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>tfw 60fps HD stream
>pizza just got here

max comfy


ssshhhhh bby its gonna be okay, liam will be sleepy tonight

gib link pls

Where it at?


>people struggling to find links

did you learn to internet like a year ago?


acestream legit pham


I suddenly have the urge to buy AT&T products

links in here

this, we go through this shit every fucking time.

people just seem to always forget plebbit does some good for us

whens the main event

>ameriburgers pay $55 to watch the fight
>there's still adverts above the timer on the screen
Maximum goyim

OK from now on
no more spoon feeding

Reminder that Oscar De La Hoya is a cross-dressing coke fiend and possibly a homosexual

Canelo needs to man up and fight real fighters like CM Punk

bisexual but yeah that's why I like him

It's $65 actually


also a millionaire hall of fame boxing champion.

I won't be happy until he gets in the ring with Butterbean

i can't believe how though sky box office thinks it's ok to have adverts


>not partying with top notch hookers while you sniffing coke out of their ass
>not cross dressing with and blowing your fat load on some hookers face

kinda glad they don't know about it 2bf though

more people = more lagg

it's in our interests not to tell them

Serious question:

I am 5'11 165 and have been boxing for a year. Admittedly I am pretty shit.

What are my chances against Chocolatito, or some other turbo manlet tier champion?

Just curious, I always wonder how much weight can make up for talent.

Wearing panties and having an escort peg you doesn't make you gay. The amount of coke snorted that night must've been legendary.

It all sounds good apart from the cross-dressing and coke addiction.

He would stop you in 1 round

You wouldn't be able to lay a glove on him and then he'd take you out when you gassed

>says the anglo who loves to fuck trannys
Correy please?.....

Because they only charge about £17. There's a huge difference.

Sounds more like a meth adventure than something you'd do on coke

t. coke and meth user

none. you'll get heem'd. Probably wouldn't be able to hit him. Have you ever sparred with a significantly better fighter (even a smaller one?). Weight and height only matters if you're on a similar level


>Oscar sniffs it out of men's asses

Chavs aren't even human mate.

okay that was fucking funny..

can i ace stream on mobile? want to chromcast

Nikolai Valuev had little to no technique and just used his height all of his career and become world champion.

However, you're not 7 foot and the turbo manlet would fuck you up in 20 seconds.

soz lol

Ya I boxed a few guys like 20 lbs lighter than me and more talented than me. They really couldn't get past my jab.

the more deciding factor was their lack of reach and height.
That being said they were still fairly novice.

HBO or BTsport lads

>bullied throughout his childhood and his highschool crush got crushed by a working class lad.

It's not on BT Sport, It's on Box Nation.

I would like to make it very clear that I am a kind and giving man, but yet I've made a career out of something that is inherently belligerent in nature. It is not the belligerence of a common animal. It is belligerence accompanied by intelligence. Hence, I fight not like a typical fighter, but as a virtuous man who is focused attaining the highest acclaim in my chosen profession.

Fighting by nature can make a man deplorable in the eyes of the spectator. You see, I have accepted that I may be the hero or foe among a great variety of people. The hardest thing is being kind and considerate, two things a man of consequence, such as myself, when I am outside the ring.

It takes great courage to tell someone they have something in their teeth, or perhaps something on their face. But why? If I donate a million dollars it does not take courage. Why is this? Where does the dichotomy between two giving acts live within the act itself? I'll tell you why, because you can see the person's face when you address the simple fact, something that is in their best interest, that they have food debris in their teeth. In this way I, who must look my opponent in the eye before beating him, is no more courageous than the man who points out a simple flaw.

We are custodians of our own virtue, and our humility is not derived from within but how we behave towards those around us. I have always believed this, and this is the reason I speak about the truth of our nature as human beings.

With regards to junior, I have always done the best, in my mind, for his career. And if in the waning days of my life people judge me they are judging me on my belligerence and not the way I have acted towards them


Literally what?

>thinking anyone in this thread is going to read that.

Here's your (You)

also a boxing legend

I think muhammed ali was a total dick and a bully and I don't respect that but that doesnt diminish his skills in the slightest

If you're both new that doesn't really mean anything. I promise you a 118lb pro will drop you in 1 round.


