/cfb/ - Booty Blasted Edition

>Michigan State 36 - ND 14
>Stanford 20 - U$C 10
>Ohio State 21 - OU 10
>TAMU 22 - Auburn 10

Potential Upset bid
>UGA 21 - BLM University 27

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You can only reply to this post if you are UNDEFEATED


Berry is 3-0 and I am happy.

3. U of Houston
4. Clempson
5. North Dakota State
6. Harvard
7. Northwest Missouri State
8. The Ohio State G5 stomping Buckeyes

Okie state big win tonight

How about winless?

The meme magic shall prevail.

10 mins until Tex/a/s booty blasting.

Hello there.


right here

Tamu victory incoming.

shut up with your jinxing, man. it's not ogre yet



I believe you will beat Texass.

>lose to a MAC team
>claim to be undefeated


OU getting booty blasted

Wisconsin reporting in.



OK now i think it's appropriate to post

> It's not over yet
Fuck off. We're booty blasting auburn.

Arkansas reporting

Regardless of the refereeing of the game. The result stands. You lost you stupid Poke.



Where does Gus end up after he's fired on Monday?

Who replaces Gus?

we're good now bruh. 9 point lead did not seem very convincing is all

I'm surprised you haven't choked against a cupcake recently. Has Bielema finally worked out?

LOL basic life skills are not needed apparently

I-I-I only care about the NFL anyway!


Suh duu

>post yfw the Big XII and Notre Dame are getting booty blasted this week

Me desu


what's OSU's record again?

They said the results of the game would stand you mong. You lost, unfairly, but lost.


so wheres the updated outcome?
oh yeah they lost on the field. shit happens seasons end.


Arky is always good for a late season upset.

And speaking as a Wisconsin fan who hated Bert, I love what he's done for your team.



>this will never not have happened

and you were still given the L


miss. state so close

but it did

I apologize and take back everything I've said about Mike Riley. He wasn't responsible for OSU's current status in football, its all due to the former athletic director for not putting additional funding into the program 10 years ago.

Sorry Mike, and fuck you Bob DeCarolis.

>still lost
>couldnt stop CMU on a dead play

The loss shouldn't be overturned just based on the fact that OSU should be punished for letting Central Michigan even be in the game.

Your season was ruined anyways. Try not playing a one score game against cupcakes in the future.

Seems like it

>les and gus will both be fired before the end of the season



it won't. sperg is just unable to accept their seasons already over

oh shit did auburn figure out that tamu cant defend the run?

At least until next week

>pls defense just make a stop

Maryland UCF going to OT
Maryland kicker missed 2 FGs already so could be some choke keks

poocf needs to lose

>UCF's QB lost like 4 fumbles

Maryland is so so so shit

Roll tide and fuck auburn.

No idea what the sperg is talking about, was just talking about in general if you pay an shit small school to come to your stadium and you don't btfo of them by at least 30, you deserve to lose.

who /knights/ here?

>tfw Texas-Cal has started but isn't on air yet due to this shitty tamu-abarn toilet bowl.
>but there's a radio feed on LHN


I think UCF recovered them all or at least most of them.
Either way this game has been pretty fucking bad.

Will the UGA-Mizzou game ever end?

how many games until gus is fired? auburn have looked worse every year

>texass cucked
at least some good came out of today

Petition to switch the Big 12 and the American


Why the fuck is a team in Oklahoma called the hurricanes?


UCF is 1-1 so far this season.

he is an offensive mastermind. a real student of the game you cant let that once in a generation talent slip away.


Why is a team in New York called the Orange when not a single orange is grown there

>texass-kal is gonna be a meme shootout

>University of South Florida
>it's actually in Tampa

Literally retarded

Boo-fucking-hoo, Oklahoma State has greatly benefited from refball in the past and you faggots were all too happy to say "lel oh well cry more" when you were on the positive end of refball. You lost to Central Michigan, fuck off.

Right here but things aren't looking good.
I hope Milton can be shaped up, he does some really scary shit but I feel like he's got a ton of raw ability. Exciting to watch at least.

>implying it was going to be anything else


Orange County, New York is called that because it had and still has orange farms.

but they didnt

any1 stream pls mine died


That's also the same amount of BCS bowl wins and AAC championships USF has


Patrick Mahomo 4 Heismane

Texas vs. Cal Thread

I'll stay right here for /comfy/ pac12after dark

>running out of bounds on 4th and long
holy shit abarn

dumbass ran out of bounds on 4th down, gg auburn

>running out of bounds during fourth down


>sec education

also the same amount of wins last season and the percent chance of ucf being relevant ever again

will auburn ever be relevant again?

