a team that used to be good but has fallen on hard times. Give them a teens ranking and declare them "back".

because they're beating cupcakes like everyone else.

>stanford in charge of stadium audio

>michigan state
>white qb white qb white qb white qb
what's their problem?

>Garlic Parm Wings

Disgusting. Wings were made to put Buffalo (or in rare cases, Barbeque) sauce on.

Yea well I can remember when they went 0-12. That wasn't long ago. #8? I understand they don't mean shit, but who the fuck was like let's put Washington in the top ten.


>mfw oregon state university was established before okst and tOSU.
they're the real OSU

this game gun be gud

NDSU would be a legit playoff threat in FBS they're not a meme team and you shouldn't feel bad Iowa isn't even a good football school

congratulations you remember a time when chris peterson was not the coach

Does gus get fired if he loses this

it will not bode well for either coach if they lose

Jerk wings are the best I've ever had in my life
Buffalo sauce is fucking trash


Top ten?

>auburn in charge of punting

Everyone who follows the Pac12. They've been building for years and most anaylists picked them to win the pac this year.
Also they're about to get their 6th straight game with 40+ points and having given up more then 14 only once.

I see it happening at some point

>NDSU would be a legit playoff threat in FBS
lol in what fucking conference? Wait you're that smug Bison faggot again, aren't you

>Iowa isn't even a good football school
fuck are you even talking about

How about dat Eason?

Please make it to the natty and BTFO of Bama again, magic nut man

>Buffalo wings
>BBQ wings

>Who actually believes Washington will finish ranked this season?
Why wouldn't they? They've been ranked the last few years and are better this season.

you should know that this is a really pointless argument you're trying to make. if they aren't legit they'll start losing games.



If Ohio State and Bama meet in the Natty game, the shitposting will literally break Cred Forums.

The amount of victory/defeat threads would overtake everything else.

It's Portland state. Pac-12 is garbage anyway. Top ten?

>you now remember the commercials that repeated 3x, 2x per commercial break

Who does auburn replace gus with?

Fresh katie sighting and a day of college football.

What a life to live.

if by playoff you mean December 19th bowl game, then sure

They have 69 freshmen, and 13 seniors on the team. So get used to it. They'll be around for a while

If they can pony up the money: Tom Herman
If not: They beg for Chizik back.

art briles

"APOLOGIZE" threads everywhere

[spoiler]with urban's face[/spoiler]

If they're ponying up money it's for Petrino

>>Iowa isn't even a good football school
>fuck are you even talking about

Does getting BTFO by stanford on top of being extremely mediocre mean nothing?

yeahhhhhhhhh man. Good luck!

Different fag but FSU losing was a bigger upset. Especially the throttling they took

>at Fargo

Only casual scum didn't recognize how legit the Bison were even years ago


>Every single APOLOGIZE OP has the same gif of Meyer eating pizza

Who /mde/ here?



How did Louisville get a demigod for QB but we (Gators) can't get shit?

based mulatto

>that one Iowa fag last thread saying NDSU has "shit academics" even though I can guarantee that the NDSU team is smarter than his team

you talk like a fgt


Nah, the SDSU win was bigger simply because FSU, despite getting throttled, can win out and be back in the Playoff easily, whereas Iowa is done. That's just how these big team biases are.

I wish tebow could just get 20 years of NCAA eligibility


Yes, they just housed Florida State, but remember this is the same dude who got stonewalled by an Auburn team that finished 7-6 last year.

He's a mixed bag. Eventually he's gonna come up tails in a heads-or-bust situation.

that what happens when you get btfo by an fcs team, the same would've happened during App State-Michigan

Doesn't mean that much in the grand scheme of things. >We have finished seasons ranked within the top 10 multiple times since 2002, have a couple conference championships over that same span, and several bowl wins (including wins over heavily favored EEC "schools" Florida and LSU). I do realize the past means nothing here, as Cred Forums epitomizes the "what have you done for me lately" mentality, but you just have to look a little further back in history. Anyway if Iowa isn't at least a good football school, then what the fuck are they? A good sweatyballgrab school?

Auburn can't afford ledecky

I'm a Bison cuck but let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
We'd be consistently ranked obviously but we'd need to go undefeated for 2 years to even be in the playoffs.