What about a 105 lber.

When you're the GOAT, you fuck whoever you want.

Ali would get handled by modern heavyweights.

we should spar lad, you're a bit heavier than me but I have more experience so it will be fair

this shit is boring, whens the main event?

>ripping off what others did before you

kk, Omw to london for a cheeky session.

why the fuck do i always wake up to watch boxing lads

need to support my fellow hearty scousers

idk about that
heavyweight division right now is crap, considering ali beat george foreman and george would demolish the current heavyweight division with ease

make that liverpoop

looks like a pack house. probably mexicans.

Canelo is a pussy

looks empty ass shit

What the fuck u sayin man. I beat you and ya momma ass. I mean, a-a-aint nothin to it. The whole a england bums, aint faced no black man from the hood like me they know.

you wouldn't hit him imo (speaking as someone who hasn't boxed)

I want to fuck Max Kellerman, he's so dreamy and a lovely Jewish boy.

Will Canelo challenge someone decent if he wins this fight?

Go eat another bucket of chicken James

Stream is in french?

he will continue to duck Golovkin . . . anyone else is small time

Ali cheated against george

LOL. No, he's a pussy

kell brook

HELP. I put in the stream link but nothing will load.

This crowd is making me fall asleep, why are they so quiet?

Who's actually at the att stadium? Want to meet some Cred Forums fags.

elaborate please

Most likely the winner of Monroe-Rosado

he seems to hate england so much but I doubt he could even point to it on a map

download acestream nigga

That whole clip is comedy gold, with young Mickey Rourke standing next to Toney.

you got a sauce on that pic pham?

is there a nandos.

Wait, what is Diego a champion of?

>That whole clip is comedy gold

The ropes were loosened allowing him to lean back further than he should have been able

I would beat the shit out of these little spics

Fucking golden boy the undercard is garbage
The memeA fight that just finished was better than anything else posted

there is

These guys come up to you in a bar looking for a fight. You can choose ONE boxer past or present, in their prime to back you up. The question is


>Rich history of Mexican fighters
>Nicaragua has Chocolitito
>No known Boxers from my native Guatemala


hopefully Kell Brook eventually, but Brook's gonna be out for almost a year because of the eye socket surgey

Pls respond

My ace stream video is glitchy like it skips frames, but the sound is good, I'm using King Tiger stream



idk reload it

I would go full mike "no survivors" tyson

why are all these boxers mexican?

I stopped it and play it, it begins to play good then goes back to glitching

prime foreman would kill them all

White people can't box

Whose Smith and does he stand a chance against the mexican ginger?

i'm using the same stream and i'm having no preoblems

joe louis desu
those olden days guys were more used to bar fights and genuinely didnt give a fuck

*white Americans can't box

have you tried unplugging it?

just ordered the PPV, who is fighting right now, lads?

It's Oscar de la Hoya's promotion

mexicans are the main ppv audience, specially when the headliner is canguelo

only the manlets

because we wrestle

This mexicans confront you and ask you "WHY YOU WEARING THAT TRUMP HAT WHITE BOY?"

What does Cred Forums do?

not really but an upset is slightly possible

Would have to outbox him as I don't think he can knock him out

Sonny Liston

So is this just Saturday Night Spic Fight?



Yeah whites can't box xD

Jo Jo Diaz, a former US Olympian

>tfw you order takeaway and get a 7up instead of a sprite

not a good sign for beefy

>just ordered the PPV

Tyson Fury, if I'm being honest. He's not the hardest puncher, but he's fuckhuge, mobile, and extremely accurate. He's also a gypsy, which means he's fucked people up on the streets plenty too.

como estan amigos

Don't need to cheat and use Ward could of mentioned boxers like Frampton and ricky burns

My top ten P4P list

1. Gonzalez
2. Crawford
3. Rigondeaux
4. Ward
5. Kovalev
6. Golovkin
7. Pacquiao
8. Lomachenko
9. Frampton
10. Usyk

What do you think?