>bragging about winning a 3 year old conference

>zero (0) championships

I actually pity you.

lol not until they bring the dufflebags of cash out

Blake Bortles is better than any shitty player USF ever shat out.

Beat Texas Cal you liberal faggots

Auburn got memed in the end

they're both liberal faggots, user

>being this butt flustered over chinese finger painting

wait which are the liberals?

>down by 13


>USF 5-2 UCF

oops wrong thread

Cal are the liberals

>UCF's QB has 6 fumbles, 3 lost tonight
Jesus Christ

this, you cant splinter /cfb/ at night

>getting beat by the oldest meme school
A dog is in charge of the corps for fucks sake, it's fucking air bud.


>and texas is not
I'm drawing a blank user

if houston gets moved out expect us to basically own the AAC until the end of time
>blake bortles
congrats you had one fluke player who carried (notice how o'leary had multiple winless seasons) them to somewhat relevancy. Mack will be better than bust bustles anyway. Also JPP is much better than any UCF player in the NFL

>UC Austin

>oldest meme school
>dog is in charge of the corps for fucks sake
it's all true, but at least Rev is a qt unlike that anorexic scooby doo at tennessee

It was nice being at Raymond James to see first hand us delivering USF it's first home shutout loss


>Cal coaching

What the actual fuck

[spoiler]UT and Austin are pretty damn liberal[/spoiler]

Cal will get bootyblasted.

Im sure it was nice being at your high school stadium to watch USF hand you your second winless season this century by a 44-3 margin.

Sorry user, the big, public, non-liberal Texas school is A&M not t.u.

It felt great finishing UCF's 0-12 season

How many conference championships has USF football won during it's existence?

Oh right, zero (0)

> Protesting with dildos
Both schools are liberal user

>tfw you watch your team get btfo on the first snap to a true freshman meme qb after the 6th (sixth) fumble by your own true freshman meme qb

0/8 b8

As long as we are beating you it doesn't matter

Was there ever any doubt?

>2 winless seasons in 12 years
>zero times being ranked in the top 3 let alone the top 2
>having to watch USF become the best school in the AAC.
god job being shit, if you losers could have not looked like hot ass since blakey left we both could have made the big 12.

>mfw buechelle was taken to the locker room

>LSU gifted a touchdown on a kicker flopping on field goal
>even commentators call out the bullshit
>only win by 3

So take away those 4 bullshit points and they lost. I'm so sick of fucking college football home cooking refs.


>>having to watch USF become the best school in the AAC.

Houston here.

Shut the fuck up, you spic bitch.

Hog fans are starting to see a few glimpses of what can be with the current state of the coaching staff. He's made solid hires, he even got an O-Line coach from the NFL to come on board. The pieces are all starting to fall into place, I don't want to go off the handle and say that this year is the year they go to Georgia, but I do believe that within the next two years they will be a conversation piece again on the national stage, and not for choking on a cupcake.

if this doesn't officially revoke texass's texan status I don't know what will

go gators

It's Colt McCoy all over again. We can't depend on Swoopes. He sucks balls on anything that's not 3rd down.

Hope they allow guns on Florida campuses soon, I'm jealous of Texas

>he is both a gators and a packers fan


You guys are going to get moved, and if not we're the closest thing to a contest youre going to get in this shit conference

>losing to Poo-zou

>tfw we need more george zimmermans
godspeed florida

>a contest

Don't even speak to me until you beat a ranked team.

So I missed the FSU game.

How much shitposting happened?

not much since neither team is relevant

Daily reminder O'connor is better than cook and kaptin kuck

Last year's memes getting dispatched early in the year this year
>OU (TWICE!!!)
>Clempson (soon)

Who else /U. HOUSTON/ here?

although mizzou is garbage, faurot field is actually a pretty comfy stadium

We beat Temple last year, that was the last ranked team we've played

>This motherfucker has beaten a ranked Ohio State and Notre Dame on the road

>beating ND


why does he shave his mustache is he a Mennonite?

this tbqh

>b-but muh Blake bortles


this. if ND had better not be ranked after this weekend

I can't wait for the UH/Louisville game. Gf and I already have tickets.

Though we'll see you in the playoffs.

>This fucking refball from Big XII refs

fuck if we just beat fucking maryland literallywhos last year we would have been in the conference game

Call me when he can put up a singular point on Bama.

