/nfl/ General: McLaffin Edition

LAR: Rams 'have deal in place' for Jeff Fisher
MIN: Report: Bradford expected to start Week 2
SD: Chargers expected to give Gates bigger role
NE: 'Wouldn't be a surprise' if Gronk sits again
SEA: Wilson to run less, stay in pocket Week 2?
BUF: Rex Ryan wants Bills to throw more under Lynn
CHI: Fox critical of Langford's Week 1 performance
PHI: Zach Ertz (ribs) officially ruled out for MNF
LAR: Gurley thinks he was 'trying to do too much'
OAK: Raiders still want to feature Latavius Murray
SD: Tyrell Williams 'prototypical' WR for Rivers?
KC: Reid dodges question on Jamaal Charles' role

>Jeff Fisher coasting on a shitty trap team yet again


>jeff fucking fisher


Surely we can beat the shitskins, right?



>Looking at the 4pm games tomorrow

Why are there like 4 really good 1pm games but only 1 good 4pm game?

because west coast teams almost entirely shit

Zeke just might have his First 200 yard game as a rookie with 3 or 4 TDs

>4pm games are reserved specifically for west coast teams
Hello newfriend, welcome to football.

are the pack in trouble this week lads? i'm a bit nervous honsetly

>get paid 7 mil yearly to miss the playoffs

i could do his fucking job

nigga u dumb

What is /nfl/'s game of the day tomorrow?

For me it's Bengals/Steelers

Yes, that one.

oops, i think you misquoted him, he actually wrote "because west coast teams almost entirely shit"

good luck on your future posts!

you could probably do it better than him if you just make the playoffs once

what's the discord /nfl/ link?

cute pupper

Fuck off.

139 Days Until The Seahawks Win Super Bowl LI

I'm afraid about tomorrow pham

I think the Colts might be cheeky and beat the Bronocos this week, so I'm keeping an eye on that one. But Bengals / Steelers is the game of the day

Because there are more 1 pm games than 4 pm games overall

Do idiots really believe the seahawks will even be relevant in this years playoffs? That's insane.

>he said for the 5th year in a row

I wouldn't be. Rams were anemic 2 play offense was truly exposed.

Seattle is pretty bad, horrific oline goes a long way into a teams collapse. you 12s were super awesome last year tho right?

Anyone got the power rankings?

They will go back to the Super Bowl in 139 days.

Faggots like you have said that about Seattle every year since they won the owl

You can start actually saying that shit when Sherman and company hit 30 years old

lol keep dreaming.

So football started for you in 2014 i see.

That's a pretty huge implication you got there buddy

My area is showing Cin-Pit and Dal-Was at 1pm and Ind-Den later in the afternoon.

Well, with the cash they get paid to be mediocre, no doubt they can afford tickets to the Bowl.

There will be no bird-related teams in this year's owl