"what does the fact I'm white have to do with anything you racist"

rosado hasn't fought yet?

very patrician choices

CM Punk should try Boxing. He would do better than in the Octagon.

Fury should be on there

i'd be more scared if they were dyels because then its more likely they're boxers

Ward is whiter than most americans.

Whatever you say man lol



Wrestling is better suited for whites because we are built different. We lack the speed and reflexes for boxing, but we have core strength for wrestling.

>mma strikers in boxing

Nah man he's a little twat

Hi Cred Forums XD some guys on reedit said I should come here for streams, because you're the best ;)
I asked in another thread before and someone called me a seething casual, whatever that means lol. Anyway, howzabout some streams fellas? And please keep the expletives down, this is a public site! :)

How many more fights until the main event.

No, that's next I think


he's way to good for boxing

and ur mom is a public amusement ride

What is the most legitimate world title? WBC? IBF? WBO? WBA? The Ring?

What world do you live in? You realise MMA fighters all box at an amateur level. Andre Ward has trained with Nate Diaz and basically said he was shit

Why does the kid on the left have hair like Pete Sampras?

I agree

Hey! not cool man.


m8 MMA is harder than boxing. In boxing all you gotta worry about is.......boxing. So CM punk could train 100% in boxing instead of worrying about other shit.

Boxing is checkers, MMA is chess.

WBC, WBA, IBF, The Ring.

yeah, no disrespect to MMA fighters I know they have alot more different aspects to cover but you can always see their boxing is crap and I can never help thinking they would benefit massively from improving their punching form a little when watching the fights

Nice bait.

The casuals are slowly coming into the thread lads

whites are goat wrestlers


Power ranking:


nah this isn't true
boxing is a much higher overall skill level

MMA fighters are jack of all and master of none, not a single MMA fighter could compare to floyds skill

who's on now?



WBA went full retard with the "super", "regular" and "interim" champion bullshit and the WBO is completely owned by Arum, Warren and the Germans

I prefer TBRB and BoxingScene's ratings to The Ring's ratings these days

We will stop them here.

Casuals, who is the greatest latin american boxer of all time, if you are wrong you can leave the thread.

So when is the actual fight happening?

mcgregor could hang with any pro boxer his size and land punches

"No fighters in England, they all BUMS!!

spic vs spic

November 19

Hulk Hogan

1 bong ish

Roberto Duran

Roberto Duran.

I'm sure McGregor can take punches from Golovkin.

lmaoing @ u

I even tried to restart the computer

he would lose every single exchange


Canelo Alvarez of course

Julio Caesar Chavez


WBA and its super, regular champions can fuck off.

IBF would be good if they didnt do that stupid tyson fury thing. I see no problem with WBO though.

No he couldn't, there's a video on the internet of him being exposed doing boxing against a professional boxer who's nobody special. Here's your (You)

How much do they earn for the big fight? I want to feel shitty.



heem urself

you are joking right?

GGG's punches would crumble him, conor would have to take it to the ground

Boxing hipster answer: Alexis Arguello

Rey Mysterio

He got schooled by a half-arsed Van Heerden and edited the footage to make himself look good and still looked crap

Van Heerden is a bum btw

who /wantstolikecanelo/ here?

he needs to leave that faggot ODLH and sign with mayweather promotions so he will stop ducking fights

no the hipster answer would be salvador sanchez unquestionably but most casuals wouldn't have ever heard his name

Definitely Oscar De La Hoya

It's like skipping frames

In a muhammed ali sort of way, I'd agree.


>I see no problem with WBO though.

Their rankings are the worst of them all. They literally just do whatever Bob Arum, Frank Warren and certain German promoters tell them. They are the least legit of the four major belts

Reminder that Joe Calzaghe beat Bernard Hopkins ANDJ Roy Jones with ease. Your American heroes got exposed by a speed artist from Wales.

Whoever stacks the most packages in the mail truck

I could be wrong but I honestly think I'd demolish rhonda rousey in a boxing match quite easily

I'm 5'11, 11 stone with 12 years of experience


Finito Lopez

It's true that even the best boxers in mma would get absolutely schooled in a pure boxing match by a high level pro boxer, but you also have to remember that boxing for mma is quite different from pure boxing. Many of the traditional slips, ducks, counters, stances and movement used in boxing are not practical in mma because of the threat of kicks, clinches, takedowns, kees, elbows and so on. Pretty much every mma fighter trains in boxing to some extent but because they train it so differently it looks so amateurish when to the eyes of boxers.