>last year

No one gives a shit, we're talking about this season. Goddamn, Florida is full of retards.

its pretty much the entire south

what are you doing

>scored 40+ in last 6 games
>outscored opponents 148-30 this season

what is your problem faggot, i actually kind of liked you guys.
>texas calling anyone retarded
top wew

it's pretty obvious that OSU, Bama, Stanford are the only programs right now that really have their shit together. I think Clumpson does too desu. I'd mark those as the 4 playoff teams



I watched the cincy game at Calhoun's rooftop

shit was cash

I wish the campus looked like this back when I was in undergrad

How the fuck are you ranked so high

It literally makes no sense.

USF is the only team in the east that can beat the Coogs

>acts like his team has achieved anything when it literally has achieved nothing

That's my fucking problem, meth head

UW is literally an unknown commodity. When are you guys going to play a real opponent?

Not even end of 1st Q and it's already over.

Stanford might make it on merit of how bad the PAC 12 is.

But they are not in the same caliber as Bama or OSU.

Are you flying down? I'm a student so I get in free, but I'm buying my gf a ticket (she graduated TCU)

I literally just said why


I was at work for the cinci game, I work at the taproom of a brewery though so I got to watch it. Shit was a nail biter first half.


Jesus, Texas is #11?

These rankings are embarassing.

i really hope we cream you faggots in the conference game now, i had no idea you guys were actually insufferable. what a shame, i was pulling for you this year too my inbred redneck friend

Yeah, i'm planning the flight as we speak. We bought our tickets through the 3 game package so it would be cheaper. Maybe i'll see you at the game. I'll be the only one in UT gear kek.

They shouldn't have been added to the SEC desu

Played literally no one.

Didn't even beat anyone last year.

I swear this has to be the longest game of all time.

yeah I just meant Stanford isn't ever going to go out and just be completely embarrassed. So they will never get called a meme team

Does anyone else think he might be mad?

Houston is overrated, so is Oklahoma

>Wisconson was 1 higher than them

Cool deal, are you guys going to see the city afterwards?


Idaho, Rutgers, Portland State

Is that a fucking joke??

We might if we get a chance. I'm going to Houston beforehand for Halloween weekend to visit her so we'll get a chance then. What about you two?

What's next for their careers?


>google USF
>stands for University of South Florida
>this is considered "South Florida"

I can't wait until your whole shitty state is submerged.

Kelly will pull a Charlie Weis and go to Kansas and be too shit for them.

>texass calling other states shitty
Youre the shittiest state in the US other than California. Trying to statepost when you live in texas is just a bad idea.

OU has been completely embarassed in 3 of their last 4 played games.

They are clearly a step below the current elite in CFB.

Can we please stop falling for the Big 12 meme?

If it helps, I hope UCF puts up a good fight against UH come gameday since i'll be at that game.

"we" never would have won against Oregon with Bo Pelini

>cucklahoman still mad over getting BTFO
max keks

>its a "houston thinks theyre a better team than they actually are" thread

We live out towards Galveston but we always check out the town when we're up. We like to go to Moontower Inn, or Valhalla at Rice if it's a weekday. There are some good spots around town, but Houston is one of those cities where everything is below the surface and "in the know"

>it's a USF fags think their school or team has ever or will ever be relevant

You should all be locked up like Lexplorer



every time you read some news story about some retard doing something stupid, odds are it took place in Florida

Who did you guys even beat? An overrated Oklahoma team? I was gonna root for you guys but you changed my mind. I can't wait until we play you

>almost losing to methzou

I would not count this as a win Jawja


>Who did you guys even beat?

Better teams than you've played.

I can't wait to see you guys win 5 games this season lol. Georgia Southern could easily hand you your ass.

>never relevant in history
>doesn't realize we were ranked 2 in the country

They almost lost to Nicholls last week.

Don't try to reason with them.

Yeah, this is the first time i'm going to Houston not for the Anime Matsuri convention so I have no clue where anything is. I'll definitely look into those spots though. If you know other sports, let me know bro.

Thats just because its a meme to report Florida stories. If all the fucking transplants would leave Florida would be the best place in the world. Instead its filled with Canadians, New Yorkers, and other horrible places.

*other spots.


Anyone cap that real QT3.14 Methzoo cheerleader around 1:00-1:30 left in the game.

She is perfect material for my BBC gangbang imagination fetish.