Than our players would have to go against Mandingo Jones and D'Trayvon Smith who had pro aspirations when they were high school sophomores.

Don't be a silly goose. Just enjoy trolling the fuck out of faggots like >we did today

this, Kenny Hill 2.0

I looking watching games on my phone while showing

I don't think Iowa should have ever had realistic national championship expectations.

So when you look at it in the stand point of "where should we actually end up" the FSU loss was probably bigger in my eyes.

dude by some bleach. That's fucking gross

>electronics and water
nigger what are you doing

Waterproof phones are everywhere dude

>that florida state commercial


Ref clock!

I just keep it away from the water
Protip: easy hot dogs in the shower for best experiences

>Refs called the half too early in the Auburn game
Ref pls


best last name for a nig ever

>auburn players in the locker room with 4 seconds left

>Michigan State in charge of returning punts

Who /cheesecurds/ here?

It's just mildew on the curtain chill the fuck out ya spergs

>call everyone out
>lol jk

>no wait guise it's actually halftime

>Refs wasting everyone's time

Wisconsin @ Michigan, Oct 1st

Hint: Wiscy loses this

>pitt-okie lite game without commercials after every possession now that it's not on the main network

thank you thor, you are my greatest ally

Hey Cred Forums, I've been on HRT for 6 months now. How do I look?

How often do you need to snake the jizz hairball out of your drain? You seem like the guy who let's it clog up until your showers turn into baths.

like a fag

What channel is it on now?

at least get your racial slurs right for fuck sake

>traps on /cfb/
i love this new meme

Post dick

no one has worse local commericals than my area

I could chisel marble with that jaw.

there was one for a medicine that gets rid of manboobs for me

Live with a roommate with long hair. That's his hair and he cleans it. I swear this is the worst is looked, I like it clean

streaming on watchespn

Takes one to know one ;)



>A&M winning 16-10
>get ball @ start of second half
I'm okay with this

>this is the peak of generations and generations of men fighting for survival
lol look at this fag

>UF fans

>implying they wont choke as usual
i hope you're prepared for some vintage Knight interceptions

>only up by 6 against auburn

I lolled.

The QB can run out of the back of his own endzone too.


>Thinking Flea Market Montgomery isn't GOAT
It's just like, it's just like, a mini, MALL. Hey hey.


The line was Auburn -1.0 so I'm perfectly fine with this.

Wouldn't be surprised.

>tfw a dropped pass away from 20-10 lead
not feeling comfy at all right now

>fucking up this hard

No offense, but...Christ lady, try to put a LITTLE meat on your chin. Just a touch. It's....strong.

>/cfb/ not watching osu-pitt and these oklahoma slags


c'mon Kraken you know that is not a lady

nice meme


I'm trying to be polite here, fuggoff. Go let Lamar Jackson have another thrust into your gaping bootyhole.

>tfw you're one of the few people who still defend and honor Paterno's legacy

Literally losing to BLM university

>I'm in denial

King of SEC will not have much to talk about.


>now you can watch games through VR

Nah bro not all of us are liberal retards he didn't do anything wrong

WOW, hit the upright

holy fuck that was a loud bonk

>texass state

Fuck this game and fuck Michigan State fans. You guys really think this game even matters? Regardless of what happens tonight your team is going to get fucking destroyed by Michigan and OSU. It's so funny how you guys think you even have a shot at making the playoffs, nobody in the country has respect for Michigan State after seeing how you guys perform on the big stage. Imagine scoring zero points on national television HAHAHAHAHHA! At the end of the day your football team may win but Notre Dame is far better academically which is all that really matters. Stay mad bitches I'm gonna go fuck my hot girlfriend now. Peace.

if Texas' Shane Buechele's first scholarship offer was from Kliff, does that make him a Kliffbabby too?

I wonder what happened to that Oklahoma shitposter with all of his webms?

Found the reference to the little girl with the curl made earlier by the announcer:
Pretty messed up for a announcer to reference.