But Gayweather is also a faggot who ducked Pacquiao for 5 years.

yes the italian joeseph enzo calzaghe

Brit commentators trying to cover for Canelo being a pussy

And? Danny Green KO'd Roy in the first.

that's my side piece tho, don't talk about my side piece

doesnt matter RJJ is still the greater fighter, he was just past his prime and there is nothing wrong with that.

I have huge respect for him

She got heemed by Holm.

>I honestly think I'd demolish rhonda rousey in a boxing match
>not demolishing her butthole in a king size bed

>14 world champs
>currently heavyweight champ is English

I wish he would just get that loss out the way so we all can move on, tired of hearing about a fight he can't win

I suppose thats a fair point, even the tradtional boxing stances can leave your legs exposed to a deadly kick,

I wonder if this fat cow really believed her own hype or always knew she was a fraud and was simply riding along for the shekels

who here thinks they could take me in a fight?

Calzaghe was also past his prime when he fought him.

Is canelo fighting after this? I need to know so I can order pizza.

She believed it. That's why she wanted to kill herself and will probably never fight again

>Waiting another year until Canelo vs. GGG.



nah there's one more fight after this one

what time does it start?

why is the crowd going crazy?



Order Burritos my man. Wash them down with a crisp, cold, clean Tecate.

not as much

depends, whats your stats, training and experience?

both also acceptable boxing hipster answers

off centered nose

why fight you? when i can shoot you

Ronda Rousey/Holly Holm vs Chocolatito

115lb vs 135lb

>Who wins?

This is the ultimate weed out question for casuals.

2018 two years

There are ufc fans RIGHT NOW who unironically think hand speed in professional boxing isn't completely on another level than mma

Why watch this?

Give me an honest answer.

In about an hour

too see canelo get KO

for the autism on liams shorts

how cut are you at that weight? i feel like i'd have 0 energy, same height at 180

>not as much
He literally retired after the Jones fight.

Oscar Dela Hoya said to.

skin n bones mate


Liam is fighting for us

Gotta root for /our guy/

As a chance for you to witness more white people in the ring than you see during a full day walking around your village.

Most of them are WWE fans what do you expect they can't help senpai



>depends, whats your stats, training and experience?
140 lbs
No experience

hand speed doesn't win fights, nate diaz goes toe to toe with andre ward in boxing sparring.

because I want to see Canelo get BTFO


what did he mean by this

Chocolatito in less than a minute


too soon

Because beefy will be representing Cred Forums on his shorts

>He believes this

I legitimately think Liam has a chance. All Canelo has over him is punching variety, and Liam has the possibility of outmoving him.

how to be cool on the internet wrt boxing:

>"golovkin is not a top 5 p4p"
>"joshua is overrated and will be exposed by fury"
>"rigondeaux, gonzalez and crawford are top 5 p4p"
>"calzaghe was overrated"


His sister has Autism


To watch the future GOAT Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán


i wonder if canelo is going to be low energy today? since he cut all that weight


I love the people that think rigondeaux is the #1 p4p

not relevant in the slightest lad

RJJ is still fighting, boxers retire at all sorts of stages in their ability. some retire in their prime and others keep fighting until their brain is mush and everywhere inbetween

can't stand boxing hipsters almost as bad as people who unironically watch UFC

if floyd had KO POWER he would of been the GOAT.

Team money baby, mayweather was a great fighter.

lovin those tits

yeh rekon I'd probably have you quite easily, no offence

mayweather is a freak

thought about it and yes I strongly believe it, calzaghe was overrated desu.

yea, was quick as lightning.

the Midwest is the ____

what country puts out the best boxers?

Better than boxing casuals.