Who? Cincinnati? The team we put up 58 points in the first half? Or Oklahoma, the team was crazy overhyped? Seriously you guys haven't played anyone either

let's assume the current rankings hold true. Is it really that bad to get booty blasted when the opponents were all #6, #2 and #1?

>If all the fucking transplants would leave Florida would be an irrelevant dump like Alabama and Mississippi
fixed that for ya

Ole Miss is going to murder you

>per capita
i thought that meme ended when the olympics did?



Florida actually has things in it unlike the rest of the South

Literally close the border and we wouldn't have so many fucking illiterate hispanics.

Where was Houston?

>team 20 years old has been ranked #2, and currently has a better team than that one

>Alaska has highest Chlamydia rate

Kek wtf igloo people

Which is why I hate it. I just want to be left alone in my mountain cabin in North Georgia.

>muh Disney World
>muh beaches

things that northerners built and maintain

>twenty years and couldn't even win a single championship

That's actually an impressive amount of failure.

Not a lot of shit to do in Alaska

>muh cousins



cant tell if youre actually retarded or just grasping for straws at this point

Nobody here actually considers that South Florida though. Everyone knows South Florida is West Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties, and West Palm is debatable.

Different fag but natural springs, open hunting lands, strawberry and citrus farms and horse country are also great things about Florida besides Disney World and the beaches

>Samefagging this hard

Where was Houston in all of this?

Yeah man, just depends what yall like to do. We are big craft beer people so we mostly go to those kinds of spots.


>We got a 42-23 game

In what fucking universe is that "a game"? It's a "we don't want our starters injured" game.

Beating your ass and winning C-USA when you were in the conference

It's a game in that OSU will have to work a little to get to 60

I'm sure once she's 21, we'll be doing that as well. Till then she's a "drink angry orchard in the hotel room/dorm" type of girl lol. Though I have a fireball shot with her name on it for when I see her next.

>least furniture manufacturing
Ah, shucks man.

>Highest Cocaine Use


Hello, bootyblasted mongloid

so true

Nebraska Furniture Mart BTFO


>beating your ass



But you turds lost to central Michigan

Are you retarded or ignorant?

>Photoshopping this hard


>this fucking thread

Never thought I'd see people more insufferable than OSU fans but these USFfags have proven me wrong

>tuning into Mizzou head coach's conference

Cal games are so comfy. Sad that the team is mediocre.

What the fuck is their problem?

Well Kentucky can score.... they just don't have any Defense. It's like there isn't any defenders out there when the other team's offense is out.

Same to you houstonfag

So how far does FSU fall?

I call his name, and he appears

such a good little doggy

JoePa did nothing wrong. They have no problem.

Never knew raping people could lead you to be missed so much

All Pac 12 after dark games are comfy


Ah, I didn't know yall were that young. We're 28, so makes sense I guess.

>leathal weapon show

Is Shane Buechele okay he seems to be concussed.

Kelly will get hired as the new Texas DC

Yeah, she's 19 and going to UH hopefully next year. I'm already 25 with a bachelors from UT.


NSM Class of '09, represent!

>Bama, OSU, Louisville, Texas confirmed for playoffs

So which one wins the natty?

>this Shillary commercial on ESPN
If anyone cared what cuckservatives had to say, Trump wouldn't have BTFOd them all in the primaries

bama gonna win another title

>seeing Hillary ads on ESPN
Just tuning in now, but that's the last thing I want to see on CFB Saturday.


Meme team. They are struggling with Cal.


What a Kliffbabby

Cool, it's a fun school. I was in the army first so I'm finally.knocking out my bachelors, only 24 hours left thank god.

Eat Em Up!


I see you're still booty blasted my Catholic friend


You getting exposed next week bitch

You can do it bro. Keep pounding. Yous a Coog.

Tennessee has been exposed in every fucking game this season

you know it's gonna be
1 Bama vs 4 Texas
2 Louisville vs 3 aOSU

1 Bama vs 2 Louisville with Bama winning

>barely beating Colorado

Fuck off Shitigan. The B1G belongs to us

>Tennessee and UGA looking very vulnerable
>UF wins SEC East by default again


>but you know what Dan, I've got a feeling that the Vols team that shows up next week won't be the same one we saw here tonight

You know that's the response every time Tennessee gets exposed without actually losing, right?

Why doesnt UF get the credit they deserve? Tennessee will not score more than 10 points next week and Florida will put up 30 + on them

>gets btfo in the championship game again

No one in the east has any fucking offense

>3 scores
>barely beating

>implying Texas looks good after Notre Dame got BTFO by little brother

Other than bama and to a lesser extent Arkansas, why the fuck is the SEC relevant

I dunno about the 30+, but UF's defense is legit so far. Really need to tone down on the penalties though. 11 at home against North Texas is not going to work in the SEC.