Idk why everyone is making such a big deal about Iowa losing today - NDSU could easily be top 25 if they were in the fbs and just because they had a good game and beat us doesn't mean they are the better team

me too

Transferred to tOSU

>texass A&M has the whole half to make plays
>Two shitty passes and a shitty run


He got real bad diarrhea and is stuck on a toilet in Sheboygan.


that's the real joke here


>team on its way to play the University of God's Chosen gets into deadly crash

Someone on that bus was going to testify against Shillary

what are you watching?

Is CFB the comfiest sport?

Tf are y'all watching

>obama pandering to black americans
>"don't vote for trump ewe guise, he doesn't have the same skin color as you and me xD"

Mizzou game

LSU miss state


watching McCaffrey destroying USC again and switching to ND-MSU during USC's offense drives

OSU OU on my big tv
auburn tamu on my computer monitor

But why

>tamu 1 for 9 on third downs
jesus christ

Nothing cause I'm still at work :/


LSU fan


You guys blew a 17-0 lead against us


Waiting for Texas/Cal

Leggo Stanford

>Watching TTU game

OU on in background

>hear Mayfield

>look @ Tech screen

Wtf, UT Norman transfer bitch

Rate my (somewhat) OC

thanks lad

>Texas A&M
>1-10 on 3rd downs


Firstly here's your (you)

>being this mad because >your team is terrible


they need some kliff

Mayfeild needs some kliff

yall niggas need some kliff

Purple shirts, yella britches
Ole miss shoulda beat them sonsabitches

you're welcome brotendo

Even against North Texas it's fucking retarded penalties all day.

aaaand are we back in the game?


good job m8

>it's a rely on the defense to keep the game in our favor episode

This UCF quarterback is fucking terrifying Jesus Christ.

>dropping the ball on zone reads like 4 times
>literally throwing the ball backwards behind his head
>running with the ball in one hand stretched out all over

My heart every single play


This game just makes me more assured that Texas is going to booty blast OU come gameday.

Theres literally no reason we cant win every game except fsu this year, and even that one i feel much better about

can someone pls make a westfield state one

>not throwing out the record for the RRR

>O U


Wow OU got lucky they didn't catch Mixon dropping the ball dumbass gooner

he has a black parent he is a nig cuck

>auburn will never be relevant again

>Cam Newton and Nick Marshall are long gone.

literally who

They will be as soon as they get another elite black QB, it's the only way Auburn can be relevant

>literally cannot make a third down conversion all game
>make a fourth down conversion
i honestly don't know what to think about this mazonne offense

Houston v. USF for AAC championship

>Booty blasters getting booty blasted

You may only respond to this post if you are U N D E F E A T E D

Whoa there rest of the sunbelt, where do you think you're going?

>FS1 commercial
>Skip says Cowboys and Patriots are going to the super bowl
I've been saying this shit for 3 years now.

>the golden domers

Georgia Southern will win 10 games minimum and get a top 25 ranking. GATA.

:( you have google don't you


too much work in lynx


>The state of Auburn's offense


A&m' isn't any better. Should be up by multiple TDs

>tfw you want to believe that your team's defense is doing things but probably not

this. 1 drop and lack of any solid plays on that last red zone posession cost us 14 points

>free shoes university

>#1 offenses
>only face incredibly shitty defenses
Shiggy Diggy


Like texass?

Yeah stfu


>Michigan State 36 straight unanswered

>its the battle of who's less overrated

Oh yea, so two games we will probably lose

Another field goal...

>2 straight red zone trips and only 6 points to show for it
kill me pls

Yeah go Pokes

>you won't have to hear any more talking heads and columnists talk about Notre Dame playoff scenarios again until August 2017

>ND gets 8 wins this year
>still ends up top 15 in preseason rankings

unless knight can make up for this shit and hit some dragons this game does not bode well for the season

reading comprehension is not required at the okiedokie state u?

WVU here. 1 of 3 left.

its wonderful



We won against CMU playoff committee will recognize that after we run the table on big12

Just looked up Notre Dame's 2017 schedule, their first 4 games are Temple/Georgia/at Boston College/at Michigan State so one of those teams can fly up in the rankings for beating the overrated Irish like Texas did this year

so thats a no

fuck on the edge of my seat

Anything else? Perhaps immaculate reception? Tech is trash. I'm sorry son.