>Tyson the goat
>Mayweather is bad cus he is too cocky
>not enough knockouts


those digits dont lie

Canelo's always low energy. He doesn't even hit that hard, Cotto was never phased by him in 12 rounds, only slowed over the course of the fight. If Liam can stay mobile, everybody says he gets stronger as the fight progresses, so maybe Canelo doesn't slow him down like he did Cotto and Khan. Canelo also hasn't ever fought a British fighter before, and they've got a very distinct, upright style, favoring uppercuts and using your height to your advantage, and Smith is a couple inches taller than Alvarez. The only way Canelo wins is if he's stronger than I'm giving him credit for, or Smith can't deal with his variety/combinations.


he's fighting for all of us

he's a Cred Forums regular

Salvador Sanchez


USA>Mexico>Great Britain>Cuba>Puerto Rico

Historically of course.

>>"rigondeaux, gonzalez and crawford are top 5 p4p"

How can you possibly argue that they're not? Well, maybe Rigondeaux based on his low activity, but not the other two

cuba relative to their population size

>Cotto was never phased by him in 12 rounds

this faggot... why you lying? i saw him get phase at least 2 rounds in the fight.

nah I think the boxing hipsters are worse

prime young iron mike is a legitmate contented for best fighter, I maybe wouldn't say goat in terms of record but at his best I'm not sure theres many historical figures who could last against him

mayweather is a legend though

>How can you possibly argue that they're not? Well, maybe Rigondeaux based on his low activity, but not the other two


this brown dude is getting his butt kicked rn

I'm rooting for the ginger lad, Sammy Albrighton

he did have KO power he just got older and lost it

What the fuck happened to Ariel Winter?
That's sad

He's fighting for all boxing fans and all humans with a moral compass

i got a negra modelo instead

>>"calzaghe was overrated"

le slappy punch man is indeed overrated. typical britburka mentality

how is it possible for a spic to be a ginger

celtic genes la

lots of spanish are also celtic

>boxing hipsters
they dont exist m8. They over at mma since all white men are in mma. Only faggots you see in boxing threads are blacks, latinos, uk fags and some white men who just love the sport.

>want to go to bed, can't sleep
>want to stay up, get sleepy

calzaghe never fought anyone good

though that wasnt his totally his fault because everyone was a bum


So what is the deal with canelo, he has to have ancestors from the UK no? That phenotype only comes from one place. Its not just the hair and skin, its the nose, face shape, body type all look irish/scottish.

It isn't, he definitely has some anglo/irish blood in him.

i would have to excuse myself no matter what from the fight, im too skinny and any hard block might break a boke too easily

Cotto started to slow down but he never stopped fighting back. he wasn't ever hurt by one punch, or even a combination. There were no moments like Brook had in round one against GGG, where he needed to hold on tight to stop from getting knocked down.

A croissant will give you plenty of energy.

Liam Smith Moral Crusader, one of the lads

then why do I constantly see people saying GGG is shit

>calzaghe never fought anyone good

>he did have KO power
i know he did but he didnt have it at 147 and 154. I think he lost it when he broke his hand.

genetics mang

I have a nephew from mexico who's gionger

Scots that were slave traders and had mexican slaves and married into a mex family

if you aren't rooting for Liam Smith you're definitely not my lad

Is Canelo's career over if he loses this fight?


if you use the word lad then you are definitely not my pal


smith - reddit
canelo - Cred Forums

Jeff Lacy?

No, too popular among mexicans, can take one can then move onto a huge fight if he stops ducking

>then why do I constantly see people saying GGG is shit
does are people who say GGG is shit are african americans who feel threatened. Just watch some this black pride brotha videos and look as his comments.



Nothing surprises me anymore

when does the fight start?

Rosado or Monroe?