Because the SEC is still the best conference. Our middle of the road teams would crush the best teams in other conferences

Because Florida has yet to play anybody half-decent and while Tennessee has looked like shit against a couple bad teams they did BTFO a decent ACC team. UF's offense has been a tire fire for years and now their starting QB is kill.


You mean like how Auburn literally beat Clems-...

...oh no, they lost.

Who will Ohio State play in the national championship?


Northwestern will beat them for no fucking reason at all


Yes they will, where they will lose to Alabama.

>triple double
Whoever you want to, senpai.

>middle of the road team
>not near the bottom

michigan will beat them


By that point, we'll be in our final form and crush them.

Richmond. My trips confirms.


Quick, give me the objective top 5



Trips and Texas beats Bama in the chip.

I've been looking for the video where he does this

1. Bama
2. OSU
3. Louisville
4. Michigan
5. Houston

>tfw sleepy
>tfw get to fall asleep to /cfb/ after a day of based /cfb:
its hard getting comfier than this

You know I hate the helmet but if AZ Wildcats changed into the copper helmets, they would actually legit have one of the top 5 most badass uniforms in the game. Loving the USS Arizona battleship grey + navy blue jersey's and the pants are perfect.

TX-Cal is currently a 3 point game and is going to be a shootout

Name a "middle of the road" SEC team who's ACTUALLY middle of the road (not a flavor of the AP year) who would actually dominate another conference.

>implying the cuckeyes aren't going 9-3


Auburn isn't middle of the road

They're in the lower third of the conference for 2 seasons now

>>>. Michigan

That doesn't answer my question.

Name an ACTUAL middle-of-the-road SEC team that you could put in any other conference and have them dominate it.


They'd probably lose to say, Houston or Louisville

Yeah pisses me off about the qb situation we wasted like 20 years of qb magic on leak and tebow I feel like

>Chad Hansen is the best receiver in the country
>name is literally Chad


Cal with the lead.

Why am I not surprised?

Name what conference you drop them in?

I guarantee you we laugh at you because Arkansas would get crushed by any of the top conference teams you mention

>inb4 TCU was a top conference team


>Army is 3-0
What the actual fuck?

Big 10. They'd BTFO Ohio State 69-14.

ESPN is starting to lose it tonight

Air Force, Army, and Navy are all about to go 3-0. What a time to be alive.

The SEC is loaded with scrub teams with year. Even supposedly good teams like A&M and Georgia are mediocre.

Pac 12 after dark fampai. Shit gets wild.
>mfw some fag called me an autist earlier today for saying Cal could upset Texas

doesn't work like that

You mean like the LAST time they played Ohio State?

>realize what you were saying was absolutely fucking retarded
>"better act like I was just joking the whole time"


this fat fuck couldn't even hang in the B1G.

Arkansas would win the Pac-12, ACC, Big 12, AAC, MAC, Sunbelt, and CUSA without breaking a sweat

>this gets posted
>"never know what you're gonna see in PAC-12 after dark"
Are....are they lurking here?


is this 1942

but that retro block "A" is the most aesthetic part

Kraken and Coke is the single most autistic person in Cred Forums, maybe across all of Cred Forums.

Georgia is always mediocre. This is from a dyed-in-the-wool Dawgs fan who bleeds red and black - no one is more pessimistic about Georgia than its own fans.

I don't think so

Arkansas is Stanford without McCaffrey, they wouldn't win the Pac 12

he's tied with all trips t.bh

Scarletism/Harbaughtism is more autistic, but not in like the annoying way.

>not filtering trip/namefags

the tripfags of /nba/ are easily the most cancerous

Aww, you really do care

So anime trips don't count?

literally every trip on /nfl/ is worse than any trip on /cfb/

>my face when people actually think the team with the best defense and a top 10 offense in the country will miss the playoffs next season

>Brandon Peters (objectively and statistically the best QB in the 2016 recruiting class, it isn't even debatable)
>Ty Isaac (best RB in the game who will be 100% healthy, unlike the entirety of last year. he will put up 1200+YDs/10+TDs/5.0YPC)
>Jake Butt (a top 3 TE already going into this season, 1000+YDs/7+TDs)
>Sean McKeon (literally a Jake Butt-clone)
>Amara Darboh (top 10 WR, 900+YDs/5+TDs)
>Jabril Peppers (a black guy trapped in a black's body, one of the smartest players in football, elite measurables, incredible upside)
>Kareem Walker (one of the fastest and most explosive players in football)
>Joe Beneducci (best blocking FB in country)

>Best pass rush in the B1G
>Best LB corp in the B1G
>Best secondary in the country
>Top 5 D-Line

Barring major injuries to key players, there is literally no way the Wolverines are missing the playoffs this season

The Michigan B1G championship drought ends in 2016-2017

You can't prove me wrong

Cap it

changed threads to talk shit about a tripfag?

