Official MSU at LSU game thread


Go Green! Go White!

>maroon and white m8

LSU is so bad

So are their unis

stop bullying pls

Not bullying thoae unis are just disgusting

Go Dogs, Hail State!

Obviously but you agreed with this meanie

>a Canadian Mississippi State fan


Hail State tho

Didnt honestly mean to
Im a state fan and lsu is always a fun game. I hope you guys smash bamas ass hole this year

we honestly might since we finally dropped meme harris

wow that throw

Are you fucking kidding me

Fuck... that was a nice throw...hailstate?

"No bully" this

I don't really expect we will win.

Mullen has gone full retard with this offense and refuses to do anything but run Holloway up the gut to set up Fitz missing passes

But we must bully

Stop fucking running Holloway up the middle holy shit.

Is this complicated??

wow that tqckle was a rape

purdue fan here, I hope danny etling does good for you guys :)

>run Holloway outside
>more than a 1 yard gain


Mullen is legitmately the most predictable play caller in CFB

He needs a kiffin

Most people cheer for Bama, Miami, or Michigan where I live. I think most Canadians just jump on bandwagons.

How long have you been following the team?

Last two years were exceptions, we are normally pretty bad.


Were normally average

Slow ass defensive line.

Should've been a sack.


1994, when i got bored and sick of CFL

Well at least you guys get to watch Dak Prescott tear up the NFC

Shit senpai.

You know better than me.

Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.

This sucks.

shuttle pass is another way to say screen.

Its gonna be a tough year bros


Fitz will be good eventually. Just not now.

Bullshit call

If you're wondering why i chose the dogs is because i wanted to root for an SEC team but i didn't want to jump on the LSU, Bama, or Georgia bandwagon, I chose MSU because i thougth they were the least documented/popular team in the conference.

He can be dak tier next or the next year

>He fell for the SEC meme

That's true.

I grew up here and they are ultra popular in a small region. I wouldn't have willingly followed this team. So much heartache.

SEC is still best conference in CFB. There is no debate

>Man of Steel music

Thank you based Snyder

>m-muh alton sterling

Speaking of MSU, who ya got, Spartans or Irish?

Hopefully MSU


Literally gifted a fucking touchdown between that bullshit UR and the Running into the kicker calls.

Fuck this.

Underrated football programs:
Tar Heels
Fighting Illini
BYU & WSU Cougars

I can't watch this

>another screen play for a loss
Stop this shit

Don't worry, he'll run Holloway up the middle to throw them off :^)

I really want it to be LSU being dominant but it feels like Miss St is just calling retard mode plays on O

Those are the only plays he has...

So is anyone going to make a webm of the Fournette stiff arm from earlier?

I appreciate what mullens has done over the years but I really think his play calling is hurting us more than anything. Either get an offensive coordinator or we need a new head coach.

Agreed and i have a feeling fitz will be much better the next 2 years

so... how bad is SCAR then?

Vandy tier

based Shaw


there's too much money there and at Vandy, but I could see Mizzou getting booted in the next few years

Shaw is too fucking good at life


Larger and larger portions of the fanbase are turning against him.

Is 7-5 with no signs of improvement ever actually better than 5-7 with new head coaches trying new things?

>Win the east twice

the east is a shitshow to begin with, but yeah you're right. they will never recover from all the black lives matter shit, good luck getting a non-meme quarterback and big white dudes who are smart enough to block on o line.

Its all about the shekels m8.

That's what I'm trying to say, the academics have gone full retard liberal at the school, the best team (football) will go to shit, and the alumni with the shekels are going to say fuck it and let an ACC swap happen. no matter how bad Vandy does, their alumni will always bankroll everything.

Who do you think the sec will take in their place?

Clemson, FSU, Miami, shit maybe Louisville

so does this dead thread mean we all assume it will be a blowout?

Jesus christ.

I hate Mullen and I hate this fucking team

With the way state's secondary are playing, yes.

Etling is elite edition

he already chucked one dragon I wouldn' be surprised if he hits a second here

Oh look at that. Start running shump and some positive results, then try to pass. It's ogre. Mullen needs someone else calling the plays

To be fair, Shumpert has been a shit back for a long time. That was the best thing he has ever done.

Well shit we may have a game

Is it happening?

If LSU loses will Les lose his job?



So take away LSU's gifted touchdown on the bullshit running into the kicker penalty and count the made kick, State would've won 19-20

Hmmm. Really makes you think.

This game was fucking bullshit.

Take that away and a lot of things change, that was pretty early on. There was some bullshit calls the went in State's favor too.