It's the other way around

Just watch the undercards.


are black people in america scared of slavs because they are the only whiteys who arent auto-intimidated by them or someting

only niggers say that

how do boxers gain all that weight after weigh-in?


lol those channels are basically black supremacist channels. If GGG wasn't that good, they would not be making so many videos "exposing" him. And their only hope is andre ward, whose father was 100% white.

it kills the money for a GGG showdown, and he probably stays at 154 a lot longer, first rematching Liam and then trying to win a lot more fights at that weight???

either way I dont really care, if he couldn't knock down Cotto he doesnt have the power to fuck up GGG anyway that fight is way overhyped, GGG is stupid tho if he keeps giving free shots to boxers, one is gonna land the wrong way one day and it's a disservice to his skills

which one of those girls do u pick, far right for me



should be after this one, co main

that would be the best thing to ever happen to him at this point

they would do a rematch, getting another year to avoid GGG


Monroe stops Rosado at 6th

four words:

peanut butter

based tommy gunn

They are generally only afraid of italian-americans and slavic-americans on occasion because they know they are actually not that soft

Pretty much. They get away with a lot in the US because the majority of white americans are indeed pussies.

why though?

The only good thing about that clown's videos are the sluts he makes pervy videos of at the beginning

Monroe will win 12-0

Rehydrating with a shitload of water, in canelos case uses a IV

Monroe won't be stopping a thing senpai

lets go monroe!

>Rosado wearing tights


Do think he's gonna win though.


>Rosado's tights

Rosado in leggings

Gabe's dressed up like he's going for a 10k not a boxing match. Look at his shoes.

never seen a boxer wear tights with shorts before

>They are generally only afraid of italian-americans and slavic-americans on occasion because they know they are actually not that soft

dont forget mexican americans



was rosado in the film creed?




I am SO glad you wrote this. I just bought black tights and shorts from Nike that I want to begin running in because I think it would be comfy now my suspisions are validated by yoru response...


Rosado is everyones punching bag, this can add to monroes low ko rate.
Anyway, Monroe is an amazing boxer Senpai


>paying $70 dollars for this shit ppw


thanks guys :3



Mexico was raped by European nationals my uneducated Wal mart shopping friend.

get on with the main event already

Was Fernando Vargas in the film Alpha Dog?

Is it me or does Rosado look like Nate Diaz?

you mean medial boxer

Guys, I'm at my girls crib and shes from mexico her whole family is here drunk and calling me a gringo and going for canelo. What do I say about canelo to make them mad.

thanks :)

have a picture of the mongolian horse, specially adapted for life on the steppe, though slower and shorter than the arabian horse it has much better stamina and is more adept at ridings along adverse terrain where an arabian horse would be likely to break its ankles


Yes he was

>this is ppv
No wonder boxing is dying. If canelos goes to the ufc will the ufc make alot of money do the mexican fans leaving boxing?



He's a cheating beaner who pays the judges.

rosado has eczema and that is why he is wearing the tights

No one cheered for Ward LMAO

holy sheet

Ask them when he's going to grow some balls and fight Golovkin

Naw Mexicans arent lgbt friendly

based kovalev

no not when they sell out whole stadiums

Ive had23 amateur fights in Italy vs black people and vs russian. but i will take them anyway rather than having an Argie fighting me or a Mexican. This is my experience.

Because they're all spics

Sergey or Andre, lads?

you do realize the scale at which our country is being taken over by mexicans right? They hate black people and white people alike

no, mexico has always embraced boxing, with or without canelo

This fight is a dud

Ask them if they fuck around, then when they say "hell no we dont" or whatever, ask them why they are ducking GGG.

Let me know when UFC can fill AT&T Stadium.

kovalev receding heavy senpai got that russian hairline

taunt her dad about ducking GGG

As in whos gonna win? Ward

Kovalev is a more funny likeable dude though

Why would a star go to a meme sport to make less money than he does now?

mexicans dont give a give about ward

Rosado's winning this fight because he's brown

>white people alike
no we dont.

Tell them canelo is a monkey tranny faggot like all mexican men, reason why mexican women like your gf prefer to get fucked by amerifats like you

Then shout ME CAGO EN LA RAZA Y EN TODOS LOS MEXICANOS HIJOS DE LA GRAN PUTA. It's a typical mexican joke, they'll all laugh

This fight has been utter bollocks so far, fucking do something

there are people no older than 20 balding harder than him, it's just the luck of the draw

>that tripfag who said ATT stadium wont sell out

lmaoing @ you

Rousey did 56k in australia, ot could probably be done with her or mcgregor.

this is gonna go the distance bro

sit tight

What snacks are you eating now?