I predicted 42-24, do i get a cookie? The Buck's are pretty much what I thought they'd be, but this game took longer than i expected.

Also, I at least try to keep my autism on-topic. Not my fault that when you say Arkansas would BTFO Ohio State and I say you're wrong based on recent history, you get super defensive because >muh tripfags

That's not the person who said Arkansas would BTFO Ohio State. I did.

Is Stoops done?

I still think the Sooners win the big 12, but that's not saying much

> -ichigan
> playoff bound team

pick one

Nah OU will drop a couple in conference. Top 5 preseason always means 7-5, 8-4, or 9-3.

arkansas would btfo ohio state desu

Next year OU has a good recruiting class, that will probably drag Stoops for another year, maybe 3 if they don't pull through.

No, it was me

god Mallett scared the crap out of me. Luckily his receivers all had stone hands

>tfw you discover you no longer get the PAC-12 network

Say that to Alabama....

Fucking hate how good they are

As long as they keep cranking out winning seasons, he's fine.

At this point, they don't want to sully their position in the AP's all-time poll

HA. Even GGG was nervous about facing us. What chance would R-Kansas have?

When is the AP going to realize that ND is absolute shit when they play teams that are any kind of good?

That's because they have excellent recruiting. As long as Saban's recruits keep coming in you could have pretty much anyone coach them to a winning record.


They have excellent recruiting BECAUSE of Saban though... They werent good for a while before he showed up

So what did he mean by this?

They're not.

Rule #5 of the AP Preseason ranking handbook: if Notre Dame isn't ranked in the Top 5 per Rule #2, they receive an automatic T10 ranking

Rule #2: At least TWO of the following teams must be in the preseason top 5: Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida State, USC, Notre Dame.

>there are people who didnt bet tOSU to cover
its like you don't enjoy easy cash

there's a massive difference between a winning record and what Bama/Saban is doing

UGA is the perfect example of wasted potential

Ohio State and Alabama are the only two deserving of that kind of praise.

Everyone else is shit when they play good teams.

... I need that semen demon in my life

Louisville could give anyone a run for their money if they keep playing the way they did today.

>pruple highlights

have sex

I want to see Louisville and Houston go at it...

Don't they play later in the season?

i believe

Louisville sent the house against FSU and Francois didn't know how to react.

Barrett's better against the blitz than against coverage. He'd give L-Ville a fucking fight.

That being said, L-Ville's defense showed up with some fucking teeth today.

thank you captain obvious


If you wouldnt fugg you may be a gay

>never said Id take her home

>both teams have 30+ points in only one half of football

Texas is not the real deal.

In November.
>announcing a filter

>As long as Saban's recruits keep coming in you could have pretty much anyone coach them to a winning record.
I hate retards who say shit like this.

You guys will never be anything but a spoiler 2bh.

I want to see Houston take that to get in the playoff picture for sure

At least until we play Alabama.

even if they pull this one out, no doubt in my mind that they're dropping one or two later


Such overhyped bullshit and the voters slurped it all up


Imagine if Cal even had an average defense. They could win 9 games this season.

>it's now past midnight in the good parts of the country
whacha drinking to close the evening out?


fucking hate ipas

fucking degenerate

wow u tight

that's fine. more for me

NDfag here. Our defense is absolutely awful and everyone worth a shit would hang 35+ on us this year.

Texas is a good team. They'll finish 9-3 in a weak Big 12. But they are nowhere near playoff contention.

drinking sierra nevada hoper hunter
pretty fucking good tbf
had a lagunitas maximaus pint earlier too

>notre dame proven to once again to be a total and utter fraud

is other words the sky is blue.

I'm finishing off my 6-pack and then killing the remainder of my Guinness pint cans

hop hunter*


But you guys told me big12 teams knew how to score

kek, no

Agree on the ND fraud part though. But everyone who isn't a student/alumni/AP voter already knew that.

I've met some great ND grads. In all honesty, I'd cheer for you guys to make it back. I just can't stand all this undeserved hype

Same goes for Texas

We do. Our kicker doesn't tonight.

>1/2 off the first date
something tells me if you're looking for bargains on your first date that isn't going to turn out well

Excellent taste
[spoiler]It's only 10pm for me[/spoiler]

I do not like your state. But I must admit you make good beer and good olive oil.

>Ohio State just rekt a blueblood team and a CFP contender last year
>You have to scroll halfway down ESPN's front NCAAF page to see anything about it.

Bueno. Keep doubting us.

good luck, ipa's put me out but won't get me hungover like most people i've asked that have tried it
was gonna buy a dust bowl therapist but i'd be out if i did

>ucf vs usf banter



I dont know this team looks miles different with an actual good coaching around them. If they can make it to the acc title game with just switching coaches then miami is fine

Best late night game on right now?

literally making shit up to be butthurt about for no reason (You)

>Dust bowl
Oh shit, user. Where are you? Dust Bowl is from my home town.

Texas/Cal is the only game on

Fuck Kaep and anybody from Turlock desu

""""Good""" game on***

>ESPN doesn't prominently feature games it didn't broadcast

I bet you think they cover hockey on a regular basis too?

Stanford reporting

I'm sorry you live in Modesto. The second worst city I've ever been to.


How does it feel being in the worst city in the nation by a ton of metrics?

>switch from ESPN to ESPN2
>it's literally the exact same commercial in the exact same spot
the fuck

You're as bad as Oakdale hicks.
w$m btw :^)

>the deplorable condition of those trombones
fucking state schools

That dude's a Miami fan, respect your betters.

didnt realize we were talking about meme teams

at least i'm not in Stockton

I'm from Berkeley now I live on the Least Coast. Richmond is far worse than Modesto in my opinion.

I was born in San Pablo, lmao
Lived in the projects and moved up to the hood.

I didnt see them. pics?

It's like arguing over which pungent odor of shit is easier to live with.

Maybe in a while you can move into a shithole in the IE or something lol.

The band has decided to spend money on making away game trips free than invest in new instruments. Also, most Cal Bandsmen usually have their own instruments.
t. Cal Band alum

>tfw live in Merced
It's just as bad here.

IE here, we don't need any more shit, we've got our hands full already.

Mizzou fan here. Wow what a heartbreaker tonight. I wish we had lamar :(

I was pulling for you because I hate Georgia fans so much.

fuck you methzou if you can't even make jawja go >jawja then what are you even good for?

Can we kick texass out of the b12 for getting stopped by cals d

Badgers in the house.

Yeah but college bitches.

I'd live in Richmond, just a few more niggers than here.
At least I have Nations in Tracy

Only if you can promote NDSU to FBS.

There's a Nation's in Berkeley too.

BYU should join the Pac-12 instead of the Big XII, their OOC schedule looks like they're trying to be a pseudo-PAC school anyways. Make them Utah's pair instead of Colorado, and bring in Air Force or CSU for the buffs.

You think NDSU can score on Cal at least every other drive?

Did I miss a daylight savings switch or what
what is with all these 3rd quarter games at 10:30

NDSU would bootyblast them.

armed forces are never going to join a conference

Alright they can come

>no NDSU vs FBS game next year because they're playing Eastern Washington
well shit

>but we get NDSU vs Oregon in Eugene in 2020
it better live up to the hype

>grad students are allowed to play football
for what purpose. this seems dumb.

get rid of redshirts and ban grad students from playing and you'll get rid of stupid situations like Webb

If NDSU beats Oregon I will eat my hat lol.

post pics of hat

Did you mean a power conference? Because they're already in the MWC. They're apparently one of the 20 or so schools that applied to the Big XII with the recent expansion talks so they're at least interested in potentially moving to a P5.

I don't have a hat. If I have one in 2020 I will eat it.

dont forget that some people like buying new instruments that have the raw brass look

Fuck you, you fucking choking faggots. You had one job and you failed.

the pac 12 doesn't want them because of religious affiliation

We were probably 50th in the county i dont think our job was ever to beat a 12 team

that looks like something youd buy for 20 bucks at a yard sale
>tenor players
double cringe

What happened to the TDs? Where did the offense go?

UGA is #16 and almost lost to Nicholls State a week ago. Mizzou had every chance to win but failed.