I'm eating Cheese and Onion Walkers crisps.

is it sold out?

What's her YouTube again?
Deleted it because she's an attention whore but damn she's pretty

Monroe is never going to get Canelo after this performance

Nigga please, that UFC Event in Mexico City sold out and did well.

Mexican Independence Day was yesterday.

>mexican-american girl
dude he has 4 half siblings she doesn't know

Anyway I asked them why canelo ducked GGG and they said Canelo will fuck him up and just started yelling in spanish, Her little cousin who knows alot about boxing just said that Canelo is afraid of being knocked out and they all flipped their shit.

they'll think he's a cerrote if he says that

Everyone hates niggers

shut up trash theres not a single boxer right now that can come close to our LORD CONOR

Fuckiing sucks, I'm 26 and I can tell me temples are starting to recede when I pull my hair back hard enough.

Could anyone flick me an acestream?

Hobnobs and full fat milk

Black coffee and cigarettes. Waiting for the rugby to get drunk.

galbi, white rice and soju

watching the fight with some korean friends

Amigo Argentino, shut up, Forever Monzon.


you're a good lad

What would be the appropiate term, LA GRAN CHINGADA?

Kek Rosado is shit, easy win for Monroe

how many fights til canelo? could I fit an hour long gym/gay sex session before it starts?

Cheers m8

2 hours

nothing, I should brush my teeth during this fight, shit is going to take all 12 rounds

It's after this bout.

nice lad :)

it would be close

its a fighting sport you fatso, things can change really fast.

just this one

This is the last fight before canelo so no.

"hijos de su chingada madre" would be a more appropriate term

If you could whisper one thing right now and it would travel to GGG and he would hear it from time to time... rusting in the breeze during a morning run, or softly echoing in the back of his mind when sitting down after finishing a round...what would would you whisper?

Argentina gave us so much happiness in futbol with Diego, Higuain and your boxers have been really important to my career, so muchas gracias boludo! I lived in Argentina for 3 years

8 bongs, also

"black people hate you"

Finally fixed that frames issue for ace stream!

thanks hope its working well for u

Fuck chechnya

"lil g"

>Italians in charge of reading comprehension
It's not WWE beaner, no one is going to make a surprise appearance and fight.

gettin sparked by billy joe you fockin borat

all the music being played in between rounds is bretty gud

bout time tardo, how'd you do it?


would you take a punch from GGG to the face if you would get to eat her butthole out?


Mexican music aint that bad. Doesn't compare to my anime openings though.


unironically enjoying that fight lads

>this fight

How you gonna eat her butthole out if you can't open your mouth

why would I want to eat a butthole you disgusting fuck

Ramon Ayala

lol what are you like 12 stone..

Some of us don't hate fun

I've never taken a punch in my life so no

this is a bad style matchup


that's scary bro how did you know.

>Hopkins didn't get a caption
wow rude

Tools, inputs and codex, click accelerated GPS, restart the stream and bam worked for me

yeah once im outta da hospital

the maximum weight you'd be scared of a ggg punch

>"your grandfather built you"
>"he designed you to do this"

what did he mean by this?

touching the sphincter that faeces comes out of with your mouth

don't care what she looks like thats disgusting

Shows how good Golovkin is dealing with Monroe

I would rather be punched in the face than take a liver shot or a leg kick. It is hurts a lot less than the other 2

Why does Oscar have the most punchable face known to man?

his not man his machine



dedicated to the golden boy x

He dropped kovalev in sparring...

Without gloves he could probably put you in a coma fat boy

That is why you make her shower and hit it with sanitary wipes. Stop being a little bitch.

he has a neuronet processor...a learning computer

He doesn't though.

what a fucking retarded measurement for weight.

He really does ask your Korean friends and they will agree with me

Wtf my cable just died


is it really worth me watching this?

Its like they are both getting paid to delay the main event as long as possible

true that man, In a street fight a smart guy is all about them body shots, they hurt even more when you don't have gloves on and you don't damage your hands,

Remember one time my mate asked me to hit him as hard as I could in the belly (drunk and he was a bit fucked up)

i missed due to being drunk and broke 2 of his ribs lol

no go away

eventually you know nothing about fighting sports you obese brainless bastard, maybe some chicken wings might bring you back to normal.

Reminder to ignore 190kg faggot

Monroe's grandpa beat Hagler

hello alex jones

nah you're just a weird cunt

what is pleasurable about licking an asshole you pathetic worm

>little bitch for not wanting to lick shit

yanks are fucking "gross" as you might say

If you need it lads

the sad moment you realize this fight is shit but the main event won't be better

r u being serious right now?

That is a bad fucking night right there. I have been KO'd to the face, body and legs in sparring. The face you just wake up and your shit stings for a little bit. The legs you fall down, can't stand up again, and your leg hurts for a week straight. The Body is the worst, you just fold over and watch as the shots keep coming to your face in slow motion and are unable to stop it.

farthest i go is eating pussy not going any more degenerate than that..

Seems only fair when she has to suck on my cock.

it really will be when is there ever a boring fight when Canelo is fighting?

Rosado said before this fight in order to get a rematch with GGG he needs to have a spectacular win...

nice, thanks user

it's actually better than just saying pounds. Ofc any normal person will just use Kg

who is she? i fell in love, my pizza is beating

I'm a bit worried that Smith will do a Quigg and it'll be a stinker

Dude tie her up and eat her ass

Enjoy the time you have on this rock

>not wanting to eat her pussy juice mix with her butthole sweat
>not wanting to smell those juices

is this you?


lol you retarded spic. did you mean "evidently"?
>you know nothing about fighting sports you obese brainless bastard
read my post again and see if your tiny brain can comprehend why your first reply was stupid, then come back and kiss my ass.

>not going any more degenerate than that..

what if she looked like Kate Bush in her prime? would you then finally eat some ass for goodness sake?

it'll be a knockout so it's exciting at least

so many brits showing up to support smith but these same brits made fun of khan, why?

yeah the pain is pretty undescribable, I've not been knocked out with a headshot, but I have been knocked out by choking and yeah its fine. body shots are the absolute worst.

I don't do MMA so don't know about leg kicks but I can imagine their nasty getting your knee joint booted the wrong way

no he's aggressive

Hummus and crackers

NEW THREAD APOLOGIZE FOR IT BEING EARLY. Don't want an emergency thread being set up

Not if Smith doesn't press the action

Smith isn't a Paki bastard

you're provoking a response, not cool. Khan is actually sound used to go to same gym in Bolton for a bit.

Khan isn't british.. he's a paki.

because Khan is all chin

looks like a meth head


Khan thinks he's Mayweather and hides from Brook

this whole card is a fucking joke. Shit undercards and an absolute abomination of a main event. Rosado hasn't won a fight in years and and Willie Monroe is an untelevised weekday afternoon undercard, empty-arena-tier fighter.

Liam literal fucking who Smith. Fuck Golden Boy.

>have golovkin destroy your face
>do something that involves your face


The knee isn't bad (use it to block shots)but shin to shin blows. When it hits you in the meat of the thigh and the muscle is loose you know you made a mistake and question your life choices until you get used to it. Then it takes a few to make you hate life.

Can you speak any language apart from English? you must be a redneck inbred. I would never kiss a fat ass. So, apart from being a sissy and not knowing shit about boxing, you are a queer, Way to go Billy Joe.

kazakhstan greatest country in the world. High five


I think I have a mancrush on you, no homo

how is it better in any way when you still have to say pounds like he did. it's a stupid measurement for both light and heavy things. Inferior to pounds and tons. It's specially stupid for combat sports, where you have 2 or even 3 weight classes within a stone.

>real HD HBO stream

I love you faggots.

>acestream legit pham

Any sd streams?

Morrissey and Johnny Marr send their strenght to Liam Bigmouth Smiths!
The queen is dead boy.


She looks like a martian head caked in makeup. Must have applied tons of foundation at the very least.
Pretty sure she is just about a 6/10 with no makeup.

Far prettier girls out there who don't need makeup to look good.

The fair eyes help her look less plain than what she actually is.

Yeah, whatever.

'blaze it 420 fgt'

why does GGG only fight bums?