Only Cal objected because muh liberals, and that was years ago. In a realignment shakeup with more money on the table I could see them caving. BYU has all the other points on the Pac-12's checklist. It's not like there's any school out there that has all of those points, so when push comes to shove they could easily make an exception. I don't see either nevada school getting in though, there's no good way for them to hit 16 schools if they wanted to.

>27% white college
>100% white cheerleaders

yeah and they end up paying three grand for that look. its silly really

does ohio state have a huge following all over the country? I was at the bar here in the south florida area and the inside was all fucking red

air force honestly wouldnt be too bad
but i feel like Cal and Stanford would veto them because, muh war and muh guns

what school?

ah......uga beat nicholles state

also who cares uf is massively overrated and is going to get their ass devastated when they play real competition

Are you really doing this? Are you really saying mizzou was predicted to upset? Are you really this retarded? Please leave this board


fuck you sneak jeff gordon is a bitch

They have the academics that the Pac-12 claims they want so bad, even though their research isn't on the same level. They've got good graduate rates and history, plus they have some olympic sports which the Pac-12 makes a big deal over too. In their books it's more of a plus than a minus which is not something many target schools can say. So it's just a matter of how desperate the conference gets with where college sports goes in the future.

Cal is handing the game to Texass again.

holy shit dem asians


There are 2 Asian dance team members, but yeah.

>don't even mention UF in my post
>hurr UF is gonna lose
>actually sticking up for UGA

Christ you're even worse than me.

All I'm saying is that at the time of the game, Mizzou had a 6 point lead in the final minutes and could have clinched it but didn't.

>tfw all these white bitches

You now remember Wake Forest won the ACC in 2006

what school

If I recall correctly, Ohio State has the largest fan base in college football (and top 10 in all sports) in America. I think 2nd is Notre Dame

Yeah they have one of the largest alumni bases in the country

rich southern white girl university

Chad Hansen is legit.

No I am not sticking up for UGA just correcting you.


fucking owned



Which decently large university has the highest female-to-male ratio?

>booty blasted the flamers
>one of few good B1G teams
is there anything to apologize for Cred Forums?


For thinking you're hot shit when your conference is just steamy garbage.

not crossing the 50 against bama

There was nothing to correct. I'm aware that "almost lost" still means they won.

Remember when the B1G bootyblasted college football first year of the playoffs?

*Ohio State not your little brother ass.

The B1G did not, just the top of the garbage pile did.

If tOSU won the natty fair and square, doesn't that make the rest of college football even worse if you're saying tOSU is garbage?

If Cal beats Texas should SDSU be ranked 25?

ND and Oregon should drop out

>all this goalpost shifting

The B1G as a whole is garbage, to be the best conference you've got to have a better resume top to bottom. Having just the best single team in the nation that year doesn't make the other teams good too.

So I didn't pay attention to a lot of the college football hype this late summer, can someone explain to me why Washington was so highly ranked and how the fuck SDSU has a Heisman candidate?

b1g team quality graph would be a bathtub girl

top is great
bottom is fucking awful


so what is this unicorn conference were every team is the best

Pumphrey is fucking legit dude. Marshall Faulk tier possibly even better. Dude reminds me of LT

The ass blasted hovel of the Big XII.

Isn't it obvious?

>4 teams with naties in the last decade
>8 teams with natties since 1960
>9 teams with top 5 finishes in the 2010s
>11 teams with top 11 finishes in the 2010s
>13 teams with ranked finishes in the 2010s

Literally only Kentucky is deadweight.

>tfw somehow Notre Dame rises in the rankings


>need 1
>get a touchdown instead

1. Michigan State
3. Cal
4. Texas
5. ND

>dropping the ball early



>desean jacksoned

these INCESSANT lies and slanderings
Exactly correct

Remember when the CFP proved that the old rankings and polls were completely horseshit when the 2 teams that made it into the natty would have been ranked #3 and #6/7? Yeah your argument is pretty much discredited. Real college football started with the playoff system that was long overdue.

>no immediate recovery

>We just got cucked from a potential victory
That's fine. I didn't want my team to be in the top 10 anyway. Not after that shithole of a performance.

The committee ranked the all time worst SEC team #1 for a month. There is literally no way around SEC superiority.

I was rooting for the upset, but that ending was a ripoff


I can't fucking stand stupid football, if I was a coach any player who dropped the ball early (or did anything else completely retarded) wouldn't dress for the next game


Fight us in the owl faggot

>potential victory
>down 7 with 80 seconds left and an offense that struggled to move the ball in the 2nd half

what was the thread before this

Smash your face on the keyboard right now you fucking mongoloid.